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" MeadowRidge Foals"

Meet our 2004 Foals

MeadowRidges Dazzle-Me-Blue, by Lindales Arabian Little Dude x jems Royal Kali.

Not for Sale.

MeadowRidges Carmel Cookie AMHR--filly born May 13th, 2004 dam..Heldons Skylark Slipper sire..Cameo Starwind Cool.
MeadowRidges Dudes Arabian Spirit .AMHA/AMHR.stud colt, born June 19th 2004 dam..Sligo Acres Easter Lily sire..Lindales Arabian Little Dude
MeadowRidges Lil Sierra.AMHA/AMHR filly born May 20th. 2004, dam..Sligo Acres Lil Logo and sire.. Woodstock North Topaz.
MeadowRidges Lil Tiara, AMHR, filly May 3rd. 2004, dam..Wiks So Sioux Me and sire is Cameos Starwind Cool.
MeadowRidges StarDancer, AMHR, stud colt M19th, 2004 dam-Victorian Farms Brite Star and sire is B.H. Frosted King.
MeadowRidges Renagade born 7-16-04 AMHA/AMHR sire..Woodstock North Topaz and dam..MHR's Dream Dust .

All 3 foals from 2003 will be staying with us

MeadowRidges Silver Kiss - AMHR Pending
Sire: BH Frosted King
Dam: J&L's Smokin Valley Dolly's Beauty
MeadowRidges Lil Snickers - Our first mini Mule (hinnie), Reg Pending
Sire: BH Frosted King
Dam: Ella
MeadowRidges BitOHoney - AMHR Pending
Sire: Cameo Starwind Cool
Dam: Victorian Farms Brite Star