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Welcome to the EIB gallery, a collection of photos of Excellence In Black German Shepherd Dogs through the years.
At this point, dogs' photos are placed in alphabetical order by their first names. As the gallery grows, it will probably be subdivided. Some of these pictures are historical, others are of contemporary dogs.
The gallery has grown enough now that it has been divided up into smaller sections of photos, because some people have reported problems with getting all the pictures to come up. This update is intended to speed up image loading and solve the problem.

Click on the alphabetical letter links below to bring up the pictures in the corresponding gallery.

EIB A Gallery

EIB B-C Gallery

EIB D Gallery

EIB E-F-G Gallery

EIB H Gallery

EIB I-J-K Gallery

EIB L-M-N-O Gallery

EIB P-Q-R-S-T Gallery

EIB U-V-W-X-Y-Z Gallery

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