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Hello and welcome to our Family Homepage, we are the Steffen family of Menominee, MI that is located on the Wisconsin/Michigan border.

We are doing some major updates..... Excuse the dust :-)

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We're so glad you stopped by! We're updating! It's been a long time coming and we're having a great time doing so! Steffen Family of Marinette WisconsinHere is a somewhat recent photo of our family taken on our last trip to Florida. We try to visit every other year because we have family and friends living there. We've got lots of pictures, but just a small handful of us as a family! Guess it's time to work on that too!

My name is Michelle, the webmaster and your tourguide through our site. I work full-time for Marinette County. I work in the Veteran's Service Office, so, I do want to say a big WELCOME HOME to all that have served! Past and present.

My hubby Rob is the Warehouse Manager for K K Warehousing based in Menominee, Michigan....see, said we were on the border! When he's not busy with work, Rob is a sportsman, hunting, fishing, golf, baseball, football, etc. you get the picture.. but I keep him busy here at home! And yes, he does cook. He's really in charge of all the summer grilling, but he has several dishes that he can whip up during the week!. We've been married 13 years this October and I have to say "he's the greatest!" He certainly puts up with alot, especially my love of animals! But that's another story.

Our son Noah, who is now soon to go on to 6th grade, is a really great kid, we're so proud of him. He sure is growing up fast.

Pets? Yes we have them, and yes they have their own pages. Soon to be updated also!

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Our links are below, hope you enjoy your visit and I have to say I'm happy we're back into the swing of things! Sit back, grab your favorite drink and visit our family, friends, town and pets! There's a lot here to see and do!

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Before you go, please take a minute and sign our guestbook so we know you dropped by, we also love to return visits!

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