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Samhain (Halloween)

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Samhain (Halloween)

Celebrated:- 31st October

Pronounced: - Sow-een, Sowin or Sav-ain

This is the Witches New Year! This is the primary sabbat in which the other flow from. This is the most important holiday of the year. At this time the veils between the living and the dead are at the closest. This celebration therefore, tends to leans to the loves ones that we have lost in the passed. Witches believe in reincarnation and we know that our loved ones have not yet ceased to exist and that their spirits live on. In this way Samahin also represents a celebration of coninued life. Witches count Samhain as the third and final harvest celebration of the eight wiccan holidays even though nothing is harvest on this night. You may wich to decorate your altar with pumpkins, indian corn, Hay, Red and orange coloured flowers and decorations etc.

In some traditions the cauldron becomes the primary magickal tool for this Sabbat.

(Still to be continued)