Created 31 March 2012
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The BleusNak "Super-Tuned" Dragon Project
Complete Rebuild & Super-Tuning of a Nakamichi Cassette Deck

How sweet it is.... Stacked Nakamichi gear awaiting bench-time in the studio!!!

Here's the Dragon cassette deck prepared for undressing. Next step is to remove the top cover frame, with evaluation of the innards behind the transport mechanism about to commence. Refer to the top of the BleusNak main page for a full view of this deck and other analogue cassette black beauties stacked in the studio.

As the project continues, including expert assistance from a good friend and pro technologist, we will post photos
showing progress of the super-tuned Dragon cassette deck rehabilitation. We hope that this page of photos and explanation will
intrigue and help you understand what goes on inside of a classic Nakamichi cassette deck. Enjoy the view, ask questions if you wish!

Here's a glimpse of the Dragon stripped open to reveal back-end bias, level and azimuth adjustment control board components,
plus a view of the back-end of cassette tape transport mechanism components.

Here's a close-up of the back end of the transport carriage. Look a bit into the center of the photo
and you'll see the encased dual direct drive capstan motors.

What you see here is an ultra cleaned Nak Dragon transport mechanism. In dustless condition, prim & proper maintenance has the heads,
capstans and supporting components ready for use. Photo compliments of Vlad Umet, technology engineer.

A clear view of the critical capacitor and preamp circuit boards. Note the orange colored capacitors, often these little orangies are the cause of problems due to age and leakage. That's where reference to the term 'Orange Cap Disease' originates. Notice the bottom arrangement of solid-state preamp circuit boards and wiring harness. A lot of electronic components packed into the inner frame of this deck!

The photo above shows use of the Nakamichi Tilt Check Gauge in operation. This gauge checks correct tilt of record and playback magnetic heads. This maintenance adjustment is as essential as azimuth or other key alignment procedures. After doing this tilt gauge adjustment and verification, the head top surface will be perfectly parallel to the tape surface. Since play and record heads are floating independently in a Nakamichi deck, this step ensures tape path movement is ideal and correct for tape record and playback performance.

Postscript - The BleusNak Super-Tuned Dragon deck was successfully rehabbed during October & November of 2012. What you see above is a summary of activities and results, with added photos provided as representative of what was accomplished. I can report that the Dragon deck has performed excellently since then, and with regular home maintenance of demagging and transport mechanism cleaning, the Sybarito Nak Dragon should perform excellently for many years into the future. Finally, sincere thanks to my reliable and favored Nakamichi cassette deck technology experts, Kannan, Michael and Vlad, who have provided guidance and encouragement over many past years......

What's up next for BleusNak Studios??? Plans for a future project will likely be rehabbing the original 550 Versatile Cassette System deck and auxilliary components, sometime during year 2013 or 2014.

Welcome to the Mohican Pass Basement Vault of Audio Treasures!

Created 31 March 2012
Updated 16 January 2013

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