Pan-AM loggings

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Pan-AM loggings (GMT): MAR'18 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Mar17 1159 P R Educacion giving KYW a run! Long classical pieces JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar 14 1320 P-F steady. Basicaly alone! ESPN chatter. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar12 1256 P ESPN Radio by Deportes anncr. Thru others, no KBGG. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar 9 1222 P ESPN & ESPN2 by Deportes anncr, ESPN, ESPN app, on ESPN radio in promo after promo. No KBGG. JJR-MI

Pan-AM loggings (GMT): FEB'18 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
640 CUBA R. Progreso Feb18 0715-0801 fair w no fades, atop the pile w old-sounding SS music. ID by YL at 0800 "(something) La Habana." Rare TS-MI
760 CUBA R Progreso Feb18 0851 very faint under WJR, music // 640 IDed during dead air on Redeye Radio. Probably from the Pinar del Rio xmtr site. Not IDed in several years TS-MI
1570 MEXICO XERF Ciudad Acuna Feb16 0435 to 0445 UTC. Poor but on top. Male SS anncr with tlk and even a little singing. // to webcast. TPK-WI
1620 CUBA R. Rebelde Feb23 0455 to 0510 UTC. A Radio Rebelde synchro vp in the background of mostly KOZN. Vocal SS songs and possible instrumental NA @ TOH. // to 5025 SW. TPK-WI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Feb28 1256 P ESPN ESPN2 by Deportes anncr (getting old) WRCR still off, o/KBGG.JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Feb26 1245 P ESPN ESPN App, foreced laughter, tired Deportes "ESPN" which seems to be played out of every break. Only funny first 700 times. o/KBGG. Long fades. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Feb14 1221 P tho steady. ESPN fare, long fade, lost. Alone on freq. JJR-WI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Feb12 1307 F -alone, no KBGG til later. ESPN, ESPN 2, app, etc. JJR-MI

Pan-AM loggings (GMT): JAN'18 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
530 CUBA CMBY Jan30 0335-0445 o/u CIAO and Enciclopedia.mostly over, better after 0350, OM and YL w SS talk, ID at 0401 "C???, Radio Caribe, transmitiendo (something) La Juventud, Cuba." Then EZL music, newer than the stuff Enc plays. Faded and gone by 0445. Per MediumWave Info, Caribe usually on 1220 is temp using Rebelde 530 TX. NEW! TS-MI
710 CUBA R. Rebelde Jan 9 0555-0701 end of newscast, TOH tones, "Nosotros" (old Cuban music).. Up and down w WOR nulled but never completely faded, several 5-10 min strong peaks, 2 xmtr echo noted during talk. "Rebelde La Habana" TOH ID missing. Also easy copy for past several days, best I've ever heard them TS-MI
710 CUBA Radio Rebelde ( city unknown ) Jan2 0035 to 0045 UTC. Poor. One of several stations in the background of a stronger station w/ the Sean Hannity talk show. SS anncrs, mostly a female, w/SS chatter. // to Radio Rebelde’s 5.025 Mhz. SW outlet. TPK-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Jan27 0600 G and dominating the frequency w/ ID and Mexican NA. Radio Educacion, KYW off the air. CR-IL
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan27 1347 P w/u KBGG ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN app, ESPN promos JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tacate Jan25 1344 P w/Deportes ESPN ESPN2 into EE chatter, ESPN 1700.JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan19 1322 P tho steady w/u/o KBGG.ESPN fare. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan20 1417 P ,,, the ESPN stns, Dave Ramsey 11am on ESPN1700, alone. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan18 1255 F in partially nulled KGBB with ESPN talk and ID atTOH. NEW!CR-IL
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan9 1302 P -steady, ESPN chatter thru louder KBGG. No KNX KOMO et al JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan3 1252 F-LOUD! ESPN forced laughter, chuckles, Geico, Home Depot o/KBGG. faded. JJR-MI

Pan-AM loggings (GMT): DEC'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
890 CUBA Chambas CMDZ R.Progresso Dec28 0120 Mexican ballads. First official on the ICOM-7300. TS-MN
1110 MEXICO XERED Mexico City Dec26 0535 //Tune-in app with man speaking. Was not expecting this at all. Someone also mentioned this being 200kw. TS-IA
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tacate Dec31 1214 GMT P ESPN, ESPN app. Thru KBGG sports. Long fades, JJR-MI

