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1270 KIML WY Cheyenne 12/25 1800 P end of song, LID-local nx. - XXX-WY
AUG AV:65.47 HI:194('00),LO:7('84) AUG'17:133 NOW:101 <- <-ABOVE AVG:61ST MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

570 WMAM WI Marinette 8/2 0517 P Nat'l ads, one WI reference. Area wx. No usual WNAX JJR-MI
580 WIBW KS Topeka 8/18 0500 Vp WIBW.com, LID CBS trying for possible KZMX which never responded to e-mail from possible reception other day. JJR-MI
620 CKRM SK Regina 8/29 0546 P calls, OLD C&W, and WTMJ in earlier, totally gone! JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 8/17 0531 P no WREY. ...on Denver's Talk station - 6-30 K-How JJR-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 8/16 0556 P 3-4 stations w/"ESPN" popping out. JJR-MI
670 KHGZ AR Glenwood 8/11 2200-2220. On late. Fairly good signal but buried u/ the strong and dominant WSCR. Classic C+W mx and a “ Caddo Country Radio” ID @ 2216. TPK-WI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 8/8 0535 P Sonrise Morn Show on EWTN in f/up o/OLD C&W stn. JJR-WI
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690 KTSM TX El Paso 8/30 0551 Vp tho clear NewsRadio 690 KTSM after many nat'l ads. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 8/28 0545 P hi 94, pos T-Storms, KTSM said 2x. Alone! JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 8/20 0511 P steady, no CKGM. "online at KTSM..." JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 8/17 0520 P Gordon Deal, Zip Recuiter, El Paso's NewsRadio 690 KTSM, atop! JJR-MI
690 WELD WV Fisher 8/23 2023 VG- very loud with classic hits, (Rock the Boat, Cats in the Cradle, Billie Jean, etc) lots of "690 Am, WELD" IDs, brand new one here, may be on day power -NEW! TL-IN
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 8/21 0520 P atop this morning vs past few sessions. No KTSM, CKGM.JJR-MI
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780 KCEG CO Fountain 8/29 0542 P the Ranch giving WBBM a run! Not in earlier. OLD C&W JJR-MI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 8/21 055 P strong w/WBBM nulled. OLD C&W "the Ranch" 890 not in today. JJR-MI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 8/19 0546 P -WBBM nulled. OLD C&W Timeless ...Radio Ranch JJR-MI
790 WJNA TN Ashland City 8/25 2200-2208. Poor. Classic rock. Mamas and the Papas “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers “Last Kiss”, then a canned self-promo that used their old WQSV call letters. // to a webcast. Some WBBM-780 QRM. 35 watts. TPK-WI
790 WMC TN Memphis 8/25 2224. Vp. Male anncr w/ MLB scores and hi-lites. “ ESPN 790 AM” ID. Assumed. TPK-WI
790 KFYO TX Lubbock 8/26 0203-0210. Vp. End of ABC nx than into wx. “NewsTalk 790 KFYO” ID. Mixing w/ other very poor stations. TPK-WI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 8/17 0545 P softer oldies, Legends 810/94.3 KLVZ. o/others. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 8/15 0534 P slower/softer OLDies. Legends 810-94.3 atop unn ESPNer JJR-MI
810 WMGC TN Murfreesboro 8/24 2110-2140 P-F and alone @ times w/ mucho lightning static QRN and very weak WGY QRM. Mexican mx w/ a deep-voiced, male SS anncr hyping announcements, ads, and “El Jefe” IDs after every third song or so. Not 6 watts. TPK-WI
810 WZRK WI Dodgeville 8/12 0630-0710. Poor signal w/ some unID ESPN QRM. A mystery station @ first w/ electric guitar orientated rock mx and “ 96.9 Z-ROCK” IDs. TPK-WI
830 WMMI MI Shepherd 8/24 2250-2310. Vp. Mostly inaudible u/ a very strong WCCO. Talk programming. After the TOH, the station poked thru a WCCO fade w/ nx about Michigan and mention of the Great Lakes Radio network. Assumed. TPK-WI
880 WRFD OH Columbus-Worthington 8/8 0527 P "also at SRNnews.com" calls at :30. WCBS gone. JJR-WI
890 KJME CO Fountain 8/19 0543 P -WLS nulled. Beatle songs, 890 Yesterday. Nice fade ups JJR-MI
890 KJME CO Fountain 8/16 0543 P 890 Yesterday, ad for Mex Rest in Denver/Pueblo. Even w/WLS at times!JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 8/30 0544 P the (SK) Riders live here! Rider Radio. A check led here. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 8/15 0526 P Jim Pattison group(owner) Sun 28, low 11(c) SK Country CKBI. Alone! JJR-MI
910 KJJQ SD Volga 8/30 0543 P "This is the Ranch-AM 910" C&W, expecting KCJB. Atop. JJR-MI
920 KDHL MN Faribault 8/17 0515 P area temps, "SE of Faribault" Fleet Farm JJR-MI
930 KKIN MN Aitkin 8/2 0513 P sev. Brainerd ments, wx: low 43, hi:88 for Lakes Area JJR-MI
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 8/18 0456 P "on 930 AM WBEN" in passing o/others. JJR-MI
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 8/16 0505 P ABC nx, County Fair "in Aberdeen" wx:55, Coast to Coast. NO calls.JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 8/16 0541 P solid, steady. Texas A&M Agri-Life, TX psa's. JJR-MI
950 KOEL IA Oelwein 8/21 0541 P AM950-KOEL, wx by YL AM950-KOEL -others nulled. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 8/18 0454 P tho easily wiping out WWJ. Classics til dawn, S Manitoba's classical choice, CFAM radio 95. Lucked out w/calls vs 27 minutes of waiting for calls, hi. JJR-MI
970 WKCI VA Waynesboro 8/8 0444 P "Alexa, play NewsRadio WKCY" into nx. (//1300 WKCY) Rare. JJR-WI
980 KMBZ MO Kansas City 8/28 0539 P tho atop. 81 in KS, Major ??? KMBZ traffic on the 9's. JJR-MI
1010 KTNZ TX AMarillo 8/28 0600 F steady! Catholic R for the High Plains-3 stn LID. EWTN, Rare! JJR-MI
1020 KMMQ NE Plattsmouth 8/28 0538 P-F steady w/La Nueva, no KDKA as cx turned W/SW! Rare! JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 8/21 P noticable easily w/WHO nulled. ESPN. Only affil. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 8/21 0500 P LID, a Radio.com stn, CBS nx wiping out WTSO. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 8/15 0555 P coming up at 4 o clock from CBS, t/c, LA traffic. Atop! JJR-MI
1070 WFNI IN Indiaanpolis 8/17 1921-1924 faded up in local CHOK null, weak but easy copy, FB PBP and several mentions of Center Grove HS. Google confirms this HS is in Greenwood IN. Heard, but never confirmed, w these CLS TS-MI2
1090 KEXS MO Excelsior Springs 8/8 0519 P -no KAAY. Atop, EWTN.com for stn list.":19 after" JJR-WI
1190 KVSV KS Beloit 8/28 0557 F "KVSV-the Mix" tween songs. No WOWO, Alone! Rare! JJR-MI
1190 KQQZ MO De Soto 8/5 2205 "Classic country KQQZ" by OM. strong sig (I suspect they were at day power) NO trace of WOWO. GH-IL
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 8/2 0526 P "country favorites AM 1190" WOWO gone. JJR-MI
1210 KGYN OK Gunyon 8/30 0100 "KGYN The Big Talker" by OM. Fair. No trace of WPHT, GH-IL
1210 KGYN OK Guymon 8/21 0607 P Bill Matthews on the Big Talker 1210 KGYN, t/c, local talk.JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 8/16 0535 P temps for area. High:80s, fade. First Light. Again, no calls! JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevan 8/21 0513 P u/others. Classical. Assumed. JJR-MI
1260 WPNW MI Zeeland 8/17 0627 P on Chicago Dr in Holland overtook WCCR. JJR-MI
1260 WPNW MI Zeeland 8/15 0618 Vp "at the ???? foods in Holland" and lost. JJR-MI
1260 WCCR OH Cleveland 8/17 0617 P EWTN radio feed, Morning Glory, AM 1260 the Rock JJR-MI
1270 WQTT OH Marysville 8/6 2210 good- oldies format, Glen Campbell, Jackson 5, Jefferson Airplane, ID as "True oldies, 96.7", all time new one here @ 180 miles,NEW! TL-IN
1300 WLXG KY Lexington 8/17 0000 "WLXG (missed-1 other callsign and an FM frequency) Lexington" by male announcer. 1 local ad. Weak and QRN from local storm. NEW! GH-IL
1310 WCCW MI Traverse City 8/29 0606 P tho atop usual WIBA. "13 WCCW..." OLDies. No more ESPN. JJR-MI
1310 WCCW MI Traverse City 8/19 0616 P "1310 WCCW is being recalibrated" Heard It Through the Grapvine loop by CCR, Gladys Knight & Marvin Gaye versions. Obviously stunting for new format. JJR-MI
1320 WJAS PA Pittsburgh 8/18 2200 Local Weather by OM. Briefly strong over the QRM then gone. GH-IL
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 8/21 0534 P AM 1320 WFHR, Dave Ramset promo thru others. JJR-MI
1330 WBGW IN Evansville 8/29 0055 FRN News then "AM 1330 WBGW Radio" by male announcer. Good sig no KNSS. NEW! GH-IL
1370 KSUM MN Fairmont 8/29 0537 P ...KSUM.com upon tuning in. Moved on. JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 8/29 0615 P 98-7 the Brew, 6:15 now.... WCCY nulled. Cl HITSJJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 8/2 0539 P "this is 98-7 the Brew" w/others on freq. JJR-MI
1430 KZEW CO Aurora 8/30 0603 P wx:80s/90s, sun. Cruisin' 1430 jingle OLDies. Atop others. JJR-MI
1430 KEZW CO Aurora 8/28 0617 P steady, Target ad, Crusin'1430 jingle into OLDie. Alone! JJR-MI
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 8/15 0535 "Good News Radio WKPR" by OM. Briefly very strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1440 WHKZ OH Warren 8/2 0100 "WHKW WHKZ" combined TOH ID by OM. Briefly strong then gone sunk in the QRM. GH-IL
1450 WDLB WI Marshfield 8/17 0613 P on AM 1450 WDLB, in mid-Wisconsin o/others. JJR-MI
1490 KXRA MN Alexandria 8/8 0433 P atop "a message from the Alexandria" psa. Rare. JJR-WI
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 8/2 0559 P On the Radio, Donna Summer 93-7 the Rock until WRRD o/c.JJR-MI
1510 KIFG IA Iowa Falls 8/30 0534 Vp tho clr 95.3 & 1510 KIFG thru others. KIFG heard 3x. JJR-MI
1530 WLAK WI New Holstein 8/30 0612 P tho a nice signal//1590 WGBW. OLDies JJR-MI
1550 KYAL OK Sapulpa 8/5 2057 Various ESPN and "The Sports Animal" slogan ID's. AT TOH no callsign ID given at all. Fair some fading. GH-IL
1560 KGOW TX Bellaire 8/28 0605 F LOUD, Vietnamese -not in earlier. Only fit. Been a while. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 8/16 0600 P Milw ments, Wisc Gospel...96.1 & 1560 LID thru others. JJR-MI
1570 WSCO WI Appleton 8/30 0600 Vp tho clear LID incl x-lators, thru others. Not common. JJR-MI
1580 WTTN WI Columbus 8/27 0606 P alone, 608 AC in realty ad, no CKDO on lackluster morning. JJR-MI
1600 WKKX WV Wheeling 8/27 0508 "AM 1600 WKKX The Watchdog" ID by YL. Briefly strong then gone in the QRM. GH-IL
1610 CHHA ON Toronto 8/28 0502 P CHHA 1610 AM, Voices Latinas in EE upon tuning in.JJR-MI
1630 KKGM TX Ft.Worth 8/15 0515 P but giving KCJJ a run for the money. REL. JJR-MI
1630 KRND WY Fox Farm 8/2 0544 Vp -cutting thru KCJJ w/SS music. JJR-MI
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1640 KZLS OK Enid 8/29 0534 P Okla's newest tractor dlr:....10 mi out of OKC. WSJP nulled. JJR-MI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 8/28 0623 P psas NO CALLS, into Hugh Hewitt show, WSJP easily nulled. JJR-MI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 8/17 0500 P from WW1...TruckingMovesAMerica.com,LID, Hugh Hewitt. No WSJP JJR-MI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 8/15 0514 P Hugh Hewitt chatter//web. No sign of WSJP. JJR-MI
1660 WBCN NC Charlotte 8/8 0510 P "Smoke 94-7" tween two Classic Rock songs. Atop. JJR-WI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 8/28 0500 P clearly atop w/LID, 997-7 My FM, HotAC. Alone. JJR-MI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 8/18 0442 P tho o/weak WPRR. 99-7 My FM JJR-MI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 8/8 0428 P contest promo, calls, LID into NOS. Alone. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
580 UNID 8/15 0541 P alone. Dog & Butterfly/Heart into Grand Funk song. Not CKWW! Needed KZMX? Did write station. JJR-MI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
770 CUBA Radio Rebelde Victoria de las Tunas 8/26/18 0510-0540 UTC. Inaudible to poor. Salsa-like mx w/ SS male and female anncrs. // to Radio Rebelde AM webcast. WABC in weak if at all. TPK-WI
760 MEXICO XEABC Mexico City 8/26/18 0613-0620 UTC. Inaudible to fair. Variety of Mexican mx. “ABC” IDs. “Musica Mexicana, ABC Radio”. WJR in a deep fade. Another weaker SS station sometimes present. TPK-WI
790 CUBA Radio Reloj 8/26/18 0322 UTC. Vp in the backround. One of the Radio Reloj stations w/ a ticking clock, a single time pip, than morse code “RR”. TPK-WI
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1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Aug30 1026 Vp ESPN Radio by Deportes anncr. Cut thru others, JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Aug21 1025 P Little League ESPN networks, ESPN in fade up o/others. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Aug18 1002 P "ESPN Radio 1700" after sports scores o/others. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Aug15 1045 P ESPN ESPN 2 by Deportes announcer. Only funny the first 5000 times. Cut through others. JJR-MI

