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Fall/Halloween Backgrounds

These backgrounds are free to use on your personal web pages. They must be saved to your own hard drive or a disc. To save the background, right click on the image and choose "save image as". If you have problems, please email me and I will help.
These backgrounds were made by me using Paint Shop Pro. To get a free trial version of the program click here.
If you do decide to use any of these backgrounds, please grab one of my logos and provide and link back to me! Thanks and enjoy.

Note that the border will not show on your background...

These backgrounds can be used alone but look very nice "Tiered" or "Framed"
fall leaves background Pumpkin color background simple fall background

swirled brown

Here are a few for your Halloween pages...
scarecrow and ghost jack o lantern black cats and skulls

An animated bat for your pages:)

Grab a logo and link back to me
logo gif or logo

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