Pan-American DX:GMT NOV'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
570 MEXICO XEBJB Monterrey Nov 11 0245 to 0300 UTC. Very poor to poor and mostly alone. SS contemporary mx. Running // to webcast. Several “ BJB “ IDs in SS @ TOH. No WNAX. TPK-WI
580 MEXICO XEMU Piedras Negras Nov 11 0318 to 0400 UTC. Very poor but very little fading. Along @ times. Mexican mx and a female SS anncr. A few time checks and mentions of Mexico were hrd but no real IDs. ID confirmed thru // webcast. A 2nd SS station was sometimes present. It sounded South American. No WIBW. TPK-WI
580 PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan Nov 10 0239 Poor in CKWW null with SS: OM speaking, sounded like he was talking into a barrel; // Webcast. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer! FIRST log from PR!!! NEW! EB-MI
590 MEXICO XEPH Mexico City Nov10 0410 to 0415 UTC. Poor but sometimes on top. SS non-Mexican mx. The ID “ Sabrosita “ occasionally spoken atop the mx. The broadcast was also running // to the webstream. No WKZO and KXSP. TPK-WI
600 CUBA CMKV Urbano Noris Nov10 0330 to 0340 UTC. Poor mostly u/WMT. SS vocal songs w/SS chatter between songs. IDed thru the // Radio Rebelde webcast. TPK-WI
610 CUBA CMAN Nov15 0120 fair- CMAN per mwlist.org, Radio Rebelde // to 600 and 5025 but about 1 second behind, TL-IN
630 CUBA CMHC Nov15 0145 fair- CMHC per mwlist.org, Radio Progreso, nice music, loud atop channel // stream, TL-IN
650 MEXICO XETNT Los Mochis Nov9 0155 to 0210 Poor and always u/ a fair WSM. SS tlk. At TOH the call letters were hrd given twice along w/ a spoken and jingled " Radio Sesenta Cinco " ID. TPK-WI
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City Nov 10 0301 F with SS Sports, what sounded like ads at :08, ment "____ du Mexico," and "W Deportes." EB-MI
740 CUBA CMKO Sagua de Tanamo Nov 10 0250 Vp under CFZM with mx, sounded EZListening in nature, 'Radio Angulo.' NEW! EB-MI
860 CUBA CMDB Nov14 0432 poor- heard only "RR" weak behind WTZX about 5 seconds at top of minutes, TL-IN
860 CUBA Radio Reloj Nov9 2306, RR code every minute. News in Spanish. Fair signal. CR-IL
870 CUBA Radio Reloj Nov9 2246, RR code every minute. News in Spanish. In WWL null. Fair signal CR-IL
940 MEXICO XEQ MX Mexico City Nov 11 0150 to 0200 UTC. Very poor to fair. Alone @ times. SS vocal songs and possible ads. Peaked strong @ TOH. Location (desde Mexico), call letters, power, 2 beeps, and several slogans and jingles hrd in SS. TPK-WI
1000 XEOY MEXICO Mexico City Nov11 0421 poor- always way under WMVP with SS music, // several online SDRs, TL-IN
1000 MEXICO XEOY Mexico City Nov 11 0216 to 0222 UTC. Poor to fair but u/ WMVP. SS vocal songs w/ “ Mil-AM “ and “Mil Classico “ IDs. The // webstream was checked to make sure it was the Mexican Radio Mil. XEOY and WMVP had identical frequencies to the nearest tenth of a hertz. TPK-WI
1050 MEXICO XEG Monterrey Nov9 2308 fair- strong at times, long peaks and fades, nice ranchera music with frequent "Ranchera Monterrey" IDs, // to SDR in Houston area, NEW! TL-IN
1110 MEXICO XERED Mexico City Nov10 0150 to 0200 UTC. Inaudible to poor and u/KFAB. SS tlk and possible call-ins. Several “ RED “ and “ Radio RED “ IDs emphasized @ TOH. TPK-WI
1110 MEXICO XERED Mexico City Nov14 0302 F and alone on frequency with news and "Radio Red" ID. CR-IL
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Nov20 1123 P 1800Flowers.com ESPN,ESPN2, Ford Edge, SiriusXM,ESPNapp,ESPN1700.JJR-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT OCT'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
Pan-AM reports:
640 CUBA CMBC Havana Oct2 0158 to 0215 Vp-P Only station w/audio. SS vocal songs and a male ann. Several “ Radio Progreso La Habana “ IDs hrd. Running // to webcast. TPK-WI
640 MEXICO XEJUA Cd. Juarez Oct1 1142 G peak o/WOI mostly with Mexican mx and "Seis cientos quarenta A-M, La Caliente" ID. NK-IL
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire Oct14 0142 to 0150. All alone and poor @ first but faded to v. poor. Tuned into a program of SS songs. Signal looped southeast so I was thinking maybe Cuba. ID as Trans Mundial Radio and Bonaire location given @ 0145. SS tlk followed. Hrd on the Bose Wave Radio. TPK-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Oct20 1025 to 1035 GMT. Poor . In the background of a rather weak KYW . Instrumental flute mx, "Radio Educacion" ID, location, and frequency given in SS @ 1028, then more instr. mx. TPK-WI
1570 MEXICO XERF Ciudad Acuna Oct1 1107 Vp and in the background w/a male vocal Mexican NA accompanied by a chorus and orchestra. Assumed. TPK-WI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate-San Diego,CA Oct24 1231 P-clear "ESPN 1700" said 2x, fade up! NEW! JJR-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT SEPT'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
670 CUBA Rebelde Sept9 0545-0600 (also 9-8 all thru late evening at this QTH), easy copy, SS newscast and Rebelde IDs. With radio turned towards Chicago, still fair and no WSCR. Wow TS-MI
800 MEXICO XEROK MX Cuidad Juarez Sept12 0525 to 0535 GMT. Fair and mostly alone w/ SS contemporary mx. Location and "Radio Canon" ID hrd @ 0529. The phase "ocho ciento" used often sometimes w/ sound effects. TPK-WI
800 MEXICO XEROK Cd Juarez Sept5 1048 F-G:LOUD! Almost excellent wiping entire freq! JJR-MI
1040 COLOMBIA HJAI Barranquilla, Sept 11 0054 Vp with lively SS mx, 'Radio Tropical,' got // to Webcast! Colombia #3! NEW! EB-MI
1050 MEXICO XEG Monterrey Sept9 0558 to 0606 GMT. In fair and alone @ TOH w/call letters, location, and " La Ranchera de Monterrey " ID, all in SS. Mexican mx programming. TPK-WI
1220 MEXICO XEB Mexico City Sept9 0340 to 0405 GMT. Inaudible to poor w/other stations present. Contemporary SS mx. " La B Grande " ID hrd in the clear @ 0358. TPK-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT AUG'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
800 MEXICO XEROK Cd Juarez Aug25 1100 F -loud, LID "Mexico" into mx. Atop. JJR-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT JUN'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
710 MEXICO XEMP Mexico City Jun27 0740 to 0750 Vp and in the background of some unid. stations. Mexican mx, SS announcers, "Radio Setecientos Diez" ID hrd twice. No lighting static. TPK-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT APR'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
690 MEXICO BN Tijuana XETRA Apr6 2230 Assumed, Strong Spanish station. Also heard a 2nd SS when broadsiding the loop. AJ-AZ
760 MEXICO XEABC Mexico City Apr25 1145 to 1200. In fair and alone @ tune in but gone @ 0600. SS vocal songs w/ "ABC Radio" ID ( ah,bay,say) between each song. WJR not nulled, just not around. TPK-WI
800 MEXICO-CH Cuidad Juarez XEROK Apr3 0405 Assumed. Music, young announcer. Antenna peaked in that direction. AJ-AZ
990 MEXICO BN Mexicali XECL Apr10 0500 Good ID (still know Spanish alphabet). Spanish adult contemporary. AJ-AZ
1140 MEXICO XEMR Monterrey Apr24 1125 to 0540. Poor to almost good, sometimes alone. SS male announcer w/contemporary SS mx, chatting, and time checks. No ID heard but assume XEMR cuz Republica de Mexicana and Monterrey were mentioned several times. TPK-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT MAR'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
690 MEXICO Mexico City XEN Mar6 0254 Weak to P. SS talk in and out other weak stations. No station ID hrd but their ownership ID , " Radio Centro " , was hrd several times. A ray gun sound effect was played between each topic talked about. TPK-WI
760 MEXICO Mexico City XEABC Mar4 1150 to 1202 P to F. SS vocal songs, male and female SS anns., and Mexican NA @ 0558. At TOH, location ( desde …. Capital Republica de Mexicana ) , frequency, and two " ABC Radio " IDs given. Under WJR upon tuning in but alone by start of NA. TPK-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT FEB'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
750 VENEZUELA Caracas YVKS Feb1 0347 P to F and mostly o/ a weaker WSB. SS tlk and no mx. 2 males and 1 female ann. Wisconsin, California, Colombia mentioned.Possible nx item about nutria in Patagonia. At 0404 ID given as "RCR" , the 2 Rs nicely trilled. Shortly thereafter one of my local neighborhood jammers " signed on " wiping out 750. A recheck @ 0425 GMT showed RCR totally gone which means I missed their s/off. TPK-WI
750 VENEZUELA Caracas YVKS Feb1 0217 P with SS talk, sounded like a talk show of some sort. Eventually lost to WSB. NEW! EB-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Bonaire TWR Feb2 2330 P not loud at all. TWR360.org. Dr J Vernon McGee later. JJR-Cay
850 CUBA Feb5 0020 P Radio Reloj hrd w/male and female SS anns., clock ticks and morse code "RR". S/N. TPK-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT JAN'17 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City Jan28 0538 G- Heard an XEX ID, strong in SS w/ments of "Doubleoo Deportes" - TL-IN
790 CUBA Pinar del Rio Jan20 0000 P- Only the clock tones and top of the minute RR morse was heard. Radio Reloj TL-IN
790 CUBA Pinar del Rio CMAQ Jan18 0830 GMT. Radio Reloj hrd w/ its distinct clock ticks and morse code RR penetrating the mess. 780-WBBM's IBOC was not on. TPK-WI
1540 BAHAMAS Nassau ZNS Jan29 0155 P t/c Radio Bahamas 1540AM -104.5FM JJR-Cay
Pan-American DX:GMT NOV'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
950 CUBA Nov17 0515 Vp at bottom with Morse IDs, tones. Was there most of the time WWJ was off the air. EB-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT OCT'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
540 MEXICO XETX Nuevo Casas Grandes Oct1 1058 P steady, alone. LaRanchera y/90.5. Didn't bring logbooks. Might be new. Might not. JJR-MI
600 CUBA Radio Rebelde Oct4 0340 G strong, mostly alone, spanish lang. with several Rebelde IDs, 1572 miles. TL-IN
640 CUBA CMLA? Guanabacoa Oct1 0415 F R. Progreso, strong with nice Cuban music, // webstream, NEW!. - TL-IN
750 VENEZUELA YVKS Caracas Oct28 0347 UTC P long coverage of a sporting event (soccer?), mentions of Venezuela, // to online stream, 2450 miles my furthest catch, NEW COUNTRY! NEW! TL-IN
1060 MEXICO XEEP Ciudad de México Oct28 0040 UTC P spanish music format, mixing with WHFB, // webstream NEW! TL-IN
1170 COLOMBIA HJNW Cartagena Oct27 2350 UTC G spanish programming, clearly heard "Esta es Caracol Radio Santa Fe", quick and complete fade afterward. 2255 miles - TL-IN
Pan-American DX:GMT SEPT'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
870 CUBA Radio Reloj Sep28 0137 G u/WWL, heard clock ticks and RR morse at 3 sec past top of each minute. NEW! TL-IN
Pan-American DX:GMT AUG'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde (various sites) Aug1 0353 F on top of the frequency with Spanish language music and singing // 5025 kHz. Not new but rare and even rarer in summer SMA-MB
Pan-American DX:GMT MAR'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
Pan-American DX:GMT FEB'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
990 MEXICO XET Monterrey Feb19 0450 P in the mix with Mexican styled music and SS talk. Thanks to Rick Dau for suggesting it was them and I checked it against their web live stream and it was them. Not new but very rare here because we can hear them only when CBW is off as they were tonight. SMA-MB
Pan-American DX:GMT JAN'16 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
760 MEXICO Mexico City XEABC Jan5 1126 F -WJR nulled. 2 songs with clear "A-B-C" sounders. JJR-WI

