Hello! This is my quizzes page! I now have a total of... *drumroll* ... 650 different quizzes! If I have 2 of one quiz that means that I got more than one answer. My personality so far according to the quizzes has been: I'm full of mysteries and I'm unpredictable; I can be both shy and down-to-earth AND outgoing and crazy. Some combination, eh? I'm also usually the main character of stories/movies... weird! Anyways, Enjoy! ^_^

The Harry Potter Personality
Test - Who Are YOU?
You're honest, good-hearted and always with a good sence for right and wrong. Your friends have your full support and love you for being who you are. You don't want to fuss about everything and sometimes you loosen the "rules" a bit if you think it's really necessary.
Who are YOU?

Which HP Kid Are You?

Which Hogwarts student are you? Click here to find out!!

[i'm bill weasley]
...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?
i am voldemort!
You are a JAMES POTTER to Harry! The father he never had, the father he wishes he knew. You're more of a fatherly type to people. You're kind, loyal, unbiased and just an over all "gosh-golly-shucks" kind of guy. Everyone likes you, and you like ev- well, almost everyone. BUT! You are mischieveous at times and you do know how to party ;D
Which adult in Harrys life are YOU?

Which Marauder are YOU? by Britt
Which Harry Potter Ghost
Are You? TEST
You're Nick, the Gryffindor house ghost.

Nice and friendly and always on the hunt for appreciation, you like chatting and wearing stylish stuff and you worry about your nearly-headless head all the time.
Who are YOU?

what the hell?

You're a Poster!

Britt has a large collection of you. You like to hang on walls, and are there when needed. Not only that, you're highly over-priced. But you look friggin cool, so people like you anyway.

Which piece of Britt's Harry Potter merchandise are YOU?
Find out here
[harry + draco]
[harry + hermione]
You're a lion all over -- strong, maybe sporty, definitely brave and noble. You hate seeing injustice or unfairness, and you've got the guts to fight against them both. Your enemies had better watch out -- you're not afraid to take them on!
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You're a dangerous person -- very ambitious, self-aware and self-reliant. You know what your strengths are and how best to use them to your advantage, and you know what your weaknesses are and how to downplay them. You can either be a great leader or a great tyrant, but you'll definitely be great. Chances are you're also very sarcastic.
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Which tarot card are you?

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by !

I'm Gillian from Pratical Magic! Which Nicole Kidman are you? Find out!

I'm Frodo! Who are you?
by eikocarolchan

I fancy Hobbits.
Those big blue eyes just make me melt.
Which culture from Middle-Earth do you fancy?
By Hannah and Dani

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

Which PPG are you?

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

i'm Cherry flavoured!
i'm Jack!

Who's Your Movie Sidekick? Find out @ She's Crafty

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Buff Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Buffy Guy Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Buffy Bad Guy Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which female Friend are you? Find out @ digitalcharisma

Which male Friend are you? Find out @ digitalcharisma

You're the lego Space Man!
Strap on your helmet! You're the lego space man! You love technology, and look forward to the future. You're brave, active, and strangely attracted to shiny objects.

Take the "What Lego character are you?" test! by ctbx

You are Arnold!
You're mellow, helpful, and a bold kid. Everybody loves you. Except Helga. Seriously. She hates your guts.

take the what hey arnold! character are you? test

What Pattern Are You?


You are a very calm and contempative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at Stvlive.com!

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Which "Natural Wonder" are you?

Which of Valerie's friends are you?

What Flavor Icecream Are You?

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk
How Original - You're the Red M&M
A normal human being, you go about your days with no real rush, but nothing's weighing you down either.. you do seem to have a bit of a bad luck streak, though- lighten up a bit and you may see it fade away.
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

Hey, guess what? I'm a--

I'm a Red Yoshi!

What color Yoshi are you? Come take the quiz!

Wow! You're one tough cookie and not afraid to show it! But you don't reveal too much about yourself and you're afraid to let people know who you really are... Open your feelings out to people, if they're real friends they won't care about your past or looks...
You're Caramilk!
Just stuffed full of surprises. No one ever knows what you're going to do next. The greatest mystery to you is, naturally, "how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars?"
You're MSN!
You're MSN, probably the most popular instant messenger out there right now. Everyone loves your fun and cool ideas that make you who you are. GO MSN!
click to take it!
What's your claim to fame?
What character are you from bridget jones?

What character are you from Bridget Jones?

Sea Green

This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?

I'm a Twinkie!
What Snack Food are YOU? Click here to find out!

I'm Smallville!
What WB drama are you?

I am a spork!
what kitchen utensil are YOU?

Take the Bear Quiz by Krysten

discover what candy you are @ stvlive.com

As its front woman and chief axe-grinder, this firey redhead is the heart and soul of the Pussycats. The unspoken leader of the group, Josie is determined to rely on her own sense of style and fierce independance to leave her feline mark on the music world. But she won't get there alone, 'cause nothing's more important to her than her two BFF's. Melody and Val.

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.
Look ma! I'm a spatula! No you're not angus, you're a potato.

Take the 'which household object are you?' quiz here
Then browse Renegade Librarian because your nan told you to.

Which LOTR Woman are you?

I'm The Supporter!
click to find out if you are obsessed!

You can take the McDonalds Product Test by Matio64 here!
I'm honeydew bubble tea!
Click here to take the test!

If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in:
Lothlorien or Rivendell

You prefer the tranquilty and peacefulness of nature and enjoy the milder seasons of the year. While you know it is necessary to keep in contact with other living beings, most of the time you enjoy the seclusion of an aesthetically pleasing, woodland environment.

Take the
"Where in Middle-Earth Would I Live?" Quiz
by skepticism

If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in:
The Shire

The rolling green hills, the springtime weather, and especially being surrounded by the ones you love makes the Shire a comfortable area for you. You love being surrounded only by the ones you care about, and you only desire this in an environment that is vast and open to nature, unlike in the cities or the caves.

Take the
"Where in Middle-Earth Would I Live?" Quiz
by skepticism

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

what type of internet face are you?
You are addicted to online tests. We recommend that you start weaning yourself away from online tests before they start influencing your life.

Take this test at queech.com and find out how addicted you are!

I'm Lizzie McGuire!
Take the "Which Lizzie McGuire Character Am I" quiz!

I'm completely down-to-earth! Find your soul type at kelly.moranweb.com.

I am Little Red Riding Hood! Find your fairy tale character at kelly.moranweb.com.

i'm a pup.what kinda pet are you?
quiz made by muna.

Take the Pez Dispenser Quiz.

created by Peta

Which Angel would you be?
Angel Falls

Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain

Find your emotion!

You are 60% evil! [?] More evil than good, eh? You waver between good and evil. Mostly evil, but sometimes you do some good...sometimes. You're quite the good/evil mixture!

See what Care Bear you are.

Strawberry: 50/100 Pear: 0/100 Banana: 40/100 Tomato: 30/100 Lemon: 5/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen and Aaron!

I'm friendship charms!
Awww, c'mon and hug me!

