Upcoming events

Author Events
MM Docket No. 99-339; Petitions for Reconsideration of Video Description of Video Programming
Northwestern University Sesquicentennial
7th Annual Mid-America's Book And Paper Fair
Summer Library Program 2000

Marsha's Bookmarks


Environmental activism links

Care2 - the largest site for people who care about the environment! Free services that help sav - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!
Environmental News Network
Natural Resources Defense Council Worldview
The Rainforest Site

Links for helping children

U.S. Fund for UNICEF--Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Links for helping women

The Breast Cancer Site _ Fund Mammograms for Free
Heifer Project International Homepage
International Justice Mission
IOM _ OIM International Organization for Migration _ Organisation internationale pour les migra
Maiti Nepal Home

Milwaukee Area Homeless Assistance Resources

Children's Services

Children's Books

Subject bibliographies

Books for Girls 5-9
Children's Books on time travel
Down Under & Over Here
Children's Book list-Disabilities
Children's Literature -- Fairrosa Cyber Library
Guide Picks - History Mysteries
Historical Readings - children's literature
MGPL Webraryr - Book for Bereaved Children
Picture Books
Timeless Classics_ Books for Young Readers
Top Picks_ Women's History Books Ages 8-12
Wiccan Childrens' Bibliography
Columbine High School Memorial Resource Lists
Fairrosa Cyber Library of Children's Literature
EPL - Dragon Books

Award winners

Americas Award<BR> for Children's and Young Adults Literature
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature
Pre 1960 children's award books
YALSA_ The Michael Printz Award
Laura Ingallls Wilder Medal

Canadian Children's literature

CLWG_ Children's Literature Web Guide
The Canadian Children's Book Centre
Canadian Children's Literature _ Litterature canadienne pour la jeunesse
The Looking Glass

Children's Book authors

Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary Home Page
Beverly Cleary _ Teacher Resources Unit

Barbara Juster Esbensen Memorial
The P-Zone_ Daniel Pinkwater
Dean Marshall
INKSPOT_ Author Information
Jan Brett's Home Page
Lois Lowry
Peter Sis Library
The Official Roald Dahl Web Site
J.K. Rowling

Children's LitCrit

BCCB--Bulletin Dozens
BookHive_ Your guide to children's literature & books
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - Reviews and teaching ideas for kids' books.
Children's Book Council_Welcome to CBC
Children's Book Council of Australia
Children's Literature -- Fairrosa Cyber Library
Children's Literature Web Guide
The Looking Glass
Recommended Literature_ Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
Vandergrift's Special Interest Page


The Looking Glass
WEB Home Page
WebINK Online

Favorite titles

Harry Potter

After Harry Potter
Amazon.com_ What to Read After Harry Potter...
Girls of Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Fans -
Harry Potter Lexicon
Harry Potter Links - Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry
Hedwig's Guide to Harry Potter's Magical World
The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club
Harry Potter Rumors
Harry Potter's Web Site
If you like Harry Potter

Alice in Wonderland - Cover
Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
Fractured Fairy Tales
Peter Rabbit Homepage
Treasure Island - Home
Wizard of Oz
My Little House on the Prairie Home Page of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Reading Rainbow Index of Programs

Full-text stories for new readers

ALFY - Storyville
Between the Lions home page
Sesame Workshop - Stories
StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library
Sunshine Online - Bookclub

Series books websites

Honey Bunch

BOOK SAFARI_ Honey Bunch Books
Honey Bunch

Beyond Nancy Drew - A Guide to Girls' Literature in the Sallie Bingham Center For Women's Histo
Cherry Ames Page
Children's Services - Books in a Series
Juvenile Series and Sequels - MCPL
Stratemeyer Syndicate - Syndicate Series
teen series
Children's Series Books
Hardyboy's Home Page

IBBY - A World of Adventure and Learning. Games, activities, clubhouse, stories, store,
RCLS Internet Guides, LibraryLand
Vandergrift's Special Interest Page
World of Reading
ACHUKA - Children's Books UK
Battle of the Books
BCCB--Bulletin Dozens
BookHive_ Your guide to children's literature & books
Books for Children and More_ an Editor's Site (2.0)
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Child_Lit in the Classroom
Children's Book Council_Welcome to CBC
Children's Books
Children's Literature -- Fairrosa Cyber Library
Children's Literature Web Guide
Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University
First Lines
Guys read
The KidReach Reading Center
Once Upon a Time
Read Aloud Page_ books for kids and adults
THE SHY LIBRARIAN... Children's Author & Illustrator Links

Girls' sites

Dream_Girl Magazine_ The Arts Magazine for Girls
Girls Incorporated
In Honor of Girls_ Introduction
Purple Moon - Purple Moon Place
Teen Voices Magazine
Trinity Irish Dance Company

Government info for kids

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids_ Homepage
Federal and State Information from The St. Charles City-County Library District
FirstGov for Kids
White House for Kids

History for kids

BBC Education - An Animated History of Books - Home Page
Thoth's Place
Using Literature in the Social Studies Classroom
Wisconsin_ Celebrating People, Place and Past
Britannica's Lives
Games about history
IPL Exhibit Hall_ Dinosaur Homepage

Homework help

DiscoverySchool.com_ BJPinchbeck's Homework Help
Homework for Kids
Multnomah County Library KidsPage - Homework Center
New York Times Learning Network
Quia - Mathematics - top 20 activities
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory

Interactive websites

Activity webpages

Games, toys, & recreation


Collectible Board Games
WONnet_ Game Channels_ Bezerk Page

CTW - Children's Television Workshop
Kididdles Musical Museum_ Lullabies and Other Songs for Children
Kids mysteries_ for Kids_ mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and cont
LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
Puzzlemaker is found at
Slider Applet (Napoleon Game)
Ty Inc. - The Official Homepage of the Beanie Babies
Welcome to Simeon's World of Magic!!!
Welcome to my Cave!!!

Art Education and ArtEdventures from Sanford and A Lifetime of Color
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
For Young Writers
Hands on Crafts
National Gallery of Art NGAkids splash page

Chatrooms for kids (safe ones)

Headbone Zone -- A Kidsite Chock Full Of Chat, Games, Email, Prizes, and More


GetNetWise _ You're one click away
curiocity's FREEZONE!
DFI KidsPage - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids
Sites Alive Index page

Parent information

Home Schooling resources

Child_Lit in the Classroom
Comprehensive Distance Education List of Resources
Curriculum Associates - the teachers who publish
Cyberspace Middle School
Distance Education Clearinghouse
EdWeb Home Page
Gateway to Educational Materials
Guiding Children Through Cyberspace -- URLs
Homeschool World Home Page
HotList Of K-12 Internet School Sites
Internet Resources for Children and Adolescents
Lifelong Learning Home Page_ Adult Education & Distance Learner's Resource Center

toy consumer ratings

The Center For Creative Play - Adapted Toys
Dr. Toy's Guide _ Information on Toys and Much More
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Wisconsin WebFair 1999_ Welcome to Our Homepage!
Wisconsin WebFair 1999_ Welcome to Our Homepage!
Wisconsin WebFair 1999_ Welcome to Our Homepage!
Alliance for Children Web Site
Child Care Information Center - Index
Children's Partnership
EdWeb Home Page
Fostering Resilience in Children. ERIC Digest., Benard, Bonnie
KidsHealth - Children's Health & Parenting Information
KinderStart - Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!
Oh Baby! How to provide smarter, healthier care of babies.
Parent Soup
Parent's Guide To Cyberspace - From pregnancy and baby to parenting parents -- chat rooms bulletin boards p
Tufts University Child And Family WebGuide
Wisconsin WebFair 1999_ Welcome to Our Homepage!
ZERO TO THREE_ For Professionals

Science for kids

Astronomy & astronautics

Space Place
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space


IPL Exhibit Hall_ Dinosaur Homepage
Dino Russ' Lair_ Earthnet Info Server-HOME PAGE
Dinosaurs in Cyberspace_ Dinolinks
Funky Dinosaur Land
The Dinosauria

Discovery Online
Field Museum of Natural History
Froggy Page
IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Just Recipes - Craft Recipes
Science Friday
University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids - BUGFOOD!
WebINK_ Auto Tour_ So You Want To Make A Car...
The Wild Ones
You Can with Beakman and Jax

Search engines for kids

CyberSleuth-Kids A K-12 Homework Helper,Educational Search Engine and Directory. - Everything for Education K-12!
Super Snooper


Anecdotes & humor

Medical Humor.....Weird Nursing Tales.....It'll Tickle Your Humerus!!
Smile! By

Ballads & Folk Songs

30th Annual Kent State University Folk Festival
ASCAP & BMI - Protectors of Artists or Shadowy Thieves_
ASCAP Home Page
Ballad Index - Welcome (TOC)
Ceolas celtic music archive
Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
FolkLib Index_ A Library of Folk Music Links
Folk Music Web Ring
Sacred Harp Singing
Songs of England
Tales and Music homepage
Tam Lin_ the Introduction
Ulster Orange Folk Music

Folklore & Mythology

American folklore

AFU & Urban Legends Archive
American South Home Page
Jack Tales and Folklore
Official BUBBA-L Homepage
The Moonlit Road

Belief Systems

Gods and Saints as Lucky Figures
Myths and Legends
PAIC-WWW_ Protree Alternative Information Center WWW

Celtic Folklore & Mythology

ADF Home Page
BUBER's Basque Page
celtic frames Web server
Conrad Bladey's Irish Studies Pages
Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust_ Welcome Page
Gaelic Folklore & Mythology
Irish Studies
Lady Augusta Gregory

Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology FAQ
Myth of the Day -- Egyptian
THOTH (Ancient Egypt)
Thoth Played Dice with the Gods
Universal Root Myths


Autumn Equinox_ Halloween, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving


Ghost Hunters Gallery
Halloween Fun Index


Thanksgiving Day Parade

Guy Fawkes Day_ Gunpowder Plot

Autumn Equinox_ Halloween, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving


Ghost Hunters Gallery
Halloween Central - All About Halloween!
Halloween Fun Index
Haunted House_ Halloween Fun For Kids


Traditional Thanksgiving foods

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Guy Fawkes Day_ Gunpowder Plot

Spring Equinox_ Easter, Passover, April Fools' Day, St. Patrick's Day April Fools Day History
Irish Easter customs
L.C. Mohr's Irish Page
Mother's Day on the Net - Welcome

Summer Solstice_ Beltane, Memorial Day, Midsummer, 4th of July, Martinmas


Witches' Wheel of the Year - Beltane

Memorial Day

Irish Brigade Gift Shop Homepage
Lost Poets of the Great War

Winter Solstice_ Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan


Christmas Around the World
Christmas Chronicles
Christmas community
Christmas In CyberSpace_ A Christian Perspective
Christmas Page
Christmas Tree Book's WorldView_ Christmas Around the World!
Chuck'sChristmas Stories
Santa - Welcome Christmas 1998
Santa Claus home page
Urban Legends Reference Pages_ Christmas

Hannukah - tips - Better Homes & Gardens
Kwanzaa Information Center
Ramadan 1418 On-line
Valentine Party


Hasidic Stories Home Page
Jewish Storytelling Coalition
Shtetl, Yiddish Language and Culture
The Soul of Hope, by Doug Lipman
Welcome to the Jewish Communication Network

Myths and Legends
Orkneyjar - The Heritage of Orkney
Digital Tradition Folk Song Full Text Search
Encyclopedia Mythica_ Home
Ethnographic Studies Internet Resource Page
Faerie Lore and Literature
Folklife for teachers
Folklore, Myth and Legend
folktales homepage
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Mermaid faq (frequently asked questions)

Library Programs

WI Division for Libraries..., Public Library Development_ 2000 Wisconsin Summer Library Program

Oral History & Legends

AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Asiapac - 100 Celebrated Chinese Women
Equine Heroes
Obituary_ Geoffrey Dearmer
Trenches on the Web - Special_ From Chickamauga to Chipilly Ridge
Urban Legends Reference Pages
WPA Life Histories--Home Page

Resources for Tellers

Acute Pandemonium - Fairy Tales - Literature - Illustrations
Children's Literature - Resources for Storytellers
Courses In and_or About Storytelling
Fingerplays Index Page
Fractured Fairy Tales
Kay E. Vandergrift's Snow White Pages
Rialto Archive_ Another storytelling article by Yaakov.
Story Arts _ Story Arts Online!
Story Resources available on the Web
S T O R Y T A L K - A place for storytellers.
Storytelling Home Page
Storytelling Information
Storytelling Resources


Story sources on the Internet
Tales of Wonder
Tim's Shareware Folktales
Water Spirit's Gift of Horses
Children's Book Resources_FT folktales
Chuck'sChristmas Stories
Edmund's Story
Gaslight Stories
Ghost Stories, Scary Stories, Storyteller Tales
Gothic Gardening_ Gothic Plant Tales
Jack Tales - Jack Tales
Japanese old tales
The Moonlit Road - The White Dress - Intro
Native American Indian PlentyStuff
Native American Traditional Storytelling
New Fairytales Online by Rosemary Lake
Origo Culture_ Folk Tale of the Month
Robin Hood_ The Early Poems
Snow White Entrance

