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Black Creek Sucks

Welcome to the Offical Black Creek Sucks Web site!

Whats with this "WE" crap??

Welcome to the official Black Creek Sucks Web site! This site was created to focus on some of the "not so great" points of Black Creek. This site was designed by 3 people that have lived (and still live) in Black Creek all their lives, so we know some things about BC that other people don't... not all of them good, and that is why this site was created! Hope you enjoy the site, and updates will be made often. Thanks for coming!

Site News

Attention---We are having our first contest ever! Email us your funny or stupid pics of BC. We will post the good ones on our site, and the winner will get a cool prize hand picked for them by the creators of BC Sucks!. Get your cameras and send in those pics today! Click here for more info.

I promise the next update of our site should be within the next 2-3 weeks! This time I promise that it will be updated. We have both films almost filled up so it should only be a little while! We have some good pics on the way so check back soon! Also the contest above is still going on. We didn't get many entries yet so send in those pics!-- J Web Designer of BC Sucks
Has anything new happened with the bike park? Check out the NEWS section and I'll give you the scoop on all the info surrounding it!-- Z -Reporter for BC Sucks

If you have any ideas for the site or any comments send them to: