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BoYiSh BoYZz

tHiS isHa TeE yAnGstA..caLLiN' fRomZ KaLifOnIa

ThIs ThIs Is MaH fLeN...KeKe..IsNt He JuSs ThE LiLo KutEsT ThaNg YoU'Ve EvEr SeEn??keke:)ThIs bE ChaRleY ChAnG RePreSeNtIn FrOms SheBoYgAn...

tHis Be kOoLiO FrOmS SheBoYgAn..YeAh AgAin..GuRlS He TaKeN...SoWwIe..:)

ThIs Be AnOtHA oNe Of Mah BoYiSh BoIz..JoHnSoN LeE..AkA HoOkUp On IrC..CaLLiN FrOm ShEbOyGaN... He Be 16 Or 17..KeKeKE:) NoT SuRe...HoLla If U wAnT The "HoOkUp!" NEVeR MiNd! He'S tAKeN! He AlsO a NeRdO! Go ReAd WaT He gOt tO sAy In MaH guEstBoOk!

MoE BoYzZzZ..
BaCk HoMe