Which bracelet are you?
Made by notsobeautiful

Which 10 Things I Hate About You Character Are You?
What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?
What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?
Who's Your Josie & The Pussycats Alter-ego?
Who's Your Josie Alter-ego?

What Jelly Belly flavor are you? I'm -

Find your flavor here!

Find your inner fast food! by Emily

I'm getting there. I don't suck, but I've got a ways to go.

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz, by Angel.

Take The Goth Type Test

Which Musical Heroine are You? by blusteryvirgin

Which Season are you?
I'm a Savvy Spender. What are you? Click to find out!
Savvy Spender!
You always know when you can and can't blow all of your money. You're great at both saving and spending, balancing it out for a perfect shopping style!
Take the quiz here!
I am Monday's Child
What day are you?

you're girl, interrupted. you're fun and friendly, and just a little bit crazy.
take the which prettie movie are you? quiz, a product of the slinkstercool community.

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

Witches were tied to you, and burned to a crisp. A classic, though not very nice. People probably tiptoe around you a little.

What torture would you be?

Which Willy Wonka character are you?
made by
TAKE THE QUIZ! @ MALANDI.ORG 10 Things I Hate About You Quiz @ Malandi.org
American Pie Quiz @ Malandi.org
The Sweetest Thing Quiz @ Malandi.org

Where do YOU belong?

Where do YOU belong?

What Annie Character Are You?

what's your battle cry? | mewing.net | merchandise!

I am 89% CANADIAN!!!
(Take the Canadian-ness test)

click to take it!

You are brave, you are the boy who lived..
You're not scared of anything, even

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
by Toffie @ CookieWhore.Net

Which cartoon character are you?? Find out @ blackhole
Whole Brain Dominant
leaning to the left

You enjoy structure and work best when you can devote your attention to one task at a time. You also work well with abstract ideas and can visualize theoretical situations.

test yourself at

Which Quidditch position should you play?
Quiz by

You're the fastest player on the team. You have sharp eyes for watching and chasing the snitch. You're team counts on you a lot and you will never let them down.
Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

Take the What Type of Friend are You? quiz, and visit mutedfaith.com. [Me.]

See what Rugrat you are.
I'm Green! Click to see what color you are!

Which Angelina Are You?
I'm so punkish!
Take the The "What Teen Label Do You Fit Into Most?" Quiz!
by antiperfect

Frodo Baggins

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Frodo, Hobbit, heir of Bilbo and humble keeper of the One Ring.

In the movie, I am played by Elijah Wood.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Check out the test!

Which House Should YOU Be In? By:Anndrea
Check out the test!

Which House Should YOU Be In? By:Anndrea

I'm the king of all penguins, giant and wonderful, no being matches me! *mwahaha* I enjoy artic weather, and I’m not really threatened by anything else in my domain, except snowstorms. I am moderately in danger of human corruption, but the stewpid people can’t get to me in my icey domain!
Take the What Penguin am I? Quiz by Krysten!

I’m the tiny little penguin with the major attitude! I live in Austraila, New Zealand, and other sub-artic areas near by. I’m the smallest penguin of them all, but to be honest, I’m not really over-hunted by predators or humans. Currently humans aren’t harming me!
Take the What Penguin am I? Quiz by Krysten!
I'm a Blue Poison Dart Frog!
Dendrobates like to live in warm humid habitats. While most small colorful frogs are poisonous in the wild, they tend to lose a lot, if not all, of their toxicity when bred in captivity. This is largly due to the lack of the variety they would normally get in their diet in the wild. They eat small insects such as fruit flies, newborn crickets, and meadow plankton.

What kind of Frog are you?
I'm a Golden Mantella Frog!
These frogs occur in several colour forms, each confined to very small locations within the eastern quadrant of Madagascar. They like their habitat with temperatures around 68 - 70*F and high humidity. This species is very showy in captivity preferring elevated positions out in the open. Males are generally smaller, slimmer and more angular in build than females and not as vocal as other species of mantellas. Females can produce eggs at a rate of once every two months given proper care.

What kind of Frog are you?

What teen magazine are you?
Are you Addicted to the Internet?

Average@Internet-User.com (41% - 60%)
You seem to have a healthy balance in your life when it comes to the internet and life away from the computer. You know enough to do what you want online without looking like an idiot (most of the time). You even have your own Yahoo club or online journal! But you enjoy seeing your friends and going out to enjoy life away from your computer.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Stvlive.com!

Click Here To Find Out Which Symbol You Are
What's your FOTR slash pairing?
Imma sexy fire pixie~!

What Type of Villain are You?
mutedfaith.com / <º>

quiz created by Tsukitty

find your element at mutedfaith.com. <º>

Take the What Explosive am I? quiz by Little man icon! Hee hee!PhoenixSpirit001
be potato.
Oooo futurey! You kick ass and everybody is waiting for 2 and 3 to come out. You are "The One."
What movie are you?
made by

Which Lion King Character Are You?
Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You?

Find out what cleaning product you are here! by

Take the 'Which Nintendo Character are you most like?' quiz by !

The Vague But Nice Quiz by blusteryvirgin

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which "clueless" girl are you? Find out @ digitalcharisma

You're the HREF tag- you need someone to lean on and take care of you. You can be shy but you shine in difficult situations.

You are Civilian Calvin!
You don't get to travel much outside your neighborhood, but you still manage to get in plenty of trouble. When you're not acting up, you like to wax philosophical.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by contessina_2000@yahoo.com!

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

What is YOUR Highschool label?

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

Which Rocky character are you?

Which Computer Component Are you?

Take the Desert Creatures Test!

What Goddess Archetype are you?

Find out which Batman Beyond character you're most like!

You’re Pink! You’re not afraid to be different, and you’re more than willing to go your own way. You’re quite the dare devil, and quite outspoken. Sure you’re not the best, but that’s okay! You’ve been through lots of struggles to get where you are right now, and you’re quite content with how you’re life’s been going. You’re known to cause a little mischief, but that’s all in good fun.
What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah

You, as the original Draco from the books, are snotty, immature, and jealous. You are obsessed with what your father thinks. You hate Harry, his friends, basically all Gryffindors, and all Muggle-borns. You are paired up with Pansy Parkinson. Lucky you. You're pretty much not found anywhere except the books, because...damn. You have little to no redeeming qualities.
Find out which Draco you are.

Click to find out who you are!
I am a-

take the Which HPSRPG (DoubleCross) character are you? test

Find out what Harry Potter Character you are here!
Created by TheMast

Take the Marauder Stereotype Quiz by Bally

You're that evil little piece of jewelry that corrupts almost
everything it touches and recites poetry in the
Black Tongue on its days off. Cool.
Advice: You'd have been better off with Gollum.

Morning, day, or night?
quiz by maikamariel

Find your Role-Playing Stereotype at mutedfaith.com. [Angel.]
What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

You're ENVY! You want everything that everyone else has. Nothing's good enough for you, and sometimes even YOU aren't good enough. You're represented by the color green.

which song describes you the best?

Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva? Find out @ She's Crafty

take the "which country are you?" quiz here.  by littlelamb.

Take the What Cookie Are You? test by Ley

I'm a RED bitch.
Which Titanic Character Are You?
Find out which Smallville Character you are!

Which "Trading Spaces" Cast Member Do You Most Resemble?

My Senshi Colours Are:

Green: Healthy, Energetic, Confident

Silver: Powerful, Intuitive, Self-Aware

Get Your Senshi Colours At SailorOrion.com

Click to find which Dragon you are!

Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of the circle of life. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 ears and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melidous song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is a symbol of the sun and immortality. The phoenix is a very worthwhile beast.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

You are the Dragon. In medieval Europe, dragons were considered mostly evil and a generally bad omin. Christianity linked the dragon with Satan because of the dragon's snake-like apperance. However, to the Orient cultures the dragon was a symbol of widom and roalty. It was a benign animal and the fifth creature of the Chinese zodiac. It resided over the east and the sunsrise. It was also said to bring rain and the springtime. The dragon is interesting because it combines all four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. It could fly, had the horns of a ox, breathed fire, and resided over the moon.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

You are Elephant Love Medley!
Love comes before all things in your case,
and you may sometimes randomly burst
into song.
Take the Which Moulin Rogue Song Are You?quiz.

You're cute, sweet, and you dress in a pink fluffy bunny suit. You live in a home in the ground and love to share, chat with friends online, shop, and go to see bands.
test yourself at geekykid.net

Find out which member of Kittie you are!
I am Sweet and Sour Chicken!
Take the What Kind of Chinese Food Are You? test!

Which pop culture icon are YOU? | made by kt @ gFs.co.uk.
What's Your Designer Style?
What's You Designer Style?

Who's your daddy?? Find out @ blackhole

Go Faeries!!
Take the What Faery Are You? Quiz!
This quiz was made by lia

Er, congrats, you're Tyler Durden from Fight Club! You're a brilliant, egotistical, and psychotic figment of somebody else's imagination! Way to go. Oh, and yeah - you're mean.

Take the Which Star Wars Hero are You? Quiz!
...created by Kenzie.

you are the most likely of the smashing pumpkins to lead a happy, normal life. your innate shyness conceals a wicked sense of humour and a fondness for sweet love songs.
which pumpkin are you?

Take the mullet quiz

I am a posermullet. Take the mullet quiz here.
Which Classic Book Are You?
Book: George Orwell's Animal Farm.
Synopsis: Fueled by Orwell's intense disillusionment with Soviet Communism, Animal Farm is a nearly perfect piece of writing, both an engaging story and an allegory that actually works. When the downtrodden beasts of Manor Farm oust their drunken human master and take over management of the land, all are awash in collectivist zeal. Everyone willingly works overtime, productivity soars, and for one brief, glorious season, every belly is full. The animals' Seven Commandment credo is painted in big white letters on the barn. All animals are equal. No animal shall drink alcohol, wear clothes, sleep in a bed, or kill a fellow four-footed creature. Those that go upon four legs or wings are friends and the two-legged are, by definition, the enemy. Too soon, however, the pigs, who have styled themselves leaders by virtue of their intelligence, succumb to the temptations of privilege and power.
Excerpt: As soon as the light in the bedroom went out there was a stirring and a fluttering all through the farm buildings. Word had gone round during the day that old Major, the prize Middle White boar, had had a strange dream on the previous night and wished to communicate it to the other animals. It had been agreed that they should all meet in the big barn as soon as Mr. Jones was safely out of the way. Old Major (so he was always called, though the name under which he had been exhibited was Willingdon Beauty) was so highly regarded on the farm that everyone was quite ready to lose an hour's sleep in order to hear what he had to say.
Amazon: Animal Farm
Which Classic Book Are You?

Holy Crickets!

You're Harry Potter!

You hate being the center of attention and you'd rather not be involved in big activities.
You're almost always thinking, "Why does everything always happen to me?".

Take the Gryffindor Trio Test by Britt

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

Which Spice Girl Are You?

Which SNL Loser are *YOU*?
I'm Shannon!

Which Velvet Goldmine Character are you, darling?

Which Weezer Song are You?

You're "lol". You're so common it's scary. What internet slang are YOU? | by brit

Which Evil Criminal are You?
Which Cosmic Debris Girl Are You? By kidvermin
What Weapon Are You?
I glow

you live in the...

you are full of imagination and often daydream. and you often wish that there was such things as magic. you're also pretty superstitious.

take the where do you live? quiz by maikamariel

Getting to be an LOTR Addict
Not totally an addict yet--but you're pretty close.
How much of an LOTR Addict are YOU? quiz by maikamariel


You're a friend to mostly everyone and treat everyone with respect.

Which adjective are you? Quiz by maikamariel


sometimes you can't help swearing. but you are trying to quit...are you?!

Do you Swear a Lot? Quiz by maikamariel

you are ringwraith #

the cynic

Which Ringwraith Are You? Quiz by maikamariel
you are...

consider yourself lucky! you are able to percieve things by sight, sound, and emotions!

Clairvoyant, clairsentience, or clairaudience? Quiz by maikamariel


You are fair-haired and is the elven race favored by Manwe and Varda. Ingwe is your lord.

Which Race are You of the Eldar? Quiz by maikamariel

you are...

"Greatest in strength and deeds of prowess is Tulkas, who is surnamed Astaldo, the Valiant. He came last to Arda, to aid the Valar in the first battles with Melkor.
He delights in wrestling and in contests of strength; and he rides no steed, for he can outrun all things that go on feet, and he is tireless.
His hair and beard are golden, and his flesh ruddy; his weapons are his hands.
He has little heed for either the past or the future, and is of no avail as a counsellor, but is a hardy friend. His spouse is Nessa, the sister of Orome."

Which Valar are You? Quiz by maikamariel
you are...

you usually need to get inspired before coming up with a great idea. and sometimes your ideas are just like everyone else's.

How Creative Are You? Quiz by maikamariel

You're a...


You are very nice to your inferiors and you love peace...don't really know why you're a dark lord really--born into the wrong family perhaps.

What kind of Dark Lord are you? quiz by Maikamariel

I'm Primrose Gamgee!
Which of Sam Gamgee's kids are you?

I'm Grumpy!
I'm like Mary Anne from the BSC

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

Ooo! The potty mouth, callous, rude with a tendency to swear quite a lot...hmm...though your intentions may be good, the results aren't always what you thought they would be... you also tend to be a tad immature.
Which finger are you?
Take the quiz to find out.

Take the "How immature are you?" Test
created by sami

Which Of Our Beloved Movies Are You? by Hannah & Rachel

Are You Lilo or Stitch?

Are You Lilo or Stitch?Quiz By Chloe
Jake Hill Conley
Which Hayden Christensen Character are you?
Take the 'What kind of Wing are you?' quiz!
'What kind of Wing are you?' by. Xera

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Aleksandr Borodin.

