Hello my name is Jeaneane Kozlowski and I would like to welcome you to my Education Website. I am currently a Senior at Temple University, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In January 2004 I began my Student Teaching expierence at Sandy Run Middle School in the Upper Dublin School District. After I complete my student teaching assignment I will graduate in May of 2004. Upon graduation, I will receive my certification from the Pennsylvania State Department of Education in Elementary/Special Education.

It is a requirement for many of the classes in my major, Elementary/Special Education, to create and maintain a website. I felt it would be in my best interest to create a website that functions as a portfolio showcasing much of the work I have done while pursuing my degree. This website is two-fold. It serves as an electronic portfolio, as well as a source of information about me. For a map for this website, please click on the “next” button. To see a list of the work I have done in my Education classes at Temple, please click on the “links” button.

Digitally Signed: J. Kozlowski~1/25/04