Storytelling Associations

Australian Storytelling
Homepage (Frmhome)_NSA
Homepage of the Norwegian Storyteller Asossiation
MO-TELL Missouri Storytelling
National Council of Teachers of English_NCTE Homepage
National Storytelling Membership Association Home Page -- StoryNet
Official Guild Storytellers
Tall Tales on the Web ... Storytelling in Wisconsin

Storytelling Festivals

1997 Allerton Institute
The Annual Digital Storytelling Festival(TM) - Home
Illinois Storytelling Festival

Storytellers' Homepages

Kel Watkins
Lee-Ellen Marvin
Marsha Valance
Monty Harper, Children's Musician
Papa Joe's Travelling Storytelling Show (R)
Peter Wilson's Home Page
Ruth Stotter_ Stotter Press
Stories weave the original Web
storyguy's page!
Storypage_ Jim Maroon
Storytelling in Australia, Daryll Bellingham
Tales and Music homepage
U. Utah Phillips
Wolfie's Den
Arthur Goldstuck's Homepage
Author Online!
Bill Joel Storyteller
Carl Strang_Stories Out of the Earth
Diane Wolkstein--Wish you were there to listen...
Doug Lipman, storyteller, musician, coach
Eldrbarry's Story Telling Page
Fran Stallings's Home Page
GARY'S (what am I doing here_) PAGE
Homepage von Thomas Krauss
Index to the Web Pages of Storyteller Harlynne Geisler
J.J. Reneaux
Jennings and Ponder Welcome & Home
JPEG image 720x499 pixels
Kate Dudding, Storyteller, Storywoman ... Storytelling in Wisconsin

Meta-Searchers for Kids

Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet

TV sites

Arthur_ The World's Most Famous Aardvark
Between the Lions_ Coming Soon...
Tots TV (English version)

web browsers for kids

KidsClick! Web Search
Learning Kingdom
Scholastic Place

Web Indices

50+ Great Sites
ALFY - Cool Sites
Arrowhead L.S. Kids Page
Beloit Public Library - Children's Cool Sites
Berit's Best Sites for Children
CyberSleuth-Kids A K-12 Homework Helper,Educational Search Engine and Directory.
Foundation Builders - K12 Websites - Index
Great Sites!
Kids Links!!!
Kids Web
Multnomah County Library KidsPage!
OH!Kids Home Page
Safe Surfing Sites

Young Adult Resources

YA internet info

Censorship Around the World [Anonymized-proxy1]
free! The Freedom Forum online. News about free press, free speech and free spirit.
Slashdot_News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.

The Bookdragon Review
CLP - Teens Only - School Stuff
Getting Real
IPL Teen Division
Life's Playbook Online!
New York Times Learning Network
Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adults Readers, 1998 - advice, contests, free stuff, movies, music and news!
Searchopolis 3.0
Teen Hoopla_ An Internet Guide for Teens

Mother Goose

Computer Information

software sources

Freeware_shareware - Your Free Online DayPlanner
DaveCentral Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial Demos
Free Stuff Links - The best place for freebies!
Free 3D Home Design Software, Freeware for Windows, Screensavers and more! Free Games, Freeware Text Utilities
OAK Software Repository
The Software Shak A Better Place to Buy Software
Children's Software and More!
Download Paint Shop Pro for Windows
Download RealPlayer or RealPlayer Plus
ITFI Web Tour Page
Laura B. Helfrich
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1_ Is it better_
Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio & RealVideo
Software Net Directory Menu
Web site software, click here!! Webmasters toolbox includes all software for animation, graphic
ZDNet Software Library - Exclusives



CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Computer Virus Hoaxes - Urban Legends and Folklore Net Links
Computer Virus Myths home page

Copycat virus follows quickly on Melissa's heels (InfoWorld)
How To Stop Melissa - Email _ Download virus prot'n updates
Symantec AntiVirus research Center

Web design

A1 Web Page Design. CGI scripts and order forms. Hosting and Promotion. Consultation.
Pedigree Generator - Create pedigrees for your web site for free
So, you want to make a Web Page!
Web Designer
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Site Garage - Improve Your Web Site

Women's Internet Resources

FeMiNa - Web Search For Women
The Ada Project_ The Ada Project-Features

Access Providers

Free access providers

CyberGUI index
Free Internet -
GeoCities_ Free Homepages
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-based Email
Internet 4 Free - Your Best Resource For Free Internet Access
RocketMail Free Internet Access
X O O M . C O M

Netpliance introduces the i-opener!
Phrantic's Trailerpark

computer sites for newbie orientation

ZDNet _ Start Out Right Guide
A few scanning tips - Scanner Help - Basics 101
BARE BONES 101_ A Very Basic Web Search Tutorial
BASEHIT_ Search, megalinks, education, hardware, software, and tons more
Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Internet - Beginner's guide to computing
Dummies Daily_ Sign Up
Getting Started on the Internet
Hop & Sticky Home Page
Internet 101_ An Official Internet Starting Point
new internet user faq
Newbie dot Org
PC World Online
Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher
Webnovice - Online WebZine - For help on beginners including html webmastering scripts CGI perl
webTeacher Tutorial

Computer accessibility

Access Board's EITAAC Work Space
Alliance for Technology Access
CAST - Bobby
Computers for Handicapped Independence Program
The HOme of TOM
Tech Connections_ Welcome to Tech Connections
Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses. A Comparative Study
Welcome to
2002 Conference Proceedings

Computing_internet reference sites

WHAT IS DDM_ (english version)
Cyberspace Law for Non-Lawyers
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Experts Exchange, the #1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.
Frank Condron's World O'Windows - Main Page
Federal Trade Commission--Talk To Us - Complaint Form
Internet Help Desk
Internet Underground Online Contents
M o n o l i t h _ Your home in Cyberspace
Netscape Netcenter
NoWonder - Your Personal Tech Support Resource
PC Guide!
PC Webopaedia home page
STIMULUS_ Version 5 - Volume I
Tom's Hardware Guide
Unix Net for Computer security in Law Enforcement (U.N.C.L.E.)


CyberLinks (Anthropology Department, Lawrence University, WI)
HotWired_ Synapse - Brain Tennis
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

Electric postcards

Cat Cards

Action Cat Postcards
Cool Cat Cards

Equine Cards _ http___www.all-yours.net_cgi-localbin_dp20_start20_write3122046319
Adair Horse Training Magazine Postcard Gallery
Collection d'Automne _ Fall - Free equestrian postcards - Cartes postales équestres - Fédératio
Equestrian Mall Virtual Cards
Free Horsey Postcards - sponsored by Wonderful Sport Horses
Horse Candy Mall's Free Horse Postcards
Livestock World - FREE Picture Postcard Service!
Millermark Creations - Virtual Postcard Center
The Mining Co. Virtual Post Office
Send Someone a Virtual Gift Horse!
Virtual Horse Graphics Cyber Greeting Card Arena
Virtual Post Office from Horses at

@Postcard -- Art Gallery from Stuart Vesty
Car Talk Postcards
Castle Mountain PostCards
Electric Postcard
Electronic Greeting Cards
Free Greeting Cards by free web cards. Greeting Cards, postcards, love, birthday
Interact @ Oaklawn
Internet Card Central
L'il Beginnings Greeting Cards
My Postcards Network - Tons of Free Multimedia Postcards
Postcards From The Neigh...borhood
SayIt.com_ Receive your creation

hardware sources
Refurbished PCs>Internet Software->Internet Splitter


Current Internet Hoaxes, rumors, urban legends, and other digital lies
Don't Spread that Hoax!
Hoax information in alphabetical order
Stiller Research Virus Hoax News
Urban Legends Reference Pages_ Current Netlore

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management
KMWorld - Creating and Managing the Knowledge-Based Enterprise

On-Line Privacy Rights

ACLU_ American Civil Liberties Union
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
The Privacy Page
WebVeil - Privacy and Anonymous Web Surfing Guide
WI DPI_ State Library Div., Public Library Development_ Privacy Issues on the Web

Horsey Screensavers - Horses - Net Links
Screensavers_ FREE Horse Screen Savers

software & CD-rom reviews

Children's Software Revue_ All Star List
CNET reviews - CD-ROM central
Family Surfboard -- Quickspin Software Reviews
Kids Domain
Resource Links_ Best CD-ROM_Software, 1996
SuperKids Educational Software Review
Windows Magazine_ PC Tips, News & Reviews

Adobe eBook Bookstore
Connected Networks FTP Information
Internet changing people's expectations of library reference lines (7_06_2000)
Telecommuting - Home Page

Library Resources

Presidential Libraries

Bush Presidential Library and Museum
The Jimmy Carter Library
DDE Library Index
Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
Home Page for the LBJ Library
John F. Kennedy Library Home Page
Nixon Presidential Project
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
Truman -- Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Print-Handicapped Library Services

Directory of _pub_nls_pcs
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Universal Access_ Electronic Resources in Libraries
Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Public Library Homepages

Penfield Public Library Home Page
Seattle Public Library - Contents Page
Wakefield Public Library Main Page
Washoe County Library
Williamsburg Regional Library--Bookweb Main
SJCPL's Public Libraries With WWW Services
Public Libraries
Children's Unit
Baltimore County Public Library's WOW Web
Chicago Library System
Chicago Public Library (CPL)
Cleveland Public Library
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Fairfax County Public Library Home Page
Grand Rapids Public Library
Kanawha County Public Library
Kent District Library Home Page
Milwaukee Public Library
Musser Public Library
Nashville Public Library
NYPL Home Page

Search Engines

INFOMINE_ Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Top 5%
Toronto Reference Library

State Library Homepages

New York State Archives and Records Administration Home Page
Wisconsin Division for Libraries and Community Learning (DLCL)
WI DPI_ Division for Libraries..., Summer Library Reading Program

University Library Homepages

BARD - Bodleian Access to Remote Databases
BGSU Libraries and Learning Resources
California Digital Library
CARRIE_ An Electronic LIbrary
Digital Reference Desk of Richard L. King
Duke University Libraries
Special Collections & Rare Books at UNC Greensboro
Special Collections Library, Duke University
University of Groningen _ Faculty of Arts
UWM-SLIS_Mary Rowe

web software for libraries

brarydog - Your Personal Library and Web Companion - Free, Automatic Bibliography Formatting, Alphabetizing, and Printing.

Web Tutorials

Internet Library for Librarians
Librarians' Index to the Internet
LIRT Library Instruction Tutorials
Lost Among the Listservs
Ready Reference Using the Internet
reference research - My Virtual Reference Desk - homework - information - windows - facts -
WWW in Reference Services
Which Search Tool is Best For Your Research_

Book Preservation

Defumigating books
A Simple Book Repair Manual
Invasion of the Giant Mold Spore

Library Associations_ state_national

American Indian Library Association Home Page
American Library Association Home Page
Wisconsin Library Association, Inc.

Library budgeting process

BudgetNet on Financenet, US government and state government agency budgets, appropriations, fed
CCER National Budget Simulation
The International Budget Project
Local Government Finance Manuals - Libraries
MRSC Library Budgeting Bibliography
The Non-Profit Resource Center
Planning for Technology-Based Library Services
ULS Conference Activities in New Orleans '99

Library clipart

Library Clipart Collection
Library Media & PR

Library System Homepages

Arrowhead Library System
MELSA Home Page
Milwaukee County Federated Library System
PALS Across Georgia Home Page
RCLS LibraryLand_ Internet Librarianship
Winnefox Library System

Children's & YA Library sites_services

AASL Resource Guides for School Library Media Program Development
Electronic Resources for Youth Services
IPL Teen Division
IPL Youth Division_ A World of Readers
Orana - Journal of School and Children's Librarianship - Editor _ David Berry - Australian Libr
Radical Change Home
READING RANTS! -- Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists!
Storybook Character Costume Bookings - Updated 12_10_99
Teen Hoopla_ An Internet Guide for Teens
Teen Zone
Young Adult Librarian's Help_Homepage
Summer Reading Program 2002 Links

PLUS_ Public Libraries Using Spanish
The Researching Librarian_ Home
Salem Public Library Recommended Web Pages
SunSITE Library Super Search
WI DPI_ Division for Libraries..., Draft of updated Wisconsin Public Library Standards.
Wisconsin Calendar of Education Conferences, Workshops, and Events
World-Wide Web Virtual Library_ Subject Catalogue
Saundra Kae Rubel's Cybrary of Helpful Resources - BEHIND THE BUN, OR, BATGIRL WAS A liBRARIAN
Invasion of the Giant Mold Spore
Librarian-Built Subject Guides
Librarians in the Movies -- An Annotated Filmography
Libraries FAQ Homepage
Library Media & PR
Library of Congress Home Page
Library Reference Center Login
Library Resource List.
Library Technology Alliances -
Libweb - Libraries on the Web
LJDigital Editorial_ We _Protect_ Free Expression
The Pierpont Morgan Library _ Museum & Research Library
American Libraries Online
ATN Librarians Only Page
British Library
CVCO - Overbooked - CODES_RA Weeding Fiction
Digital Librarian
Gallup Poll Releases - On 100th Birthday, Hemingway Cited as Great Author by Half of Americans
InFoPeople Project Home Page
Internet Advocate
Internet Librarian - Current Awareness Services on the Net
Iron Frog Productions (Library Cat Database)
Larry's Home Page
Learning and Instruction_ A Virtual Library