JUL AV:28.12 HI:103('00),LO:2('99) JULY '17: 68 NOW:46 <- <-ABOVE AVG:60TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

550 WGR NY Buffalo 7/3 2301 "WGR (missed - string of stations) 98.4" by OM Then ESPN sports call-in show. Good sigs no trace of KTRS. NEW! GH-IL
600 CKAT ON North Bay 7/15 0408 P way tight null of WMT. #1 for Country --Country 600 CKAT. JJR-WI
600 CKAT ON North Bay 7/8 2200 "Country 600" ID by OM . Briefly strong then gone. No trace of WMT. NEW! GH-IL
780 KCEG CO Fountain 7/19 0508 P tho nice fade up in WBBM null. OLD C&W, Timeless Country JJR-MI
800 KOCV OK Oklahoma City 7/15 0450 P tho alone, no CKLW. Luth Hr promo Bott Radio:800,2 FMs. JJR-WI
910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay 7/31 0605 P detailed wx. "58 and sunny here at WDOR" No usual WFDF. JJR-MI
920 WBAA IN Lafayette 7/29 0429 Vp thru easily nulled WOKY. BBC, break, no calls. Assumed. JJR-WI
920 WBAA IN Lafayette 7/15 0338 Vp way u/WOKY. BBC overnight//stream. JJR-WI
920 WOKY WI Milwaukee 7/2O 0515 P Potawotami Hotel, Casino (Milw casino) -WMPL nulled. JJR-MI
920 CFRY MB Portage la Prairie 7/15 0336 Vp Rose Garden,Lynn Anderson-WOKY tight null//stream JJR-WI
930 WTAD IL Quincy 7/2O 0514 P Author submission kit, WTAD into ad. Alone. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 7/19 0503 P USA nx replacing CJGX. TX atty "in the panhanle" 242-33XX. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
950 CFAM MB Altona 7/29 0422 Vp tho classical cut thru WWJ, WNTD, 1 other. Assumed. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 7/24 0504 P classical way o/WWJ. Assumed. JJR-MI JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 7/19 0437 Vp Classical mx way u/WWJ. Assumed. JJR-MI
970 KOAQ MN Austin 7/2O 0449 P EWTN Rosaty feed. WDAY/WZAM in back,was C&W yesterday. Flipped. JJR-MI
970 WWRK SC Florence 7/15 0322 P -ESPN'er nulled. R&R Fantasy/Bad Co//web stream JJR-WI
1010 WPCN WI Stevens Point 7/15 0312 P in fade up. True Oldies 92.1 & 1010, WPCN. JJR-WI
1060 KFIL MN Preston 7/31 0604 P "go to KFILradio.com" in passing. 'ILB way more common here. JJR-MI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 7/29 0515 P -WTAM nulled. "Home of the Milw.Brewers- FM 98.3 the Bug." JJR-WI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 7/19 0455 Vp -WTAM nulled. Bob Seger song, ads, Retro Radio/the Bug :57.JJR-MI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 7/15 0308 P all time favorites -this is AM 1190. WOWO nulled JJR-WI
1220 WKRS IL Waukegan 7/31 0641 P w/KLBB MIA, silent, gone, this was here. Deportes. JJR-MI
1290 WHIO OH Dayton 7/2 0520 "WHIO Newstime 6:20" by OM. Had to null out WIRL. Fair GH-IL
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 7/19 0451 Vp -clear 107-9 Kelo heard in w/2-3 others. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 7/19 0600 Vp "on AM 1320 WFHR" in w/a few others. JJR-MI
1360 WSAI OH Cincinnati 7/29 0500 P no WTAQ. Fox Sports 1360 and LID. Not in much. JJR-WI
1370 WLLM IL Lincoln 7/29 0445 Vp AM 1370 - FM 105.3 into GOSpel music, in fade up. JJR-WI
1410 WING OH Dayton 7/31 0100 "WING" and "ESPN 1410" ID's by OM. Surfaced out of the QRM then gone. GH-IL
1420 WOC IA Davenport 7/31 0626 P AM Quad Cities, NewsTalk 1420 WOC and no KTOE. Unusual! JJR-MI
1430 KDWA MN Hastings 7/31 0553 Vp in brief fade up. "KDWA bingo" and lost. 'DMA more common. JJR-MI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 7/31 0540 P Real Country 1430 noted in passing. KZQZ waaaaaay in back. JJR-MI
1460 WBOG WI Tomah 7/19 0547 P steady, no KXNO-which seemed odd. John Tesh promo/ Kool 1460. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 7/31 0623 P MICH politics, No WMBD,KMNQ WIBD. JJR-MI
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 7/29 0443 Vp tho "WTVB" jingle cut thru clutter. No usual WAKR. JJR-WI
1600 TN WUCT Allgood 7/15 2231 "Newstalk 94.1" slogan type ID . Strong very briefly then back in the mud. GH-IL
1640 WTNI MS Biloxi 7/29 0441 P ESPN chatter thru nulled WSJP. Steady. Assumed. JJR-WI
1640 WTNI MS Biloxi 7/15 0420 Vp thru tight WSJP null. ESPN//stream. JJR-WI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 7/19 0511 P talk of late Chas.Krauthammer. WSJP nulled. 1640 the Eagle. JJR-MI
1670 WMGE GA Dry Branch 7/19 0517 Vp but steady in WOZN null. Sports, Quikken. Assumed. JJR-MI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 7/15 0816 P alone, atop. J. Buffet//web stream. JJR-WI
1700 KLLF TX Richardson 7/15 0413 P but atop, alone. Banda 13 a few times in promo. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
900 UNIDS 7/15 0343-0400 mess of C&W, SS, but NO CHML! Assuming had both UNIDs anyway. JJR-WI
1000 UNID 7/19 0458 Kinda loud SS in WMVP null, tho lost. Usually never anything in MVP null. JJR-MI
1220 UNID 7/15 0448 P-out/lost... Bellamy Bros, Madonna songs. Fades at right times, hi. JJR-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico CityJul20 1047 P tho steady. Classical piano mx. No KYW,CKMX at all. JJR-MI

JUN AV:24.91 HI:86('02),LO:1('11) JUNE 17:31 NOW:33 <- <-ABOVE AVG:59TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


630 KHOW CO Denver 6/1 0506 P "K-How" and no WREY which is usually in there! JJR-MI
680 KFEQ MO St.Joseph 6/25 0434 P in/out, trading w/WOGO. Calls,AMerica in the Morning. JJR-MI
680 WOGO WI Hallie 6/25 0434 Vp TalkRadio WOGO jingle 2x thru/in/out w/KFEQ. No WDBC. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 6/1 0505 P til lost. Alone while in tho. NewsTalk 690 KTSM.JJR-MI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 6/23 0422 P -FF chatter, 2 people o/anything. JJR-MI
790 KXXX KS Colby 6/1 0501 P -alone. Fox nx, 790 K-Triple X wx. JJR-MI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 6/25 0430 F Loud, CHAB jingle, Rikki Don't Lose My #, P.Collins JJR-MI
850 WGVS MI Muskegon 7/1 2337 "Real Oldies 1480 and 850". good signal at times..no trace of KOA which is strange. GH-IL
910 KCJB ND Minot 6/23 0436 P calls o/a weak WSUI. No WFDF yet. JJR-MI
940 WIDG MI St. Ignace 6/13 0539 P talk of Catholic Wisdom. thru WFAW, tho atop. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 6/25 0454 P Classics til Dawn -WWJ weak. Nobody strong here this morning. JJR-MI
980 IL Danville WITY 6/30 1610 Sung jingle by YL's "WITY" and local ad's. fair strength slight fading. GH-IL
1010 WPCN WI Stevens Point 6/13 0501 P 92-1 & 1010 WPCN Stevens Point, locally owned..... JJR-WI
1060 WILB OH Canton 6/23 0434 Vp to way u/KYW, tho there. Rosary. JJR-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 6/25 0426 P Funny 1060 AM way o/anything. Basically alone. No KYW. JJR-MI
1070 WFNI IN Indianapolis 6/13 0522 Vp thru WTSO. ESPN, FM 107-5 & 1070 the Fan. JJR-WI
1070 WINA VA Charlottesville 6/13 0423 P nxcast NO CALLS, C'tral VA community ment, psa.JJR-WI
1110 WJML MI Petoskey 6/5 0517 P WJML wx for Traverse City, Elk Rapids in w/KFAB. JJR-MI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 6/25 0451 P Faith Radio app in stn promo. No sign of WOWO. JJR-MI
1190 CFSL SK Wayburn 6/25 0451 P but there. No WOWO. AM 1190 Todays Hits, Yesterday's Fav. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 6/23 0413 P Eddie Rabbit/Rainy Nights calls -CJRB/classical trying hard too.JJR-MI
1230 WMQU MI Grayling 6/1 0536 P Catholic chatter tho nice multi stn LID at TOH. Alone - Rare! JJR-MI
1230 WTKG MI Grand Rapids 6/1 0600 Vp w/LID mixing w/WMQU.Fox nx. JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 6/23 0530 P thru/w/others, calls for 1250, "FM 99" translatot. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisc. Rapids 6/23 0428 P "WFHR NBC Sportsradio" in nice fade up. Not common. JJR-MI
1370 KWRT MO Booneville 6/13 0445 P Pirate Radio, KWRT AM & FM Boonville every few songs. JJR-WI
1400 WGIL IL Galesburg 6/13 0534 Vp thru nulled WRJN -Calls, RFD Illinois. JJR-WI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 6/25 0506 P calls, Steve Gruber show & someone on freq w/o/c (again) no WMBD.JJR-MI
1580 WTTN WI Columbus 6/1 0555 P w/CKDO phased. Talk (Hartmann) //WRRD 1510. JJR-MI
1570 WBGX IL Harvey 6/13 0438 P Urb GOS, Cgo references, Cottage Grove, Roosevelt etc JJR-WI
1600 KPNP MN Watertown 6/23 0542 Vp-lost w/Hmong chanting thru stronger WRPN. JJR-MI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 6/13 0434 F -almost loud! Meghan Trainor song, My 99-7. Atop. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
1010 UNID 6/13 0456 Vp Red Eye Radio thru WPCN. No CFRB. KIND? shows carries this. But...? JJR-WI
1190 UNID 6/5 0516 P no WOWO. Atop "Jamaica" references in 3 songs played,lost unn WLIB poss? JJR-MI

MAY AV:34.32 HI:127('02),LO:1('87) MAY 17:53 NOW:97 <- <-ABOVE AVG:58TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


