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Date Celebrated: - April 30th or May the 1st.

Pronounced:- beel-teen or Beeel-tawn-uh

This holiday falls opposite to Samhain. Wiccans concider this holiday the second most important out of the eight Wiccan holidays (with Samhain being the most important). As Samhain encompasses the celebration of death, Beltain regales the festival of rebirth. On this day the May pole is traditionally used. Ribbons of white (for the goddess) and red (for the God) are tied to the may pole and Wiccans dance to music and drums. This holiday is celebrated to bring wealth and prosperity into the home. You may decorate your altar with hawthorn branches or sping greenery. This festival is far from solemn. This festival is known for feasting, laughter and fun. East is the opening and closing quarter.