Readers' Advisory

Popular Fiction


Bestseller Lists 1950-1995
Tour Through the Decades

Elizabeth Gaskell _ Book Club _ Latest Selection
Reader's Advisory
Romance Reader_ Core Page
Street & Smith Project_ Overview

RA Tools for Librarians


Alternate Authors!
Genreflecting - index.html
If You Like...
If You Like Index
PLCMC Reader's Club_ Your guide to locating enjoyable books
Reader's Robot -- A Reader's Advisory Service
READERS' SERVICE--read-alikes
Wakefield Public Library's Fiction Readers' Advisory Oprahlikes

Artist & Author info

Author Pseudonyms

Author Pseudonyms
BookBrowser_ Author Pseudonyms
Books _N Authors with True Names, Pen Names and Pseudonyms
Mystery Writers' Pseudonyms
--- Nom de Guerre ... The Real People's Real Name Resource of Pseudonyms & Aliases ---
Rana's World - Author's Aliases Page
Science Fiction Author Pseudonyms
St. Charles Public Library-Who wrote that_

Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer
JEFFREY ARCHER - Bibliography

Robert W. Chambers and the King in Yellow
Stratemeyer Syndicate Unofficial Home Page
Authors On The Web
Artists and Authors
Author Bibliographies
A Celebration of Women Writers
Corwin's AuthorWeb
C.R.O.N.E.S.--the Joanna Russ discussion group
Edward Abbey
Gerald Kersh
I Will Follow... (Rita Mae Brown)
Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)
Literature Resources
Mary Elizabeth Braddon
P. G. Wodehouse Appreciation Page

Awards & Prizes

HWA_ The Bram Stoker Awards
The James Tiptree, Jr. Award
Literature Awards Winners Lists
Mystery Writers of America -- Edgar Winners and other prizewinners
Pulitzer Prizes
Pulitzer Prize 2000 - The most comprehensive bestseller list, with news and reviews of bestselle
Western Writers of America Home Page
Literary Prizes, Awards etc.
Burnaby Public Library - Fiction - Awards List

Bestsellers, old & new

Bestseller Lists 1950-1995 - The most comprehensive bestseller list, with news and reviews of bestselle

Book reviews, browsers, bibliographies


Uncommon Women
1900s Bestsellers
100 Most Influential 20th Century Books
Ailments and Illnesses_ a bibliography
BookBrowser_ Title by Topic_Christmas Fiction
Books of Science
Fiction_L Booklists
Genealogy in Fiction
Good Reading Fiction
Immigrant Experience
JCL - Readers' Advisory_ What's On The Menu_
Montana authors books literature survey - Regional_U.S. States
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Oyster Boy Review of Fiction and Poetry
Rock Online Magazine
SALON Issue #6_
Shecora StarWay USA
SNAKESKIN poetry webzine

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MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
Nation _Digital Edition
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Salon _ Newsreal

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Energy Science News 08_00
GreeNotes, V.1 #1
HMS Beagle
Redwood Alliance - Nuclear Free Times
Scientific American

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Ireland's Eye
NGS - National Geographic Online
Smithsonian Magazine
Yankee Peddlar

American Libraries Online
FICTECH Net-E-Zine for Novelists - Home Page
geekgirl index page
Ink, Issue 2, April 1997
The Internet Writing Journal(TM) -- Author Interviews, Writing Articles and Book Reviews -- Wri
LJ Digital
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OneWorld Magazine
The Stranger

The Arab's Farewell To His Steed
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Rambles, a cultural arts review magazine


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Janet Evanovich


The Beekeeper's Holmes Page

Margery Allingham

Allingham Bibliography
a Margery Allingham Archive

Tart City - Tony Fennelly
TroySoos Home Page
Virginia Lanier webpage
William Heffernan homepage
Womack Web
Welcome to Jesus Creek, Tennessee
The Father of the Hardy Boys
Judge Dee
Martha C. Lawrence
Mary Reed and Eric Mayer's Website
Meg's Web Page
Merry Manyr (Celia Hixon)
Nicola Furlong
Paula Boyd's Homepage
Peter Robinson
Philip Luber's novels
Ridley Pearson
Saint_Simon Templar
Sharan Newman Homepage-The Catherine LeVendeur Series & More
Steven Saylor Web Site
Story Without An Ending
Taffy Cannon
(Tart City)
I Will Follow... (Katherine Ross)
Ian Rankin Web site
James Lee Burke Internet Guide
Janet Dawson's Jeri Howard mysteries
Joan Hess - maggody dot com
Kate Flora's Home Page
Kathleen Taylor, author of the Tory Bauer Mysteries
Keith Snyder
Leslie O'Kane's Website
Lindsey Davis Official Website
Lyn Hamilton
maggody dot com
Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense
Andrew Taylor at Lydmouth
Aunt Dimity
Barbara Michaels, Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Mertz
Bill Crider - Author of Mysteries, Westerns, Spy Thrillers and Horror novels _
Book Binder, Jean Hager
CVaNet - Walter Satterthwait Homepage
CWC Home Page
Dale Furutani's Website
deborah crombie
Femmes Fatales
Harlan Coben_ The Myron Bolitar Web Site
Harriet Lord's Mystery Writers List
Jack Higgins Homepage
Harry Stephen Keeler Society

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Academic mysteries

Academia Mysteries Bibliography
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Girls' Series Books
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Scientific Detectives
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Stop, You're Killing Me!
Sword and the Sleuth - Roman Historical Mysteries

Mystery Conferences


Bouchercon 2000 Home Page
Bouchercon 2001 - A Capital Mystery!

ClueFest 2000 - Dallas' 9th Annual Mystery Readers' Book Fair
Mayhem in the Midlands


historical mystery bibliographies

BookBrowser_ Mysteries in Historical Settings
The Detective and the Toga - November 20, 1999 Edition
Historical Mystery Homepage

BookBrowser_ Mystery by Region
From the Real Change 4_1_2000_ Homeless Mysteries
Janet Evanovich readalikes
The MacGuffin Lists
Poisoned Pen Press, a Small Press Featuring Out-of-Print Titles and New Releases, Reference Boo

Crime, Espionage & Law Enforcement

Espionage_Intelligence Gathering

Jane's IntelWeb
National Security Agency
Project on Intelligence Reform

FORENSICS (Websites)

Dean's Forensic Homepage
Forensic Entomology Home Page
Naked Scientific Archaeology and Co-Ed Physical Anthropology
Physiology of Drowning.
Reddy's Forensic Home Page

Law Enforcement

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
Internet Crime Archives
Metropolitan Police Home Page

P.I. resources

Cyber-Spy Internet Detective
The Ultimate People Finder!

True Crime

Jack the Ripper

Papillon Technos Presents CASEBOOK_ Jack the Ripper

William Desmond Taylor

Taylorology--back issues
Taylorology--current issue
The Unsolved Murder of William Desmond Taylor

Madeleine Smith - A Most Curious Murder

Crime Files Regulations


The Mystery Vault


Baker Street Connection _ Welcome
Beekeeper's Holmes Page
Gaslight on the Web_ A Sherlock Holmes Page
Mystery E-Texts by author--Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Criticism_ Ronald Knox, Christopher Morley
Sherlock Holmes - Sherlockian Information
Sherlockian Bookmarks
Sherlockian Holmepage
Stu & Andi's Roscoe Page

Movie_TV Mysteries

Charlie Chan Page
Kim's Complete Murder One Page

Mystery Definitions from Staff at Queens Library NY
Mystery FAQ
Mystery Reader
Mystery Readers Journal Home Page
Mystery Tour Home Page
Mystery Writers' Forum
Mystery_ The Case_ The Fun and Challenging Mystery Website_ A Mystery Every Week
MysteryNet.com_ The Online Mystery Network_ The place for everything mystery
Stu & Andi's Roscoe Page
The Thrilling Detective Web Site
Victorian Sensationalism Online
Arthur Ellis Awards
1 is for Gun
Archives Of Detective Fiction_ Introduction
CVaNet - Book Links - Mystery
Historical Mystery Homepage
The MacGuffin Guide to Detective Fiction, LIst of Mystery Awards, May 1999
Murder Express
Mysteries To Die For
The Mysterious Home Page
Mysterious Press

Napoleonic literature
MGPL Webraryr - Best of 2001
Nicholas & Lymond Family Tree
Literature Awards Winners of Literature Awards
ARRT Adult Reading Round Table Homepage Home Page
Author Bibliographies
Book Recommendations of Real Folks
Bowker's T
Branching Out for all fiction readers
MGPL Webraryr - Fiction_L
The Thrilling Detective Web Site


Quick reference--old standbys & librarian websites

Writers' guides

ONLINE! Citation Styles_ Index
PEN New England
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.


MEL_ Reference Desk
Quick Reference
Ready Reference from the Winsor School Library
Reference -
THOR_ The Virtual Reference Desk
UCSD Libraries Reference Shelf
Web Search Tools, Evaluation
Wired Cybrarian
Best Information on the Net - Reference Desk
Cooler by the Lake
Digital Librarian_ Reference
Favorite Reference Web Sites
Electric Library
INFOMINE_ Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
InfoSurf Reference Sources
Internet Librarian '98 - Speaker Directory
Internet Quick Reference
Internet Scout Project
IPL Frequently Asked Reference Questions
IPL Ready Reference Collection
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Library Resource List_ Reference Resources
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'

Biography websites

Notable Citizens of Planet Earth
Patron Saints Patronage Index

State and County QuickFacts
This to That
Trinity International University Theology Website
Unclaimed Property Page
Urban Legends Reference Pages
USDA'S Agriculture Fact Book 1998
USPO Zip Code Finder
Universitätsbibliothek TU BS, WBI Recherche
everyruleplanets.gif - A LookSmart Service
FindLaw - LawCrawler
Fortune 500 _ 500 List - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Ita
Funk & Wagnalls Online Multimedia Encyclopedia
Information Please_ On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey Home Page
License Plates of the World
Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)
Math in Daily Life
Online Conversion - Convert anything to anything else
Post, Emily. 1922. Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home
Ready Reference Guide_ Using the Internet
Reference_ Best Source for Facts on the Net -
AAAAI National Allergy Bureau_ Pollen_Spore Counts
Allexperts.com_ Ask a question!
Acronym and abbreviation list
Bell & Howell Information and Learning_ ProQuest(R)
Bowdlerised Dictionary of Internet Abbreviations
Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
CBBB Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports_ Index
CenStats_ An Electronic Subscription Service
DAILY BLEED_ Calendar of Eclectic events, Public Secrets_ Events Calendar, TIMELINE, CHRONOLOGY
Denise's Scrapbook Country
DeskTop References

Science reference



Mars Pathfinder Mission
Mars Polar Lander Official Website
Welcome to the Mars Millennium Project
West to Mars-Support MarsDirect Worldwide

Views of the Solar System
HSF Top 10 Links
Astronomy - What's UP This Month __
Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER _ FAQ page
Earth View
GalacticSky Charts
Hubble Space Telescope Pictures
Mathilde Encounter
NASA Spacelink - An Electronic Information System for Educators
NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection Home
SEDS_ Best of Hubble Space Telescope
Space Links
UFOINFO_ The Home of UFO Roundup_- Free information on ufos, aliens, ufo sightings, alien abduc
United States Naval Observatory



Animal Health

Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicine (AltVetMed) Home Page
AVMA Care for Pets Home Page
Cheyanne West's A Natural Path
EID V1 N4_ The Ascension of Wildlife Rabies_ A Cause for Public Health Concern
Plants by the Animals Affected
VetGen - Purebred Animal Genetic (DNA) Disease Testing and Profiling
VetInfo - Veterinary Medical Information for Dogs and Cats
Waltham -- Home

Animals-Disaster Relief

Acme Pet - Pet News
American Red Cross - Disaster Services - Pets and Disasters_ Get Prepared
Disaster Animal Response Team (DART)
Disaster Preparedness Directory
Disaster Preparedness for Horses - Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Florida
Disaster Preparedness Guidelines for Livestock Owners
FEMA - EMI IS 11_ Animals in Disaster - Module B Community Planning
Florida Animal Disaster Relief Advisory Committee
HSUS - Animal Disaster Relief
Humane Society of the United States _ Today's News _
NCSU_ Animal Science - Extension Horse Husbandry- Hurricane Information


Garden Wildlife- Red Admiral
Purple Emperor butterfly



Dog Rescue

A.D.O.P.T. -- Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment
Breed Rescue Network
Dog Rescue Directory by Breed at AcmePet
Greyhound Rescue & Adoption
New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.
Siberian Husky Rescue