540 WXYG MN Sauk Rapids 5/5 0616 P be at LGS Electronics April 28th 2-3pm. (April? it's May5th) Calls in promo. Alone. JJR-MI
560 KLZ CO Denver 5/6 0453 P WIND nulled. Joe Walsh on the Salem network, no calls. JJR-MI
570 WMAM WI Marinette 5/31 0513 P -no WNAX. Bill Michaels 11am on 570-WMAM. JJR-MI
570 WMAM WI Marinette 5/20 0512 Vp Bill Michaels promo (WI sports talk show) way u/WNAX. JJR-MI
620 KMNS IA Sioux City 5/6 0522 P Fox Sports 620 steady in tightly nulled WTMJ. JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 5/10 0526 P alone, Hannity at 1PM, ??? at 4pm. NO CALLS in promo. Unreal! Assumed. JJR-MI
630 KHOW NE Omaha 5/6 0445 P solid tho. No WREY CFCO. 630 K-How, TALK programming. JJR-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 5/19 0518 F--Goowill psa, home for Thunder bkbl---ESPN 640. Alone! JJR-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 5/2 0529 P thru a weak WMFN. ESPN promos galore, into content. No calls, of course! Only fit. JJR-WI
640 WCRV TN Collierville 5/2 0530 P very clear calls popped out of nowhere thru others. JJR-WI
660 KCRO NE maha 5/6 0444 P KCRO 660AM & 106.5 FM the Word. Alexa..... Alone, atop. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
690 KTSM TX El Paso 5/20 0505 P NewsRadio 690 KTSM in fade up o/others. Nice. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 5/10 0524 P ElPaso Help Wanted in ad cluster. Alone. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 5/7 0511 P LifeLock code "Gordon" (Deal) NewsRadio 690 KTSM. Alone. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 5/2 0526 P I heart app, News Radio 690 KTSM. Talk. Alone.JJR-WI
710 KNUS CO Denver 5/6 0443 P NewsTalk 710 KNUS upon tune in. Alone. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
780 KCEG CO Fountain 5/19 0510 P tho louder than nulled WBBM. Quite unusual! JJR-MI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 5/10 0518 P w/BBM nulled. The Ranch KCEG. OLD C&W. JJR-MI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 5/8 0535 P steady, solid. w/BBM nulled, Willie Nelson song, the Ranch KCEG.JJR-MI
790 KXXX KS Colby 5/5 0612 Vp -way u/WAXX. K Triple X tween OLD C&W songs. JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 5/19 0509 P alone, Dr. Chas. Stanley //web. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 5/10 0517 P Softly,Pery Come, Legends 810/94.3 KLVZ,NOS mx. Alone. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 5/6 0441 P no WGY. Calls, Johnny Mathis song. JJR-MI
810 WDMP WI Dodgeville-Mineral Point 5/5 0633 P D-99.3 into C&W song. Alone, weak. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 5/19 0558 P EWTN ment, Hail Mary, Diocese of ???, LID replaced WBAP. JJR-MI
870 KJMP CO Pierce 5/6 0517 P old PAMS jingles and "KJMP" said. Bobby Vee song. JJR-MI
880 KRVN NE Lexington 5/6 0516 P "KRVN" quickly tween a ton of local ads, replacing CKLQ. JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 5/19 0504 P Fox news, wx, calls. No usual WFDF yet. JJR-MI
910 KJJQ SD Volga 5/6 0512 P thru WSUI,WFDF. This is the Ranch-AM 910. C&W. Expecting KCJB. JJR-MI
920 CFRY MB Portage La Prairie 5/6 0439 F CFRY wx Sun 21, Sun 28 on Monday. CFRY jingle.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 5/31 0505 P atop, steady. USA nx, NO calls, Texas in the Morning. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 5/20 0500 P LID, Townsq ment, TheVoiceofAMarillo.com, USA nx. Alone. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 5/18 0513 F AMarilliHelpWanted.com in passing. Alone, steady. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 5/2 0514 P AZ state univ, Texas in the Morning. No calls. Alone. JJR-WI
950 KOEL IA Oelwein 5/5 0707 P tho atop, no WWJ by now. AM 950 KOEL twen C&W songs. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 5/19 0554 P w/WWJ easily nulled. Classics til Dawn, classsical. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 5/18 0600 P "it's 7 o'clock in downtown London" thru others. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 5/2 0547 P 9809 CFPL newstime 6:47, 980 CFPL sports. Alone. JJR-WI
990 KAYL IA Storm Lake 5/8 0600 P "KAYL Sorm Lake" & SS slogan,lively SS mx. CBW was in earlier.JJR-MI
1010 WPCN WI Stevens Point 5/3 0534 P tho alone, no usual CFRB. "True Oldies 92-1...." JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 5/31 0501 P SS REL then usual LID string. No KDKA. KJJK never showed. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 5/19 0500 P -LID. Started here, no others from West on this SRS. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 5/18 0600 F LV de...& LID "now incl Lancaster 96.5FM" alone atop. Steady!JJR-MI
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone 5/10 0537 P C&W "Blazin' 10-5-Oh" quick jingle, atop. JJR-MI
1060 WILB OH Canton 5/3 0514 P no KYW. "on Living Bread radio Sunday at 2:30." JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 5/18 0511 Vp "on Funny 1060AM" in passing. No KYW, others. No CFFR. JJR-MI
1100 WZFG MN Dilworth 5/31 0614 P "from the WZFG newsroom" Fargo, Bismarck stories. Lost. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 5/31 0545 P replacing earlier WYLL. 99-1 the River. Softer AC JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 5/20 0535 F no WYLL. Miss U Like Ctazy 99-1 the River. Strong. JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 5/3 0533 P AC music and 99-1 the River slogan w/WYLL nulled. JJR-WI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 5/2 0509 P -no WYLL, 90 miles away! Taylor Dayne, Maroon 5 songs, 99-1 the River. JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 5/20 0455 P no WOWO. Greatest Country mx plays here. AM 1190. OLD C&W. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 5/5 0627 P Country ??? Jukebox promo, calls. Alone. JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 5/31 0614 P caught "KGHS" on tuning in. OLDies. Atop. JJR-MI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 5/31 0638 P thru fade out. Best Burger contest. Winona, local ments. JJR-MI
1250 KCFI IA Cedar Falls 5/10 0600 P clear "KCFI" thru KBRF WSP others. JJR-MI
1250 WJMK MI Bridgeport 5/10 0545 Vp fluttery thru WSSP. "Me Music" More Love,Miracles. JJR-MI
1270 KWEB MN Rochester 5/18 0634 Vp "right here in MN" --no usual WMKT, others. JJR-MI
1280 KVXR MN Moorehead-Fargo ND 5/5 0659 P in fade up o/WNAM. LID as such. Real Presence Radio. JJR-MI
1290 WKLJ WI Sparta 5/31 0630 Vp -no WZTI (more common) ESPN La Crosse ments. JJR-MI
1300 WLXG KY Lexington 5/2 0500 P tho alone. ESPN hype, LID and 92.5 ment. No usual WOOD. JJR-WI
1310 WDTK MI Dearborn 5/10 2032 P w/SS LaZeta o/others tho don't know if CIWW or WIBA. JJR-MI2
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 5/31 0608 P "in Sioux Falls" and lost as quickly! Thru others. JJR-MI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 5/8 0630 P "from the Kelo news center" - no usual WILS. JJR-MI
1320 CJMR ON Oakville 5/10 2033 P ETHnic programming. No WILS here, hi. Assumed JJR-MI2
1360 WKYO MI Caro 5/10 2037 P o/u WTAQ. Country 1360 WKYO into OLD C&W JJR-MI2
1360 WVRQ WI Viroqua 5/10 0555 P -WTAQ phased. T/c, WVRQ jingle, Guitar Man,Bread. JJR-MI
1400 WGIL IL Galesville 5/2 0534 Vp -"on WGIL" out of nowhere. RFD Illinois in tight WRJN null. JJR-WI
1400 WKNW MI Sault Saint Marie 5/31 0605 P til lost thru tight WCCY null. ESPN. Assumed. JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 5/20 0527 P Tom petty song, 98-7 the Brew thru a weak WCCY. Atop. JJR-MI
1420 WOC IA Davenport 5/18 0506 Vp and lost "in the Quad Cities" ABC Sports. Normally KTOE. JJR-MI
1420 WFNT MI Flint 5/5 0647 P AM 1420 WFNT in brief f/up o/KTOE. Urban REL. JJR-MI
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 5/10 2039 P tho basically alone here. No WNFL. Rosary/REL. Assumed. JJR-MI2
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 5/4 0505 P announcement of power up, etc, calls. atop. Not common. JJR-WI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 5/3 0524 P lively SS mx, La Raza slogan. Semi local WJTI o/c for 2nd day. JJR-WI
1460 KDWA MN Hastings 5/31 0625 P Hasings vs Apple Valley...tonite on KDWA radio. Lost JJR-MI
1460 KKAQ MN Thief River Falls 5/5 0555 Vp tho clear "KKAQ" popped thru mess. JJR-MI
1460 WBOG WI Tomah 5/10 0610 P Magnum Media News, wx. KXNO in earlier, gone. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 5/10 2040 P Sunny Days/Lighthouse, ad, CJOY wx: high 12/Sunny. JJR-MI2
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 5/8 0636 P "CJOY....Greatest Hits" o/very weak KXNO. JJR-MI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 5/31 0557 P calls, FM ment thru loud o/c! WMBD KMNQ u/ that. JJR-MI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 5/8 0640 P 1470 KWAY & the new FM 99.3, thru others, into ad. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 5/31 0600 P thru loud o/c. WFNT.com, MI news stories. JJR-MI
1480 WHBC OH Canton 5/4 0435 P time, Accuweather forecast, calls. No WGVU yet. JJR-WI
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 5/4 0530 P 93-7 the Rock and song just o/WLAC, killed by WRRD s/on which goes right into programming, never hitting an LID at s/on (as required). JJR-WI
1510 KIFG IA Iowa Falls 5/20 0521 Vp "KIFG Iowa Falls" in ad cluster way u/KCKK WLAC. JJR-MI
1530 WLAK WI New Holstein 5/5 0639 P //1590 WGBW. How Do You Do? Mouth & McNeil. True Oldies. JJR-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 5/31 0622 P "... good neighbor WEVR River Falls-Hudson-Ellsworth & WEVR FM River Falls-Hudson-Stillwater" and lost to WHIT. JJR-MI
1580 WTTN WI Columbus 5/7 0541 P Thom Hartman //1510 WRRD. Alone, no CKDO. JJR-MI
1590 KGFK MN East Grand Forks 5/4 0448 P but o/usual WAKR. 95-7 the Forks. Classic Hits. JJR-WI
1610 CHHA ON Toronto 5/10 0548 P V de Latinas noted in passing. JJR-MI
1660 KWOD KS Kansas City 5/18 0522 P 1660 the Score. Way more common ND, K'Zoo. Not common. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 5/10 0547 P it's 6:47 on Wall Street, into Bloomberg. No WVON. Alone. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 5/6 0503 P Ask Alexa to play KDMT. (If I hear "Alexa" anymore...) JJR-MI
1700 KKLF TX Richardson 5/18 0603 P atop. Banda 13 said 2x, More Than a Woman, BeeGees. No KBGG.JJR-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
540 UNID 5/6 0457 P --easily 2 SS stns. Thought I heard "la M" but lost, faded. No CBK. JJR-MI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate May31 1014 P ESPN chatter etc into Geico ad. Talk of NBA playoffs. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate May20 1016 P at 6am E on ESPN and the ESPN app. No KBGG, others. JJR-MI

