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pUrD| fLy fOe SoMe hMoOb gUrLs

thIs bE fLybAbE aKa YeNg tHaO frOM MaDtOwN..ShE bE tHa swEetEst gUrL..sO iF u wId HeR.. tReAt HeR rIgHt...Or eLsE! hEheHE:)jUst PlaYin' vIc....

tHis be SomE oF tHa SHeBoYgaN gUrLoS...aReNt tHey juSt tHa PuRdIesT?? Of CoUrSe..tHaSs Y ItS In MaH hoMePaGe DuH...!!!HahHAhaha:) tOp: JenNy ChaNg, ChOu cHanG bOtTOm: LaUrA ChA, CaTherIne vUe, and Celena ThaO

this Is sOmE Mn gUrLs..i tHInk...LefT tO rigHt KrisTY tHaO aKa tHugLadY (iN tHe whIte taNk)...TiFfaNi tHaO aKa UgLYaNgeL (iN thE reD taNk)...rOsepEtaL aKa rOsevaJ15 (iN whIte buTtOn doWn)

ThIs Be MaH OldeR Sis..StEpHaniE aKa FiLaBaBeZ...AiNt sHe PuRdI?? KeKe..Im PuRdIeR ThO..keke:) jK WeLl..SoWwIe..BuT She SoRtA TaKeN..yOU kNoe wHo u ArE..KEkE:)

BaCk HoMe

fIoNeSt BoIzZ