Son of a 19th Century Russian prince and a...non-royal...mother, I went to medical school and became a biochemist. Most people, however, (and probably my twenty cats as well) agree that they'd trade all of my scientific discoveries for another set of "Polovetsian Dances."

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Huh, Punk? Do Ya? What about the HYPNOTIC Bunnies?

Find out what YOUR inner non-sequitur is!

quiz by A.V. Phibes

take the death quiz.
and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

because i thought this picture was pretty, laura of mewing.net told me this: "you are an effervescent, happy person, but your friends and coworkers have noticed with dismay that you tend to bark like a dog and lick your knee, elbow, or wrist when left to your own devices. at the age of seven, you took a road trip with your family, and discovered that your favorite state is kentucky. at the age of twelve, you fell in love with the boy {or girl} next door, but were rejected in favor of your little sister. your career path involves animals and/or fashion design, but you will die alone and miserable at the age of 82." whatever will laura tell you??

take the "what's my fault" quiz.
(and then browse around mewing.net. because laura is cool.)

take the nyu type quiz.
and then browse around mewing.net. because laura is cool.

take the nyu type quiz.
and then browse around mewing.net. because laura is cool.

take the cher test.
and go to mewing.net. because laura isn't cher.

take the antisocial test.
and go to mewing.net. because laura's feeling social.

take the jeans quiz. gus made it!
and go to mewing.net. because laura and gus collectively own over 30 pairs of jeans.

If I were in a movie, I'd be an advice-giving friend!
Take the Movie Quiz now!
created by Brooke.

% where do you LIVE?

I am a peacemaker. I seek not to destroy, but to create. I am a motivator, an inspirator, a communicator. I can talk with animals. My strength lies not within me, but within those who take my side. My friends are my greatest asset. Large problems don't scare me, because I always have help. And an army of loyal monkey servants.

What's your superpower?

What stupid online quiz are you?
What stupid online quiz are you?

What Retard are you?

I am Snoopy
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Which Zellers associate are you?

Which annoying person are you?

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

What color should your hair be?!
; Created by Vurui!

I'm the :D
Which smiley are you?

Which store are you??
This quiz was made by
Classic Brown

I'm the plain classic brown Doc Marten...
I'm mellow, down to earth,
and a little on the conservative side

Which Doc Marten are you?
(by *coffeebean*)
My car is 61 - 75% dependable.

This car is invincible. It can't be stopped. It can't be reasoned with. I think I will Skip work today and drive halfway across the country to see some bands. Now I just need to tint the windows, get a box for the trunk, and crank up my favorite Mineral or Sunny Day Real Estate album, but goddamnit I better get those pizzas there on time or they are coming out of my pay!

Take the Dependable Transportation Test!click here
quiz made bystranz
I am Merf
Take the Test Yourself | What does it mean?

Ahh, you are "Velveta Shells and Cheese". You are expensive, no
denying this, but its the price you pay for quality. You
don't even require other food supplies. Water and a pan
is all you need to get by. That silver bag your cheese
comes in looks like something out of the 23rd century, but
it's cool! And those crevices in the shells hold the cheese
so well... You Rock!

Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz
Created by LJ User RobProv222

Take the "What Kind of Dreamer Are You"Quiz
created by LilacDemile

take the non-offensive quiz.
and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

Which era in time are you?

The Band Quiz By Rahel

What Alicia's Song Are You?

What Natural Disaster are you? Take the quiz!

Hey, don't be ashamed! Some of the world's most profound thinking has been done on the can.
If you were a room in a house, what room would you be?

What kind of ANGEL are you?
Quiz made by Angela
What prep label are you?

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

So, which ferret-type do you think that you are? Click here to find out!!

I'm Weekend Update Jimmy!
Take the Jimmy Fallon recurring SNL character quiz here.
created by stomps.

I'm the Charmin Bear!
You can't seem to resist the comfortably clean feeling on your arse.
Take the "What weird obsession are you?" quiz by Kazzie!

Go Pie, Man!
Take the What Kind of Pie Are You? Quiz!
This quiz was made by KG

My bumper sticker reads:

In English: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
Take the quiz.

Passion. Desire. Courage. Lust.
Take the quiz.

Come get your fortune read!
Created by ptocheia

You Are Gilbert From "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

You are very giving and self-sacrificing. You're always there to lend a helping hand to family and friends. However, this generous nature often robs you of fulfilling your needs and desires, and may cause you to become resentful. Find a way to balance your kindness with your independence.

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!

you're the youngest lisbon girl. you attempt to slit your wrists but fail.
you die during a party... you throw yourself out a window onto a spike.
you were known as the weird one, mystical, precocious.
you like to wear old wedding gowns and listen to celtic music.
what lisbon girl are you?
(brought you by april)

lucky you. you were what every child should be.
carefree. optimistic. and happy.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

Which Matthew Lillard Character Are You?
this quiz was made by Val

The Tough Power Puff
Take the Cartoon Hero Quiz?.

You're the star!
What Tiny's World character are you?.

The traveling street fighter.
Find out what anime bad boy you are.

The cat in the background of Trigun.
Find out what secondary animated character you are.

Find out what anime girl you are.

You Know What?
What Random Object From Ydoc Nameloc's Room Are You?

Gimme something good!
Find out what anime character cliche you are.

What fuzzy creature are you?

Strong, Silent, Baddie-buster
Find out what anime character cliche you are.

Isn't magic great!?
Find out what anime villan you are.

The Greatest Evil...
Find out what Cartoon villan you are.

Find out what Cartoon location you are.

Kurt Wagner
I'm Kurt Wagner
What X-Men Character are You?

Take this quiz or visit survey.JUNKIE for more surveys!

Take the World Cup mascots
Take the "Which World Cup mascot are you? " test by Supersonic Squirrel

Click Here to see what personality your neopet has!


Now we're getting somewhere - your actions are
now past pre-teen level, and you're beginning to
display some more mature content in your life

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

Frodo lives a peaceful life in the Shire until he is unfortunate enough to inherit the ring from his Uncle Bilbo. Frodo is determined to destroy the ring and defeat the Dark Lord. Though the thought of this scares him out of his wits, he still marches forth bravely into Mordor with his faithful friend and servant Sam.

Take the "Which Hobbit are you?" quiz created by Cora Black!

I Am
Celtic Goddess of War.
I like combat boots and big guns and throwing annoying people into walls.
What Celtic Goddess are You?
Quiz by Aoibhell

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d e w
click here to take some more great tests at internet junk you are a stapler
just like the stapler you like to unite your co-workers. you're the darling of the office and everyone loves how you're a team player.
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk Conformity - You are the Tomato
All-around and average, but not upset about it, you take life day by day and try to live with as little stress as possible. Some people like you for what you are, but there are a few who would rather see you sliced and diced.. but we all have enemies, right?
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk You are not a redneck!
You are the epitome of what culture should be, not redneck! You get your hair cut in reasonable styles and accept the fact that the King is dead. You buy clothes from respectable companies and brush your teeth on a regular schedule
we hereby declare that you are not a redneck!
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk Salute to the Yankee Pot Roast
You like your tv dinners normal and without the risk of being something you don't particularly enjoy. Reliable and steadfast, and very grounded, you are a prime example of a general citizen- congrats!
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk How pathetic! You're a Fake Geek!
You buy t-shirts with slogans, wear glasses with flat lenses, and listen to Weezer. And you didn't like Lord of the Rings? BLASPHEMY! You play the geek card purely to look cool, but you're not a true geek-- just a fashion victim.. with no taste in movies..
©2002 http://internetjunk.co.uk

Which one of Eilidh's (Aylee) friends are you?
i don't really exist. in fact, the guy in the picture isn't even me. but i'm wearing a speedo.

take the stupidest online quiz ever, by radish

take the Which Munster Are You? Quiz
by tiffanie

You Are a Schoolgirl!