APR AV:55.68 HI:173('02),LO:12('10) APR 17:143 NOW:158 <- <-ABOVE AVG:57TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
560 KMON MT Great Falls 4/1 0531 P Freddy Fender song, calls, WIND nulled, Central MT references.JJR-MI
580 WELO MS Tupelo 4/28 0443 P Old R&B songs "Pulse 104.3" Unid talker (WIBW?) nulled. JJR-WI
580 WELO MS Tupelo 4/27 0443 P Pulse 104.3 sweep into Fire,Ohio Players. All alone. JJR-WI
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 4/4 0533 P Real Country, talk, NO CALLS, finally WRN.com (Wisconsin headlines) Ironwood is on WI/MI border. (Ironwood-Hurley area) JJR-WI
630 KHOW CO Denver 4/21 0534 P calls, Red Eye Radio. No WREY this morning. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 4/2 0619 F! LOUD! in the Edmonton area....630 Ched. Alone. Best ever!JJR-MI
640 WOI IA Ames 4/2 0619 P IA Pub Radio. Not a great catch, but no WMFN. JJR-MI
680 KFEQ MO St.Joseph 4/19 0542 P alone "in NW Missourt.." 680 KFEQ Nx,Talk, Sports Ag. JJR-MI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 4/28 0439 P tho atop. Steady, Rosary. Assumed. JJR-WI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 4/4 0550 P -pledge drive, SonRise morning show, Sacred Heart radio. Assumed. JJR-WI
690 WZNK MI Dearborn Heights 4/13 P alone, steady. MichiganBusinesses.org -only fit. JJR-MI
690 WNZK MI Dearborn Heights 4/2 0657 P atop tho. Mighty Love,Spinners, uptempo YL, local ment.JJR-MI
690 CBKF-1 SK Gravelbourg 4/28 0523 P FF "Chaine" & "Ici Radio Canada" o/a weak WQNO. JJR-WI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 4/3 0516 P FF chatter. Not in here much. Still in 1 hr later. JJR-WI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 4/2 0617 P FF chatter. No CFGM. Assumed, moved on. JJR-MI
730 WPIT PA Pittsburgh 4/5 0548 P Dr.J.Vernon McGee. No CKDM. Tight null. Web match.JJR-WI
740 CBX AB Edmonton 4/2 0620 F! CBCTrending,CBC FB,CBCTwitter.Long discussion. Alone. Only fit. JJR-MI
790 KXXX KS Colby 4/16 0609 P thru WSGW. K-Triple X after OLD C&W song. Hoping for KGHL,hi. JJR-MI
800 KXIC IA Sioux City 4/27 0524 P Fox Sports, I Heart Radio ments, promos. Most likely. Assumed. No CKLW. JJR-WI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 4/9 0548 P to almost F! Strong, steady, solid REL content//web. JJR-WI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 4/28 0515 P Johnny Rivers, Neil Youngs songs, wx, Moose Jaw ment, 800 CHAB jingle. Alone. JJR-WI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 4/14 0602 P Rainy Day People/G.Lightfoot "Legends 810-94.3" N.Diamond song.JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 4/2 0611 P NOS/Soft OLDies. Alone, Legends 810-94.3 KLVZ. Atop. JJR-MI
810 WDMP WI Dodgeville-Mineral Point 4/1 0604 P D99.3, it's 6:04 up o/others, lively YL jock.JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton-Bemidji 4/16 0728 P Catholic churches understanding on... Solid, steady. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 4/2 0801 P tho atop. EWTN Mass just beginning. Alone. JJR-MI
820 WBAP TX Dallas 4/16 0607 P no CHM others. Talk of Dallas sports, calls later on. JJR-MI
870 KJMP CO Pierce 4/22 0543 P Fingertips II, S.Wonder, the Big 87 KJMP. No WWL. JJR-MI
890 KJME CO Fountain 4/21 0551 tho best hrd in while. Steady, Beatles, WLS nulled. JJR-MI
900 KTIS MN Minneapolis 4/16 0719 P on 94-7 & 97-5, atop. School closings, Mpls traffic. Atop. JJR-MI
900 CKBI AB Prince Albert 4/2 0603 P Saskatchewan Country 900 CKBI, lost to WATK. JJR-MI
920 KWAD MN Wadena 4/16 0636 P stop in at ??? in Wadena way u/WMPL. JJR-MI
920 CFRY MB Portage La Prairie 4/4 0547 P C&W song, CFRY jingle in w/easily nulled WOKY. JJR-WI
930 KKIN MN Aitkin 4/3 0511 P Lakes area forecast, Weatherolgy, Adult Standards 930 KKIN JJR-WI
940 WIDG MI St.Ignace 4/1 0602 P Baraga B'csting ments, EWTN Catholic o/others. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 4/28 0546 P U of AZ online ad, NewsTalk 940 KIXZ, Alex Jones. Alone. JJR-WI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 4/27 0519 P Texas stories, Texas sports, actualities. TSNradio.com. (Texas State News radio) No calls. Alone. Assumed. JJR-WI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 4/21 0530 P no CJGX. Alex Jones, NewsTalk 940 KIXZ, TX panhandle ment. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 4/20 0605 P VistaPrint.com, NewsTalk 940 KIXZ, alone, steady. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
950 CFAM MB Altona 4/9 0456 P tho Classical mx cut thru. No sign of WWJ. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 4/4 0503 P Classics til Dawn. WWJ nowhere to be found. Assumed. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 4/1 0520 P no WWJ, weak of last 2 mo's. Classics til Dawn, assumed. JJR-MI
960 KMA IA Shenandoah 4/27 0544 P WeatherEye forecast on KMA. 40 degrees. No sign of WSBT. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 4/27 0517 P Hugh Hewitt, 970 AM the Answer fighting UNID talker. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 4/5 0534 P Hugh Hewitt on 970 AM-the Answer cut thru others. JJR-WI
970 WWRK SC Florence 4/28 0511 P Seperate Ways, Journey "Rock 94.1 97.9 & 105.9" Alone. Steady.JJR-WI
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 4/19 0702 TownHall.com nx, NewsTalk WPFP, Hansen HVAC in Phillips. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 4/20 0602 P steady. Alone w/CFPL traffic & wx on the 2s. JJR-MI
990 WLDX AL Fayette 4/7 2043-2045. Poor. On top for a few minutes w/ CBW in null. Promo for River Ministries Service @ 932-33XX. Wx ( a cold night tonight) and call letters given. “WLDX The River”. 42 watts. TPK-WI
990 KAYL IA Storm Lake 4/19 0700 Vp tho steady & tight CBW null. LID, SS. JJR-MI
1010 WZTA GA Atlanta 4/3 0602 P -no CFRB. Alone. SS "Vida" and livelier music. JJR-WI
1010 WMIN MN Sauk Rapids 4/1 0633 P Talk it Over in the Morning, Anne Murray on Uptown 1010 WMIN. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/28 0500 P -LID giving KDKA a run for the money. Still in 45 mins later. JJR-WI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/22 0540 P tho steady SS REL, alone tho later, KDKA did come in. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/20 0552 P stady, alone, tho lost later to KDKA.JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/19 0535 P = to KDKA. SS REL "Christo" ments. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/14 0600 P 2nd stn in kong list in LID. No KDKA JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/9 0544 P SS REL chatter//web feed. Overtook KDKA. JJR-WI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 4/1 0600 P long string of LIDs o/KDKA-CBS nx. JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 4/5 0600 Vp though cut thru WHO. ESPN cackling' guffawing. Only fit. JJR-WI
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone 4/1 0556 P Blazin' Country KLOH. WTKA faded. JJR-MI
1060 WJKY KY Jamestown 4/4 0543 P steady. alone. ESPN app, ESPN 2, ESPN etc. NO CALLS into content. Assumed. Only fit. Don't know how much it would kill someone to insert the calls into the satellite feed. Getting to be pretty common. Sad. JJR-WI
1060 WKMQ MS Tupelo 4/7 2134. Very poor w/ KYW in null. In briefly w/ mention of Fox News and “NewsTalk WKMQ”. 12 watts! TPK-WI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 4/16 0745 P K-G-F-X into C&W song. KFIL in earlier. JJR-MI
1060 WQMV TN Waverly 4/7 2204. Very poor w/KYW in null. Mixing w/ an unid SS station then in the clear w/ the end of a video-conferencing ad followed by “This is the home of the oldies on WQMV-AM 1060 and 93.5 FM, Waverly, Tennessee”. 4 watts!! TPK-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 4/9 0524 P tho comedy was replacing KYW. Funny 1060. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 4/3 0535 P alone w/comedy bits. Funny AM 1060. No usual KYW. JJR-WI
1080 WKJK KY Louisville 4/4 0527 P ...today at 1 on Talk Radio 1080. WTIC nulled. JJR-WI
1100 WZFG MN Dillworth 4/11 0719 P from the WZFG newsroom, AM 1100 the Flag. Alone. JJR-MI
1120 WKQW PA Oil City 4/4 2029 noticed under KMOX, fade up in null at 2035 w "Fox Sports 1120" liner. Confirmed via FB page. Not on FSR Wikipedia or network affiliate lists 1st log w sports format TS-MI
1140 WRVA VA Richmond 4/10 1955-2001 VG w Washington Nationals BB. Not on MLB.com's list of Nats radio affiliates TS-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 4/16 0739 P in/out w/WHBY. Local ments, "Kasm radio" in Wash DC next week.JJR-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 4/11 0719 P area obits, many local ments thru WHBY, basically. JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 4/13 0701 P thru KCTO. Jennifer Halverson nx, Elliots Jewelers, IA ments. JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 4/11 0634 P no WYLL all morning. Thus, 99-1 the River. Soft AC JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 4/19 0556 P-F in w/possible KSL,KMRV and no WYLL. JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 4/13 0603 P but o/WYLL. JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 4/3 0615 P tho o/WYLL, 90 miles away. "La Mega" JJR-WI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 4/1 0550 P but creeping up o/WYLL. JJR-MI
1180 WSQR IL Sycamore 4/28 0536 P very end of oldie and "WSQR AM & FM" into ad. JJR-WI
1180 WGAB IN Newburgh 4/19 2025 to 2040 . Inaudible to poor. WHAM in null. EZL vocal religious songs running // to webcast. 1 watt?! TPK-WI
1180 WPTJ872 WI Milwaukee 4/28 0537 P w/a nulled WSQR. Miller Park TIS:Brewers games, etc. JJR-WI
1220 WSLM IN Salem 4/3 0535 P wx: high 51, 1220 WSLM, popped in out of nowhere. Atop. JJR-WI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 4/16 0600 P LID into C&W song way u/CJRB, but there. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 4/16 0600 P talk of Winnepeg, Canada ments, This is CJRN nx. JJR-MI
DX-midAMerica! Here for your DX TIPS since 1981! - - -
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 4/16 0712 P obits at 710 & 1210 on KGHS KSDM, Int'l Falls.JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 4/11 0711 P GM showroom in Int'l Falls in fade up/mess. JJR-MI
1240 KDEC IA Decorah 4/16 0734 P That Lady,Isley Bros, Good Morning from KDEC in fade up.JJR-MI
1240 WJIM MI Lansing 4/20 0645 P 1240 WJIM, Steve Gruber show. Alone, unusual hearing this. JJR-MI
1250 WJMK MI Bridgeport 4/19 0732 P Zombies, Beach Boys "this is Me Music" into OLDie. Others nulled. Back on. Ex;WHHQ JJR-MI
1250 WHHQ MI Bridgeport 4/1 0658 P EWTN, Weathereye, LID. This stn sold. New calls/format soon.JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 4/11 0644 P register at KCUEradio.com in w/others. JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 4/2 0650 P Red Wing vs Owatonna. Snow, KCUE & KKCUE 99FM. Thru others. JJR-MI
1260 KDLF IA Boone 4/21 0649 P tho atop. Alone :52 LaReina into more mx, uptempo/SS. JJR-MI
1260 KDLF IA Boone 4/16 0706 Vp o&o by ??? -sounded like power up anncmnt. Heard SS here b4, but never knew who it was. This solidifies KDLF. LaReina NEW! JJR-MI
1260 WPNW MI Zeeland 4/13 0659 P 96.5 & 1260 AM the Pledge, W MI wx thru others. JJR-MI
1260 KROX MN Crookston 4/16 0627 P thru ?? KROX, PO Box ..., Crookston,MN Anniversary contest.JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 4/16 0707 P Weatherology, Meghan Molter, go to KDUZ.com JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 4/12 0723 P w/others. wx on AM 1260 KDUZ. JJR-MI
1260 WCCR OH Cleveland 4/11 0630 P tho alone. AM1260 the Rock, Catholic talk of March for Life. JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 4/16 0729 P 3WI forecast, I'm Paul Trombley up o/others & gone. JJR-MI
1270 KGNM MO St. Joseph 4/27 0538 P 102.5 KGNM fighting assumed WLIK. Calls berween oldies. JJR-WI
1270 KGNM MO St.Joseph 4/9 0450 P KGNM 102-5 tween 2 songs. Still in 30 min later. JJR-WI
1280 KCOB IA Newton 4/21 0643 P HyVee (foods), ??? in Newton, your hometown stn, KCOB. Alone.JJR-MI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 4/9 0449 P -FF chatter. Alone, steady, assumed. JJR-WI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 4/16 0553 P ...Luth Church of Bemidji...no WOOD. JJR-MI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 4/16 0730 P thru WOOD. N'Ville Cats,Lovin Spoonful, The Big Q jingle. JJR-MI
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 4/22 0632 P Classic Hit Country KGLB. Thru others. JJR-MI
1310 KOKX IA Keokuk 4/27 0449 P tho no WIBA. 1310-KOKX and satellite C&W mx. JJR-WI
1320 WKAN IL Kankakee 4/19 0613 P WKA...poof, gone. No WILS. Not common. JJR-MI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 4/19 0612 P So GOS. Steady, others nulled. No WILS. Calls. JJR-MI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 4/16 0551 P atop, the place for So.Gospel KHRT. Good start! JJR-MI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 4/9 0540 P 98-7 and 1330 KNSS into talk o/others. Steady. JJR-WI
1350 WPDR WI Portage 4/9 0618 P AM 1350/FM 105.9 into Farm Implement ad. WPDR out of ad. JJR-WI
1360 WWOW OH Connecout 4/28 0423 Vp in brief fade up o/WTAQ. Golfinger,Shirley Bassey "1360 Wow"JJR-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 4/19 0635 P 98-7 the Brew on tune in. WCCY easily nulled. JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 4/12 0818 P steady, easily nulled WCCY. Storm Tracker 18 wx, 98-7 the Brew.JJR-MI
1430 KASI IA Ames 4/19 0609 P on 1430 KASI, lost to CHKT, others. Not common. JJR-MI
1430 KZQZ MO St.Louis 4/12 0715 P K Z Q Z jingle, Psycotic Reaction/Count 5 cut thru others.JJR-MI
1430 WION MI Ionia 4/13 0653 P local info from WION's morning show thru others. JJR-MI
1430 WION MI Ionia 4/1 0621 P calls, talk of recent rains w/others. JJR-MI
1440 WROK IL Rockford 4/20 0630 P BairdRockford.com, nx, calls. No WNFL, KYCR. JJR-MI
1450 WHTC MI Holland 4/13 0712 P 40 degrees in Western MI....WHTC.com. In mess, lost. JJR-MI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 4/20 0655 P ads w/local ments, replacing KXNO. JJR-MI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 4/1 1810-1830. Mostly poor w/ local WJTI in null. Mexican mx, SS ads and anncrs. “La Raza” ID. Running // to webcast. TPK-WI
1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids 4/1 1755-1800. Poor w/ local WJTI in null. Tigers/Pirates BB on the Tigers radio network. Pause for station identification @ 1759. TPK-WI
1460 KLTC ND Dickinson 4/1 0619 P tho was in better til fade, KXNO power-up. Calls. OLD C&W. JJR-MI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 4/12 0655 P at the KWAY studios. Weatherolgy, AM 1470 & the new FM 99.3. JJR-MI
1480 WDJO OH Cincinnatti 4/19 0603 P Pretty Woman,Orbison, Calls. Others nulled, no WGVU. JJR-MI
1490 KOVC ND Valley City 4/12 0816 P "on KOVC" on tune in, list of baseball scores w/others.JJR-MI
1550 WIGN TN Bristol 4/28 0413 P no usual FF CBEF, but "WIGN 1550 AM" upon tuning freq. JJR-WI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 4/16 0729 P River Falls temp 24 and gone! Not replaced by anything. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 4/2 0721 P tho atop. No WNWN,others. Winter Storm Watch, Twins talk. JJR-MI
1570 WFRL IL Freeport 4/12 0737 Vp brief "currently here in Freeport.." & lost. w/others. JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 4/30 0448 P tho atop. Calls, 70's/80's Classic Hits. JJR-WI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 4/12 0740 P w/others. 8 min l o n g wx forecast! Detailed. Walker Marine in Walker into song. JJR-MI
1580 WLIJ TN Shelbyville 4/30 0507 P in fade up o/weak CKDO. "Today's country & yesterday's rock-WLIJ." Certainly a format flip. Never heard Honky Cat by Elton John on WLIJ before, hi. Website/FB not updated. JJR-WI
1590 KGFK MN East Grand Forks 4/9 0558 P 95-7 the Forks tween Creedence Clearwater, Ozzy Osbourne. Cut thru others. JJR-WI
1620 KSMH CA West Sacramento 4/25 0500 to 0545. Inaudible u/ a poor KOZN. Two brief fade ins during this time strong enough to come even w/KOZN. Female announcer w/ religious chatter and prayer. Assumed. TPK-WI
1620 WQBR256 IL Lindenhurst 4/25 0500 to 0545. Mostly inaudible u/ a poor KOZN. Several brief fade ups. A male voice message giving station info and road conditions. One of the Lake County Ill. highway TIS’s. TPK-WI
1620 WTAW TX College Station 4/25 0530. Poor. Call letters and wx w/ KOZN-NE QRM. TPK-WI
1630 KRND WY Fox Farm 4/19 0547 P SS giving a weak KCJJ run for money. JJR-MI
1660 WBCN NC Charlotte 4/28 0446 P Marshal Tucker Band song, 94.7 Smoke atop freq. JJR-WI
1660 KQWB ND West Fargo 4/30 0440 P Geico ad, ND Nat'l Guard psa, Bison 1660 promo. Alone. JJR-WI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 4/19 0547 P 99-7 is MyFM, Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz. No WPRR. JJR-MI
1680 WTTM NJ Lindenhurst 4/30 0430 P calls between ETHnic programs. No WPRR. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 4/27 0530 P Denver's Money Talk, Bloomberg Daybreak. Alone, steady. JJR-WI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 4/21 0553 P KDMT Denver's Money Talk -1690AM on tuning in! Alone, steady. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 4/13 0547 F! no WVON. Denver's Money Talk KDMT 1690AM, Bloomberg. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 4/1 0543 P alone,steady. Denver's Money Talk KDMT 1690AM.JJR-MI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 4/30 0423 Vp way thru CHTO? No WVON. Calls, America's Best Music. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
610 UNID 4/9 0509 Vp tho bits of C&W cutting thru. Not enough to chase down. Gone quickly. JJR-WI
810 UNID 4/19 P REL long form teaching. Checked again @:57. Too weak. Not CKJS. JJR-MI
1152 unID TA Carriers 4/19 and 4/20 0015 to 0145 UTC. As many as 5 weak carriers w/o audio noted here. A carrier with a high offset of about 24 hertz was showing up before the others and also before my LSS. It was also fading away and gone by 0130 or so while the others were still present. MWLIST website shows only Pakistan having an offset very near 24 hertz (1152.022). Surprisingly the great circle arc between Pakistan and Milwaukee and the grey line propagation path for my LSS time run in parallel and are close to being on top of each other. TPK-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Apr19 1146 P topping w/ESPN ESPN2 by Deportes anncrs after ad. No KBGG JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Apr16 1115 P-F almost! ESPN, ESPNnews. Alone, steady. Assumed. JJR-MI

MAR AV:114 HI:479('01),LO:19('88) MAR'17:227 NOW:321HOT NOW:1460 <-ABOVE AVG:56TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
540 WXYG MN Sauk Rapids 3/12 0725 F Album Rock 540 WXYG tween 2 songs I didn't know. Alone. JJR-MI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 3/31 0638 Vp no WEBC WIND CFOS. 560 KMON after Kenny Rogers song. JJR-MI
560 WJLS WV Beckley 3/12 2347 F with C&W, '104.1 FM, 560 AM, WJLS' between records. In WRDT null. EB-MI
570 WIDS KY Russell Springs 3/21 0601 P alone, multi station ID. Gospel mx. NEW! JJR-WI
580 WILL IL Urbana 3/21 2022 P WILL underwrirers, Morn Edition promo. Never in at nite. JJR-WI
580 WIBW KS Topeka 3/25 2123 P "on 580 WIBE" and moved on. Alone. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
580 WELO MS Tupelo 3/25 0558 P 4 Tops oldie, Pulse 104.3 FM sweeper. No others here. JJR-WI
580 WELO MS Tupelo 3/23 0533 P Stevie Wonder song, 104.3 the Pulse. Alone. JJR-WI
580 WELO MS Tupelo 3/20 2143 P Could it be I'm Falling in Love/Spinners, Pulse 104.3 thru freq.JJR-WI
580 WHYM TN Rockwood 3/21 0601 Vp tho LID, USA news sounder cut through. Others nulled. JJR-WI
580 WYHM TN Rockwood 3/19 0524 P w/others easily nulled. 580 the Holler after rock song. JJR-WI
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 3/12 1947 P NewsTalk 580 CFRA into/out of ads. Brian Lilley show. Alone! JJR-MI
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 3/22 0613 P tho atop. Kenny Lee for 590 WJMS news. JJR-WI
590 WROW NY Albany 3/12 2336 P u/WVLK Lexington KY with Standards, 'Magic 590 and 100.5.' NEW! EB-MI
600 WCHT MI Escanaba 3/27 2055 P calls into Red Wings hockey. Never in at nite JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 3/26 0627 P area codes 303,720 in ads, "here in Denver" and no WREY. JJR-MI
630 WLAP KY Lexington 3/31 0543 P calls on tune in. Talk. No WREY. JJR-MI
630 WLAP KY Lexington 3/19 0550 P WLAP storm tracker. WTMJ IBOC off so this is possible. JJR-WI
630 KYFI MO St. Louis 3/14 0058 faded up over nulled CFCO w/man singing, CLS (no city) at 0100 New w/these CLS TS-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/31 0544 P "heroes in Edmonton" NO CALLS. "Live across Canada...." No WREY. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/30 0621 P Alone! No WREY! My Pillow.com, use code "Ched" JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/28 0635 P WREY hard to null today. Great Ideas on 630 Ched. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/13 0657 P steady tho WREY strong. Chatter, Parktogo.ca, 6-30 Ched Ed,monton, Global News at 6. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/12 0647 P -9 at 630 Ched. WREY not a factor this morning. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/11 0639 P Best of Chris Adler on Corus Radio Network,CanadaRadioPlayer app. JJR-MI
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 3/31 0634 P no WMFN! in So.Cal, Rodent Stop 800-290-53XX, ?? solar throughout Southern California. Nice to hear! No KNX. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calary 3/28 0634 P 660 News, details of area murders. Alone. JJR-MI
670 KLTT CO Commerce City 3/13 0818 P building steady in WSCR null. REL//web. JJR-MI
680 WOGO WI Hallie 3/27 0630 P 54 in the Chippewa Valley on Weds, WOGO wx.... alone. JJR-MI
680 WOGO WI Hallie 3/12 0616 P Hugh Hewitt "You're on 680 WOGO" Others there, tho too weak. JJR-MI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 3/27 2130. Poor. End of a program about St. Bernadette. Catholic radio and New Orleans mentioned. TPK-WI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 3/20 F 20/9. Catholic chatter. Alone. JJR-WI
690 WZNK MI Dearborn Heights 3/30 0703 P talk of Detroit social issues. Alone. Steady. JJR-MI
690 KFXN MN Minneapolis 3/31 0540 P Hmong cutting thru. Not FF, not EE. Assumed. JJR-MI
690 KTSM TX El Paso 3/27 2130-2133 . Poor but on top. iHeart El Paso nx w/ Terry Mosston(sp), borderland wx, and ads. TPK-WI
690 WELD WV Fisher 3/17 0607 P Seperate Ways,Journey calls, No TSN690, alone, fading.JJR-MI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 3/22 0536 P -no CKGM,others made this possible. FF "Chaine" ments.JJR-WI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 3/13 0656 P tho atop, steady FF. Not CKGM, hi. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
710 WAQI FL Miami 3/25 0534 P SS programming and "Mambi" ment.Cutting thru others. JJR-WI
710 WAQI FL Miami 3/20 2006 P steady, alone. "Mambi" upon tune in. JJR-WI
710 WAQI FL Miami 3/19 0549 P nice 20/9 and steady, replacing WOR. SS chatter, Mambi ments. JJR-WI
710 KCMO MO Kansas City 3/17 0605 P 710 & 103.7 KCMO on uning in. Alone. JJR-MI
730 WZMF PA Nanticoke 3/14 0618 F toward the east with Classic Hits, 'Gem 104' between records. NEW! EB-MI
730 WPIT PA Pitsburgh 3/17 0657 P Truth for Isreal cut thru weak WJMT. No CKDM! LID. JJR-MI
740 WNOP KY Newport 3/22 0516 P -no CFZM. Sonrise morning show/EWTN. JJR-WI
740 WNOP KY Newport 3/22 0010-0029 in CFMZ null, talk weak, way under, faded up at 0029 w mention of Catholic Radio. At this QTH, NEW! TS-MI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 3/13 0816 P no CFZM, text in to win (from KFAN) 740theFan, chatter. JJR-MI
740 WDGY WI Hudson 3/13 0816 Vp "on we-gee" 60s OLDie, then gone. JJR-MI
740 WDGY WI Hudson 3/12 0825 P No CFZM. WDGY jingle, Soul Deep/Box Tops. JJR-MI
750 WQOR PA Olyphant 3/19 0516 P Sonrise EWTN morning show. (only affil.) No WSB,CKJR. Rare.JJR-WI
770 WTOR NY Youngstown 3/30 0657-0701 P ETHnic, alone. Ads, Toronto ads, area codes. JJR-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 3/14 0712 P detailed state road report. MT, WY temps. calls. JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 3/31 0627 P First Alert wx on Bott radio. Others nulled. JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 3/20 2100 P tho atop, steady. LID, "Bott" ments, Dr.J.Vernon McGee.JJR-WI
800 CHAD QC Montreal 3/15 0709 P sunshine for the Montreal parade--Sun,snow now in Montreal. JJR-MI
800 CJAD QC Montreal 3/14 0710 P sev Montreal ments on crowded freq. Temp, calls @:11. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 3/31 0623 P no WGY, Softer songs, Legends 810-94.3 alone, steady. JJR-MI
810 KBHB SD Sturgis-Rapid City 3/11 0823 P full LID (as such) twen songs. OLD C&W. JJR-MI
820 WWBA FL Largo 3/23 0559 P alone, steady. Bubba the Love Sponge. LID:01 JJR-WI
820 WBKK MN Wilton-Bemidji 3/13 0727 P steady w/weak CHAM in back. St.Phillips/Bemidji needs Altar servers.JJR-MI
830 KUYO WY Evsansville-Casper 3/13 0813 P but no sign of WCCO(!) briefly. Web match, gone. JJR-MI
840 KTIC NE West Point 3/27 1945 P tho WHAS easily nulled. FM 98.3 ments after C&W songs JJR-MI
850 WKNR OH Cleveland 3/17 0719 P stores in Cleveland & Euclid after sev other ads. Alone! JJR-MI
890 KJME CO Fountain 3/30 0613 Vp tho Beatles noted, WLS nulled. Assumed. JJR-MI
890 KJME CO Fountain 3/28 0654 Vp -WLS tightly nulled, Beatles songs. JJR-MI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon-Fargo 3/12 1900 P +HD2... +KKAA Aberdeen. WLS Nulled. ABC nxJJR-MI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 3/11 0820 F! OLD C&W, WLS nulled. LID hrd later incl KKAA Aberdeen. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 3/30 0613 P no CHML. Hockey on SK Country, 900-CKBI. JJR-MI
910 WSEK KY Burnside 3/21 0550 P steady. CentralBank.com,Icons 910. Alone. Logged as WKEQ in'77.JJR-WI
910 KCJB ND Minot 3/31 0614 P steady. 91 Country KCJB. No WFDF. JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 3/14 0824 P no WFDF. go to KCJB 910 to connect. Atop, steady.JJR-MI
910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay 3/19 0619 P alone, no WFDF. Horse w/No Name,America, calls. Not common.JJR-WI
920 KDHL MN Faribault 3/13 0640 Vp u/CFRY. MN sports scores "on the mighty 920" No WMPL. Good!JJR-MI
920 CFRY MB Portage La Prairie 3/13 0642 P Can.Beef checkoff, MB wx -11C at CFRY. No WMPL JJR-MI
930 WTAD IL Quincy 3/22 0514 Vp tho "WTAD" cut thru while chasing others on freq. JJR-WI
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 3/30 0654 P WBEN Newstime 7:53. JJR-MI
930 WSEV TN Sevierville 3/21 0546 P -calls, local ments, not heard in a while. JJR-WI
930 WRVC WV Huntington 3/21 0546 P ESPN 94.1 & AM930 into ESPN. Logged as WSAZ in 1968. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
940 KVSH NE Valentine 3/26 0609 P no CJGX. Very regionalized, long forecasts. Alone. JJR-MI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 3/17 0636 P detailed forecast. "KVSH here in Valentine.." No CJGX. JJR-MI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 3/14 0743 P -CJGX in tow. Valentine ments over & over. JJR-MI
940 WFAW WI Ft.Atkinson 3/12 0734 P on NewsTalk 940 WFAW. No WIDG,CJGX gone. Rare. JJR-MI
950 KWOS MO Jefferson City 3/20 1934 P wx from ABC17 from KWOS950 & 104.5 FM. Levin in fade up.JJR-WI
950 WAKM TN Franklin 3/21 2015 P no WJR. WNTD not a factor. Hometown Radio, WAKM. OLD C&W. JJR-WI
950 WAKM TN Franklin 3/19 2200 P Your Hometown Stn, LID, WW1 nx. No WNTD, w/others. Unn. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 3/22 0510 Vp Symphony til Dawn cutting through. No WWJ. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 3/13 0721 P DoctorsWithoutBorders.ca, AM 950 Biz report, no WWJ. JJR-MI
960 KLTF MN Little Falls 3/23 0611 P many Little Falls obits given. No WSBT. JJR-WI
960 KFLN MT Baker 3/25 2105 P- ??? Farm Eqipment, Calls, Real Country. Not hrd in while. JJR-MI
970 WNIV GA Atlanta 3/21 2147 P in nice fade up. Upbeat Gos mx. //webtream JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 3/23 0606 P Hugh Hewitt, 970AM the Answer. Alone. Steady.JJR-WI
970 WHA WI Madison 3/20 1936 P Ideas 970. Underwriters. Never in at night! Alone. JJR-WI
970 WDUL WI Superior 3/17 0713 P CBS Sport feed & #. No KOAQ WDAY. Not common. JJR-MI
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 3/13 0916-0930 P Zip recruiter, L.Ingraham "beets" Feedthepig, ProstrateComplete, SeatBelts, 2 psas, fade, psa, NO CALLS, Idiots! SRN Sports (@:30) psa, and FINALLY "Wisconsin ...." in psa. Finally, something that, after 17 minutes, figured WPFP. (WCUB not talk) Hoping for better, tho PFP not common, by any means. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
980 CFPL ON London 3/31 0537 P the London Corporate Challenge, 980-CFPL. Atop. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 3/25 0708 P coming up on 980 CFPL. Alone. Steady. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 3/15 0853 P ads,in/out w/3-4 stns. No WCUB. Brian Kilmer,NewsRadio 980 CFPL. JJR-MI
990 KRMO MO Cassville 3/31 0550-0600. Poor but on top other weak stations. CBW in null. Bassmaster Radio program on SBNation radio. At 0553 “ You’re listening to KRMO-AM 990 Cassville, serving the Ozarks since 1950” . TPK-WI
990 WDCX NY Rochester 3/15 0705 P Chuck Swindol. CBW way in back, w/other REL! LID:30. JJR-MI
1010 KRNI IA Mason City 3/11 0747 P NPR.org, IA Public Radio -no WMIN, WPCN. CFRB gone. JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 3/30 0649 F Loud! Talk of Alberta C&W music scene. No CFFR, bo CKMX! JJR-MI
1020 KMMQ NE Plattsmouth 3/31 0725-0745. Vpoor to fair . Came on air @0730 w/ Mexican mx and a lively, male SS anncr. // to webcast. TPK-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 3/31 0609 P no KDKA. SS REL hymns, talk. "Christo" noted. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN MN Roswell 3/30 0610 P no KAKA. M-F possible ph#'s. Steady. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 3/28 0627 P SS REL -no sign of KDKA until later. JJR-MI
1050 WDVM WI Eau Claire 3/27 P echo effect w/WJOK. Both Relevant Radio. JJR-MI
1050 WJOK WI Kaukauna 3/27 0730 P echo effect w/WDVM. Both Relevant Radio. JJR-MI
1060 KNLV NE Ord 3/13 0913 Vp thru many! "103.9 KNLV....the mighty 1060" OLDies. JJR-MI
