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MoE Q-TeE aSs BoYzZZz...

ThIs Be JaY YaNg.. I DuNnO HiM laDdAs BuT He LoOk GoOd DuN't He??? HeLl YeAh...keke:)WeLl If U WaNt ThE "h" DoUbLe "O" K..HoOkp Up... TeLL MeE!

ThIs Be PhEnG VuE fRoM aKrOn OhIo...AiNt He Da BoMb!! HeHE:) WeLL gUrLs..He tAkEn.... sOwWie...aNd 16 YeArs OLd...He Is aLsO kNowN aS nLkIdZ On IrC...

ThiS bE BoI vAnG..aKa VaNg HeR.. frOm MiChIgAn

tHis Be VicToR aNd HiS bOiz caLLiN frOm MiChIgAn..hE iSh da OnE In tHa fAr RigHt, IsNt He HaNdsOmE??

ThIs Be ThA OnE And OnleE SwEeTeSt BoI u WiLL EvA Meet.. He CaLLiN FrOm MaDiSoN..He 17..AnD He HeLLA sWeEt, He Be lOoKin HeLLa GoOoOoD TOo!! Keke:)


MoE bOyZzzZz

BaCk HoMe