Red Wolf (Canis rufus)

American Kennel Club
Breeds of Dogs
Dog Owner's Guide_ Bloat
Obedience Page - Dogs in Obedience
Puppy Mills
Rainbow-colored Alaskan Malamute Fanciers Sitemap Page
The Seeing Eye Home page


Dolphin Institute
Marine Mammal Stranding Page
Whale Rescue Team -- Protecting Marine Mammals
Whale-Watching-Web_ Cetaceans in Science Fiction_Other Fiction


PMU information

North American Equine Ranching Information Council
PMU Ranches


Morgan Stallions

2 2-year-olds_girl on Morgan stallion
Andar's Virginia Gentleman
Chingadero the White Stallion from the Cross Ranch
Hi-Fi Eben Moro - May 1999
Morgan Breeder's Guide to Stallions
Morgan Corral Home
Morgan Sport Horse Stallion
NMHRA Stallion Derby
stallionBarn's Home Page

Arabian Horses, Quarter Horse, Buckskin, Palomino Half-Arabians - Invest in Rodeo
bravehearts home page
National Stallion Directory, Online
Stallion Management Services
Stallions at Stud --Morgan Stallions Arabian Stallions for Breeding
Storm King's Legacy


Morgan Farms

Severn Hill Morgan Horses
Shadowland Morgans Home Page
Silver Meadow Morgans
Sky Ridge Morgan Horses - Sonoma California
Star M Stables
Starlight Morgans
Stone Pine Farm
Summerfields Morgans
Sundown Stables
Sunshine Farm & Garden Morgans
Treasure Morgans
Triton Morgan Farm
<Walnut River Morgans
Welcome Ranch_DeNovo Morgans. The home of Morgan Horses, Moriesians, and Boston Terriers
Whispering Willow Morgan Horse Farm
MicMac Morgan Horse Farm
Mineral Valley Morgans
MiSue Farm Homepage
Morgan Manor Breeder of Champion Morgan Horses
Morgans of Sheldrake Bay
MVR Morgans
Providence Morgan Horses
RJM Morgans
Ragtime Morgans
Red Fox stable, History Page
Richill Morgan Horse Farm. Breeders of Quality Morgans since 1976.
Rosewater's Home Page
Sable Morgan Farm - Black Morgan horses
Indiana Ranch Morgans - Breeding, Competing and Sponsoring Morgan Horses
Iron Horse Morgans
Jendon Morgan Horses
kerrymorgans 's Home Page
KOHLER STABLES, Champion Morgan Horses
la Reata Livestock
Laura Behning's Farm
Laurel's Website
Lighthouse Morgans - Horses At Stud - Hi-Fi Henry Royal
Little Brook Farm_ Sport Morgan Breeder
Longstreet Morgans
McCulloch Farm_Whippoorwill Morgans,Old Lyme Ct.
Meadowlark Morgans
Darlene's Farm
Desert Rainbow Ranch--gaiting information
Devonwood Morgans
East of Equinox Farm
EKSTROM STABLES INC. - World Champion Morgan Horses
Elaine S. Hickman
Equimarc Morgan Horses
Frisco Creek Farm
Greenbroke Farm [Anita Gallion]
Harmonyville - The Allard Family
Hawk Meadow Morgans-Home of Funquest Black Hawk
Hidden Villa Morgans
Highfield Lippitt Morgan - Farm page
Hoof 'N Paw Ranch!Krila Morgans and HNP Suffolks
Alatheia Morgans
Alywn Morgans
Aquarian Morgans
Aspenglow Morgan Horse Farm_Home Page
Avalon Farms Home Page
Barbary Pines Morgan Farm
Black Opal Morgans
Blue Gable Farm
Blue Spruce Morgans - ancient type lippitt morgan horses
Bossert Ranch - Black & Palomino Morgan horse ranch
Castle Ridge Keep
BuckSnort Morgans
Coulee Bend Morgan Farm
Dark Star Morgan Farm

s_vallentin 's Home Page
Shadow Brook Farm [postcards, bibliography]
Arabian Horses of Tiffany Ranch
Bailey's Home - TWH and Icelandics in NM
Baroque Farm Inc. - Lusitanos
Bomar Farm Home Page
Cinderella Stables - rescue horses & Friesians
David and Satin's Home Page
Flintlock Farm Home Page
Imprint Farm_ Black & White Half-Arabians, Black Saddlebreds, Black & White Saddlebreds
Kiger Mustang Ranch Index Page
Montana Bold Pintos--standing PKH Bold Eagle & Stormy Apache - Pinto Arabian Stallions
Mose Straight Egyptians Arabians
Pedigree_ Mineral's (raf) a.k.a. Scooter
R M Farm
Red Clay Stables

Genetics_Color genetics websites for horses

Coat Colors
Equine Coat Colors - Color in Horses
Equine Genetics
Horse Color Genetics_ Coat Colors of Horses
Horse Genetics
IBHA Dunarama World Week
Paints & Pintos_ Part Two
Sabino Morgans
Silver dappled (vindótt) horses
TRUE COLORS - Common Horse Color Genes
Unusual Equine Coat Colors

Horse training

Atlantea Society
Bits FAQ
Considering the horse
guide to the horse problem solving stuff and other stuff on
KK Article_ New Double Bridle Welcome!
Riding in a State of Excellence_ Creative Training for You and Your Horse

Breeds of horses

Individual Breed websites


AQHA--An Interactive Web Site at its Best
TDM Pedigrees

Shackleford Horses

Wild Horse Timeline


SPHO of Maine
The U.S. Trotting Association On-Line!


The Jockey Club
Thoroughbred Gallery
Thoroughbred Heritage


American Warmblood Registry MainMenu
American Warmblood Society(R)
International Sporthorse Registry (ISR) + Oldenburg NA Welcome
Wisconsin Warmbloods Magazine


Achal-Tekes - Golden horses of Asia
Turanian Horse Website
Turanian Horse Website_ The Akhal-Teke, Part 1

American Saddlebreds

American Saddlebred Name research


Arabian Horse Interactive -- The Internet's Arabian Horse Magazine
Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc.
Darcy's Place_ Roomfuls of Davenport Arabian Horses
The History of the Egyptian Arabian Horse in the U.S.
Twenty Years After _Bask -- Arabian Horse Interactive
_Witez II_ The Look Of Eagles, featured in Arabian Horse Interactive

Brazilian Marchadors

ABCCMM - Galeria de Fotos
Bright Star Farm - Mangalarga Marchadors

Canadian horses

Breeds of Livestock - Canadian Horse
Canadian Horse Breeders -
Lazy D Ranch Canadian Horses


Morab Bits & Pieces Master
The Teller Important Facts



Canadian Livestock Records Corporation CLRC
Farm.Co.US - Morgan Research Center
Lippitt pedigrees
Richill Morgan Horse Farm

American Morgan Horse Historic Photo Archive
Brunk Museum
Classic Bloodlines
Funquest Home Page
Historic Articles on Morgans
Jack Schatzberg Horseshow Photography -- Morgan
Lambert Friends Home Page
Lippitt History
Morgan Heritage Editorial & Newsletter (MHEN)
Morgan History
Morgan History Historical Photos Archive
Nat'l Museum of the Morgan Horse Home Page
Rex Allen
WWF Western Working Morgans

Morgan magazine websites

Classic Morgan Admirers' Home Page
The International Morgan Connection
Morgan News
Simply Morgan

Morgan ponies

Morgan Pony NMPR sitemap page
Morgan Pony Pages_ Morgan Links
National Morgan Pony Registry Home Page

Morgan webrings

Classic Morgan Webring
Morgan Horse Webring Homepage

MVMHC - site index.html
Rainbow Morgan Horse Club
Sport Morgan!
Sport Morgan Breeders Ltd.
SportMorgan Onelist Group Activities
Western Morgans Breeders Association
Western Working Family Morgan Horse Club
Western Working Morgans
Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club
Morgan Dressage Association
Morgan Horse Association of Australia.
Morgan Horse Main Street
Morgan Horse Page
Morgan Horses Online Resources
Morgan Single-Footing Horse Association
Morgan Talk TOC
MorganList--Morgan Horse Discussion List
Morganlist Pics!
MorganMail Member's Page
Morgans! David's Morgan Horse Homepage
American Morgan Horse Association - Homepage
Archival Morgan Record - Home Page
The Brunk Museum
Canadian Morgan Horse Association
Classic Bloodlines
Classic Morgan Admirers
Colorful Morgans and The Rainbow Morgan Horse Association
Colorful Morgans Home Page
FarmCoUs - Morgan Horse Progeny lists
Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club
HPF - Featured Breed - Morgans
HPF _Featured Breed_ - The Morgan Pony
Lippitt Barn
Lippitt Club Homepage
Longstreet Farm_ The Horses
Mid Atlantic Morgan Horse Club!


Adopt a Wild Horse Via Satellite on August 6
Nevada Senator Slashes BLM Budget
Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption
KBR's World of Wild Horses & Burros, P.1
Rare KIGER Mustangs,wild horses,Spanish descent,Sorroia
Pryor Mountain Mustangs
Sorraia Horse - Conquistador Magazine
Spanish Colonial Mustang Message Board
Spanish Mustang Registry Home Page


Orlov Rostopchin
Orlov trotter
Russian Breeds

The Tiger Horse Association Inc
Appaloosa History
Florida Cracker Horse
The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
The Hackney Horse
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association
Moresian sport horses
Rocky Mountain Horses

AGDIRECT Breed Associations
Breeds of Livestock - Horse Breeds
Equine, Welsh, Pony, Cob, Horse
Favorite Horse Links - Registries and Organizations
Late 19th Century Horses of the Mid-East

Equine Health & Diseases

Natural_non-Western treatments

Hopper's Horsey Home Remedies
Theresa Jones _ Foaling
Kombucha Home Page
Nikken USA
Shu-Fly Insect Repellent from Reflect A Fly Distributing


The Horse Interactive -- Weaning Strategies

Allergic Reactions

The Horse Interactive -- Allergic Reactions

Bone & skeletal development

Stifle Problems


Equine colostrum bank
Orphan foals, Nurse Mares & Colostrum

Equine Infectious Anemia

APHIS Web -- Veterinary Services -- Equine Infectious Anemia
Pitt biochemist working vaccine against equine infectious anemia

equine nutrition

ASC-111_ Feeding Young and Growing Horses
Equine Nutrition Answer Man!

Hoof care

Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center Home Page
Hoof, The
Hoof and Leg Anatomy_ Equistar Gallery
Horse Interactive -- Club Feet
horseshoeing course, farrier course, learn horseshoeing at home
Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) Without Shoes--Homepage

Horse Health News and Information from The Horse Interactive_ Your Online Guide to Equine Healt
Internal Parasites of Horses
Molecular genetics and native horse breeds management
UC Davis Center For Equine Health_ The Horse Report
ASD Forum for Gaited Mountain Saddle Horses
Ask Dr. Hamilton
Equine Research Centre at Guelph, Ontario, Canada -
Equine Self-Mutilation
Equine - Veterinary Medicine - Net Links
EQUINET(tm) - Veterinary Medicine Links
A healthy happy horse naturally
HN - Saddle Fit Brochure
Home Remedies for Horse People

Equine magazine homepages

B&P April 2000
The Chronicle of the Horse Online
The Gaited Horse Magazine
horse review
Western Horseman Main Page

Husband Communications [equine & entertainment law]
International Museum of the Horse--Online History Exhibits
Lost, Stolen and Missing Equines
The Military Horse
News for Horse People from HorseNet
NIC - rec.equestrian
Parts of the Horse - Wiring the horse Industry - Main Page
State Horse Councils
Wisconsin Horse Webring_ Site Submission
World Horse Net
EquiSeek - Your Gateway to the Horse World!
Heroes and the Hosses
Horse Country
Horse Fame
Horse Interactive -- The Knowledge Bank
Horse OK
Horse Pastures
Horse Poop
Horse World OnLine
horseart's Home Page
Horses - Home Page
Horses at HorseWorldWide Home Page
How-To Pages - Horses
American Assoc. for Horsemanship Safety
American Horse Shows Association
Arlaine's Whole Horse Page
The Bad Horse List
Cyberhorse presents Search Horses Search Engine
Download State Equine Liability Statute
The Digital Horse
EQUINDEX - Equine Search Engine
Equine Basics
EQUINE INFO, Your gateway to horses and everything horse related
Equine Slaughter Issue Stolen Horse Board
Equine Studies Institute


ACFA Cat Breeders Directory
Cat Fanciers Web Site
Cat Lovers - Home Page
Cats! A to Z Menu
CFA Breeds
How to Find a Reputable Breeder

AgDirect_ Sire Summaries for Angus, Brahman, Charolais, Limousin Pinzgauer, Salers, Simbrah, an
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation CLRC
Friends of Animals Homepage

