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The Nightmare Before Christmas Song Quiz!

By: JessieofTR

I'm sure everyone remembers watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." And even if you haven't seen it, you can take this quiz anyway! But I recomend you watch it, it's a great movie. ^^ In this quiz, you can get one of nine songs. There were two more at the end, but I decided not to include them, one: because I don't know them that well and two: oi...too much to do. ^^ Well, now! Answer carefully, and truthfully to get the best results! Take this quiz and everyone sing! In our town of Halloween! ^^


1.) Describe yourself in one word.


2.) Say one day, you were walking down the hallway to class. All of a sudden, someone kicks you in the butt and runs! What would you do?

Hunt them down, torture them, then slowly roast them to death.
Start obsessing over it.
Kidnap them and torture them! HA HA HA! xD
Scare them and continue to freak them out the rest of the school year.
Cry and wonder why they hate me.
Concuct some strange, twisted device and give it to them as a present. >=)
Find a different hallway to walk down.
Wonder who this person is, and why he did it, and ask all sorts of questions.

3.) Pick a color!

Dark blue
Midnight blue
White blood. >=)

4.) An old lady falls in the street! Quick! What do you do!?

Point and laugh. xD
Run over to her and freak her out.
Run over to her, and help her up, asking if she's alright.
Run around singing, dancing, or doing something creative about it.
Shake your head sadly. That same lady fell in the street yesterday! Nothing ever changes...
Shake your head. No one will probably understand WHY she fell. -_-
Why did she fall? Was it because she has a hurt leg...or...Ooh! What's that over there!?
Run into the street and push her in front of a car.
Run home and research on why old ladies fall in the street.

5.) Which of these lyrics best appeal to you?

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.
The worst is just around the bend.
It's our's this time.
Year after year, it's the same routine.
Listen now! You don't understand!
What's this!?
I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man! xD
What does it mean? What does it mean!?
I say that we take a cannon, aim at his door and then, knock three times and when he answers, Sandy Claws will be no more! xD

6.) Describe you. ^^

Petite, kind, gentle...alittle worried at times.
I love making things. ^^
I'm lonely alot, and I want my life to change. -_-
No one understands me!!! At all!!! -_-
Who are you? Where am I? What are you doing? 0_o
I'm hateful, mean, and I'd kill you if I got the chance. MWA HA HA!
I obsess over some things, and people think I can be weird. 0_o
Hee hee....what? I wasn't doing nothing! I'm innocent. ^^
I'm...crazy...psycho....lunitic. I can tear off my face. Wanna see? >xD

7.) Your school is having a play and you must participate! Which character would you be?

The artistic tree in the background. xD Maybe I could dance here and there.
The hero, of course! :D
The misunderstood bystander...who probably ends up getting killed. -_-
The person in the audience who never knows what's going on.
The villian. As long as I get to KILL KILL KILL!!!! MWA HA HA!
The one who wrote the play, and is now obsessed with it. xD
The main villian's henchmen. Torturing = FUN!
The person running around backstage freaking everyone out and scaring people.
The damsel in distress who gets saved by the dashing knight. ^^

8.) What would/did you dress up as for Halloween?

A skelaton. But that's what I dressed up as last year...and the year before that...and the year before that...
A witch. No, not a wizard! A witch! There's a difference! UGH!!! No one UNDERSTANDS MEEEEE!!
What's Halloween? What do you mean dress up!? What should I choose? I'm confuse-ed!
A guy that looks like he's wearing a potato sack. xD Or a grim reaper or something evil!
Something from my latest obsession of course. ^^
Anything! As long as I get to go trick-or-treating and scare all the neighbors! xD
Something really freaky and Halloween-ish.
Maybe an angel or something. ^^ Anything's fine.
Something that I made!!! HA HA HA!

9.) Say, you're sitting in class and the guy in front of you starts making fun of you. What do you do?

Why would it matter? They don't understand me. -_- No one does.
Who are they? What's their name? What class am I in?
Grab them and slowly rip them to shreds. Then hang their peices all over the classroom. *evil, insane laughter* Teacher! Look what I did!!! xD
Find out everything about them....even where they live and their social security number. ^_^'
Plan something with two of my closest friends, then kidnap that person, and torture him that night. xD
Poke them in the shoulder, and start freaking them out by saying alot of weird, creepy things.
I would be hurt, and probably ask to leave the classroom, so I can rush to the bathrooms to cry. :_(
Develope some item that would bring insane little happiness to their youth. >xD
Nothing. They always make fun of me. Today, and the day before that, and the day before that....

10.) Describe your friends.

They call me the "One Who Asks Tooooo Many Questions." xD
I don't have friends. I have henchmen. Everyone obeys me. MWAAA HA HA!
They all think I'm weird, cause I get too obsessed. xD
I have two good friends and we run around bothering people! We are mischevious. ^^
All my friends are either gothicy/dark and are with me...or are scared to death of me. xD I freak them out!
I have a good set of friends. ^^ And there's that guy/girl I have this crush on......*sigh*
Me and my friends are very ARTISTIC! We do alot of group projects. :D
I have friends, but I need something new. Something different...
I have friends, but most of them don't understand me. -_- Either that, or they hate me. -_-

11.) This is the final question! Are you glad this quiz over? :D end this ******* thing before I come over there and crush you!!!
Actually, I was starting to become alittle obsessed with it. xD
Yeah, now I can run off and torture some people. xD
I know. It's over cause I scared you....HUH!?
I thought it was fun. ^^
It was ok. Very creative. xD
Um....this quiz is the same as the others....does anything EVER change!?
It'll probably give me something different then I expect. -_- Quizzes don't even understand me...
Huh? What? Who? When? Where? It's over? It can't be! I'm just starting to understand it!