You're not quite as wild as a "kogyaru", but with your short plaid skirt
and silly white socks, you're still a sexual fetish object.
You can usually be seen hanging out in the girly section of the video game places,
collecting photobooth stickers of you and your friends. You may not be as innocent as you look.
Did those vending machine panties once belong to you?

What's *Your* Japanese Subculture?

Quiz by brushfire2

Which Kids In The Hall recurring character are YOU?
Take the 'Which Archangel are you?' Quiz!
Which Archangel are you? by Xera
Which 'fallen one' are you?
Take Which 'fallen one' are you? Quiz by Xera

i'm an eyeshadow. what type of make up are you?
quiz made by muna.

take free enneagram test

I'm Buttercup, which ambiguous dyke are you? Quiz by Turi.

Which Rocky Horror Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You? by jennablue!

is u raver?

this quiz was created by jezzebella. visit her site here!

I am 55% British, just like
Hugh Grant
Thought you drive a British sports car you are most likely to have a blowout in LA.

Take the Brit Quiz at
Quiz written by Daz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

You're Tino! You're normal and, er, paranoid.
A bit of a wimp, but your heart's definitaly
in the right place - you'd do anything for a
friend. You're clever and grown-up, but can be
boring and nosy sometimes. Oh, and you hate (and
suck at) sport.
Take the What Weekender Character are you? Quiz

I am 11% evil.

I try to stay away from evil deeds but succumb to temptation every once in a while. I'm not quite on my way to hell but I certainly have some explaining to do.

Are you evil? find out at Hilowitz.com

I am 15% Tool.

Yes! I am a smart person! I have a right to laugh at those losers that try to make themselves look cool because I know better. They are all just insecure pricks anyway.

Are you a tool? find out at Hilowitz.com

Which 1980's Hair Band Are You?


Find out which band you are!


When I get fed up with my life, I run away for just a little while. You know, I do that in life, too - whenever things get tough, I get a change of perspective.

Find out what Children's Book You Are!

I am a hip critter. I showed up fasionably late with Super Mario World and have started launching your own career since then. In maybe 10-15 years, my popularity will rival Mario's. Not that I'm competing with him. He's my bud. I'm good at getting and keeping friends, and they value me for that. After all, who else would carry them on their back through ice, fire, and rain? Sometimes I think I'm taken for granted, but I know that my friends have my back. Of course they do. Who would screw over Yoshi?

What Super Mario Bros character are you?
Love the new image, you've come along way since wooden horses, but as popular as ever.

Computer virus quiz

Are you sick of online personality tests?

Which Internal Organ are you? Find out at willaston's lounge!

Take the Corporate Mascot Test at Willaston's Lounge!
I'm Delirium!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

My Mormon name is Adaleen Chinchilla Zest!
What's yours?

Which annoying B-list celebrity are you?

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

Take the Glendinning Test Today!

A GOLD Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Gold Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the most honorable of all. Golds are the third rarest of all the dragons (after Platinum and Chromatic dragons) and have a station in society that reflects their rarity. I am what one might call a Draconic Knight. Golds live by a strict code of chivalry and commitment. Remember Draco? Yep, Gold Dragon. My appearance is fearsome and all-mighty but I'd never stoop so low as to bring any harm to a human. I'm one of only two dragon types that are aligned "Lawful Good" and demonstrate great magical proficiency. My piety, beauty, wisdom, and inner strengrth are absolutely without parallel.

Of course, being a Gold Dragon isn't all high ethics and codes. I like to fly around scaring things, advise humans in their affairs, and shapeshift. Strike that, I LOVE to shapeshift. And I'm great at it. In fact, who's to say I'm not really a Gold Dragon after all? My favorable attributes are honor, truth, kindness, gold, wisdom, bravery, and trustworthiness. If anyone threatens or tries to kill me, I could strike back with my breath weapon - Fire. But then, no one's tried anything that stupid in the last couple thousand years. After all, I'm about 54 feet long.

A TAN Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Tan Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the true draconic magic-user. Tans have been all but forgotten in popular literature, but that suits them just fine. They're slightly shy and spend most of their time in impassable mountain valleys. When feeling brave or adventurous, Tans use their shape-shifting ability to blend in with society. Given a choice, however, Tans still much prefer to be left to their own devices.

I like to spend time devising new and interesting spells, and counting my gigantic treasure. My favorable attributes are longevity, security, magic, and reverence for life. To top it off, my breath weapon is a curious mix of Fire and Air. Just tell folks to watch out, like all Tans I've got a seriously short temper!

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

I'm Chandler Bing from Friends!
Take the Friends Quiz here.
created by stomps.

You are the whee!! You are the most energitic person at parties and family get togethers! You are also dizzy all the time, which makes you prone to puking at random intervals.... FREAK!
Take the What FMC Emoticon Are You?? Quiz

What Color Underwear Are You?
TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous
TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous:
You are an industrial solvent marketed as TECSOL Special Industrial Solvent by Eastman Chemical Company. You are available as both 95% and anhydrous. You are denatured with methyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone.
Find out what kind of industrial solvent you are

You copy other people's HTML and blindly paste it into your own pages with no concern for the consequences.
What kind of Hummel figurine are you?

You are
Cat's Pride Heavy Traffic Multiple Cat Formula
Cat's Pride Heavy Traffic Multiple Cat Formula

What brand of scooping cat litter are you?

You are an

Find out what kind of quiz-taker you are

What alien are you? test by koolerthanjesus
If I were a wine I would be...
This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!

If I were a boy band I would be...
The Beatles
This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!

Do you have Superpowers??

I took the Paragon Powers Test and tested positive for

Also check out the Von Hase Show!

test yourself at fontlover.com!

Which Video Game Console are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

I'm a broccoli! I'm introverted but always try to be more outgoing. I'm sort of dim on the outside but inside I'm really a good person and always trying to fit in. Even though a lot of people don't like me, they really do learn to love me!