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
Animals Exotic and Small Magazine
Audubon's Birds of America
AcmePet - Pets, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Horses, Animals and other pets
BirdSource- Birding with a Purpose.
Living Things
NMNH Virtual Tour of the Dinosaurs
Pet Loss Grief Support, Rainbow Bridge, Monday Candle Ceremony,



Virtual Garden (
Virtual Memorial Garden
American Farm Bureau - Voice of Agriculture
Armchair Gardener
ASLA Home Page
Better Homes and Gardens Online_ Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Books That Work Complete Guide to Garden Stuff
Garden Gate
Garden Spider's Web
Hedgemaids index
Herb Research Foundation - Herbs and Herbal Medicine for Health
Modern Herbal Home Page
Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0
Secret Language of Flowers
Sherry's Greenhouse!
USDA Home Gardening

Poisonous plants

Indiana Toxic Plants
Plants Toxic to Horses

Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS)
Introduction to the Plant Kingdom
PLANTS National Database Home Page

Agripedia Menu
Not Just Cows; Guide to Agriculture and Agricultural Resources on the Internet and the World Wi
Dictionary of Science and Biotechnology
NatureServe - An Online Encyclopedia of Life


Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Periodic Table of the Elements


Antimatter_Mirror of the Universe
Center for History of Physics Home Page
International Nuclear Safety Center Database


National Weather Service Home Page -U.S. Government warnings & forecasts
National Weather Service Milwaukee_Madison Wisconsin
USA TODAY Weather Page
WashingtonPost.com_ Welcome to WeatherPost!
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Weather Underground_ Welcome to The Weather Underground

The mineral and gemstone kingdom_ home
Why Files



Aikido FAQ
AIKIDO_ Nihon Goshin


Ballparks by Munsey & Suppes
Baseball, the Color Line, and Jackie Robinson - Major League Baseball Statistics and History Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball Official Site



Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association (GDCTA)
Halt@X_ An animated guide to dressage
United States Dressage Federation home page for horse lovers
United States Dressage Federation Emporium -- Literature


American Driving Society
Carriage Driving
Carriage Driving - Global An almanac of carriage driving worldwide
Driving West Magazine WEBSite
Fair Hill International Three Day and Combined Driving Events
Florida Whips, Inc.
Midlands Driving Society
SPHO of Maine _ Carriage Driving Corner


American Trails Home Page
Endurance Net
Tevis Cup Ride Home Page

Harness Racing

Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame
United States Trotting Association Home Page

Horse Racing

Kentucky Derby Experience _ Run for the Roses _ Photos, Images
1999 Triple Crown


2000 Olympic Games_ Sydney 2000 _ http___www.hickoksports.com_history_olequest.shtml Home Page
Kodak_ 2000 Olympic Games
Olympics 2000 Schedule of Equestrian Events
The United States Equestrian Team Online
United States Olympic Committee - USOC - Olympics Online
Yahoo Internet Life! - Olympic Buzz - September 8, 2000


The Military Horse


AHSA Rulebook
Grand National And World Championship Morgan Horse Show
North Star Morgan Horse Show
Saddle Horse Report _ Horse Show Results


Sidesaddle Links


Green Bay Packers_ Packer Plus Onliner
Northwestern Wildcat Season

Derek's Sports Links
Earth View
Official Iditarod Home Page
1.Search Sport. If it's sports, you'll find it here.
SIonwomen Day 20
The Sporting News
The XIII Pan American Games Official Web Site - Le site Web officiel des XIII° Jeux panaméricai



Aspens Bed & Breakfast - Meeker (Buford area), Colorado - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE -
Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE - Travel _ Lodging _ Bed and Breakfasts _ Country Inns
Continental Acres Equine Resort


Auto travel

Car Talk Trip Planner
How far is it_
Rand McNally Travel Tools_ Construction

Maps On Us_ A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service!
Subway and Transit Maps
Xerox PARC Map Viewer_ world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)


Air travel

Aviation Consumer Protection Home Page
Aviation Safety Data
Flight Arrivals & Departures
Smilin' Jack's Aviation_Airline_Travel Directory

RailServe Contents
Stories From The Subways

Communicating while travelling

Foreign Languages for Travelers
travlang's Translating Dictionaries


The 2000 Southern Festival of Books

Destinations - abroad

British Isles

Dalkey Home Page
Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust_ Culture
Ipswich City Council Information Service
London Calling UK - London Life
Legendary Tours Main Page
Rampant Scotland Index

Belize by Naturalight Home Page
Latin American Network Information Center

Destinations - U.S

National Parks & Other Sites

Hearst Castle (tm)
L.L. Bean guide to parks
Park Search Quick Find Results
PARKNET_The National Park Service Place on the Web
Point Reyes National Seashore Home Page
Point Reyes National Seashore Official Extended Home Page
Steens Mountain National Park_ Kiger Mustang

AccessAtlanta - Where Atlanta Goes Online
Greater New Orleans Free-Net
Milwaukee City of Festivals
Oklahoma City National Memorial
RiceInfo_ Houston Information
Twin Oaks Community Homepage
UCLA Home Page
USA CityLink Project
Welcome to GoLive CyberStudio_ virtual Hawaii
YANKEE's Welcome to New England

Equine-related travel

Horse shows



Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA_ Trails, Campgrounds, Overnight in USA
Horse Motels International. Worldwide Horse Motel Directory for the Traveling Equestrian. We fi

BUENOS PASEOS_ Horseback Riding Adventure Tours in Mexico
Das neue Deutsche Pferdemuseum ist eröffnet!
Horse Museums - Horses
Horse Recreational Driving Resources Equine Horse Equestrian Carriage Buggy Trail Riding
Kentucky Horse Park & International Museum of the Horse


BTA Waterways - Waterways _ The Fens
Lake in the Hills Fen Nature Preserve
Wicken Fen Home Page - The Internet's Travel Portal
The Savvy Traveler Web Site
Shawguides, Inc.
Travel Savers
U.S. Customs - Traveler Information
U.S. State Department, Official Web Site
Z.en - Cyberia Cafes
Arrowhead Library System Travel Links
Central Intelligence Agency
Currency Converter from Oanda
Digital City_ Travel
Fielding's DangerFinderr - Intro
Free Travel Brochures - Vacation Guides, Visitor Guides, Maps and more
Global Volunteers Home Page
JohnnyJet's Travel News and Tips
LA Times - Travel Sourcebook

Art & Archeology

Art Museums

American Academy of Equine Art - Mission and History
LAL Cat Archive
Metropolitan Museum of Art
MoMA _ The Museum of Modern Art
Vatican Exhibit Main Hall
WebMuseum_ Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)

Artist Homepages

Alicia Austin
Bucanek_McMillion_Nering Home
horseart's Home Page
William De Morgan


Clipart [Page 3 of 7]
Library Clipart Collection
Search ALL Clipart Collections on this Server
Steele It
Ye Olde Crafte Shoppe - Desktop Publishing

Equine Art _ http___www.cowboycapital.com_barackman_ _ http___home.att.net_~Bogucki_ _ http___www.ionet.net_~boshevo_ _ http___www.cowgirls.com_dream_scribbles_
Elizabeth C. Evans_ horseart 's Home Page
Exclusively Equine_ Low prices on thousands of horse books, videos, photos, art and magazines
Field Galleries
Hoof Prints Home Page
Horse in art
Jeanne Mellin Herrick art prints
Randy Follis - Western Art - Weekly Giveaway
Robert Vavra's Photography Gallery
Trottingpark Gallery

International Arts, Antiques and Collectibles Forum Home Page
Internet ArtResources
Museum Tours - Tours to Egypt, Trips to Egypt and The Virtual Egyptian Museum
Paperback Cover Art Illustrators
Photographs -- Prints and Photographs Division
Pompeii Forum Project
Powersource Native American Art & Education Center
Stock Solution - Vintage Art and Photography
_The Scream_ Page
WebMuseum_ Delacroix, Eugène
World Wide Arts Resources - The largest gateway to the arts in the world.
Archaeology, March_April 1999
Art Crimes
Art on the Net (
Artcyclopedia_ The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
ArtDaily_Home Page
Artists' Den - The internet's hottest database for art
ASCII ART Dictionary (Andreas Freise)
Czars Lobby
dreamstone science fiction art, fantasy art and space art, artists and resin sculptors
EXPO Ticket Office
Eye Candy
Golden Apples - Animation Art

Book Industry References

The Eclectic Writer
BOOK SALES in America
Book Industry Study Group, Inc.
National Writers Union Home Page
NWU - Crises of the Midlist Author
Reed Reference Publishing Home Page
_Writers Write_

Charity Information Respources

CBBB_ Philanthropic Advisory Servic - Heritage for the Blind
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Foundation Center Online
Idealist Home
National Charities Information Bureau Home Page

Consumer Information



AARP Webplace_ Caregiving
National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
NFCA_ National Family Caregivers Association. Caregiving Resources.
Welcome to the Visiting Nurse Associations of America

AARP Webplace _ Member Services & Discounts
Access America for Seniors - Home Page
Administration on Aging - Information on Older Persons and Services for the Elderly
American Society on Aging (gerontology, seniors, nurses)
FDA's International Year of Older Persons Website
International Year of Older Persons 1999
National Council on the Aging Home Page
National Institute on Aging
SeniorNet_ Computers and Internet Education for Seniors and Older Adults_ Senior Net

Automobile purchase & repair - Buying, selling, research and product information for new and used cars
Car Buying, Leasing for new and used autos and trucks
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
U.S. Department of Energy Home Page
used cars, how to sell a used car, used car prices
Used Cars On-Line_ For Sale By Owner with Pictures

Comparison shopping

mySimon inc. - Comparison Shopping
PriceSCAN_ Your Unbiased Guide to the Lowest Prices on Books, Computers, Electronics, Movies, M


Aggie Horticulture
Garden Gate
Garden Links
My Deer Garden - Specialists in Deer Resistant Gardens
Welcome to the Arboretum

Health Care Provider Ratings

Health Services_Technology Assessment Text - Home Page
HHS Consumer Information on the Internet

Product Evaluation

Consumers Digest Online
Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases
Consumer Information Center Main Page
Consumer Reportsr Online
Consumer World_ Everything Consumer
Product ReviewNet_ Thousands of Product Reviews for Free!

Real estate--purchase, maintenance

home purchase

Best Places to Live --
Federated Realty of Milwaukee
Know What You Want - MSN HomeAdvisor
Homes --
Homes and Communities - HUD
HouSense - Resources - Home Buyer's Checklist
Money_ Best places to live
Real Estate Web Sites for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Real Estate Search

Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Home Doctor _ Remodeling & Repair Tips
Natural Building Resources Home Page
RASTRAr - The insulated concrete form made of 85% recycled foam plastics.
Reader's Digest At Home
Stain Removal Guide
Stain Removal Index at
Testing a Receptacle for Power
Today's Homeowner _ Repair & Maintenance _ Clog Blaster

BH&G Crafts Home Page
Consumer Price Index Inflation Conversion Factors
ConsumerSearch_ Home
FAQs on book preservation
Missinformation_ Personal Internet advice for women on the Web
National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060
Noesis_ Crude Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Stock and Price Forecast
Y2K - Tools and Training

Cookery, Health & Nutrition


Bagel Page
Culinary herbFAQ - The best place for weight loss, nutrition and diet on the Internet!
Deranged Spud Potato of the Week
Electronic Gourmet Guide
FOOD Museum
Kitchen Link - What's Cooking on the Net - Gateway to Government Food Safety Information

Health References


Eye Problems and Eye Disorders - Retinal Detachment, flashing lights, floaters, cobwebs in visi
The Eye Clinic Surgery Information - Laser

Women's health

National Women's Health Information Center

Regional info

MHA - First Call for Help
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online_ Alive! Online
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services


Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing - Shingles - Herpes Zoster


National Center for Health Statistics


ALS Association
COCORI Complete Costa Rica - Chagas Disease
Lyme Disease - Home Page
National Institutes of Health - Health Information


Clinical Pharmacology 2000 - world-class drug information FREE on the internet
MERCK MANUAL for Consumers_ Healthcare Information You Can Trust
RxList - The Internet Drug Index -, Inc.
Sputnik Drug Information Zone

First aid--poisons, wounds, CPR, etc

LEARN CPR - CPR information and training resource.
Safety Information Home Page (Wellness Center)

Hair Loss _
Hair Loss - Women's Health - Net Links

health insurance

Health Care Financing Administration - The Medicare, Medicaid, and Child Health Insurance Agency
Insure Kids Now

Homeopathic_natural remedies

Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A_ Herbs to Combat Springtime Woes_
Kombucha Home Page
Treating Lyme Disease with Herbs


The Body_ An AIDS and HIV Information Resource
Alternative Medicine Homepage
HIV & AIDS; Rethinking AIDS WebSite - Router


Asthma, eczema, allergy, hayfever, food allergy and food intolerance information on one site - For Seasonal Allergy Relief - Learn About Allergies


