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The Bleus Cassette Mythos, Release Two

Created 28 December 2012

Introducing the Bleus Cassette Mythos, Release Two Project, an eclectic foray into home studio recorded
musical ambiance on cassette tape. Sit back and allow the music to take you somewhere else.....

Bleus Cassette Mythos
Release Two

Visionary Mythos
Maximus Geographicus
Quadrant Four-Five-One
Null Cartesian Coordinates
Seeking Boundless Knowledge

Details of recording methods forthcoming

Original music recordings mastered & processed with SoundForge software, transposed to analogue cassette.
Final recordings accomplished using Nakamichi ZX-9 cassette deck, with TDK MA-R C60 cassette tape.
Recordings made without noise reduction enhancements.

Another Bleus Cassette Mythos Project ~ Release Three 2015 is now posted!!!

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Created 23 December 2012
Updated 16 November 2015

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