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"Striving to please The Cowman, The Feed Lot, and The Packer."

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October 2003 UPDATE: - 19th Annual Idaho State Salers Sale -
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Willson Ranch puts the 'emphasis' on green not Show-purple pazazz!
Easy calving, rate of gain, and carcus quality has been the Willson Ranch bottomline for 90 years.
Polled Shorthorns are the foundation of Willson Ranch with the Salers breed started in 1980, and the Red Angus in 1990.

Cattle Connections are a valuable listing of local, State, and Regional  registered cattle breeders, shows, and sales that the Willson Ranch support and participate in annually. 

Willson Ranch history is about when the family 'Came West' and the person who founded Willson's Polled Shorthorns in the 'Very Beginning!'     

Located in Reubens, Idaho, only the best cattle satisfy the local farmers and ranchers who want herd bulls that 'produce and make them money'.

Willson Ranch
HCR 2 Box 1K
Reubens, Idaho 83548

Reubens, Idaho, Lewis County, Camas Prairie, USA

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The Willson 3 Breed Cattle Ranch and Farming operations are on all sides of Reubens, Idaho.  A village of about 50 people, on the Northern edge of the fertile Camas Prairie, about 35 miles Southeast of Lewiston, Idaho

The Camas Prairie is some of the most productive crop land in the nation.  Wheat, barley, peas, blue grass seed and canola seed are some of the major agricultural products raised on the Willson Ranch.

Idaho's North West Passage - Lewis & Clark Trail...

Camas Prairie Country Driving Tours

The Camas Prairie gets its name from the blue camas plants that grew wild when the settlers first arrived.  The bulbs of the Camas plant were a favorite food of the Nezperce Indians who used the area as a summer range for their Appaloosa horses.

The Chief Joseph Foundation

Mission Creek Appaloosas

Appaloosa Horses & The Nez Perce Culture

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