1060 WILB OH Canton 3/29 0706 P no KYW. Alone. Catholic chatter. JJR-MI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 3/13 0805 P ABC nx, Farm actions in SD w/several others. None strong. JJR-MI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 3/11 0840 P thru others. DRnews.com, TacoJohns in Pierre, calls. JJR-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 3/26 0620 F! Funny 1060AM. No 660,1010 this morning tho. JJR-MI
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 3/14 0702 P thoo WTSO easily nuller, Classic Country 1070, LID, News. JJR-MI
1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 3/19 0634 P Twin Bridge Lighting, 103.9 CHOK w/WTSO easily nulled. JJR-WI
1080 WKJK KY Louisville 3/23 0551 P -Gordon Deal/First News, Talk Radio 1080. JJR-WI
1080 KNDK ND Langdon 3/12 0807 P AgExpo ad, local birthdays o/faded KYMN. JJR-MI
1090 KMXA CO Aurora 3/11 0815 P-F SS mx, killing previous WAQE that was here. LaSuavecita JJR-MI
1090 WFCV IN Fort Wayne 3/12 0820 Bott Radio net ments in show break in fade up. No WAQE. Only fit. JJR-MI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Falls 3/12 0818 P Daydream Bliever,Monkees, KSOU jingle. JJR-MI
1090 WKBZ MI Muskegon 3/12 0659 Vp "in Michigan" ... "NewsTalk 1090 WKBZ" w/others. JJR-MI
1130 WDFN MI Detroit 3/29 0703 P Tigers Talk, ch of rain, Commerica park. No WISN KTLK! JJR-MI
1130 KBMR ND Bismarck 3/13 0910 P tho cutting thru KTLK. No WISN! Calls, OLD C&W. No KFYR tho!JJR-MI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 3/13 0634 P 100.1 & 1140 KXRB, Real Country Variety o/a weak CHRB. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1140 CHRB AB High River 3/31 0608 P So. Alberta's community radio stn-AM 1140. Alone. JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 3/13 0634 P in fade up o/KXRB. AM 1140 Southern Albert's.... JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 3/11 0634 P Southern AB's community radio station-AM 1140. Alone. JJR-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 3/13 0757 P AgMarkets ? insurance, hi:50. Kasm, calls, no WHBY. LID JJR-MI
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 3/13 0800 Vp tho "Shelby" clearly heard 2x (temp & LID) into local nxcast at TOH. No WHBY at all. Good! NEW! JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1160 KCTO OH Cleveland 3/29 0702 P tho SS over riding WYLL. JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 3/13 0633 P lively SS mx, in earlier than norm. No WYLL, o/weak KSL.JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 3/12 0744 VG-Loud w/La Mega SS lively mx. No WYLL at all. JJR-MI
1170 KBOB IA Davenport 3/17 1909 P but thru/o others. Real Country. No calls, of course. JJR-MI
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa 3/29 0731 P TalkRadio 1170, CBS News update. alone. JJR-MI
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa 3/12 0806 P Tulsa,New Holland, Talk Radio 1170, AMerica's First News. Alone. JJR-MI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 3/14 0735 P no WOWO! SRN nx, Faith Radio. JJR-MI
1190 CFSL SK Estevan 3/21 0538 F! AM 1190, All your country favorites. No WOWO at all. JJR-WI
1210 WJNL MI Kingsley 3/15 0700 P LIF for WJML, WJNL online at WJML.com, CBS nx. No sign of'PHT.JJR-MI
1210 KGYN OK Guymon 3/12 0635 Vp calls popped out, no WPHT, tho others weak. JJR-MI
1220 WLPO IL LaSalle 3/25 0527 P -alone. Springsteen song, Classic HIts 103.9 WLPO. JJR-WI
1210 KOKK SD Huron 3/13 0749 P C&W (hoping KHAT) on tune in, James River,WAtertown,Huron ments. JJR-MI
1220 KLBB MN Stillwater 3/29 0730 P Accuweather, fade, MN news, Still on, not heard for while.JJR-MI
1220 KLBB MN Stillwater 3/18 1911 P Calls after Charlie Rich song. No sign of closer WKRS. JJR-WI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 3/27 P ND dept of Trans, ND Nat'l Guard psas in fade up. JJR-MI
1220 WHKW OH Cleveland 3/15 0657 P on the Word, alone! No KLB, others. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 3/28 0621 P talk of Easter, detailed wx, area temps, calls. Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 3/13 0715 P in SW Manitoba o/UNID C&W stn. No KLBB. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 3/12 0712 P M/F chatter. Talk of time change, forced chuckles, "here in MB."JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 3/30 0830 P Border Bar, ??? Tire&Auto3rd st&6th Av Int'l Falls.JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 3/15 0807 P chatter, Monalisa Perez YouTube shooting, "in Int'l Falls, Weathereye is next.." in mess! Finally a local reference at :13. JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 3/14 0732 P on Hwy171 in Int'l Falls, Borderland jewelry.JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 3/13 0747 P tho atop in fade up. Detailed wx, calls. JJR-MI
1240 WSBC IL Chicago 3/12 1944 P man w/several Chicago ments and phone numbers. Steady. Others nulled. JJR-MI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 3/19 0605 P steady, alone for 30 mins. ABC news, calls, Ottumwa ments, JJR-WI
1240 KICD IA Spencer 3/30 0754 P NewsRadio 1240 and 98.3. thru others. JJR-MI
1240 WMFG MN Hibbing 3/11 0717 P WMFG 1240AM, AMerica's Best Music in fade up. JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 3/15 0845 P "on KDLR" St Patricks Day chatter, Livestock sale.JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devil's Lake 3/13 0630 Vp in huge mess. Calls, possible nxcast. JJR-MI
1250 WHHQ MI Bridgeport 3/29 0800 P LID, Catholic Connection in mes of 4-5 more! JJR-MI
1250 KYYS MO Kansas City 3/29 0759 P "en Kansas City....La X...." while chasing others.JJR-MI
1250 CHSM MB Steinbach 3/13 0710 P time, WSSP nulled Winnipeg 100th mx festival. OM,YL.JJR-MI
1260 KROX MN Crookston 3/12 0735 P River Bank, local police blotter. atop. JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 3/31 0718 P KDUZ & now FM96.5, time, live jock, not on bird! JJR-MI
1220 WCCR OH Cleveland 3/29 0657 P AM 1260 the Rock, psa:St??? -in/out w/WNDE.JJR-MI
1260 WCCR OH Cleveland 3/17 0741 P tho atop. Steady- EWTN feed:Catholic Mass. JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 3/23 9518 P 3WI Forecast, Paul Trombley. 21 degrees at 3WI. Alone. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter-Bemidji 3/17 1903 P alone. NCAA, LID -atop. JJR-MI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 3/21 2007 P alone:psa:Lincoln Av Baptist church/BBQ Lunch, phone#, calls. JJR-WI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 3/22 0522 P steady. Solid. Alone w/FF. JJR-WI
1290 KOIL NE Omaha 3/13 0849 P L.Ingraham, Beets ad, Traffic rpt, Omaha ments in w/TSN1290 CFRW.JJR-MI
1290 WHIO OH Dayton 3/17 0630 P AM1290 News95-7 WHIO upon tune in. Atop, not common here. JJR-MI
1290 CJBK ON London 3/15 0800 Vp thru CFRW. No WZTI which was more common months back. Calls. JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 3/30 0632 P AM 1300 the Legend cutting thru WOOD! (nice pun!) JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 3/14 0813 P no WOOD,KGLO! AM 1300, the Legends, Marty Robbins...JJR-MI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 3/14 0813 P Bully Holly song ends, The Big Q jingle w/others. JJR-MI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 3/13 0907 P alone, stn ph #, winner "I'm in Mobridge." All alone! JJR-MI
1310 CIWW ON Ottawa 3/23 0541 P 1310 NewsTime 6:41, traffic on the 1's, local ments. No WIBA. JJR-WI
1320 KOZY MN Grand Rapids 3/11 1920 P calls at end of WeatheEye. Atop, no WILS. JJR-MI
1330 WLOL MN Minneapolis 3/25 P Relevant Radio content o/weak KPTY. Steady.JJR-MI
1340 KROS IA Clinton 3/17 0707. Poor. Call letters, promo for basketball games, and wx. Local WJYI mostly nulled out. TPK-WI
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 3/12 0732 P to lost, tho popped in 100 mins later, calls, C&W. JJR-MI
1350 KCHK MN New Prague 3/14 0846 P no KRNT WCMP WARF! (Trifecta) Polkas, Knights of Columbus, possible ment of Main St in New Prague, St. Patricks day parade. Talked for 11 minutes. So very, very faint, weak. Wrote stn hoping for a definitive answer. ANSWER:"...you were listening to us. TRG" Off Most Wanted list! NEW! JJR-MI
1350 KDIO MN Ortonville 3/13 0620 P Classic Country goes where you go, streaming at Big Stone Radio and lost to KRNT. KDIO says Big Stone Radio on logo. Geez.... JJR-MI
1350 WPDR WI Portage 3/18 2001 P "AM 1350 WPDR Portage" WW1 news. Not common despite closness.JJR-WI
1360 WMOB AL Mobile 3/21 2002 F no sign of WTAQ. LID for WMOB & WTOF Bay Minette. JJR-WI
1390 WLCM MI Holt 3/31 0705 P t/c, MI vs Sister Jean, MIch talk, chatter, no calls. Assumed. JJR-MI
1360 WKYO MI Caro 3/31 0530 P Classic Country 1360 home of Dan & Gina(?) in the Morning, no TAQ.JJR-MI
1370 WLLM IL Lincoln 3/21 2130 P calls into talk or possible newscast. No WSPD. JJR-WI
1370 WLTH IN Gary 3/18 2000 P "This is 1370 WLTH Gary, Indiana" through others. Sun night GOS.JJR-WI
1390 KXSS MN Waite Park-St. Cloud 3/21 0640 P no WGRB. AM 1390 the Fan, St.Cloud Hyundai. Clear.JJR-WI
1400 WKNW MI Sault Saint Marie 3/12 1900 P after 6 ESPN promos, ESPN 1400 WKNW Sault Saint Maries home for ESPN Radio. WCCY nulled. Sun still up o/Keweenaw Bay, outside my DX window. JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 3/28 0642 Vp-WCCY nulled easily, Just What I Needed, Cars 98-7 the Brew JJR-MI
1410 WHLN KY Harlan 3/22 0549 P no WIZM, WING."1410 WHLN" and satellite Hot AC. JJR-WI
1410 WNWZ MI Grand Rapids 3/30 1830-1840. Mostly inaudible w/ WIZM-WI and WRMN-IL QRM. Faded in around 1837 w/Urban Contemporary mx. // to webcast. TPK-WI
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 3/11 1918 P you & Steve ?? mornings on KLFD. No usual WIZM. JJR-MI
1410 KRWB MN Roseau 3/30 0744 P Blinded by the Light(long), Classic Rock 1410, lost to WIZM. JJR-MI
1410 KOOQ NE North Platte 3/13 0900 Vp -no WIZM. LID, ESPN ESPN 2 by Depores anncr. others. JJR-MI
1410 WING OH Dayton 3/12 1901 P WIZM nulled. Reds vs Angels, No calls into/out of sponsors. UInreal! Assumed. JJR-MI
1420 WIMS IN Michigan City 3/18 1944 P req OLDies show. Host:Bart Shore poking thru weak KTOE.JJR-WI
1420 WIMS IN Michigan City 3/14 0652 P, mixing with WHK with oldies, WIMS wx ment after record.EB-MI
1420 WFLT MI Flint 3/30 0726 P I'm Sister Dolores, this is WFLT. Black GOS. No KTOE! JJR-MI
1420 WHK OH Cleveland 3/15 0833 P 1420 the Answer on tune in. No KTOE at all! JJR-MI
1430 KRGI NE Grand Island 3/30 0816 P I'm Ryan ???from the KRGI sports desk, KRGI jingle. OLD JJR-MI
1430 KRGI NE Grand Island 3/12 0835 Vp "Norman Grenbaum on KRGI" lost w/others. JJR-MI
1440 KMAJ KS Topeka 3/13 0851 P The Big Talker KMAJ. L.Ingraham, strong, alone. JJR-MI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 3/17 1853 P -KXNO nulled. Steady, LaRaza Musica tween songs. JJR-MI
1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 3/19 2148 P steady, I Heart app, calls thru WJTI null. JJR-WI
1460 KLTC ND Dickinson 3/14 0836 P no KXNO! End of the World, Skeeter Davis "...in West Dickinson" High mid 40's. Never heard calls, if said. Ments of Baker, Glendive,MT looking for workers. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 3/30 0725 P atop. 1460 CJOY Guelph, a Corus Entertainment Stn. No KXNO. JJR-MI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 3/11 0833 P KWAY AM 1470 & the new FM 99.3, OLD C&W lost w/others. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 3/30 0744 P MI Chamber of Commerce, NO CALLS(Idiots) Steve Gruber. Only fit. JJR-MI
1480 WDJO OH Cincinnatti 3/19 0533 P Great Oldies 1480 WDJO -50's/60's OLDies, no WGVU. JJR-WI
1480 WHBC OH Canton 3/21 0533 P long list of closings @ WHBC.com. Alone. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 3/30 0808 P War, Edw.Starr Bomer 1490 & 104.1 others nulled. JJR-MI
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 3/13 0852 P More Today/Spiral Starecase Boomer1490&104-1 Ride Captain Ride.JJR-MI
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 3/12 0837 P tho cut thru! Boomer 1490-104-1 jingle, 70s oldies noted. JJR-MI
1490 KOVC ND Valley City 3/13 0736 Vp the ND Nat'l Guard, Cordell*Cordell, Calls o/other C&W. JJR-MI
1490 WLFN WI LaCrosse 3/29 0715 P Today's Talk 1490 Bob Schmidt show popped up o/mess. JJR-MI
1500 WBZI OH Xenia 3/21 0531 Vp tho cutting thru KSTP. Real Roots Radio, school closings/snow. JJR-WI
1510 KCTE MO Independence 3/17 0754 P local pub service show:KC Rorals, Royals games. WRRD o/c!JJR-MI
1510 KIFG IA Iowa Falls 3/27 ) in fade up:IA Iowa Falls nx. Lost to WRRD. JJR-MI
1510 KMSD SD Milbank 3/13 0851 Vp tho "on KMSD" cut thru while chasing others. WRRD a no show.JJR-MI
1520 WMLM MI Saint Louis 3/12 0835 P Alma, St. Louis ments in dj chatter. JJR-MI
1520 WPAY OH Rossford -Toledo 3/31 0701 P tho steady. Dominating. Clear, new SS format. JJR-MI
1520 WPAY OH Rossford 3/27 0713 Vp to fade up. SS cutting thru others. R Neuva Vida JJR-MI
1550 KXEX CA Fresno 3/17 2400 P mixed with KYAL with SS gal "KXEX Fresno". Likely La Misionera slogan a bit earlier. NK-IL
1550 WIGN TN Bristol 3/22 0542 P Chicken Little restaurant in Bristol,VA, phone, Weaver Funeral Home. JJR-WI
1550 WIGN TN Bristol 3/12 0556 F with C&W Gospel, local ads noted. EB-MI
1560 WNWN MI Portage 3/27 P 95-5 & 102.7 the Touch alone. 1st time heard this branding. JJR-MI
1560 WCNW OH Fairfield 3/25 0611 P -WGLB o/c! "AM 1560 WCNW Fairfiels-Cincinatti, Without Christ Nothing Works" and REL mx. others nulled. The "CNW" used to mean Country N Western years ago. JJR-WI
1570 WBGX IL Harvey 3/25 2128 P very uptempo Black Gos mx. Rare in S Milwaukee if ever! JJR-MI
1570 WFUR MI Grand Rapids 3/29 0713 Vp & gone. "on WFUR.." no usual WLKD. Not common here. JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 3/26 1907 P no WLKD. Calls tween 70's/80s OLDies. JJR-MI
1580 WAMW IN Washington 3/31 2003. Poor. Briefly rose above the mess w/ call letters and wx. CKDO in null. 5 watts! TPK-WI
1580 WLIJ TN Shelbyville 3/25 0605 P no CKDO. Bluegrass So Gos song, calls. JJR-WI
1580 WLIJ TN Shelbyville 3/19 0500 P LID after bluegrass song. No usual CKDO. JJR-WI
1590 WNTS IN Beech Grove 3/31 1825-1835. Poor but ever present. SS broadcast of a futbol game. // to webcast. Tuned in about 1.5 hours later to find WNTS dominating the frequency . They still had to be using their daytime ant. and power. TPK-WI
1600 KPNP MN Watertown 3/20 2149 P Hmong chanting. un-nullable. Unusual to hear this. Assumed. JJR-WI
1610 CHHA ON Toronto 3/19 0458 P Oh Canada stood out while tuning around. JJR-WI
1630 KKGM TX Fort Worth 3/20 0517 P -KCJJ easily nulled. Time, 45 degrees. Calls. JJR-WI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 3/13 0818 P Garfield Furniture Main & Grand in Enid. WSJP easily nulled. JJR-MI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 3/31 0547 P 99-7 MyFM, HotAC. No WPRR yet. SS in back. JJR-MI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 3/11 1925 P no WPRR. The most music for the ??? 99-7 My FM. HotAC JJR-MI
1700 KKLF TX Richardson 3/30 0600 P SS ballad, Banda 13 in w XEPE, no sign of KBGG. JJR-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
540 UNID 3/17 0613 P SS words & praise, Radio Oor? Hola. No CBK. SS REL, music. Lost. JJR-MI
610 UNID 3/23 0628 P OLD C&W song, guy talks and, of course, fades. Lost to KCSP. No KDAL yet. Heard an UNID C&W on Mar10. Same deal. Lost. I'm now leaning KCSR in Nebraska, which would be new. Will try again, hi!JJR-WI
730 UNID 3/15 0711 P no CKDM. WJMT way in back. REL, long tem program, lost. JJR-MI
1020 UNID 3/19 2153 F-killing KDKA! Loud! Not KCKN at all, not even close. Gone in mins. JJR-WI
1050 UNID 3/28 0625 P noted past 2 mornings. Uptempo SS mx, seems SW of here. Lost. JJR-MI
1050 UNID 3/14 0820 Vp You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin. No WJOK,WTKA, KLOH, lost. JJR-MI
1140 UNID 3/20 2117 P but holding steady w/WRVA nulled. SS female, lost in minutes. JJR-WI
1180 UNID 3/19 2100 P- SS w/easily nulled WHAM. JJR-WI
1360 UNID 3/13 0912 P no WTAQ! AMerica the Beautiful, cut right into REL. McCook? JJR-MI
1390 UNID 3/13 0609 P alone. The time is 7:09(EDT) the temp is 37 in the greater ?? area.JJR-MI
1420 UNID 3/19 2155 P tho wiping out other on freq! All gone in 3 mins. JJR-WI
1580 UNID 3/19 0500 P steady. Somehow just missing LID. Power up? CBS Sportsradio. JJR-WI
1610 UNID Mar20 1122 P Los Angeles, Nicaragua mentioned sev times. Not Canada. JJR-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
800 MEXICO XEROK Cd.Juarez Mar21 0230 P fade up at :28. R. Canon, Mexico ments. SS. JJR-WI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Mar26 0256 G! KYW nulled easily. Softer, songs. R.Educacion,JJR-MI
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Mar17 1159 P R Educacion giving KYW a run! Long classical pieces JJR-MI
1620 CUBA Mar20 1148 P many, many Habana, Cuba ments. Heard before, but which one? JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar31 1158 P tho atop a weak KBGG. ESPN app in a little fade up. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar30 1058 P ESPN, ESPN app, LID long fades, still in 30min later! JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar 14 1320 P-F steady. Basicaly alone! ESPN chatter. JJR-MI
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar12 1256 P ESPN Radio by Deportes anncr. Thru others, no KBGG. JJR-MI
Logs below are STANDARD TIME ------------------ ABOVE: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ---------------------
540 KWMT IA Fort Dodge 3/10 0639 P Webster County ments, Calls, Weathereye. No sign of CBK.JJR-MI
580 WHP PA Harrisburg 3/5 0503 P tho alone. "NewsRadio WHP" traffic, Rocket Mortgage. JJR-WI
580 WYHM TN Rockwell 3/4 0530 P alone "AM 580 the Holler"into USA Radio News. Alone. JJR-WI
610 WTVN OH Columbus 3/4 0528 P infomercial ends. "on 610 WTVN." WTMJ IBOC over years made this impossible. IBOC off now. JJR-WI
610 CKTB ON St.Catharines 3/10 0559 P Falls Chevrolet, -2 Flurries NewsTalk 610 CKTB. No KDAL.JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 3/10 0551 P go to 660News.com. Weather guarantee. No 1060, 1010. JJR-MI
690 CFBI-1 SK Gravelbourg 3/3 0544 P FF chatter. Alone, no CKGM, others. "Chaine" in chatter. JJR-WI
780 WJAG NE Norfolk 3/10 0633 Vp WJAG Weathereye in tight WBBM null. Tues Hi:57.JJR-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 3/10 0548 P 790AM & 94.7FM KGHL Ring of Fire/Johnny Cash JJR-MI
810 WDMP WI Dodgeville-Mineral Point 3/6 0602 P "in SW WI, 3" of snow" school buses running late, Many local school ments by YL. Alone. JJR-WI
890 WHNC NC Henderson 3/3 0534-43 P many "North Carolina" & "here in North Carolina" ments, woman jock equal to WLS at times! No calls heard, tho not "Joy" WKNV. Urban GOS. 890 #9, NC #61 NEW! JJR-WI
910 KCJB ND Minot 3/10 0542 P but steady, no WFDF. Calls, OLD C&W. 1320 not in, nor 1390. JJR-MI
930 WTAD IL Quincy 3/2 0534 P others nulled. Calls, IL farm bureau, farm prices. JJR-WI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 3/5 0600 Sign-on w/anthem, wxcast for NE and SD. JB-WI
940 CJGX SK Yorkton 3/5 0558 F Country mx. LID, local nx. Wx. JB-WI
950 KOEL IA Oelwein 3/9 0633 P-F "from Radio Iowa..." WWJ not much of factor of late. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 3/3 0509 P no WWJ, WNTD. Alone w/"all night classics" Radio 950 CFAM. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 3/1 0651 P Mike Gallager today on 970AM the Answer w/weak WHA nulled. JJR-WI
990 WNML TN Knoxville 3/1 P #656-9900 to call, local chatter, ad for Home Rate Mortgage/#805-9100 into traffic report. No calls ever given. (Unreal1) -no CBW at all. JJR-WI
1010 WKJW NC Black Mountain 3/2 0530 P on WKJW, No.Carolina's home for Unshackled. No CFRB.JJR-WI
1050 WTKA MI Ann Arbor 3/6 0600 P easily nulled semi-local WLIP. MI sports scores, LID. JJR-WI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 3/9 0610 P "...KNX 1070, Newsradio" LAPD cops.... WTSO nulled. JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 3/5 0543 P AC songs, Tell Her She's Lovely/Stevie Wonder 99-1 the River. JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 3/9 0722 P no WOWO. Am 1190, it's 7:222....848-XXXX, asking for callers.JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 3/10 0651 P song, no calls, Ag News, Can.Minister, Can-Ag, finally CJRB Radio 1220. Alone. No KLBB. JJR-MI
1230 WSOO MI Sault Saint Marie 3/2 0549 P "1230 WSOO" tween 38 Special, Janny & Jr's songs.JJR-WI
1250 CHSM SK Steinbach 3/9 0710 P long list of temps..."right here in Steinbach.." thru others.JJR-MI
1280 KCOB IA Newton 3/5 0610 P IA temps, "in central IA...High 41, 32 in Newton" alone. JJR-WI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 3/9 0638 P Lobo, Chiffons oldies & "the Big Q 'tween -cut thru/o WOOD. JJR-MI
1330 WBGW IN Evansville 3/6 0529 P-lost. Focus on the Family. Word Radio network. AM1330, the Tri-States voice of.." JJR-WI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 3/2 0610 P I'm KNSS meteorologist.... Alone. Steady. JJR-WI
1360 WMOB AL Mobile 3/6 0526 P tho atop. Alone. Calls, GOS mx. JJR-WI
1360 WMOB AL Mobile 3/1 0600 P detailed wx, LID, SRN news o/UNID stn w/SSB. No WTAQ. JJR-WI
1360 WWOW OH Conneaut 3/10 0549 F with American Top 40 With Casey Kasem; sked match.EB-MI
1390 WLLI TN Jackson 3/1 0558 P tho o/WGRB. "Willie" sweeper o/2 OLD C&W songs. Logged as Top40 WTJS in 1969. JJR-WI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 3/3 0521 P thru WJTI o/c. LaRaza 1580. JJR-WI
1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 3/3 0456 P I Heart app, Dan Patrick promo, 1460 KXNO. WJTI o/c. JJR-WI
1460 WBNS OH Columbus 3/4 0600 P w/97.1 & 1460 ments. Appeared to go seperate as ESPN 1460 & WBNS-FM HD2 Columbus. WJTI again had o/c. JJR-WI
1460 WBNS OH Columbus 3/3 0522 P -ESPN chatter, KXNO nulled, WJTI o/c, "the Fan" JJR-WI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 3/9 0628 P KWAY AM1470 & the new FM 99.3. OLD C&W thru, then lost. JJR-MI
1480 WZRC NY New York 3/4 1810 P-F with Chinese lang talk then faded into some unique mx heard on stream as WGVU and WSDS QRM took over. Rather rare. NK-IL
1510 WRNJ NJ Hackettstown 3/10 0530 Vp, faded in and out under WLAC with Classic Hits: Elton John/Kiki Dee, Genesis, Heart noted. Lost at :00 when WRRD Waukesha, WI came on.EB-MI
1510 KMSD SD Milbank 3/9 0534 E! Loud. usually always in, but LOUD on check. Calls 98-3...JJR-MI
1540 WBNL IN Boonville 3/7 0458-0503 Vp NOS f/Percy Faith, Platters, calls. Tight KXEL null. JJR-WI
1550 WEVR WI River Hills 3/9 0729 P in brief fade up 1st Nat'l Bank of River Halls....JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 3/9 9794 Vp "right here on WGLB AM 1560" checking for KKAA. Hrd 890 KQLX at TOH w/LID as "KQLX AM&FM Lisbon, KXGT Carrington, KKAA Aberdeen" No sign of KKAA, tho hrd them testing in Feb. JJR-MI
1590 WPVL WI Platteville 3/5 0600 P others nulled. LID, ESPN fare. JJR-WI
1630 KKGM TX Fort Worth 3/2 0539 P tho topping KCJJ w/REL. Quite noticeable. JJR-WI
1630 KKGM TX Fort Worth 3/1 0550 P -KCJJ nulled easily. REL content. Steady. JJR-WI
1650 CINI ON Mississauga 3/1 0531 P "in Mississauga" while checking X-Band. No KCNZ. Alone.JJR-WI
1680 WTTM NJ Lindenwold 3/3 0515 P tho steady w/SS. La Unika ments, lively SS mx. Alone! JJR-WI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 3/3 0552 P -no sign of WVON. "AM 1690 WPTX" w/NOS. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
610 UNID 3/10 0554 Vp C&W cutting thru others."?? Country." KCSR or CKYL. Both needed. Lost. JJR-MI
1270 UNID 3/7 0517 P CBS news sounder after Monkees song. No calls, of course, in ??? county...JJR-WI
1310 UNID 3/3 0524 P SS in fades, tho up to 60/9dB. Lost. WIBA nulled. JJR-WI
1320 UNID 3/5 0532 P-Vp -noted yesterday & this morning. Black GOSpel format, not in long enough. JJR-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Mar 9 1222 P ESPN & ESPN2 by Deportes anncr, ESPN, ESPN app, on ESPN radio in promo after promo. No KBGG. JJR-MI
HOT-Tippers/the people who make DX-midAMerica possible:
/who /where
/equipment-antennas used

