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My Experience With Angler's Art Taxidermy

My Experience With Angler's Art Taxidermy

Dennis Murawska first contacted me about a link from my site to his. I took a look at his site and was immediately struck by his fish mount gallery. I contacted him immediately about a replica walleye mount. We came to an agreement about the walleye and he kept in touch with me throughout the whole mounting process. I have seen many replica mounts in my day and was leery of the usual characteristics of replicas. Thick, non flexible fins, strange looking scale patterns, wrong coloring, etcetera. Dennis e-mailed me three weeks after my first contact with him and my fish was already done. This was several years ago, expect about a four month wait now. When I pulled the fish out I was dumbfounded. I actually thought to myself that he sent me the wrong walleye because I thought it was a skin mount! The scales were unbelievably real looking, the fins were thin and flexible, the teeth were perfectly placed, gills were like those on a traditional mount, even the "bones" on the top fin were not missing. The paint and highlights were great, and even the driftwood was beautiful. You could not tell it was a replica! My family and friends were very impressed also, my brother was so impressed he had an old rainbow trout mount replicated because of how bad the mount has gotten over the years. Another friend caught a large bass and immediately sent it to Dennis. After seeing my mounts he would have been a fool not to. I recently had Dennis mount five smallmouth bass for a chase scene. Once again his atistic ability came through. I also had him repaint and repair some fins on an old largemouth mount. It looks like a new mount! I still am amazed at the detail when I glance over and look at my mounts! I would refer anyone to take their fish to him, and have been since I got my walleye years ago. Please practice catch and release and look up Dennis Murawska of Anglerís Art Taxidermy, purely the most artistic and detail minded taxidermist in the business. I was particularly dissapointed by a replica mount done by another online taxidermy service. I would hate to see anyone have to go through the same I did. I offer 5% off coupons for all Anglerís Art Taxidermy for this reason. Simply e-mail me ( with the following information. Will it be a replica or skin mount, length in inches, species, and your home address to send the coupon to you. Donít be fooled by your local taxidermist or online businesses. Contact Dennis for the mount of a lifetime!
my walleye replica
a closer look at the detail