Pan-American DX:GMT DEC'15 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
860 R Reloj CUBA Jovellanos Dec24 0450 SS talk, TP under Toronto NEW SP-WI
Pan-American DX:GMT AUG'15 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
800 MEXICO XEROK Cd.Juarez Aug28 1100 F "R.Canon" killing all on freq, tho lost to WDUX. JJR-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT APR'15 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1570 MEXICO XERF Ciudad Acuna Apr10 1100 P Calls at TOH. Un-nullable for a few minutes. JJR-MI
Pan-American DX:GMT MAR'15 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
550 HONDURAS HRH Tegucigalpa Mar20 0259-0301 F mixed with KTRS and YVKE with child oriented ad easy to pick out voice // web. ABC Radio ID into mx. NEW! NK-IL
870 ARGENTINA LRA1 Buenos Aires Mar21 0300 P mixed with Cuban Reloj well under BB game on WWL. M&W talk and clear 6 hourly time pips. NEW! NK-IL
1030 ARGENTINA LS10 Buenos Aires Mar21 0300 to 0301:30 P-F Clear 6 pips at 0300 mixed with SS QRM that I think was mostly XELJ. Nice ID during news at 0301:30 by deep voiced man. "Radio Noticias Del Plata" Pips only were heard here in March 2012 AU. NK-IL
1090 COLOMBIA HJOM Cartegena Mar20 0059-0100 P-F well atop KVOP with deep voiced SS man giving the full list of stations and Bluradio ID's. A huge surprise as this isn't the usual HJ I see reported on 1090. Nice to have KAAY off. NEW! NK-IL
Pan-American DX:GMT FEB'15 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
540 MEXICO XEWA San Luis Potosi Feb 3 0130 P clear X-E-W-A upon tune in! JJR-Cay
670 CUBA R. Rebelde, either Havana or Villa Clara Feb11 0525-0605 G in WSCR null, even W SCR on long peaks during 1230-1AM EST newscast. In every night lately but never this strong. Other previously heard Cubans heard very well this night TS-MI
750 VENEZUELA YVKS Caracas Feb27 0350-0419 weak under WSB w WJR nulled, occasional F peaks, fast SS talk w mentions of Caracas and Venezuela. UNIDed last several nights. YV #4 NEW! TS-MI
1340 CUBA CMFL Palmira Feb3 0200 P R.Ciudad del Mar. Steady, nice signal on every check of freq. Un-nullable! JJR-Cay
530 CUBA ---- Guantanamo, R. Rebelde Jan30 0659-0701 TOH attention signal and between-headlines stingers weak but easy copy under R. Enciclopedia. New on this freq. DXing.com's list of Cuban AMs indicates Guantanamo w/1KW is the only Rebelde on 530 NEW! TS-MI
530 CUBA ---- Villa Maria, R. Enciclopedia Jan30 0558-0701 F w several good, extended peaks in CIAO null; old EZL instrumentals w YL anncr. “Musica Cubana” only SS copied. Not heard in almost three years TS-MI
790 CUBA CMAR Pinar del Rio Jan30 0129 P R Reloj o/all JJR-CAY
810 CUBA CMDW Guantanamo Jan30 0127 P alk of Habana JJR-CAY
810 MEXICO XERI Reynosa Jan11 0257-0302 F basically alone with mellowish SS mx than at 0301 full ID and ment of 5 kW power and ment of "regalmente musica" slogan is Radio Rey. New for me this season. NK-IL
1140 ---- CUBA R. Rebelde Jan16 0200 w WRVA nulled, Rebelde TOH attention signal easy copy over 2 UNID SS. New on this freq. Per DXing.info's list of Cuban AMs, there are four Rebeldes on 1140 TS-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spiritus Jan30 0125 P R Reloj
930 CUBA CMJS Ciego de Avila Jan30 0123 P R Reloj JJR-CAY
1230 CUBA CMGJ Union de Reyes Jan30 0034 P strong, sl fading. Musical popular Habana JJR-CAY
1540 BAHAMAS ZNS Jan30 0000 P bits, later w/lively jock "1540 Hello!" upon answering phone, "the Nat'l Voice of the Bahamas" JJR-CAY
1610 ANTIGUA Carib Beacon Jan30 2342 P REL preaching, ID hrd later JJR-CAY
1620 VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP St.Croix Jan30 2346 P newscast o/UNID SS JJR-CAY

1050 XED MEXICO Mexicali Dec16 0358-9 F poking in generally u/pest XEG with SS talk and two Mexicali ments. NEW! NK-IL
1060.076 MEXICO XERDO Reynosa Dec17 0400 VG peaks ending grupera mx with call ID, 1060, and 7 kW ment, Reynosa ment, and "La Raza" slogans and "La Estacion de Todos". Just moved here from 1450. At times stronger than XEEP which is spot on 1060. NEW! NK-IL
1110 MEXICO XERED Dec12 0357 Man and woman talking in Spanish // Radio Red web. At 0:40 of 021 at 2258 look for calls (heard on web) on 021 and also 022. 5:15 of #026 with talk may be Red. SC-BR
1220 MEXICO XEB Mexico City Dec23 0254 Instrumental music //web. SC-BR
1300 MEXICO XEP Cd.Juarez Dec18 0259 F-G for a bit with SS gal with nx and Radio Mexico Noticias ID. NK-IL
1300 MEXICO XEXV Leon Dec16 0345-0410 F-G peaks but often faded u/KGLO. SS mx and "La Zeta" slogans. Heard the previous night at 0258 with a PSA for something in Guanajuato. I used to get XEP here but I think their signal has deteriorated over the years. NK-IL
1570 MEXICO XERF Ciudad Acuna Dec23 0608 Awoke from nap (with headphones) to Mexican instrumental-choral anthem, which lasted a few minutes until a full legal ID delivered once by man, once by a woman, with “La Poderosa” slogan, and into Mexican music. Strong, atop channel and //web. Second ID might be for FM? NEW! SC-BR
1570 MEXICO Ciudad Acuna XERF Nov22 1158 P tho YL voice clearly cut thru mess. "X-Eh-R-F..." JJR-MI
840 Mexico unID presumed 8-18 1100 VP here weakly with Mexican NA. Presumed Mexican since KVJY which I believe still carries R.Formula overnights, has their own programming on by this time. NK-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Monterrey Dec20 1212 G -beautiful, loud classical mx. No calls, not KYW for sure, hi. JJR-MI
1480 MEXICO XEZJ Guadalajara Nov8 0552 F "XEZJ" and what sounded like a LID. Slower type music in o/30 mins to fade! TNX to Eric Berger for help on former UNID! NEW! JJR-WI
710 MEXICO XEMP Mexico City Oct13 1106 F wiping out anything - "Interferencia 710" and softer ballads. 3rd MEX on 710: others: XELZ XEDP and this is NEW! JJR-WI
1170 MEXICO XECD Puebla Aug16 0600 G! Nice clear calls at TOH. In most of night on 14th, 15th after 2200UTC. Websteam match. Not new ;( Other XE's:600,1050, but not 1060. JJR-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Mar31 0317 Poor and lost. Later would fade up @ :32. Big Band, Female songs, lounge type music, 30s/40s standards. "Let's Fall in Love" was followed up by SS (female) "Radio Educacion..." While XEEP is noted often here, the Standards programming was interesting! Thought KBFL-MO was on day power, hi. 20,000w JJR-MI
670 CUBA Rebelde Feb1 0503-0559 G (for Cuba), above WWFE, easy copy in WSCR null, "Nosotros" Cuban music show. Sync echo effect from 2 xmtrs, first log of this on any Rebelde freq TS-MI
1570 MEXICO XERF Ciudad Acuna Feb4 0457 P jumpy -bouncy mx in for 40 min and nice LID by woman at :57. JJR-WI

