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Here you will find sound clips of Jessica's songs, Interviews, Video Clips, Screen Savers, Discography and so much more. Please keep in mind that these were made by me and if you decide to use them on your site, please give me credit. You can link me up to your site or just give me credit when you use any of my multimedia. Thank you.

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image image " I wanna love you forever "
Release Date : September 28 1999 - Single

1. I wanna love you forever

2. Final heartbreak

3. Woman in me

4. I've got my eyes on you

5. Your faith in me

Jessica "Sweet Kisses"
Release Date : November 23 1999 - Album

1. Your Faith In Me

2. My Wonderful

3. Final Heartbreak

4. I've Got Eyes On You


5. Women In Me ( featuring Destiny's child )

6. I Can I Will

7. Betcha She Don't Love You

8. You Don't Know What Love Is

9. I Wanna Love You Forever

10. Sweet Kisses


11. Where Are You ( featuring Nick Lachey of 98 degrees)

12. Heart of Innocence

Dawsons Creek Soundtrack

Did you ever love someone

Says something nice about her album. Don't worry Jessica, we will enjoy it! =)

I've got my eyes on you - Jessica talks about how she likes this song

Women in me - Talks about encouragement. Spread the word!

Betcha she dont love you - Hmmm...Guy cheating on her?

You dont know what love is - Says it's her only sad song on her album.

Did you ever love someone - She says Dawson's Creek is her favorite show.

None at the moment

None at the moment