By-Jeaneane P. Kozlowski


Grade –1


Students will learn to count by “tens”.


1 Bag Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies, cups


I will discuss the claim made by Chips Ahoy! Cookies, that there are 1,000 chocolate chips in every bag. We will take a vote to see how many students believe this claim.


1) Pass out cookies to all the students till the bag of Chips Ahoy! is gone.

2) Have the students break apart the cookie and separate the chocolate chips from the crumbs. The students can then eat the crumbs, but they have to count out the chocolate chips into groups of tens.

3) They should then put every 10 chips in on paper cup.

4) When all the students are done separating their cookies the class can count how many cups there are and figure out if there really are "1,000 Chips" in every bag.


If there is less than 1,000 chips, ask the students how many more cups they will need to reach 1,000. If there is more than 1,000, help them figure out how many more cups they would need to have 2,000 chips.