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All of the types of Ska that there have ever been have all been great. I'm from the Milwaukee area ( actually just south of there ) and I like a some of the local bands. We have some great bands here. My 2 favorite local Ska bands are THE INVADERS and FIVE O'CLOCK CHARLIE. I like alot of other Ska too. I really like THE SUPERTONES, SAVE FERRIS, MUSTARD PLUG, SKANKIN' PICKLE, and many many more. Alot of the total mainstream Ska is different than the small club, layed back local Ska. Any people that like a Ska group for strickly one song and that song only are a total bunch of SkA WaNaBeEs. If you are like that them think about really Ska. If you really want to get into it go to shows in your home town no matter where it may be.


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