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Inspector Magic's silly and magical Birthday Parties are a hit with children of all ages. His fantastic one-hour birthday packages include a special magic show highlighting your child as the star. Inspector Magic begins with some fast paced magic performed with comedy, letting the children see that they are watching a talented magician and that they are going to have lots of fun.

Then, the real fun begins, as your child participates in the show dressed as a real magician with a top hat and magic wand. With the help of some of their friends acting as their assistants, and some silly antics, the magic really happens. The show is almost over when your child is included in a special illusion. Inspector Magic might make your child float in the air or maybe cut them in two! Don't worry, it is all in fun and he promises to restore them as good as new. Then, your child closes the show when they make Inspector Magic's live bunny appear! Wowsers!

Each show has a special party theme to fit with your theme. Choose one of the popular shows, or tell Inspector Magic your theme ideas, or your child's favorite activity or cartoon and he will work it into the show. It is not just a magic show, it is a theatrical experience with a storyline, just like at the movies. Please click the links to the right for some party ideas.

For older children, Inspector Magic suggests a
Magic Workshop Party. The children will not only see some cool magic, they will also learn some great magic tricks they can use to fool their friends. All the props and instruction are included. Please look at the Magic Class page for more information.

Following the 45 minute show, Inspector Magic creates festive balloon party hats for all the children, with a special balloon birthday crown for your child. All you have to do is serve the cake and watch your child open their presents and you have a wonderful 2 hour, life-long favorite Magic Birthday Party your family will never forget! If you care to have a longer party, add a piņata or Inspector Magic can recommend some fun party games and activities.

As an added service, Inspector Magic can provide magical party favors for all the party guests. These "Goodie Bags" include a magic wand, and over eleven magic tricks, silly balloons and puzzles all the children will love.

As you can see, the Inspector Magic show makes your child's special day even more special, and all their friends will have a wonderful time. The exciting show is guaranteed to enthrall and captivate all the children's attention, and if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this award-winning, highly acclaimed magical entertainment, the show is FREE! You pay nothing! Inspector Magic can offer this because in his 1000+ performances, he has never had a dissatisfied customer. Can he add your name to his growing list of satisfied and delighted customers?

Choose your own special party theme magic show! Select these links to see several of the shows Inspector Magic has to offer:

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