Arthritis - Home Page
Arthritis Foundation
Hardin MD - Rheumatology & Arthritis


American Cancer Society
Breast Cancer_
Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
cancer . -Cancer News on the Net- . cancer
Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer - index
National Cancer Institute
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
National Marrow Donor Program's website
NCI's CancerNet Cancer Information

Children & YA health

Go Ask Alice! Home Page
ParentTime - Your Personal Parenting and Pregnancy Advisor
A World of Prevention


American Diabetes Association
diabetes mellitus

Directories of hospitals & medical professionals

American Dental Association_ Patients & Consumers
Credential Holder Query
Health - News You Can Use - U.S. News Online - The Premier Health Resource for Travelers

InteliHealth_ InteliHealth Home
Iowa Health Book_ Patient Instructional Materials
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis_ Information on Cancer - Alzheimer's Disease - Heart Disease and more
Medical, fitness, nutrition, sexuality, and more. ThriveOnline on Oxygen Doctors' Office Inc.
MEDLINEplus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine - Home Page
MedWeb_ Biomedical Internet Resources
Mental Help Net... Welcome!
Reuters Health Information - Medical News and Health Information for the Professional and Consu
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Virtual Hospital Home Page Home Page
Guide to Medical Information and Support on the Internet
HealthAtoZ _ The source for health and medicine
healthfinder (r) - a gateway consumer health and human services information web site
HealthWorld Online
HHMI Biomedical Research
Achoo Gateway to Healthcare
AMA - Heath Insight
American Pain Society
Atlas of the Body
Bartleby.com_ Great Books Online--Gray's Anatomy
A Patient's Guide to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
CBSHealthWatch- Home - Linking Patients to Medical Research
Consumer Health and Medical Information

Recipe websites

Recipes Folder!
Recipes of America TV Show
Sally's Place
SOAR_ Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
Spoon Cookbook
StarChefs _ Recipes of Chefs and Recipes by Cookbook Authors
Sue's Recipe Server
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
The Webtender
Cooking Light Online Homepage
Betty Crocker
BH&G Food Home Page - cooking _ recipes _ gardening _ decorating _ home repair _ remodeling
Callahan's Cookbook
Chocolate is the Only True Passion
Cookbooks On Line
Curry House
GMA Recipes Index from WCHS-TV8
Innkeeper Recipes and Cookbooks - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE - Cooking _ Food _ Dining
International Recipes OnLine
Internet Food Channel
Kraft Interactive Kitchen
Native American Foods -- Recipes
Pie Page Index

Vegetarian websites

AAA Welcome to VegSource -- Your Friendly Vegetarian Resource!
FATFREE_ The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
Mother Nature's General Store
Vegetarian Pages
Vegging Out Home Page

Current events references


Newspapers found on the WWW s
NewsWatch_ A Consumer's Guide to the News
OnlineAthens_ 10April2000
San Francisco Chronicle_The Gate
TheWIRE - News From The Associated Press
Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio
Boston Globe Online
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor Electronic Edition
CNN Interactive
Editor & Publisher Home Page
Electronic Telegraph
HotBot_ News Channel
Houston Chronicle Interactive
Knight-Ridder Information Web Site
Liftoff to Space Exploration_daily NASA update
LII's Eye on the Courts
London Times
Mr. Showbiz
(New York) TimesFax

Political Websites

Center for Responsible Politics Homepage
Democratic National Convention 2000 - e-convention
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Elections 2000
Independent Counsel Report_ Table of Contents
Library Resource List_ Reference Resources
MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
National Political Index
Roll Call Home Page
THOMAS_ Legislative Information on the Internet
Vote Smart Web
Who 2_ John McCain Profile
Wisconsin Vote

Ain't It Cool News
America's Children 2000
Amnesty International - USA
Electronic Activist
Great Lakes ADA News Service
Halle's Web Guide to the JonBenét Ramsey Case
The Middle East Information Network, Inc.
Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder
NPR's Weekend Edition_ Saturday with Scott

DICTIONARIES--pronunciation, etc


American Sign Language Browser
American Sign Language--Personal Communicator Web Edition


A Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights
Hypertext Webster Interface
Oxford English Dictionary
Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style
Proteus Word Search
Take Our Word For It, the weekly word-origin webzine
What a load of codswallop, pet! (Frames Version)
United Kingdom English for the American Novice
Wordbot home page


Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust_ Language
Focal an Lae

Freeality Online Translation Dictionaries
On-line Dictionaries
A Web of On-line Dictionaries II - Home Page

Directories (Reference)

Product ReviewNet
RCLS Internet Guides, LibraryLand
Rialto Archive (SCA info files)
Switchboard Home Page
WDNR Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory_ Computers
WhoWhere_ E-mail Addresses
All Nations Telephone Search Engine - Dialing Codes & Directories Worldwide
AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
Address Directory - Politicians Of The World
All Things Automotive - comprehensive guide including more than 3,000 sites with hundreds of ra
Awesome Lists (
Canada Yellow Pages
Dead People Server
eBLAST _ Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide
Ellen Datlow's Links
Four11 Directory Services
GuideStar_ A database of over 40,000 American nonprofit orgranizations
Intentional Communities Web Site_ Home Page
Milwaukee Web Yellow Pages

Disability Resources

employment issues

EEOC Home Page
Employment and Training Administration
National Rehabilitation Information Center
Project Enable
Department of Justice ADA Business Connection Page

Mental Health

MadNation the Entrance to the Mental Health Activist World On-Line
Support Coalition International's HOME PAGE

accessibility issues

Barrier-free architecture

Adaptive Environments Center Home Page
U. S. Access Board

Access Guide (portal page)
American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
Great Lakes Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center
TASH - The Association for the Severely Handicapped

ADA websites

ADA InfoNet
ADA Technical Assistance
Americans With Disabilities Act
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Americans With Disabilities Act Information
Bazelon Center_ Olmstead v. L.C.
DOJ ADA Home Page
Great Lakes Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center
Summary of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998
washingtonpost.com_ ADA


Visually Impaired Guide-Site Map
Wisconsin Blind and Physically Handicapped Readers
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Foundation for the Blind
Blindness, Disabilities, Special Education
BLINFO_ Internet Resources for the Blind
Bob Askey
BreaTech - reading equipment for the visually impaired
Duxbury Systems Corporate Site
Internet Resources Related to Blindness and Visual Impairment
Lions World Services for the Blind
National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research
Ohio Talking Book Study
Organizations Supporting the Visually Impaired
Royal National Institute for the Blind - Home Page
Talking Book Marker
The 4-Sights Network Home Page

Companion & Therapy animals

Therapeutic Riding

ACORD American Competition Opportunities for Riders with Disabilities
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
Personal Ponies--a non-profit organization dedicated to disabled children.
RTT's Page (therapeutic riding)
SAPC_ Department of Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic Riding Equipment

Companion Animal Protection Society's Web Site
Intermountain Therapy Animals
Seeing Eye Home page
ADA Business Brief Service Animals

Deaf & hearing-impaired

Metropark Hearing Impaired
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People

developmental disabilities (learning, reading, etc.)


International Dyslexia Association

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
Cognitive and Developmental Diabilities Resources
Council for Exceptional Children
LD OnLine_ Learning Disabilities Resources
Learning Disabilities Association of America

Educational Media

Aquarius Productions On-Line Video Catalog
Disability Etiquette Handbook
Handicapped BBS list
National Council on Disabilities Publications

FCC Disabilities Issues Task Force Homepage
HUD - People with Disabilities
Initiative 2000 Web page
The long & sorry history of discrimination
Through the Looking Glass
N.O.D - News
Adrift in the Sea of Tranquility
ALA Editions - Open Stacks - Inside the Covers - ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE INTERNET
Aquarius Productions On-Line Video Catalog Home Page
disABILITY Information and Resources
Disability Net
Disability Social History Project
Disability Statistics Center
Electric Edge

Education--Reference & Resources

College & University Websites

2000 college rankings_ USNews - edu
CollegeEdge Home Page_ College, Scholarships, Careers, Majors and more
Critical Comparisons of American Colleges and Universities - Front Page
1998 College Rankings_ USNews - edu
Oxford Seminars on WWI Poetry
Power Students Network
University Top Links

Elementary Education websites

Child_Lit in the Classroom
Foundation for Role Equity Education
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Project Appleseed, the National Campaign for Public School Improvement
School Librarian Links
Websites for Educators

Financial Aid websites

College Board Online
CollegeNET Home Page
Corporation for National Service
FinAid_ The Financial Aid Information Page
FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
Peterson's Education Center_ Financing Education
RSP Funding Focus Welcome
Student Guide 1997-98--Financial Aid from the Dept. of Education

WI DPI Education Resource List
Beyond the MLA Handbook (Harnack_Kleppinger)
Electronic Catalog of NCES Products (National Center for Education Statistics). Publications an
Education Worldr Where Educators Go To Learn
ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
internship, internships, internship program, internship programs, intern, interns, business, co
National Education Association!
PBS TeacherSource
PBS TeacherSource - Teacher Previews Newsletter
Reading for the Future
Sharron McElmeel's Web Site
Student Guide 1999-2000 Contents
Welcome to the K12 Practitioners' Circle!


Media Reference Sources

Film & Video websites

Film sites

Movie Reviews

Film.com_ Movie Reviews, News, Trailers, Interviews, Showtimes and more.
Movie Review Query Engine [9079]
Moviemom's Guide to Family Movies & Videos
Premiere Online
VideoSeeker _ Movies's Movies Community!

Silent Movies

Robert S. Birchard
Silents Majority
Silent Movies

Western movies

Heroes and the Hosses
Teddy Blue Presents Western Movie Horses

Mars, Inc.
motion picture _ database _ the complete and easy movie source search
Motion-Picture Industry_ Behind-the-Scenes
Mr Showbiz
Official Dune Web Page
ONLINE MOVIES_ Kanakaris Communications' KKRS.NetWork Channel
Reel.com_ The Best Place to Buy Movies
The Star Archive
TNT's Rough Cut -- Your Own Private Hollywood
Yahoo Internet Life - Site Reviews_ Film Festivals
AFI OnLine Cinema Lobby
aFilm.com_ The Internet directory for the film industry
American Movie Channel_ You're at the front gate
BigScreen Cinema Guide_ Budget Cinemas South
Blackflix.com_ Welcome To The Best In Black Movie Entertainment With Reviews, Interviews And Mo
BUNKUM - Tarzan Movie Guide
Classic Images - main page
Exhibits Collection -- Cinema
Film.com_ Movie Reviews, News, Trailers, Interviews, Showtimes and more.
Films involving Disabilities
FilmZone_ Table of Contents
Greatest Films
IAM MAGAZINE - The Largest Entertainment Resource Magazine Worldwide
Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of over 116,000 movies
Lawrence of Arabia Homepage

TV & Video sites

Episode Guides Page - Main Page
the facets multi-mediar web site
Home Film Festival
Masterpiece Theater Program Listing
TV Guide Online_ The TV Entertainment Magazine
TVLINK - Huge links page for the Film & Television Industry. Hundreds of links including, T
WGBH_Descriptive Video Service

Music & Song websites

Song Lyrics

Campfire Sing-Along Index
International Lyrics Server
KIDiddles (TM) - Mojo's Musical Mouseum
Lyric Splash
Lyrics World - A collection of lyrics site
Lyrics World - MAIN INDEX
Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
Union Songs

All-Music Guide
E! Online - Features - E!-o-Matic Holiday Jukebox
Internet Beatles Album
Les Miserables
New Age Voices Home Page
Riverdance - The Official Website
Rolling Stone Network
Wall of Sound Top 100 Albums
WFMT's Midnight Special hosted by Rich Warren
the sibl project songs inspired by literature

BBC America - The Way In
Talk to Car Talk


KAXE Northern Community Radio
Library of American Broadcasting
MPR Online - Minnesota Public Radio on the Web
NPR Online
The Original Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Pages. Old-Time Radio at its Best -- An Archive of the Magic Days of Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio Home Page
WSUI Radio - Your NPR News Station
WUWM 89.7 FM Milwaukee


Musical Theatre

American Variety Stage_ Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
Gilbert and Sullivan Archive Home Page
eur.com_ Musical Cast Album Database
Jill Hobgood's Musical Sites List

Aisle Say_ Home Page
Back Stage
Costume Page
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Perseus Project Home Page
Playbill On-Line - THE Theatre Source on the Web for Broadway Theatre Information
UK Theatre Web
Yale School of Drama--Links to the Outside World

Ballet and Dance - Home Page _ Search for Theater, Broadway, Music, Opera, Dance, and Visual Arts Events a
The Princeton Review

Finance & Investments


1996-97 Occupational Outlook Handbook
Aaron's Kidwriter Page
America's Job Bank
Ed 2010 Home
f i n d Network
The IEEE CareerXroads 2000
JobWeb Home Page
Library JobSearch -- University of Illinois, GSLIS
Office of Personnel Management Home Page
Planning Your Future -- A Federal Employee's Survival Guide
Wisconsin Dept. of Employment Relations


Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation HOME PAGE
Social Security Online