Take the Vegetable Quiz at quizlets.tk!
by Krysten!
I am 11% evil

Are you evil? find out at quizlets.tk! by krysten

Are you a freak? find out at quizlets.tk! by krysten

What would your familiar be? find out at quizlets.tk!
by Krysten

Which Oh! My Goddess sister are you? find out at quizlets.tk! by krysten


Randomness prevails! What are you?
by krysten

What punctuation mark are you? Find out at quizlets.tk!
by Krysten
find out your color at quizlets.tk!
quiz by krysten

My Bjork Song is Isobel!
My name Isobel...Wait...your song Isobel! You really have things under control. You know what you want, and usually you get it. You are very fun and outgoing, but if people oppose you, another side comes out. others should beware...but not too much.
This test was created by Zid! Visit my Livejournal zidanime or my Deadjournal nexttolastsong

Take the test HERE!

Want To Know Which Element You Are?

You are Fire!

Contrary to what some might believe, you are not all physical. Sure, the flesh is there (so why not enjoy it?!), but you can be passionate about knowledge just as much. Though sometimes prone to be spontaneous, you are on the hunt for things that make you happy. Only have one life to live, right? Just need to learn when to cool down a bit so that you don't forget about friends and family.

Best Match: Earth, to keep you grounded at times; Water, only one's to put up with your wild side.
Worst Match: Air, there is nothing worse then a person who gets more wrapped up in themselves then you do!

Streea wasted a bunch of time making this test.

What's Your Style? Find out @ She's Crafty

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

I'm Xenna!

I'm loved by everyone, and am a REAL sucker for comfy beds, couches and cuddles. I'm loyal to my friends and family, and have the most BEAUTIFUL smooshy face!

Find out which of Ras' Pets YOU are!

take the what amusing entity are you? quiz by kimburk
0% - 10% (Britney)

Oh dear, oh dear.
Far from being a world destroying DeathKiddy, you appear to enjoy kittens, bunnies and boybands.
Not a cloud enters your sky and all is sweetness and light for you.

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? .

You're known for starting trouble. But you play it cool. Besides, no one can resist your sharp eyes and quick wit. *They* eat from the palm of your hand. Though you have weaknesses, which may have deadly consequences, you, are resurrected, as if the gods themselves breathed immortality into you.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.

If I was an Autobot, I'd be:
Click to see what Autobot you could be!
Take the Transformers personality test at android5.com!

You are the Lion Cracker. King of the jungle you parade like the almighty person you are. Ready to devour and hunt anytime you please and knowing others fear and are scared of you. You can't be stopped
Take the animal crackers test by MK
[If I were an online test, I would be The Art Test]

I'm The Art Test!

I'm, erm, a pretty nondescript test that just does what it says on the tin, really. I don't thrive on in-jokes, controversy or irony, nor do I host ads... I have some pretty pictures though, will that do?

Click here to find out which test you are!

Take the Affliction Test Today!
How much do you know about Canada?

Where's your corner of the Twilight Zone?
Take the Twilight Zone test!

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?
I'm so like Bart!
I'm Bart, who are you? by Lexi

So, which Formula 1 Car are you most like?

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!
Created by ptocheia

You are Electronica!

Living a life as active and colorful as the strobe lights of the dance floor, you are electronica. Your life is a party, or at least that's how you'd like it to be. Your main themes are energy, excitement, and playfulness. You figure: life is short. You only get one shot at it, so why waste it being miserable? You're mostly concerned with immediate pleasure and are very outgoing. Even when you're sad you seem to find a reason to smile. To many this trait is very pleasant, but to those inclined to bitterness it can seem obnoxious and annoying.

Take the what music genre are you quiz by PsychosisX!
Well, you're a slacker. Your greatest joy in life is sleeping, and you try to avoid doing work as much as possible. Others are envious of your talent for skating through life doing only half as much real, actual work as everyone else. You're an expert at talking teachers or bosses out of reprimanding you for your apparent lack of effort. On the upside, you won't have to worry about things like repetitive stress disorder or high blood pressure. Your life expectancy is probably pretty high due to this, not that you'll actually accomplish anything, you damn leech.

Be cool! Take the What Do You Want Out Of Life? Quiz

Fluffy Prof Heffalump Clone

Prof Heffalump

Soundtrack to your life:
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene

Favourite website:

I'm an individual and I've got a serial number to prove it

Certified heffalumps.org Personality Test result.

I'm Pepper Ann!
I'm Pepper Ann!
I'm bold and sassy! I tend to hatch crazy schemes that have no hope of working and am prone to learning valuable lessons the hard way. I enjoy video games, sports, and being with my friends.
Test created by shaolin

You make people feel rellaxed around you. You are popular and bring many people joy, however the Mrs is inclined to think of you otherwize. You make people dont care less, and so are you there with a fella on his bucks night to see that he can be properly restrained nude to a train that is taking him to a far of distant place. As much as you are wonderful company on a big night out, often people tend to not think that much of you the next day as they are grossly nausiated from night before with you so vowing never to see you again, of which of cause is a big fat lie because they will no doubt meet with you again the following weekend. People who spend too much time with you get sick to the stomache.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

quiz by ravenritings
I'm a......

Take Squiggle UK's 'Are you addicted to online tests' test

I am

Find out which Garbage Pail Kid you are!

Take the What Kind of Canadian are You? Test by lamaitresse!

quiz created by

So Who Does Your Laundry?? Find out today.

Take the Which of Amy’s favourite things are you? quiz

quiz created by Peta for the lovely Amy

Take the "What kind of cone are you?" Test
created by sami
What Color of Gwen's Hair are YOU?

What Color of Gwen's Hair are you?
Your song is...
Cosmic Shame

Set the artist free.
I'm talking about
this artist, in your
fucking HEART;
been in bondage
and in chains for
too long, you
fucking robot

Set the artist free!
I'm saying

Quiz created by LenPal
Cosmic Shame

What's your Tenacious D song?

Which Kirsten Dunst Are You?

click here to see what band you would lead.

You're Doomed to be Frodo!

The film you has become severely more cuddly then the book you and we've become concerned about your unnatural lack of interest in food. You've traded in some lovable Hobbit traits for that Hollywood cutie pie face. And if that isn't bad enough that @#$%&! Arwen stole your scene at the Ford of Bruinen.

Which member of the Fellowship are you doomed to be?

brought to you by



I am 0-20% Ghetto

I don't even know what ghetto is? Fuckin Preppy. I better hop in my beamer - head for the hood and get some chicken, watermelon, and neports.

Which Spike are you?

If I were a

I would be:


take the Living Dead Dolls Test

You are Splatter Phoenix!
You bring creativity and innovation to your crimes, but your style tends to be too esoteric for the masses. In any case, you're not dedicated enough to evil; what you really want is a big fat museum grant.
Take the Darkwing Duck Villain Quiz by contessina_2000@yahoo.com!

I'm 'Missundaztood'! What are you?
the internet junk slacker test deems me:
56% slacker

your clothes are properly folded, hung up and put away. you watch tv in moderation. you like to visit with friends but also like a little alone time as well. you tend to change clothes frequently and you definitely wash your hands after a visit to the toilet!

the internet junk 'how bad are you test' deems me:
24% bad!

Your tendency is to do good. But once in awhile your Bad Self takes takes over. You have lots of friends and generaly get along with everyone. Overall you are a Tom Hanks meets Stephen King kind of character.

