Sybarito Nakamichi Dragon Brochure Now Available
Peruse the entire Nak Dragon cassette deck inside and out, all of its secrets revealed!!!

Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck Brochure

The classic Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck is certainly a very special analog recording/playback component. A mixture of manual and automated manual controls, NACC adjustable azimuth and bias, extra durable tape transport system with dual capstan direct motor drive, record/monitor/playback head system, some of the most precise technical specifications Nakamichi ever designed into a cassette deck. This is really an impressive machine, one of Nakamichi's best technological efforts made during the mid 1980's thru early 1990's! A little story of how the Dragon got its special name is forthcoming from the BleusNak Studios archive. Stay tuned.....

Created 28 February 2001
Updated 31 August 2008

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