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Thanks Jon for the pictures! All Mendota fish.
Steve with a big toothy critter! Maple Bluff (October) on eight pound line, jig and minnow. Love the hat!
Ainoy with a big gill, nice catch buddy!
Chris with a nice ice pike on Mendota!
Mark with another pike.
Greg caught this gar out of Mendota. He wanted to make sure people knew that he did release it and handled (notice wet gloves) it very carefully. Hit a black spinnerbait!
Paul released this 7.1 pound pig caught by Marshall Park. Hit on a Powerbait!
Tyler hit the "jackpot" on Mendota throwing a black bucktail! She still is swimming in Mendota, thanks Tyler!
Bertha with a nice eating size channel cat
Jerry with a respectable Wingra musky that pounced on a Zara Spook!
Never had a decent picture of myself with Willie the walleye, thanks Dennis! Caught and released on Mendota, 1/8 oz. green jig and crawler. Maple Bluff area. 6/12/98, a day I will never forget!
Angler's Art Taxidermy mounted!
This is just an absolute huge northern. Karen decided to throw a buzzbait for bass from Lake Cherokee's shore, looky what she found!
Myself with an average and very common size smallmouth on Mendota, this is a day that will stay with me for awhile. Fifty four smallies from shore on this day, all about the same size.
Thomas with a beauty smallmouth, jig and minnow.
What a sow! Jon caught this slab, Maple Bluff area on a Rapala Countdown. This fish was released!
Bob with a nice walleye
Paul with a beauty bronzeback
Nice 'eye Bob!
Carl with a nice dusk smallmouth
Ol' Hank is happy with this smallmouth, looks like he won the lottery! Great picture!
Les with a great Waubesa walleye.
My best friend Brad and myself with a large bass, thanks for being there for me bro!
Darrell with a nice pike and musky, both caught and released!
Myself with a momma pike, not in Madison obviously. Caught her on "mistake" bouncing jigs off of the bottom for walleye. A blast on eight pound line!
Madison guide Keith "Klem the Gem" Krinke with an average size musky caught on a sucker
Brian with a beauty pike!
Brian with a 29", 9 pound Mendota pig!
Shawn with some nice Mendota 'eyes.
Eric with a smallie picked up near Governor's Island.
My bro with his beauty walleye, love ya!
Ken and Tom Jublinski with a 6 pound largemouth and two other nice fish caught late fall on Mendota on jig and pigs.
Steve from Stoughton caught this 56 pound paddlefish on the Wisconsin River, and being an idiot e-mailed the picture to me to post on the site!
Al Witt caught this 8 1/2 pound walleye!
Pictures of a huge walleye and nice musky that 11 year old Matt Wisniewski caught and released
My Father (I can't thank you enough for teaching and taking the time on teaching me how to fish, please do the same with your children!) with a smallmouth!
My friend Terry caught this 9 pound walleye on a gold and black 6" Rapala near Second Point on Lake Mendota
Jon White caught this nice walleye on Waubesa
Feel free to email me with any questions or comments!