You Are A Mage
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

Which Angry White Boy Band are You?

test by

Take the "Which Mike Myers Are You Quiz" By Horsekateer

you have a mohawk, and you are emo.
i think thats all i have to say..
take the quiz

You were Cleopatra!!
Take the Who Were You In A Past Life? Quiz!
This quiz was created by Kara

Take the What Color Dragon Should You Ride? Quiz
Made By: myway and teza
I am 20% evil.
Take the test :: koolplace.com

Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
Judging from my information, you do!
Just keep your fire spitting guns away from nail polish remover...

which member of rammstein are you? find outhere!

Which Cheers Character Are You?

Which Sifl & Olly Show Character Are You?
Brought to you by Fifth Dream Today.

WICH SERIAL KILLER ARE YOU? find out at: slitmyfuckingthroat.cjb.net

"stompy stompy stomp stomp!"
I know who's who and what's what and I can stomp with the best of them. I've cruised the clubs a bit, no one really knows my name but I've probably gone home with a few of the regulars.
Take the How Industrial Are You? Test!
created by Isis DeViance.

Take the Which Spider-Man Character Are You? quiz by ZyberGoat

You're the Cow Smiley! You're completely random and spontaneous. You're often the life of the party or maybe just the class clown. People like you because of your humor factor and tendencies to do things normal people wouldn't dream about(IE: canning yourself)

Take the Which Yahoo! Smiley are you test
By Foiledagain

Kigai Yuuto
Fun loving, happy go lucky, and a natural player, you are Kigai Yuuto. You've got a naturally charming personality and even your enemies seem to take a liking to you. Stay far away from jealous computers.

Take the "Which Dragon Of Earth Are You!" test!
by Maduin & Kira

take the emo quiz.created by jessi

which gwen are you?
i'm shu lien yu!
Which Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Character are you? Quiz by

Find out which tNBC song you are! Quiz by JessieofTR.

which gladiator character are you?
this quiz was made by plathc

You're the smallest, but yet the greatest,
of them all, the hobbit.
Be proud and remember all your meals!

Take the "How much of a hobbit am I?" test
@ adorial.net

You got a nomination, they let you
up on the stage...
why the didn't you win an Oscar?
There is something strange
going on in that academy.

Take the "What's your Oscar's personality?" test
@ adorial.net

Hey, at least they let you out on stage!
Your movie didn't get many
nominations, but don't worry, you still
have 6 more movies to go....

Take the "What's your Oscar's personality?" test
@ adorial.net

What soccer player are you?

My insulting name is Odious and unpleasant child Brachiosaur!
What's yours?

This empath is wise, and kindly, and percieves the world with their heart.
What Obernewtyn Character are you?
Primary Ability:
Healers are gentle people, gifted with the ability to heal others with the strength of their own minds. They can examine a person's body and aura, helping them to recover from injury or sickness. Healers never put themselves first, and can be generous to a fault.
Secondary Ability:
What is your Misfit Talent?

take the butt quiz.
and go to mewing.net. why not visit the site of someone who made a quiz about butts?

~Find Your Inner Supermodel~

What kind of monkey are you?

which Talk Soup host are you?

You are a Witch!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo
You are freya
You are a mature and quiet person. To you, the person you like is one of the most important things in your life. You are very determined, and independent.

take this quiz!

which Cruel Intentions character are you?
created by switchico

Annette Hargrove - You are daddy's perfect daughter. You are the girl-next-door that guys would want to bring home to their moms. You are sweet and you are pure. You are willing to wait for the right guy. Just don't turn your back on him when he shows up. You have the tendency to become the next Kathryn so be careful.
Which Friends Character are You?

Take this Quiz Made by eLLeN112.
Click here to find out what robot you really are

You are Rinoa! Your relationships with others are important
to you. You like to socialize and have a good time. To some
people you might seem a little shallow, but you really just like
to be happy and make others happy too.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!

I am Robin F**king Black!! The lead singer for Robin Black & the IRS.
Give me some Corona, Give me stardom....I'll take both.
Click to take the Which Intergalactic Rock Star are You? Quiz!
Click to Visit RobinBlackRocks.com



You love love love love fire. You like setting things on fire, including

people. You enjoy mass destruction and chaos within our world, and are not

happy with today's society. You seek friendship with those like yourself,

and you're generally mean to people.

What kind of clothes should I be wearing? by Evelyn

Click To Take The Test!
Marisa's Personal Journal

Take the "Which Duckling are you?"quiz by Hazel

Take the "Which Weasley are you?"quiz by Hazel

Take the "Which composer are you?"quiz by Hazel

Take the "Which Flower are you?"quiz by Hazel

Take the "Which HP fan fiction site are you?"quiz by Hazel

If i was a serial killer i would be Lizzy Borden.

Lizzy Borden, not by definition a serial killer, but a notorious killer nonetheless. One day as her father was napping on the living room sofa Lizzy Borden took an axe and hit her father's head with it repeatedly some where around 40 times, completely disfiguring his face into an unrecognizable mess of blood and gore. Almost immediately after Lizzy attacked her mother in her bedroom, again hitting her head with an axe over 40 times.

Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her father forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, She gave her mother forty-one.

kill count: 2
Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!

Take the "What Kind of Southerner Are You?" Test!
Created by MadShrubbery
I'm an icky scab!
I'm an icky scab, what are you? by Clicks and Buzzes
I'm Gruffi Bear!
I'm Gruffi Bear, which Gummi Bear are you? by Clicks and Buzzes

I'm Hino Rei, also known as Sailor Mars. Which Sailor Scout are you? by
Clicks and Buzzes
I'm a sugar-frosted Cunt-O!
I'm a sugar-frosted Cunt-O, what are you? by Clicks and Buzzes
I'm a fan!
I'm a gold fan with an incised scene of King Tutankhamun hunting ostriches from his chariot! Which treasure of King Tut's tomb are you? by Clicks and Buzzes
I'm Mary-Kate saying an explitive!
[{ANGER}] I'm Mary Kate saying an explitive, which of Mary-Kate and Ashley's Seven Deadly Sins are You? by Clicks and Buzzes
The Final Fantasy Girl you relate witht the most!

Reference Link: http://ffgirl.deep-ice.com
By: Kachan (kachan@graffiti.net)

They're violent.
What are your characters?

Quiz made by Zarah.

Which Character from Rocko's Modern Life are You? Take the test here

Which Cartoon Cat Are You? Quiz by gypsydance
Take the test!
Take the "Which Microsoft Office program are you? " test by Supersonic Squirrel
and visit her forest with loads of tests!

Your magical style is Witch.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox
If I was an Invader Zim Character, I'd be:
Click to see what Invader Zim Character you could be!
Take the Invader Zim personality test

Take the Which Madonna Video Are You? Quiz

:: how jedi are you? ::

If only those who dream about Hollywood knew how difficult it all is.
Which glamour goddess are you?
By kjfishie

What Drink Are You?
What Drink Are You?

