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Still haven't found exactly what you're looking for?

Well, you might still be in luck. I know it is nearly impossible to provide you with everything you wish for. But, I do know of other sites that may help you further.

Below is a list of links that I know of. These links contain information this site might not provide. I hope this will further help you in your frequency searching experience.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a government agency that deals with the arrangement of frequencies. They have many addresses if you have any questions about radio frequencies.

Percon Datafinder is an internet site that can provide you with almost any frequency in your specific region. It can tell you the frequencies for local police, fire, emergency, businesses, and many others. is a site that claims to be a database of different radio frequencies. So far, this site seems to be the best for finding data in one's local area. is a site that has information on radio basics, scanner monitoring, and other radio hobbies.

Airnav is an internet site that contains information about all US airports. It can tell you the airport's location, prices of fuel and other materials at the airports, and the frequencies the airports can be heard on.

Universal Radio Inc. is a company where you can purchase radio equipment, including scanners, handheld radios, and other accessories.

Scanner Way! - A general scanner guide. Other scanner information also.

If you know of any other links that provide scanner information or if you have pages of your own specializing in local scanner frequencies, please feel free to list them in my Guestbook.



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