Daily Stocks - Stocks Search Engine. BOOKMARK ME NOW!
FinAid_ The Financial Aid Information Page
FinanCenter_ Smart Personal Finance Made Easy
Investor Education and Assistance

Government Reference Sources

United States

SBA_ Small Business Administration Home Page
Social Security Online
TSA - Voices of the Smithsonian Associates
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
U.S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page
U.S. Depository Ready Reference Collection
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Homepage
United States House of Representatives
United States Local and State Transportation Web Sites Index
US Securities and Exchange Commission
United States Senate
U.S. Treasury
Veterans Benefits and Services
Almanac of Politics and Government, on-line
America's Job Bank
CenterArmyLL Dictionary_Thesaurus
Central Intelligence Agency
Community Health Status Report
The Corporation for National Service
Digital Daily Welcome - IRS
FEMA_ Federal Emergency Management Agency -- Disasters, Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Resp - Official website for searching the U.S. Government
GPO Access
Marine Corps Base Quantico, The Sentry
My Government _ AOL.Com _ Zip-Code Directory of Elected Officials
NASA Homepage
Ordering Still Picture Reproductions(Research Room, National Archives and Records Administratio
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation HOME PAGE
Rural Information Center

Wisconsin state & local government

Assembly Sergeant at Arms - State of Wisconsin
Milwaukee Public Library
Representative Carpenter
Senator Burke
Wisconsin Ethics Board Home Page

World government info

Hieros Gamos
Public Record Office
World Factbook 1995

Prevention Yellow Pages--YA Help Links
State and Local Government on the Net

History Reference

Primary source documents for historical research

ILTweb_ LiveText_ AHA Project
Repositories of Primary Sources

U.S. History

Native American history

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Westward Frontier, 1790-1899

America's West - Development & History
American West _ Multicultural Perspectives
Molly Brown House Museum
Rural Heritage - Reading Room
WestWeb_ Western History Resource

Wisconsin History

History Programs on WPT
Northwest Territory Alliance
Pioneering the Upper Midwest_ Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910
Sesquicentennial Home
Wisconsin Electronic Reader

Journal E_ Without Sanctuary_ Lynching Photography in America
Kennewick Man -- The debate that spans 9,000 years
Making of America
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University
New York Subway_ Its Construction And Equipment
Panoramic Maps Collection
Political Cartoons and Cartoonists
Presidential Portraits at the Library of Congress
Quilts and Quiltmaking in America
Resurrection Man
The 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition
American Social History Project
Art of the Draw, Advertising Posters From the McCormick-International Harvester Collection
Colonial Williamsburg Home Page
Congressional Biographical Directory
Democracy in America
Documenting The American South
From Revolution to Reconstruction (and what happened afterwards)
The Great Debate & Beyond _ The History of Televised Presidential Debates
HISTORY in Song (Table of Contents)
Home Page_ American Memory from the Library of Congress
_I Do Solemnly Swear...__ Presidential Inaugurations
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Internet Guide_ New York World's Fair 1964_1965
IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States

Women's History


Jacqueline Cochran
WASPs On The Web

4000 Years of Women in Science
American Women's History_ A Research Guide
Crinoline and Bustle - Fashion for Victorian Ladies
Fanny Crosby_ American hymn writer and poetess
History Channel Exhibits_ Womens History 2000
Living the Legacy 1848-1998
Medieval Feminist Index
The National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame - Home Page
National Women's History Project
Oral History Online - Suffragists Oral History Project
Tour of Italy_Palimpsest - Eleonora Pimentel Fonseca - p.1
Witch Hunt
Women Mathematicians
Women's biographies_ Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Women's Early Music WEB-RING Index

20th century
Corbis - Exhibits_ Pictures and the Stories They Tell
Famous Trials of the 20th Century - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder
People's Century
Solemates _ The Century in Shoes
Stories of The Century


American National Biography Online
American National Biography
Biographical Dictionary
Biography Resource Center -- Main Menu
Lives, the Biography Resource
H.W. Wilson Biographies Plus

Black history

Aboard the Underground Railroad
African-American Journey
Black History Month Web Sites
Little Rock Central High 40th Anniversary

Church history

A Brief History of the Jesuits
Holy See
Science, Technology and the Jesuits
Welcome to Jesuits Online


Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
TCMN_ Historic Timeline
Today-in-History PAGE of SCOPE SYSTEMS.

European history

British Isles

British Monarchy
Casebook_ Jack the Ripper
Encyclopaedia of British History
Medieval English urban history
Richard III and Yorkist History Server
Views of the Famine


Dave's French Revolution Links Page

Medieval European history

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Medieval Technology Pages
Misconceptions About the Middle Ages
ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Holocaust Learning Links


ANZAC genealogy resources

National Archives of Australia

British genealogy resources

BTA - Tracing your ancestors
Genealogy Pages_ The World's Premier Genealogy Portal_ Regional _ UK and Ireland _ Scotland
General Register Office for Scotland
Office for National Statistics - Registration
Scotland_ Genealogy
Scots Origins


Cemeteries in the United States and Australia -- Cemetery Junction Directory
Find A Grave

Legacy.com_ ObitFinder.asp
NA - Genealogy Research
National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
Roots Surname List Name Finder
ROOTS-L Library
Social Security Death Index Interactive Search
The USGenWeb Project - Home Page
Wisconsin Genealogy Resources at the State Historical Society
Ancestry Search-the #1 Genealogy Site on the Internet
Ancestry--The Genealogy Research HomeTown
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Denise's Scrapbook Country
Everton's Genealogical Helper_ Web Site - Online Genealogy Community
Family Reunion Organizer - Planning software
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site_ Home Page
Genealogical Database Index
Genealogy and Ancestral History
Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal and Imperial Titles
Heraldry on the Internet, Coats of Arms, Family Crests,

Historical Costume

Green Duck's Featured Items
Ren Faire_ Costumes
Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living

Military History

Cavalry history

Army Quartermaster Remount Service - Horses, Mules, War Dogs
California Historical Artillery Society HOMEPAGE
Horses of the Civil War
Military Horse - Home Page
Morgan Horses in the Civil War
Roadside Pet Cemetery_ Comanche
7th Cavalry Regiment - Early History

Great War (WW1)

Frognal Centre Archives, Sidcup UK
Halifax Explosion
World War I Document Archive

Vietnam War

Vietnam Dog Handlers Association (VDHA) an association for all Veteram War Dog Handlers
Vietnam_ Yesterday and Today

War Between the States, 1861-1865

24th Michigan Regimental Home Page
American Civil War Homepage
Choices and Commitments_ The Soldiers at Gettysburg
Civil War Page
Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page
Valley of the Shadow

World War II

LCN Government Menu - Memories of World War II

Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

Nautical history


The sinking of the Titanic (1912) by Jay Henry Mowbray
Titanic Live Online
Titanic Live Online, Virtual Titanic
Titanic Online, Exclusive Photos_Boat Deck

John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page
Lake Superior Shipwrecks _ Wisconsin Sea Grant _ State Historical Society
The Official Site of the Hunley
Project Liberty Ship - Home Page
USN Ships--USS CYCLOPS (1910-1918)

The New York Public Library_ 9_17_99
New York Times_ Hong Kong
Other History
UCLA History Department Home Page
Dead People Server
DoHistory Home
EyeWitness - History Through The Eyes Of Those Who Lived It
History Net - Where History Lives on the Web
History_Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
IPL Ready Reference Collection_ Arts & Humanities--History

Legal information websites

Wisconsin State Law websites

Wisconsin Court System
Wisconsin Legislature
Wisconsin State Law Library Home Page Home Page - Self-Help Law Center
Oran's Legal Dictionary.
PATENT CAFE, where Inventors, attorneys, kids find help on Patents, Intellectual Property, Inno
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!)
Courts.Net HOME PAGE
Dumb Laws
Emory Law Library Federal Courts Finder
Internet Access to Rules - Legal Questions,Answers and Research from Attorneys.Eslamboly & Barlavi,Attor - Find a Lawyer by searching the Internet's Largest Collection of Attorney's.
Legal Engine.com_ Your Starting Point for Legal Information on the Net.
LegalExplorer_ Legal information and educational resources for the public.
Legal Information Institute
LLRX -- ResearchWire_ Litigator's Internet Resource Guide_ Rules of Court
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

Minorities_ethnic sites


Celebrating Hispanic heritage
Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures (Frame)
LatinoLink Home Page

Native American

Native Americans in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Powwow World Wide Web Links
Native Wisconsin - Welcome to Indian Country!

American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut Population
Labriola Nat'l American Indian Data Center, ASU - Index
Native American Home Pages - Nations
Native Networking_ Telecommunications and Information Technology in Indian Country
NMAI Navigation Homepage
Tribal Entities List as of Dec. 30, 1998
Indian Country News
Navajo Times Online Welcome to the Newspaper of the Navajo people!
Indian Country Today [Front Page] The Nation's Leading Native American Indian News Source
Native America Calling Home Page
Sho-Ban News Online - Covering Fort Hall, Idaho and Indian Country - Updated Weekly - Native American Indian News - Shoshone, S
Native American Times' official website for American Indian news,formerly Oklahoma Indian Times and its website,,
Indianz.Com - Your Internet Resource
NVC Home Page
Native News Online

Black Congressional Monitor
CoGweb - The Covenant of the Goddess
Ethnic NewsWatch News Release
Milwaukee Black Online
A Line in the Sand
Through One City's Eyes
WWW Hmong Homepage


Bookstores & Publishers

F&SF booksellers

The BookWire Index - Science Fiction Booksellers
Dragon and The Unicorn Bookstore
Future Fantasy Bookstore - Home Page
Mysterious Galaxy

Foreign booksellers

British booksellers

The Internet Bookshop Europe's Largest Online Bookshop
Blackwell's Online Bookshop
Bookpages - your personal British bookstore
Greenwoods' Homepage
Internet Bookshop Europe's Largest Online Bookshop
James Thin Booksellers - Home Page
Waterstone's Bookstore - October

French booksellers

Axelea la librairie française virtuelle - 350 000 livres en français - 350 000 Books from Franc
La Grande Ourse
Snoop Sisters

Latino booksellers

Booksellers - Libreros Reunidos, S.L.
SUPERLIBROS BOOKSTORE_ Latino, Chicano, Mexican, Hispanic, Spanish, Best Seller authors, books,

Bolen Books [Canadian]
Dymocks Booksellers [Australian]
New Zealand Books @ - the best site for New Zealand books and literature

Large Print Book suppliers

Large Print Books

Mystery booksellers & publishers

Adventures in Crime & Space
Big Sleep Books
Booked for Murder - 800_200-5996
Crippen & Landru, Publishers
Dunn and Powell Books
Grave Matters Mystery and Detective Fiction
Literate Traveller Homepage_ Specializing in Travel Literature
Mysterious Galaxy-Books of Martians, Murder, Magic & Mayhem
_A Mystery Bookstore and More_ - The Poisoned Pen Home Page
Mystery One
MysteryNet.com_ The Online Mystery Network_ The place for everything mystery
Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers
Regulator Bookshop, Great Britain

Out-of-Print Bookstores

Teresa Wilson_ Bookseller
19th Century Shop - Rare Books & Manuscripts of All Ages
Advanced Book Exchange Home Page
Bibliofind,books,Booksearch, Antiquarian Books, Old Books, Used Books, Rare Books,bookselling,b - Your Christmas Bargain Book Store - Secure Ordering
BOOK SALES in America
Brick Row Book Shop
BSJ Mailing List
BSJ_ Professional Booksearchers and Bookstores
Colophon Book Store - books, bookmaking, typography, bookbinding, papermaking, printing, litera ! The Lowest Prices Anywhere.
INTERLOC_ Book Prices Realized
Jo Ann Reisler, Ltd
Michael John Thompson, Antiquarian Bookseller
Powell's Books

Out-of-Print Search Engines

AddALL Used and Out of Print book search
Advanced Book Exchange - Search ABE for used, out of print, rare, antiquarian and hard to find
Alibris - Books you thought you'd never find.
BIBLIO_ Book Collecting Enters the 21st Century
Bibliofind Search - Millions of Books at Close-Out Prices
BookFinder.com_ Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books
Books and Book Collecting
BookSearch _Big Link_ Search Request Page.
International Book Collectors Association Home
MX BookFinder


Ash-Tree Press
cherry valley books_Plimoth+Plantation+1626
Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
Mark V. Ziesing Books, specialty bookseller, big and small press.
Taugher Books on the World Wide Web
Teapot Press Home Page
Thistledown Press Ltd.
University of Chicago Press
Yellow Tulip Press

Animal books

2,000 Dog Books - Dogwise
Foreman Ranch, Horses, Saddles,Horsemanship books and videos, and Horse Transportation
Horse Books from October Farm - Welcome to Horse Books Direct !
Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller
Stud Books and Equine Reference Books For Sale, including Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Paint

Children's books

Aleph-Bet Books - Collectible & Rare Children's & Illustrated Books
Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore
Cattermole 20th Century Children's Books Home Page
Hatter's Classics_ An Online Bookshop_ Menu
The Prince and the Pauper Collectible Children's Books

E-Text Publishers

Coach House Printing, Small Canadian Art Press, Founded in 1965
Crossroads Publishing, Gallery of Books.
Dragon Tree Press books online & mailorder feminist fairytales fairy tales Arduin Delos for
Lucky Duck Designs
Wyvern Studios, Inc.