Which Neubauten instrument best describes you?
Find out.
Deconstruct me, NOW!
I'm 'Everywhere'!

Are you NASTY or NICE?
Quiz made by Angela
Which Recurring Kevin Smith Character Are You? Take the test here

You are Genie In A Bottle.
What Christina Aguilera song are YOU? Find out here
Quiz created by Jackie

I'm In The Springtime Of His Voodoo!

I'm In The Springtime Of His Voodoo!

I'm a lot of fun.
But Hannah doesn't care
what I put on prunes,
they will not
taste any better. Excuse me,
while I go
get my crosses loaded!
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You're Raphael!
People need to tread lightly around you. You are cynical and prone to sudden bursts of anger. You tend to be anti-social and closed-off, but once you let someone under your shell, you are loyal to them for life. You aren't a bad turtle, you're actually pretty sensitive, and use anger and violence as a mask.
Which Ninja Turtle Are You? Quiz by Irish
If you want to take a meaningless test, this is the test for you.
The complete waste of time test.
By paniccam
My Favorite Male Part Is:

The Back: Behind every good man is a good back.

Ignore the whip scars...

Find out your favorite male body part!

What magazine am I?

I am Gig: Making it big or at least putting on a show that doesn't suck is my aim in life. Sure, it won't actually end up happening, but its fun to try anyways.

What magazine am I?

What is my spectrum?

I am green: My main color is green. I like to have fun and comfort. Happiness is the marker of a great life.

What is my spectrum?

Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Rock: Indeed, I am the greatest song in the world! But you shalt never hear me, for I am far to great to be heard by the ears of mortals.

Are you the greatest song in the world?

The B-Movie That Suits Me Is:

Mr. Vampire: Hong Kong, like Hollywood, is not known for creativity. Although similar to A Chinese Ghost Story, this movie is unique in many ways. Well written and played out, this funny horror is a true treat.

Find out which b-movie suits you.

What stock broker am I?

I am the dart thrower: They call me the dart thrower because thats how I make my picks. There are bigger things to worry about like how much action I'm going to see tonight. Booyah!

What stock broker am I?

Book Worm Meter
Shut In 49%
51% Out Of The House
Intellectual 59%
41% Moron
High Attention Span 59%
41% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 31%
69% Book Burner
Book Worm 49.5%
50.5% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.

My Romance Meter
Optimist 65%
35% Cynic
Close 59%
41% Distant
Long Term 69%
31% Brief
What does my romance meter read?

Would I Survive A Pit Match Against Clinton And Bush
24% chance Bush would kill you.
0% chance Clinton would kill you.
33% chance he would sexually harass you.
76% chance you would kill them.
Enter Combat

Which S Club Member Do You Most Identify With?

Which Scooby-Doo Movie character are you?

What's Your Inner Demon?
this quiz was made by Melissa
YAY!  I'm Buffy!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!
As If!  I'm Tie!
Which Clueless Chick are you? Find out!
Rock On! I'm...Punk!
Which Music Type are You?Find out!
Mmm...I'm Belle!
Which Disney Princess are You?Find out!
Wow...I'm Joey!
Which Female Dawson's Creek Character Are You?Find out!
Ooh...I'm Monica!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!
Pretty!  I'm a daisy!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!
Yummy...I'm an Entree!
Which Part of a Meal Are You?Find out!
Ummm...I'm Sane.
Are You Crazy??Find out!
Woohoo! I'm Blue!
Which Kid's TV Character are You?Find out!
Fuck Yeah!  I'm Kevin!
Which American Pie Dude are You?Find out!
Fuckit, I'm Lara!
Which Angelina Jolie are you? Find out!
Ok...I have a Joyful Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!
Stellar!  I'm Catty!
Which Daughters of the Moon Character are You?Find out!

I'm a Friendly Zombie! RrrRr!!

What kind of Zombie are you?

My sphere is Guardian (Person of great Love and Altruism), and my class is Rogue (Precise and Unhindered).

I am a Protector.

You won't let anything or anyone threaten the ones you love if you have anything to say about it -- and you aren't afraid to back that up by any means possible. You might get your hands dirty in your life. You might do things that more lawful people would question. But there is no doubt in your mind that what you are doing is right, and you will have no regrets. To be a Protector is to shed many layers of "status quo," of "morality," and, to a degree, of honor, in order to dedicate yourself to the protection of your love in any way you can. You are a truly rare breed. You are loved in return for your great dedication by the people who value you. You know how to keep secrets, and uphold your word.

What kind of Warrior are you?

Which PPG would you be?

Which BB thiingy are YOU?!

Take the Big Brother quiz at Jigglyqueen.com
Hero Guild Name

Villains fear me.
Heroes envy me.

Eilidh Richards is...
The Emerald Butt-Kicker

Hero Guild Name

Villains fear me.
Heroes envy me.

Aylee Richards is...
The Astonishing Ninja

which 2002 footballer are you?

Which 'Get Fuzzy' Character Are You?

What's Your Mood?

What's Your Love Style?

find out who you are here

find out what you are here

find out which no doubt album you are here

which one of no doubt's significant others are you?

which member of the babysitter's club are you? find out here

Which Golden Girl Are You?
You Are A Teen Driver!

Which Kind of Driver Are You?
by Auto Glass America

Which VW Are You?
by Auto Glass America

What's Your Movie Dream Car?
by Auto Glass America

Which Italian Car Are You?
by Auto Glass America

Should You Be Driving a Yugo?
by Auto Glass America

I'm Pooh!
Which little kids show would you be? by Shorro ^_^

How random are you?
this quiz was made by alanna
Which Orange Stroy Charcter Are You?

Which Orange Story Character Are You?Quiz By Chloe
I'm Nikita
You're a dreamer who cares deeply about others.
Your single-mindedness makes you impractical, and sometimes dangerous.

Which La Femme Nikita Character Are You?

Quiz by nancyn of MS4 Roy Dupuis

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

What Obscure Animal are you?

What obscure band are you?

What Was Your PastLife?

What Spooky Being are You?

What is your best personality trait?

according to the "how fun are you?" test, i am...


I'm a Lava Lamp. What are you? I'm a bubbly and hot lamp. I'm pretty popular.
quiz by baggerchica

What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!

Which Soviet Leader are you? go to:the quiz!
I'm Tim as Mr. Hector!
I'm Tim as Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge in Home Alone Two: Lost in New York,which Tim Curry are you? by Clicks and Buzzes
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What kind of LJer are you?

Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?
Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Which of the Mayfair Witches are YOU Most Like?
Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Who’s YOUR Rocky Horror Alter-Ego?
Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Which Lilo & Stitch Character Are YOU?
Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie
friends is on my mind!
What are you thinking?

~ Take the Quiz~

Which Popple Are You?
by nymphet
YOU! Obey the fist!

YES! you are ZIM! As an elite Irken Invader your aim is to prepare Planet Earth for the approaching invasion armada by laying waste to the horrible... stink... people... things that inhabit it.

You have much to do... so much!

Take The Mighty Invader Zim Test!

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