JB-WI James Beer, Houlton, WI
Tecsun PL-310

EB-MI Eric Berger, Carleton,MI
Sony XDR-S10HDiP

GH-IL Greg Harris, Park Forest,IL
FRG100/Quantum loop

NK-IL Neil KAZaross, Barrington IL
Perseus and Phased BOG System 289' // 182' at 34 deg
Perseus and DKAZ aimed due west: 1550 KXEX

TPK-WI Tom Kirk, Milwaukee,WI
RFSpaceCloudIQ sdr with a 160 foot, 2 wire, phased system,
RFSpace CloudIQ sdr w/ about 160 feet of wire strung thru the backyard

TL-IN Tom Laskowski,South Bend, IN
Panasonic RF-2200

JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI
Grundig Satellit -Terk AM1000 loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock

JJR-MI2 John J Rieger, Sault Saint Marie,MI
Sangean ATS-909X stock

JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee,WI
Icom IC-R75 MFJ-959B tuner,preamp Kiwa loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock

TS-MI Tom Sanders, Lakeport MI
GE SuperRadio II barefoot

TS-MI2 - Tom Sanders, Lakepost State Park, Lakeport MI
Sony ICF-890

DX-midAMerica contributors are in these states/provinces:
IL:2 IN:1 MI:5 WI:3 = the Sunrise skippin'/Sunset scoping, summer lovin'11!

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