710 CUBA CMW La Julia Dec4 0601-0700 in WOR null w Rebelde"Nosotros" (old Cuban music) show, fair over WAQI but easy copy // 1180, both stronger than SW 5025 TS-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB3 Bonaire Nov2 0426 Vp u/CKLW with religion in EE and SS. EB-MI
1000 XEFV MEXICO Cd. Juarez 8-22 0213 P-F u/WMVP with ranchera mx and La Rancherita ID. NK-IL
1030 XESDD MEXICO Puerto Neuvo 8-22 0300 up to good levels well atop with La Tremenda Diez Trenta slogans and into male SS cmty. Was noted as early as 0235 which is only 10 minutes after Tijuana sunset. Becoming a pest and making me doubt that they are only using 5 kW. NK-IL
Mar'12 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
530 CUBA Guantanamo, R. Rebelde Mar10 appeared over Enciclopedia at 0958 with "Emisora" ID and time check "cinco en la manana" (five in the morning). 1KW, NEW! TS-MI
560 CUBA CMIA Ciego de Abila Mar14 0426 Vp in WRDT null with OM speaking, sounded like a politician. // 600 Rebelde. NEW! EB-MI
560 CUBA Ciego Avila, R. Rebelde Mar10 0508 buried under WIND but confirmed // 5025. NEW! TS-MI
640 CUBA Havana, R. Progreso Mar10 0502-0509 fair and atop the pile with SS talk and pop music. Not heard in over 20 years TS-MI
650 CUBA Ciego de Avila Mar14 0511 Vp when WSM faded with SS drama, // 640 Progreso. NEW! EB-MI
690 CUBA Villa Clara, R. Progreso, Mar10 0525 weak but alone with everyone else nulled, // 640. Not heard since the 1980s TS-MI
720 MEXICO XEDE Saltillo Mar10 0810 faded up over UNID, ragged but easy copy for >30 mins; long ID break at 0825 with CLs and "Saltillo Coahulia Mexico." Also mentions of "La Caliente" ("The Hot One"). NEW! TS-MI
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City Mar10 0745-0755 with SS sports PBP. Rare TS-MI
770 CUBA Holguin, R. Rebelde Mar10 0545 way under WABC // 5025 TS-MI
780 VENEZUELA Coro R. Coro Mar10 0715-0745 VG even with WBBM on (nulled). SS pop music and many "Radio Coro" IDs. VE #3 NEW! TS-MI
1500 MEXICO XEDF Mexico City Mar12 0840 P tho 20/9! R.Formula, "telephone...Mexicana..." NEW! JJR-WI
1620 CUBA Rebelde, either Havana or Guantanamo Mar10 0548 weak but alone // 5025. NEW! TS-MI
Feb'12 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
620 MEXICO XEBU Chihuahua Feb23 0643 G w/nortena mx and "La Nortenita" noted in jingle ID. RD-NE
630 CUBA CMOA Isla Juventu Feb19 0709 P in CFCO null with SS, // 640; Progreso. Not sure if this is right, but it's what's in my records. EB-MI
660 MEXICO XEEY Aguascalientes Feb13 0556 F in null of local KCRO w/a definite "La Consentida" ID heard. RD-NE
710 CUBA CMW La Julia Feb13 0530 G u/KCMO w/Radio Rebelde programming //CMQ-670. RD-NE
710 MEXICO XEDP Ciudad Cuauhtemoc Feb25 1114 P tho steady w/very clear "X-E-D-P, La Ranchera de...." into what sounded like a record offer w/several songs played. Replaced in minutes by KCMO, WFNR. NEW! JJR-WI
750 MEXICO XECSI Culiacan Feb23 0601 G in WSB null w/mention of "Vida Ochenta Nueve punto Sinco effay emmay, Equis Ahchah Cey Essay Ee" heard in legal ID. RD-NE
890 CUBA CMDZ Chambas Feb21 0241 G in WLS null w/Radio Progreso program and ID heard. Confirmed via webstream. RD-NE
910 CUBA CMHA Camaguey Feb13 0900 F w/definite bits of "Radio Cadena...." and "Cuba" noted in legal ID. RD-NE
1170 COLOMBIA HJNW Cartegena Feb2 0459 F peaks o/domestics for a while with "Caracol, Cartegena" and local ads. Easiest Colombian here but not all that common. NK-IL
1180 CUBA CMBA Villa Maria Feb23 0702 Faint in very tight null of local KOIL w/Radio Rebelde programming //5025. RD-NE
Jan'12 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Jan28 0631 F w/San Diego Sockers soccer and ID of "ESPN Radio 1700." Confirmed via XEPE's webstream, which was about 15 seconds behind. Thanks to El Cajon DXer Stephen Airy for his help on this. RD-NE
1700 MEXICO XEPE BCN Tecate Jan16 1256 P u/KBGG w/MEX NA; no other details hrd (sta progrmng is EE ESPN). This is the only MEX sta on 1700 & time NA played, 5 AM local, is when MEX regulations require it to be. NEW! BD-WI

