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Fool your eyes

Here is a great mystery that happens right in your hands:

To participate in this magical effect, you will need several props:

  1. an envelope
  2. a pen
  3. 3 pieces of paper
  4. 3 pieces of currency: a $1, a $5, and a $20 (but this trick works better with $50 or $100 bill). I will wait while you obtain these items.
Are you ready? On the pieces of paper, draw the shape of a circle on one, a triangle on the second, and a square on the final paper.  Arrange these papers in a row in front of you with the circle to the left, the triangle in the middle and the square to the right.

Place the bills, in any order you desire, on these pieces of paper, one bill per shape. I have absolutely no way of telling which bill is where. Let's mix them up a bit. Please follow these directions:
  1. Switch the $1 with the $5.
  2. Now switch the bill on the circle with the bill on the triangle.
  3. Now switch the $5 with the bill to its immediate right (if nothing is to its right, no switch is made).
  4. Similarly, switch the large denominational bill with the bill to its left.
  5. Now switch the $1 with the bill to its right.
  6. Switch the bill on the triangle with the bill on the square.
  7. Now switch the bill on the square with the bill on the circle.
Now we have made a real mess of things. I have absolutely no way of determining the location of, say, the large denominational bill. Anyway, place the bill on the square into the envelope. Seal the envelope and address it to: Inspector Magic, 15225 Pleasant View Dr, Colorado Springs. Please remember, the Post Office will not deliver it without the proper postage.

Do the sides of this square look bent? It isn't!

Do the lines look crooked? They aren't! they are perfectly parallel.

How does this work? It looks impossible!

On your computer!

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