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Connections & History

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Willson Ranch History

    The Camas prairie area was opened up for homesteading in the 1880's but still today remains a part of the nezperce indian Reservation.  
    Gary and Brother Gene Willson's Great Grandfather Harry  Willson came west to Northern Idaho in 1876 as one of the first homesteaders. Grandfather John Willson acquired his first 160 acres in 1913 the same year he married his wife Tillie.  
    Tillie Willson is the founder of the Willson's Polled Shorthorns.  She worked as a cook in a local saw mill and saved her wages to buy their first two registered bred heifers from William Mulhall at Fenn, Idaho in 1918.  Young Mary and Rainier Lady 's pedigrees still hang proudly on the dining room wall in Gary and Janell Willson's home.
    In 1967 Gary his brother Gene Willson started farming and cattle ranching as partners with their father, Earl, when Grandfather John retired.  Ten years later Gary and Gene had to take over the whole operation due to Earl's ill health.  
    Far West Contender, a polled shorthorn, was purchased at a sale in Missoula, Montana in 1967..  All the females were kept out of the Contender bull and are the basis for most of the polled shorthorn herd today.  About 80 cows and 20 heifers are kept each year.  most of the heifers are kept to prove out until they raise one or two calves.  There is a large turn over of cows each year due to consistent herd improvement.
    The Saler herd was started in 1980 when they first came to the United States.  Willson's carry Fullbloods, Purebreds, upgrades, and percentages.  Red and Black bull and heifer calves are sold as show  breeding stock throughout the North West USA and Western Canada.
    The Red Angus cattle were started in 1990 due to local and regional demand for Gary and Janell's breeding stock improvement reputation.  "Many locals needed herd bulls of that type and some of our friends in the Washington State Red Angus Association encouraged us to fill that demand."  Janell Willson says.

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