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Biography: Annette
Born April 5, 1983, Annette Tamunoinye Cookie, the second of three sisters has grown to become a vocal ripping force to be reckoned with. Born in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Annette, 23 has lived most of her life in the city. Born in a musical family, her older sister Loretha, 25 is also a cutting edge R&B singer.

Annette’s musical talents date back to her childhood days when her vocal range and angelic voice set her apart from her peers as an outstanding vocalist.

In 2003 after a merger between E-Trax Productions and Malachi Records, Annette was introduced to Malachi Records president Patrick Chike who was also blown away by her incredible vocal abilities. She was signed to the label in the same year and proved to them that she was more than worth the deal.

Annette’s debut on the album, Livin’ 4, a rap hit featuring 3 other Malachi Records artists where she did the hook, Annette brought a new dimension to the track. Her delivery was very precise, her adlibs and harmony simply injecting life into the song and giving it color. She brings the story of the song to life as she sings sweet melodies telling of how God’s love is all they’re living for. She showcases yet another style on the ready made hit track Mama where she is featured with 2 other artists from the company. She shows versatility in her delivery on Holy Ghost party, a pulsating duet with recording artist Otis that continues to have listeners head bopping and spirits lifted up . Keeping inline with her strong focus to leave something on the hearts of her listeners, she takes the lead on her own song That Girl, an electrifying pop single sent out to the ladies reminding them of how beautiful and wonderful they are. The track features the hard hitting rhymes of UtchieWallie as both females drive the message to the ladies. Annette had this to say about the song during her interview, “I consider the song an absolute necessity. I think we have come to a time when we have to be reminded, contrary to what society tries to tell us, that we are indeed beautiful and wonderful creations of God. This is a message that came from the deepest depth of my heart.” Spoken just like a real woman indeed.

The only creation more beautiful than a woman is a real woman.
A real woman does not find her worth in her collection of diamonds and pearls but rather makes them valuable. A real woman does not try to be strong, she is strength.

A real woman doesn’t live life aimlessly with hopes of falling into the arms of a man that will deliver her from her struggles, she is a life giver and lives her life by design, with every step taken in accordance with the life that was predestined for her to live. A real woman is not described as being beautiful, she is beauty.

The world is full of women, but only a few of these women learn to unlock the real woman inside of them and live a fulfilling life.

Malachi Records is proud to present the world with one of those chosen few in their well respected recording artist Annette.

A new voice, a new talent... simply angelic. The track features the hard hitting rhymes of UtchieWallie as both females drive the message to the ladies.BUY NOW! from Malachi Records