Dec'11 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
670 CUBA R. Rebelde Dec16 0145-0230 in WSCR null, faint and ragged but on top of UNID and 5 kHz het. No fades, an occasional peak. Baseball PBP // 5025 SW. Not heard in several years TS-MI
690 CUBA Dec5 0459 up briefly over WIST; faint, but with familiar anthem-like song played by Rebelde just before TOH. // 5025 SW. CU lists and past logs indicate 690 is R. Progreso. TS-MI
710 CUBA R.Rebelde Dec18 2305-2330 most likely the Havana 150 KW xmtr, very faint under WOR but ID-able when compared to 670 and 5025. SS talk and pop music. Also not heard in several years TS-MI
1180 CUBA R.Rebelde Dec5 0620-0645 over and under WHAM // 5025 SW with classical SS vocal music. Several good, long peaks. Had heard only R. Taino from CU on 1180. NEW! TS-MI
1180 CUBA R. Rebelde Dec14 0030-0130 F, baseball PBP // 5025 SW. WHAM heard only in brief peaks. Rare for a Cuban to be this listenable for this long TS-MI

Nov'11 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
620 MEXICO XENK DF Mexico City Nov30 0904 P-VP in WTMJ null & WRJZ QRM w/ piano mx, CL's & "Radio 6-20" slo ID. NEW! BD-WI

Aug'11 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
530 CUBA CMBQ Cuba Havana Aug18 1047 Good w/Spanish guitar ballad, taped "Radio Enciclopedia" ID by female. RD-NE
640 CUBA CMBB Cuba Guanabacoa Aug18 0700 Fair w/taped "Radio Progreso" ID by female. RD-NE
940 MEXICO XEYJ Mexico Sabinas Aug18 0448 Good w/regional Mexican mx, ID as "Radio Sabinas" //webstream. Last heard on 950 several years ago. RD-NE

