The Nakamichi ZX-9 Cassette Deck is a very special analogue recording/playback audio component. The ZX-9 cassette deck is an enhanced version of the well-regarded and acclaimed ZX-7 deck which was introduced by Nakamichi during 1982. The ZX-9 has completely manual calibration controls, including adjustable recording azimuth and bias, extra durable tape transport system with dual capstan drive, and discrete record/monitor/playback head system. The ZX-9 cassette deck has some of the most precise technical specifications Nakamichi ever designed into a commercial cassette deck! This is an exceptional machine, one of Nakamichi's finest and cost effective when considering a $1,500 retail price during the early 1980's!

Nakamichi ZX9 cassette deck informational brochure, June 1983.

The BleusNak ZX-9 Rehab Project

AudioReviews of the highly regarded Nak ZX-9 Cassette Deck

Created 28 February 2002
Updated 16 October 2013

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