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What is listed below is everything reported to DX-midAMerica from 1985 through July,2017 on 1340. Everything listed has been heard in midAMerica! So, you have a shot! Without a doubt, this is a NiteOWL (2300-0500 CLT) HOT-bed, with twilight reports following very close! Have a great time in this graveyard!
# of reports, calls, location, comments

KFCR CO Denver 3-SRS 6-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL
KTMM CO Grand Junction 10-SRS 10-SSS
WYCB DC Washington: 3-OWL REL
WTAN FL Clearwater: 3-Twil
WSOY IL Decatur: 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-OWL 4-SRS 7-Twil 7-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil
WJPF IL Herrin 2-Twil 12-Twil SPO:ESPN
WJOL IL Joliet 4-DAY 10-OWL 12-SRS
WBIW IN Bedford: 1-SRS, 12-OWL
WTRC IN Elkart 5-Twil 6-OWL NOS
WXFN IN Muncie: 2-OWL, 6-OWL, 10-SSS, 12-Twil ESPN
KROS IA Clinton: 3-SRS 7-DAYS:IA 11-SRS 11-OWL
WCMI KY Ashland-Huntington-Ironton 6-Twil 6-OWL SPO:ESPN
WEPM KY Marinsburg 3-Twil 6-OWL 7-OWL CBS:00
WEKY KY Richmond 4-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SSS 12-SRS OLD
KGGS KS Garden City 1-SSS 5-Twil 10-SRS 11-OWL
KDTD KS Kansas City 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil SS:LaGrande
KSEK KS Pittsburg: 2-SRS 2-Twil 3-OWL
WBRK MA Pittsfield: 4-Twil
WLEW MI Bad Axe 1-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-Twil 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SSS 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil OLD C&W
WJRW MI Grand Rapids: 1-Twil 2-Twil 3-Twil 4-SRS 4-SRS 4-Twil 6-OWL 6-OWL 6-OWL 7-SRS 7-TWIL 7-TWIL 8-SRS 8-TWIL 8-OWL 9-SRS 10-TWIL 10-OWL 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS TALK [WBBL WLAV]
WCSR MI Hillsdale 7-SRS
WMTE MI Manistee P-F. After SSS in MAY & DEC SILent
WAGN MI Menominee 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-Twil 5-Twil 4-SRS 6-SRS 7-SSS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 10-SSS 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil TALK CBS:00
WMBN MI Petoskey: 1-SSS 2-Twil 3-Twil 5-SRS 5-SSS 6-OWL 8-SRS 9-SSS 9-Twil 9-OWL 11-SRS 11-SSS 12-SSS SPO //93.7FM
WEXL MI Royal Oak 9-Twil 11-SSS GOS
KVBR MN Brainerd: 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-OWL 8-SSS 9-Twil 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-Twil 12-SRS
KDLM MN Detroit Lakes: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 4-SRS 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS
KRBT MN Eveleth 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 5-SRS 5-SRS 6-SRS 6-OWL 7-SRS 8-SRS 8-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-OWL SPO
KROC MN Rochester: 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-Twil 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS
KWLM MN Willmar: 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 3-SRS 6-SRS 7-Twil 7-Twil 8-SRS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil
KADI MO Springfield 1-Twil 11-SRS
KHUB NE Hastings 2-SRS 7-SSS 7-Twil ABC:00 OLD "K-Hub" *
KGFW NE Kearney:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-Twil 10-OWL 10-Twil 11-SRS SPO:ESPNn
WWNH NH Madbury: 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil DX TEST
WMID NJ Atlantic City 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 3-SSS 10-TWIL 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SSS
WWLF NY Auburn 2-SSS 4-Twil
WENT NY Gloversville 4-Twil 4-OWL
WKSN NY Jamestown 2-Twil OLDIES
WLVL NY Lockport: 4-SRS
WMSA NY Massona 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 11-SSS 11-OWL OLDies
WALL NY Middleton 8-OWL Cl HITS *
WIRY NY Plattsburgh 4-OWL 12-SRS AC
WADE NC Wadesboro 10-Twil GOS *
WLSG NC Wilmington: 4-Twil SoGOS
KPOK ND Bowman 2-SRS 3-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS C&W
KXPO ND Grafton: 1-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-SSS
WNCO OH Ashland: 4-OWL 9-OWL
WSTV OH Shelbyville: 1-SSS 4-Twil 5-Twil 6-OWL 6-OWL 9-SSS 10-SSS 12-SSS
WIZE OH Springfield 1-SRS 2-Twil 8-OWL 11-SRS 12-Twil OLD C&W
KTFX OK Sand Springs 2-OWL, 11-DAYS to KS
KLOO OR Corvallis 3-SRS
WCVI PA Connelsville 12-SSS
WOYL PA Oil City 9-Twil
WHAT PA Philadelphia: 3-SSS
WWPA PA Williamsport: 4-SSS
KIJV SD Huron 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-Twil 3-SRS 4-SRS 4-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil HITS//95.3FM
KTOQ SD Rapid City: 1-SRS 1-Twil 3-SRS 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-OWL 12-SSS 12-SSS
WKGN TN Knoxville: 1-SSS 4-Twil
WLOK TN Memphis 8-OWL 11-OWL
WCDT TN Winchester 2-OWL 6-OWL
KAND TX Coriscana 12-SSS C&W
KOLE TX Port Arthur: 1-Twil TALK
WKEY VA Covington: 4-Twil
WSTJ VT St.Johnsbury: 4-OWL
WXKX WV Clarksburg 5-Twil 6-OWL 10-SSS 11-Twil SPO:ESPN
WLDY WI Ladysmith: 1-SRS 7-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 12-Twil SPO:CBS
WJYI WI Milwaukee: 1-SRS 8-OWL CCM/REL "Joy1340"
KWOR WY Worland 12-SRS