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Site launched : February 6, 2000

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" I love you guys and I think you are the absolute greatest...You know I am nothing without your support and love...THANKS!!! I want to make all of you proud of who I am as a person and as an artist...I hope I can do that for all of you " - Jessica Simpson

Welcome to Sweet Kisses For Jessica Simpson. This website is dedicated to an outstanding singer whose voice is hmmm... There is just no word to describe her. I am so clueless. All I gotta say is that she is no Britney, Christina or Mariah. JESSICA does not compare to anyone else. Jessica is Jessica. She is just wonderful and I do have FAITH in her because I do believe , she has the heart of innocence.

Posted: February 06 Chat live with Jessica and Nick Lachey from 98 at on February 14th
Posted: December 08 Jessica Is One Of "The Ones To Watch In 2000" Tune in to CNN Showbiz Today on Wednesday, December 8 and catch Jessica Simpson as one of "The Ones To Watch in 2000." Showbiz can be seen on CNN at 4:30 P.M. EST. Check local listings for the times in your area.
Posted: November 28 Check out these reviews for Jessica Simpsons album, " Sweet Kisses.
  • Wall Of Sound:Sweet Kisses
  • Jessica Simpson Flirts With Fame
    Posted: November 23 image
  • Jessicas debut album, " Sweet Kisses " is in stores now! This album is awesome! What are you waiting for? Go and pick up yourself a copy because you are definitely missing out by not owning it!
  • The first THREE ( 3 ) people to e-mail me will receive a free Jessica Simpson sticker! It is the same picture as her album cover! Good Luck!
    Posted: November 09 Want a free CD single of Jessica? It is the " I wanna love you forever" CD single. I will try to get Jessica to sign it at the Rosie O' Donnell Show and if I do, I will surely give it away on this website and if not, then it will still be given away unsigned.
  • Jessica will be on the Rosie O' Donnell show on November 10 1999. Don't forget to set your VCR's if you wont have access to a TV. I will be there showing my support. So be on the lookout for me! =).
  • AOL LIVE Chat with Jessica Chat LIVE with Jessica Simpson on AOL while she's on tour w/Ricky Martin! Log on to AOL; keyword: aol live Tuesday, 11.23.99 @ 8pm EST
  • LIVE CHAT with Jessica Chat LIVE with Jessica at CosmoGirl Online Thursday, December 16, 7-8pm
    Posted: October 31 There is an article on the MTV website on jessica Simpson. They say really good things about her. Check it out. MTV Website
    Posted: October 17
  • Attention everyone! As soon as I start getting alot of traffic to this site, I am going to post up a huge contest where you can win Jessica Simpson's autograph, her CD single, " I wanna love you forever ", concert photos, Meet and greet photos, and so much more! So please help me out by telling all your friends about my website so the ball can begin rolling. Thank you =).
  • More pictures will be added shortly plus tons more multimedia so be checking back for updates.
    Posted: October 16 Check out Jessica Simpson's official website. They added a video clip of her song " I wanna love you forever ". They also included a bulletin board where you can post messages. Stop by and make sure you leave a message for Jessica =).
    Posted: October 07 Sound clips have been added in the multimedia section. That section along with other sections on the site are still in the works. Check it out and have fun!
    image Posted: September 30 Jessica is scheduled to go on tour with the one and only Ricky Martin starting October 20th. Check out the OFFICIAL website for tour dates and more!
    Posted: September 29 Jessica will be on the Rosie O' Donnell show on November 10 1999. A reminder will be posted up near the date of the show.
    Posted: September 28 Jessica's single is officially released. Go and pick up yourself a copy before it's too late! Included on this single are snippets from her up and coming debut album entitled "Sweet Kisses" which will be released on November 09 1999. 1. I wanna love you forever 2. Final heartbreak 3. Woman in me 4. I've got my eyes on you 5. Your faith in me