Jan'11 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
555 ST KITTS ZIZ Leeward Islands Jan1 0130 F but steady music for 15 mins while listening in LSB. I think this is the best I have ever heard them. Guess the improvements in my antenna are working! RZZ-WI
600 CUBA CKMV Urbano Norris Jan3 0325-0330 G and alone w SS talk // Rebelde on 5025; 2230-2245 o/uUNID. Not heard since the 80s, log #1 on new radio TS-MI

Nov'10 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
530 UNID Nov8 0207 G with a little fading. "Enciclopedia" ID. Prior to that an instrumental version of Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". Dead give away it wasn't Voz Christiana. Anyone know how much power they're running? It is quite good at times even on the car radio. TK-MT
640 CUBA Havana Radio Progresso Nov27 1110z G sigs well on top of the mix with nice ident. RZZ-WI
1020 CUBA Havana Radio Reloj Nov26 2313 P but the "RR" in morse quite clear through KDKA RZZ-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP DF Mexico City Nov3 0307 Radio Educación ID BC-MI

Oct'10 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
800 MEXICOtXEROK Ciudad Juarez Oct13 1052 F but loud+strong. Totally wiping out anything for about 5 mins. Never did hear id. Bouncy mx. JJR-MI
950 CUBA Oct24 0100 P R. Reloj w/ "RR" code MP-OH

Apr'10 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde Unknown location 4-23 0745 G -Latin music and ID. My first new station in months. SA-MB
Dec'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1020 CUBA Dec12 0505 CM?? / ?location? "RR" CW and ticking, F u/KDKA. Never heard this Reloj relayer. Any idea of calls / location? DH-IN

Nov'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Nov19 0008 G with Radio Reloj BC-MI
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Nov6 1042 Radio Reloj BC-MI
780 VENEZUELA YVMN Caracas Nov18 0109 Radio Coro - F in WBBM null with SS music BC-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire Nov17 0227 SS Religious program BC-MI
940 MEXICO XEQ Mexico City Nov2 0052 EE music followed by ID BC-MI
1000 MEXICO XEOY Mexico City Nov2 0203 Vp u/WMVP BC-MI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Nov2 0019 BC-MI

Oct'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
530 CUBA La Habana Oct23 0121 P with Radio Enciclopedia, very soft mx. EB-MI
555 ST.KITTS ZIZ Nevis Basseterre Oct27 0415 P with music in SS (I believe) - first time hearing them this year BC-MI
670 CMQ CUBA Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad Habana Oct31 0206 Radio Rebelde //5025 Khz BC-MI
710 CUBA CMW La Julia, La Habana Oct31 0214 Radio Rebelde //5025 Khz BC-MI
780 VENEZUELA YVMN Coro Oct25 0230 P in WBBM null with ads in SS, Radio Coro, into YL giving nx. New COUNTRY! NEW! Congratulations Eric! -ed EB-MI
780 VENEZUELA YVMN Caracas Oct24 0155 Vp in WBBM null with SS mx and Radio Coro ments several times. New Country! NEW! BC-MI Congrats Bill! -ed
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire 10-30 2036 SS Religious program BC-MI
800 PJB NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Oct24 0222 P u/CKLW with bilingual religious show. Thanks to those who helped ID it! New Country! NEW! Congratulations Eric! -ed EB-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire Oct24 0138 under tight CKLW null - Program "Leading the way" Alternating EE and SS BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spíritus Oct29 0042 Radio Reloj BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spíritus Oct24 0253 Radio Reloj BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT(?) Sancti Spiritus Oct23 0204 Radio Reloj. Very Loud and dominant on Frequency - I have it listed as CMDT, but it*s Cuba so who knows? BC-MI
1060 MEXICO XEEP DF Mexico City Oct25 0142 Classical music show BC-MI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Oct24 0222 Radio Educación BC-MI
1180 CUBA CMBA Villa Maria Oct25 0259 Radio Rebelde BC-MI

Sept'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
1700 XEPE MEXICO Tecate Sep5 0412 G with Padres BB. Now one of stronger Mexicans.JF-ON

Mar'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
660 MEXICO XEEY Aguascalientes Mar13 1145 rancheras, La Consentida slogan. No WFAN and made it thru the IBOC SP-WI
790 CMAQ Cuba Pinar del Rio Mar28 0359 R. REloj programming barely audible but TOM "RR" CW and tone cut through Norfolk and Fargo NEW! DH-IN
840 HAITI 4VEF Cap-Haitien Mar21 0250-0300 G o/CUBA in WHAS phase null with end of REL program in French. Quick ID "Radio Cat-Vah-Eh-Esh, onze heur" then abruptly off leaving the weak Cuban. Haiti #3! NEW! JF-ON
Feb'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
780 VENEZUELA YVMN Coro Feb4 0445 F with tropical music, "Radio Coro" slogan. JF-ON

