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BleusNak Audio Advisors
Madison, Wisconsin USA

Advisory & Procurement of Nakamichi Cassette Deck Equipment
    Professional, friendly & trustworthy advisory services
    35 years of abilities, skills & experience utilizing audio cassette decks
    Expertise evaluating and recommending cassette tape use
    World-wide consultation, equipment appraisal & brokering services
    Extensive knowledge & hands-on use of Nakamichi cassette decks
    Flexible fee schedule based on assignment & results
    Client references provided upon request

    Credit and Payment Verified

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    BleusNak Studios Info: Initially a leisure-time activity of personal joy & passion, transformed into a successful service-oriented advisory & procurement business expertise. BleusNak Studios was created back in 1999, when the BleusNak CyberSpot web portal was introduced. Being an audio gear and music listening enthusiast all of my adult life, I've gained experience and great satisfaction learning about high performance analogue cassette decks. I also immensely enjoy sharing that knowledge with like-minded audio enthusiasts around the world.

    Nakamichi audio gear has always been the benchmark for performance and excellence in cassette deck use, with the "vintage years" being 1978 thru 1993. Indeed, the finest of Nakamichi cassette decks can be debated upon endlessly, yet its obvious to those "in-the-know" that the Nak ZX-9 and Dragon decks are pinnacle pieces of audio gear that have stood the test of decades of superior performance and longevity. I have elaborated upon this theme extensively in the BleusNak CyberSpot; please do visit and read upon the substantial legacy that you also may be able to possess and use with your audio gear treasures.
    I'd be delighted to assist you exploring the possibilities.

    Inquiries: K.J. Bleus Parsons, Madison, WI USA

    Email: BleusNak Studios, Ltd

    "May your Nakamichi Cassette Decks perform flawlessly for you every day"

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