posted 10 October 2004

Offered by MrBleus

Nakamichi RX-202 Cassette Deck

Nakamichi RX-202 Cassette Deck
Manufactured early 1990’s
Serial # xxxxxxxx

Last serviced by Nakamichi of America, July 1997
Rehabbed to factory specifications

Mechanicals – Excellent condition
Performance – Excellent condition
Cosmetics – Very good condition (only normal minor nicks, etc.)

This RX-202 unidirectional autoreverse cassette deck has been personally owned by MrBleus since the early 1990’s. A fine performing deck, utilized almost exclusively as a playback component in the family music and reading room. Approximately 500 hours of use since rehab by Nakamichi of America. Fully functional and clean, a virtual workhorse of reliability and performance. As a two head Nak deck, this RX-202 outperforms most any other manufacturer’s three head deck from the 1990’s. Read about the RX-202 at these webpages:

Nak RX-202 detailed brochure information

Here’s the deal I’m offering……

Nakamichi RX-202 as described above
Original print of RX-202 color brochure
Photo copies of RX-202 owner and service manuals
Photo copies of RX-202 magazine articles
Duplicate of the “Sound of Nakamichi” reference analysis recording on metal cassette

Buy Direct from MrBleus ~ Make an offer.... Seller's price is ~$325

Shipping and insurance will be paid by seller within continental USA (USPS or UPS choice by purchaser). RX-202 will be packed professionally in a custom injected foam filled inner box prepared for the dimensions of this deck, that box inserted inside a second (slightly larger) outer cardboard box for extra secure protection. Item sold as-is due to age and condition, no extended guarantees. You'll smile when you plug this one in and observe it do its Nakamichi UDAR autoreverse stuff, sound quality quite good too. Excellent investment for a newbie Nak gear user.

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