Swampyspage Index
Best Book Buys searches online bookstores to find the lowest price for bestsellers, used books, and textbooks.
Readerville. The social life of the mind.
Evelyn C. Leeper's Bookstore Lists
Heritage Book Shop, Inc. - Recent Offerings
Intrigue Press- Online Bookstore
Kepler's Books and Magazines Home - Phone 650-324-4321
Laissez Faire Books
The Moonlit Road - Bookshop
Native Authors resource site
New Books Cheap
READER'S CHAIR Unabridged Audio Bookstore - Home Page - Up to 80% Off Books!
AddALL book search and price comparison Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
Best Buys Bookstores_ Buying Bargain, Remainder, Discount Books Bookstore List
Blue Moon Books, Ltd.
Book Express on Line - Internet's Biggest Discount Store
Book Passage! The Bay Area's Liveliest Bookstore
BOOK SALES in America
CVaNEt - Booklinks - Flatiron
Different Light Bookstore_ Gay and Lesbian Literature

Clothing & Accessories


April New Arrivals
Churchwell's & Company
Morgan Trinkets!
Scott Hardy Western Silversmith - Custom Orders

Bluefly! the outlet store in your home
Comfort & Joy
Equine Design
Homepage t-shirts by Mackey Special Tees
Saddle Broke Denims
SuitAbility equestrian apparel sewing patterns
Title 9 Sports Online Catalog
Vintage Vixen Clothing Company - Shop and order online at this vintage clothing shop with a hug

Computers_Internet Business resources

Assistive Technology_Handicap Resources

Arkenstone, Inc. Home Page
Braille Translation with MegaDots from Raised Dot
Disability Resources from Evan Kemp Associates
Lighthouse (Low-vision products)
Microflip Inc Home Page
Recording For The Blind & Dyslexic
WEB Server for the Visually Handicapped

Computer Shopper NetBuyer
Computers, Parts & More!
Horsetrak Pedigree TM is designed for the horse owner who is serious about tracking their horse
MASTERWORKS_ Advertising & Photography
Primenet Web Services Home Page
Productivity Works Home Page

General Services Administration--gov't sales

FSS Excess Gov't Property Sales
GSA Great Lakes
GSA Heartland Region
- GSA Rocky Mountain Region Homepage FSS FTS PBS ITS BSC CSC Fleet Vehicle Auction Excess Prope
U.S. General Services Administration - Region 9 (The Pacific Rim Region) Home Page


Cookware, food, spices - Shopping Home Page
Gourmet Food & Specialty Food Gifts from
OregoN Fruit Products Co. - Salem, Oregon
Penzeys Spices Home Page
Phil Smidt's
Southern Food Mall at the Mansion
eBay Listings_ Silver

decorative art & artists

Art for the Home home page
Child Graphics Company
Elizabeth Stone Gallery
Equidae - Horse Paintings by Terry Lindsey, Equine Artist
Hi-Fi Graphics - Imagery - Worcester, Mass
horseart's Home Page
Mark Harden's Artchive

Christmas Mouse - Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, gifts and collectibles
Cowgirl's Dream - Home

Garden plants & supplies

Florists with a difference
Melrose Plantation
Something Wicked This Way Grows....

Home Improvement Supplies (tools, decorating, etc.)


Reading equipment

And Such...
BOOK CLIP - A book holder to keep your Book Open and Your Hands Free -- All the Comforts of Home
Levenger Home Page
Shaker Furniture - Shaker Workshops Fine Shaker Furniture
Wood Classics

Angie's List - The Best Source For Local Home Improvement Contractors
Energy Outlet Home Page
Home Fashion Information Network
Home Ideas_ Home Improvement Ideas for Kitchen, Bath, Yard and Garden, etc.
HouseNet - Your Home Improvement Neighbors
Miss Mary's Emporium
Sweet's Online


Kemin Industries, Inc.

Writing resources

LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter
WISDOM AuthorBase Profile of creative people

Media sources

CDnow _ The Internet's Number One Music Store
Columbia House _ How to Join
Disney - Home Page
Due South - Trading Post
Film & Video Sites and Resources
Public Radio MusicSource _ The Best Place To Buy Movies
ZBS Audio Catalog

Sporting equipment

Horses, Tack, Supplies

Horses for sale

Internet Horse Classifieds - Horses for Sale, Stud, Lease Classified Ads
MagicSearch (classified advertising real estate dating personal love love love match automobile
Michigan Horse - Free Classifieds , Tack , Information , Clubs ,          Events , Map
morganbarn 's Home Page
NickerNet Morgan Horse Marketplace!
Rocky Mountain Rider - Montana magazine for horse lovers
See Live Stock_ Buy, Sell or Trade almost any animal of any value and FREE E-Mail accounts.
Western Web Classifieds
Baltimore Horse Country's Free Classified
Classified Ads - Horses - Net Links
Classified Morab Listings
Colorful Morgans Home Page
David's Morgan listings
Dream Horse Classifieds - - Saddle Up and Follow Your Dreams!
Equestrian Times - Classifieds
EquiClassifieds _ View Classifieds
EQUINET(tm) - Morgans Wanted
Extensive horse search for all horse breeds. Horse breeders add your horses and farms for free.
Hay.net_ Horses for sale
horse classified ad service and equine equestrian resource
Horses,equestrians,news,training,classifieds,all on HorseNet
Horses at HorseWorldWide Home Page
HORSES! on the Internet - EQUINET(tm)

Equestrian supplies & services


Horseguard Fence_ Welcome


Horse Nutrition Supplements
Joker's snacks for horses
Select The Best (Richdel, inc.)
TEA TREE OIL - Thursday Plantation

Tack, carriages, equipment

Carriages & carts


Fennell's Home Page
Freedman harness Home Page

The Carraige House
Easy Entry Carts by Frontier Trading Post, Inc.
Justin Carriage Works
Milton Carriage Works
Training Cart


Berney Brothers Irish saddles from Saddle Up
Chaps, Cuffs, and Saddles
EQUI-AIR SYSTEM by Fastrac Ideas, Inc. - The SECRET is out!
Hickman Saddlery
Laser Equestrian Products
New Century Equestrians and the Kiddi-Up Saddle
Pelham Saddlery - Introducing Anthony Cooper!
Sidesaddle Sources
Sipsey Horse Supply - Western_Trail Saddles
Tack, Saddles, Bridles, and Equine Supplies from State Line Tack
Horse Plaza - The Virtual Mall For Horse People
Horse Soldier
Offutts Home Page
Triple Crown

Emerald Valley Botanicals
~^~Guardian Mask~^~
Kryo Kinetics Associates, Inc.
LLPrindle Design Home Page
The World Wide Web Online Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horse Clinic

HWW- MAIN #1 Home Page
Paladin's Paddock
AustinHorses.com_ Everything with Horses in Austin, TX
Bellcrown Ltd.
Chamisa Ridge
Endurance Net
Equine Hoofbeats!
Equine Trading Post - Main Page
EquiSearch - Equestrian and Horse SuperSite
Freedom Rider
Horse And Farm Stall Bedding
Horse Pages

Dsports, The Ultimate Online Sporting Goods Store
Fogdog Sports _ Sporting Goods Store. Sports equipment, sports apparel, footwear from Nike, The - Women's Sports News, Chat, Advice About Fitness and Sports Training_ Women

Toys for children & pets hundreds of cat toys for every breed of cat.
Children's store for educational toys and games at features _Toys by Breed_ quality dog toys, pet supplies.
eToys - Where great ideas come to you!
Farm Goods For Kids - Toy Barns - Breyer Horses
Red Rocket - Home Page - Educational Books, Software & Games!
Toys, Video Games, Software, and Videos at
Alex's Toy Store Home Page

Acses, the Ultimate Comparison Shopping Engine - Compare prices from online shops!
AdQuest Classifieds
AuctionWeb Adding Item
NADA Appraisal Guides - Used Vehicle Values & Appraisal Guides
Plamp-Keen Agency, Inc. Insurance
Star Magic -Space Age Gifts - astronomy and space , astrology and tarot, new-age books and musi
Teresa Wentzler - Fantasy-inspired Cross Stitch

Web Browsers

Listserve Directories

Liszt_ Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
MEL_ Discussion Lists and Electronic News Lists
Reporter's Guide to Internet Mailing Lists

Meta-Search Tools - 37 SEARCH ENGINES ! -
All-in-One Search Page
Ask Jeeves!
Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
SavvySearch_ The search of all searches [TM]

Search Engines

AltaVista_ Main Page
Excite Home
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Open Text Index

Speech-friendly search engines

SETI-search;SETI-search Search Engine is speech friendly

Web Indices

BestSearchTools Page - InFoPeople
Web Search Engines_ A Webliography _ Bibliography
Webliography_ A Guide to Internet Resources
WWW Virtual Library_ Subject Catalogue

NetGuide Live - _Driving Your Internet Experience_
Opera Software - Bringing speed and fun back into Internet browsing
POINTReview_ The Written Word on Web Culture
Search Argos
The Ultimate Directory -
A&E Mysteries
AOL NetFind
Argus Clearinghouse
The - Home Page
BSDI - Points of Interest
CedarNet Information
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Direct Hit - Home of the Award-Winning Popularity Engine
Electric Library
EquiSeek - Your Gateway to the Horse World!
Info Service
INFOMINE_ Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Law Engine! (tm)
Leviathan -- An FTP_Gopher_HTTP Server


Breast cancer prevention site
Child survival site - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!
Environmental News Network
FM -- Take Action! Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan!
Join the CountUP to One Day In Peace
The Kids AIDS Site_ Donate Free Care
The Landmine Site _ Save Limbs and Lives for Free
Natural Resources Defense Council Worldview
U.S. Fund for UNICEF--Trick or Treat for UNICEF
The Rainforest Site - Donate Land for Free

Coupons & discounts, save up to 90% every day!
A&P Home Page - is now's - Gift Shop
Delta Air Lines - Welcome to Delta

National Library Service

Reporting Form for Network-produced Books in-process
Missouri Wolfner Library's Recommended Readings
NLS - PICS_ Copy Allotment System
Reporting Form for Completed Network-produced Books

Personal E-mail

Angelfire! E-mail


Weather for Milwaukee, WI
Wiscat Login
Hunger Site
Advanced Catalog Search
Yahoo! Groups


Civil Rights concerns in terrorism extermination
Q&A on the confidentiality and privacy of library records

Islamic Fundamentalism & Terrorism

Afghanistan Studies - Afghanistan Resources - Directories - Taliban Links
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, Religion
Taliban Plead for Mercy to the Miserable in a Land of Nothing
Urban Legends Reference Pages_ Rumors of War

Resources for dealing w_tragedy

Cornell News_ Garbarino advises parents on bombins - Official website for searching the U.S. Government - U.S. Government Info and Re
Parenting Press looks at National Violence _ Children's Needs
Resources for Dealing with Tragedy
Resources for helping children cope with tragedy
Sesame Workshop - Sesame Street Parents_ Parenting advice, articles, and ideas
US Attacked_ How You Can Help
What is the Message of Hope Book Drive
Beyond Blame


NewsLinks Terrorism
Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections - Saint Louis University, School of Public Health
Department of State - International Information Programs
Federation of American Scientists - America's War on Terrorism
Terrorism Research Center, Inc.
Updated Information About How to Recognize and Handle a Suspicious Package or Envelope, October
Anti-terrorism Security for Risk Mitigation in High Threat Situations
CDT Cyber Security Site
Alternative Resources on the U.S. War
Jane's Security Section

Collapse of the World Trade Center
An Edge Question_ WHAT NOW_
Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Employees with Disabilities
Helping.org_ American Tragedy
The Peacemakers Speak
Sacrifice _ Justice _ Resolve


Finding Images on the Web
American Morgan Horse Historic Photo Archive
Camaieu Home Page
Google - image search
MorganMail Member's Page
National Champions By Year
Photography by Debbie
PhotoPoint (Guest Mode) - Free, easy photo sharing and photo gallery
The Spoon storytellers
Webshots Community - Old Quarter Horse Photos
Wonder Woman
Zing - Online Photo Sharing, Greeting Cards & Storage, plus 35mm-Quality Prints at Great Pr
Fetus Timeline

North by Northwest
AT Resource Manual Home Page
Good Reads
thewheelerreport _ Resources for the Wired Librarian
The Hobbit Name Generator
Benefits 2000 Online - Login
BIG EYE - Portal to the best on the Web
The Moonlit Road - Feature Stories
STORYTALK - A place for storytellers to chat, post, review, link, and discuss storytelling.
Castle Ridge Keep
iLOR Search - The most user friendly search engine in the world
JS Online, Web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Public Library
Nando Times
Tribute Farm