Jeaneane Kozlowski's

Philosophy of Education

Teachers need to be qualified for their positions. There should not be educators in the classroom without exceptional knowledge of the subjects in which they are teaching. If they have not mastered the art of "teaching," then their students will not benefit from their education. As a result of an educators lack of mastery, students will be unprepared for life, college, work, and upcoming grades.

I believe in technologies that teachers should use for their instruction, such as computers, hands on instruction, self and students evaluations, performance and authentic assessments, etc. It isn't possible to teach students primarily through the use of textbooks. Hands on learning, constructivism, is a beneficial method to master and teach with because students will intake more knowledge and develop skills. Also, through hands on learning, students will hold creative thoughts and ideas and as a teacher, creative outlets should always be encouraged.

Students also need a role model. Someone who is caring, enthusiastic, fair, and warm, the qualities that teachers should have towards their students. Students need someone to interact with. Students frown upon teachers who sit in the front of the room and scolds the group the entire time. It is my philosophy of education that the classroom should be a friendly atmosphere and a least restrictive environment. Motivation is the key.