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Edison Wine Tasting Group:
New Jersey Wines Tasting Notes

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Alba Vineyard, 269 Route 267, Milford (908) 995-7800
Amalthea Cellars, 267A Hayes Mill Road, Atco (609) 768-8585
Amwell Valley Vineyard, 80 Old York Road, Ringoes (908) 788-5852
Balic Winery, Route 40, Mays Landing (609) 625-2166
Cape May Winery & Vineyard, 709 Townbank Road, Cape May (609) 884-1169
Cream Ridge Vineyards and Champagne Cellars, Route 539, Cream Ridge (609) 259-9797
Four Sisters Winery at Matarazzo Farms, Route 519, Belvidere (908) 475-3671
King's Road Vineyard, Route 579, Asbury (908) 479-6611
LaFollette Vineyard & Winery, 64 Harlingen Road, Belle Mead (908) 359-5018
Poor Richard's Winery, 220 Ridge Road, Frenchtown (908) 996-6480
Renault Winery, 72 N. Breman Avenue, Egg Harbor City (609) 965-2111
Sylvin Farms, 24 N. Vienna Avenue, Germania (609) 965-1548
Tamuzza Vineyards, Cemetary Road, Hope (908) 459-5878
Tomasello Winery, 225 White Horse Pike, Hammonton (800) 666-WINE
Unionville Vineyards, 9 Rocktown Road, Ringoes (908) 788-0400

Alba Vineyard

Amwell Valley Vineyard

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Cream Ridge Vineyards and Champange Cellars

Four Sisters Winery at Matarazzo Farms
  • Seyval Reserve: An oak aged wine with a very dry finish. The right choice for well-seasoned dishes.
  • Seyval Blanc: A delicately dry, smooth varietal of French origin.
  • Chardonel: A crisp, dry wine from a Chardonnay parent. This wine is excellent with salads and seafood, yet complex and robust enough to accompany pork or beef.
  • Vidal Blanc: A delicate fruity aroma accompanies this well-balanced, dry wine. Superb with white sauce main dishes.
  • Cayuga: A marvelous blend of Old World character and New World vigor. Flowery in nose and mild in tartness, an excellent semi-dry wine for salads and delicate main dishes.
  • Warren Hills White: A semi-sweet wine bringing to the glass all the magificent spendor of this grand area. Its flowery nose and mouth-pleasing body make this wine a repeat performer for all meals.
  • Cedar Hill White: A light straw color with a unique blend of fruit and flower aroma produce a semi-sweet with a subtle, tart finish. A true all-occasion wine.
  • Niagara: Exceptionally fruity, grapey, semi-sweet, and delicious. This wine always sparks childhood memories of eating grapes off the vine.

    Rose Wines
    • Merrill Blush: A delicious blush with just a hint of sweetness and tartness. A refreshing wine enjoyed by both sweet and dry wine lovers.
    • Autumn Rouge: A semi-sweet rose wine. This wine's regal color and crisp flavor combine all of the wonders of the harvest season to make any meal a gourmet extravaganza.
    • Cedar Hill Rose: A fruity, sweet wine dominated by Niagara grapes. Great aroma and flavor. For all occasions.

    Red Wines
    • Leon Millot: Dry, red wine with robust aroma and an abundance of complex fruit character. Great with roasts, pasta, and seasoned dishes.
    • Papa's Red: Medium bodied, a little tart, with a rich nose, this dry table wine is full of complex fruit flavor derived mostly from Baco Noir grapes.
    • Warren Hills Red: A blended, dry, red wine with complex, full aroma and bouquet. Wonderful robust and lingering flavor makes this the perfect red dinner wine for all occasions.
    • Chambourcin: A dry red wine with full fruit aroma and flavor combined with a complex bouquet to provide a wine that will not overpower main dishes.
    • Holiday Seasoned: Spicy and sweet all occasion red table wine.
    • Beaver Creek Red: A delightfully sweet red wine with a fruity flavor and flowery bouquet. Made from Concord grapes.

    Fruit & *Sparkling Wines