Jan'09 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
710 MEXICO XELZ Torreon Jan13 1202 P w/YL-OM chatter and nice "Este es: XELZ..." Listened to tape at least 5x. 1kw to So.Milwaukee. Good Lord! NEW! JJR-WI
Dec'08 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
950 CUBA 12-13 1127 F with WWJ phased with usual clock ticks and Morse RR sounder, no talk heard JF-ON
Nov'08 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Nov2 0550 BC-MI
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Nov10 0153 Radio Reloj BC-MI
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Nov19 0325 Radio Reloj BC-MI
580 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HIAF Monte Cristi Nov26 0400 P-F mixed with WCHS/WELO/others on loop with Monte Cristi ment after lively SS mx. This was atop at times earlier on the car rx, and I finally managed to ID it with the Kiwa Loop in the house. Not XEMU which is Mexican mx and was in there with the loop aimed SW.New Country !!.NEW! NK-WI Congrats Neil! -ed
600 CUBA CMKV Urbano Noris, Holguín Nov9 0312 Radio Rebelde BC-MI
600 CUBA CMKV Urbano Noris, Holguín Nov19 0323 "Radio Rebelde" //5025 Khz BC-MI
650 CUBA CM?? Nov1 0347 Radio Rebelde - unknown CMDC or CMKU - Vp u/WSM BC-MI
670 CUBA CMQ Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad Habana Nov19 0111 Radio Rebelde //5025 Khz BC-MI
710 CUBA CMQ La Julia, La Habana Nov1 0316 Radio Rebelde BC-MI
710 CUBA CMQ La Julia, La Habana Nov1 0316 Radio Rebelde BC-MI
710 CUBA CMW La Julia, La Habana Nov14 0408 Radio Rebelde //5025 Khz BC-MI
720 JAMAICA RJR Kingston Nov21 0429 o/u WGN with call in show asking listeners "How many calories are there in a hen's egg?" Riveting programming, hi JF-ON
730 MEXICO XEX DF Mexico City Nov24 0218 Estadio W // XEW on 900 BC-MI
750 VENEZUELA YVKS Caracas Nov19 0434 blowing away WSB with signoff with vocal NA JF-ON
790 CUBA CMAQ Pinar del Río Nov6 0218 P -Radio Reloj BC-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire Nov8 0233 TWR - "Leading the way" program and then "Radio Transmundial" ID at :30 poor in / out in CKLW null - NEW! BC-MI
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB TWR Bonaire Nov17 0305 Sign off with National Anthem BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spíritus Nov1 0321 Radio Reloj BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spíritus Nov15 0317 Radio Reloj BC-MI
870 CUBA CMDT Sancti Spíritus Nov1 0321 Radio Reloj BC-MI
900 MEXICO XEW DF Mexico City Nov17 0147 Estadio W // XEX 730 BC-MI
900 MEXICO XEW DF Mexico City Nov24 0221 PM Estadio W // XEX 730 BC-MI

Oct'08 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT
570 CUBA CMDC Santa Clara / Villa Clara Oct30 0436 Radio Reloj with "RR" every minute in CW and Time pips BC-MI
670 CUBA CMQ Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad Habana Oct30 0036 Radio Rebelde //5025 Khz BC-MI
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City DF Oct28 0400 Mexico Sports radio "Estadio W" BC-MI
990 MEXICO XET T.Grande Monterrey Oct12 0138 F SS Mex mx. and talk, CBW-MB absent due to auroral cx. NEW! JB-WI
1000 MEXICO XEOY Mexico City Oct28 0337 Vp -Radio Mil-u/WMVP BC-MI

Feb'08 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 640tCUBA R. Progresso Feb22 0330 Lively Salsa / Island style music at G level. Mixing w/WHLO-OH. DH-IN 710tCUBA R. Rebelde Feb22 0223 SS talk equal w/WOR. DH-IN 950 CUBA R.Reloj Feb22 0445 Reloj's Ticks G in local WXLW null. DH-IN 670 UNID Feb22 0230 Live SS sporting event (baseball). Anyone catch this last night? Cuba? R. Rumbos? Reminded me of summertime. DH-IN
Jan'08 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 570 CUBA R.Reloj Santa Clara VC Jan24 1840 F-P Ticks, tone, and morse code ID o/uWNAX. NEW! JB-WI 870 CUBA Spiritus Sancti CMDT "Radio Reloj" Jan21 0007 P u/WWL and one unID w/ M talking in SS, second ticks, minute tones, Morse "RR" at top of ea. minute. 1st time hrd R Reloj on this freq. BD-WI

Dec'07 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 770 CMKB CUBA Las Mercedes/Pilon GRANMA 12-27 0529 P u/ WABC "Rebelde" SS, mx, jingles NEW! MP-OH

Oct'07 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 960 CUBA CMDJ Guantanimo Oct10 0700 Vp u/WSBT. "R.Reloj" w/tones, ticking. NEW! JJR-WI

Aug'07 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 530 CUBA Radio Rebelde Habana Aug25 1026 Parallel 5025 with Spanish talk about Cuba. NEW! SA-MB

Jul'07 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 860 XEMO Mexico Tijuana Jul15 1004 F having risen well atop KMVP ending a SS song and "La Poderosa 8-60" ID. NK-IL

Jan'07 Pan-AM dx: ALL TIMES GMT 550 VENEZUELA YVKE Jan11 0902 G Assume the one here with nx,many RNV IDS BALL-IL 820 ST.KITTS&NEVIS Charlestown Jan23 0025 F Radio Paradise. "Way of the Master prgrm,TBN network Ids, no local ID heard. NEW! BALL-IL 910 VENEZUELA YVRQ Caracas Jan10 0425 G Upbeat latin mx, TC and RQ 910 ID after each song.Dominating the freq.BALL-IL 1700 XEPE MEXICO BCN Jan14 0659 P very brief w/ "...1700, where money talks" NEW! MP-OH