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Breaking News - June 2017
Revisit of Blind Faith's Olympic Studios Recording Sessions
June & July 1969 - Forty-Eight Years Ago.....

A Brief Historical of Blind Faith's recording sessions at Olympic Studios during June and July 1969


Dedicated to the historical preservation related to Milwaukee, WI's Counterculture Scene of the 1960's


Breaking News - June 2016
Latest Discovery - BF Super Giants (Tarantua)

Blind Faith Super Giants is one of the most recent remaining reworked recordings of BF, combining the
Goteborg, Sweden and NYC/MSG recordings together in a two disc set. Listening to these, seems to be
digitally remastered to clean-up excessive background noise. Well worth getting this one, but watch out,
limited copies will command high pricing (unless you can find a pirating bootlegg download).

For additional information, head to this excellent review web link at:

Collector Music Review - BF Super Giants (Tarantua)


Archived News - December 2015
Album Artwork & Seasons Greetings

Holiday Greetings, Peace to all Worldwide, and Listen to the Music !!!


Archived News - December 2013
The Cover Story - Album Art
Film released on DVD by by Eric Christensen, LLC 2013

Eric Christensen released **** The Cover Story - Album Art **** in January 2013 to great reviews and critical acclaim.
The film premiered at the Sweetwater Music Hall (Mill Valley, CA) on January 26, 2013 to an overflow crowd and was
followed by a panel discussion with Eric and musician Norman Greenbaum (Spirit In The Sky), artist Michael Rios
(The cover of Santana's multi-million selling Supernatural), musician Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), photographer
Ethan Russell (Beatles, Rolling Stones & The Who covers), Bob Seidemann (Blind Faith, Jackson Browne covers),
musician Peter Albin (Big Brother and the Holding Co.), musician and artist George Hunter (The Charlatans).

Professionally produced, two DVD video disc package
Stunningly colorful artwork reproduction portrayed throughout
Phenomenal and candid interviews with musicians & graphic artists
* Extensive background on the Blind Faith album cover creation

An Interesting Interview with the creator of the Cover Story - Album Art Story, Eric Christensen


Archived News - August 2013
A New BF ~ Deluxe Edition Album - Released by Music-On-Vinyl !!!
Blind Faith were arguably one of the best and short lived super-groups of the late nineteen-sixties,
featuring former Cream members Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, Traffic & Spencer Davis Group's
Steve Winwood, and Family's Ric Grech. Their singular album Blind Faith was hugely successful.

The Music-On-Vinyl reissue boasts the original LP with its controversial, avant-garde album cover
artwork, with the addition of an intriguing second LP. The bonus disc includes studio instrumental
recordings that have not yet touched high-definition analogue grooves until now on M-O-V's vinyl!

Two 180 gram audiophile vinyls
Five bonus original session tracks
Eight page booklet with extensive liner notes & photos

Blind Faith Deluxe Album on Vinyl
$$$$ (available from the Music Record Shop .Com) $$$$

You'll find a really good deal on this BF Deluxe Album from the folks at the
Music Record Shop (St Louis, MO USA), prompt & trustworthy service too.
$$$$ Purchase on-line at: the Music Record Shop.Com $$$S

Editor's Note: Review & photo of album contents coming soon......

Archived News - June 2013
Ginger Baker's New Web Site & Auto-Biography
Forty Four years ago, the group Blind Faith was the hot group that had just finished a
North American Tour, released a best-selling album, and held a number one single on
the USA air waves. Ginger Baker was the famous drummer of the group, the music was
flowing across North America, and things were looking quite good for all involved.

As it seemed was not all of the story though..... Things were different, and the musicians
were apart and making separate plans for the future. Reading Mr. Baker's auto-biography,
"Hell Raiser" lends his memories and sets the records straight from Baker's point of view.
Read on for details at the awesome and very interesting official Ginger Baker Web Site:

Ginger Baker's Extraordinary Web Site

World's most multi-faceted percussionist, portrayed in photos and words

***** Beware of Mr. Baker !!! *****

Ginger Baker's Extraordinary Web Site

Archived News - April 2010
Blind Faith's Futuristic Aeroplane - Still Floating Around.... Somewhere Else!!!
Forty years ago, the Blind Faith album cover was created with artistic flare and controversy. The futuristic
aeroplane created by a talented and hip artist studying at the Royal Academy of Art was meant to portray
a veiled symbol of technology advancing humankind. Indeed, that together with the young woman holding
the aeroplane, representing purity and good intent for humankind's future existence, became an iconic
symbolism born to represent optimism at the close of the 1960s. Still a relevant concept, forty plus years now,
and we have another astute artist who has created a smaller version of the famous BF aeroplane that can
be held in your own hands! Have a look and consider the possibilities before us now......

Created by Steve Sasco, noted Jewelry Designer. A faithful recreation of
the aeroplane ornament as shown on the British progressive rock band
Blind Faith's debut LP Cover, August 1969. Limited Edition Offering.

Beautifully detailed, metal alloy, 3 inch wingspan, 2 inches nose to tail.

Blind Faith's Futuristic Aeroplane
Now available in a minature version pin/paper weight

Archived News - 31 July 2009
Blind Faith's Futuristic Aeroplane - Still Floating Around.... Somewhere!!!
Forty years ago, the Blind Faith album cover was created with artistic flare and controversy. The futuristic
aeroplane created by a talented and hip artist studying at the Royal Academy of Art was meant to portray
a veiled symbol of technology advancing humankind. Indeed, that together with the young woman holding
the aeroplane, representing purity and good intent for humankind's future existence, became an iconic
symbolism born to represent optimism at the close of the 1960s. Learn more about the whereabouts of the
BF aeroplane now, and a bit more interesting background information.

Blind Faith's Futuristic Aeroplane - Still Floating Around London, UK ???


Archived News - In Retrospect - 12 July 2009
Forty years ago today, Blind Faith opened their North American tour in Madison Square Garden, NYC.
In celebration of this anniversary, it's proposed that we have a revisit of the Blind Faith concert at MSG
during July 1969, and that's just what we're going to have. Something special will be presented celebrating
the 40th anniversary of Blind Faith's time in our memories. Have a look at the latest web page and behold,
there will be an offering on 12 July of this year!

Behold ~ BF 40th Anniversary Web page


Amazing..... A Glimpse Within Hyde Park: 40 Years Ago ~ 7 June 2009
A Memorable Visitation to Hyde Park and the Free Concerts, 7 June 1969

Crowd listening to announcements and introductory words as the opening act musicians settle upon the stage....

The first of the Hyde Park free concerts for the summer of 1969 featured a high profile line-up
of local and internationally acclainmed musicians. This also included a congregation of the
highly touted and anticipated "super group" Blind Faith, making their performance debut in
front of an eager and expectant crowd of some 120.000. The following throng of hipster young
and old alike, were there seeking true blues religion somewhat in the same ilk as the Cream like
guitar, bass and percussion pyrotechnics, uniquely merged with Traffic-like keyboards, vocals
and improvisational jamming. Oh, what they experienced was somewhat different! Visit another
excellent web site featuring details all about the Hyde Park Concerts of 1968 and 1969, that
including Blind Faith, Traffic, Orig Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Edgar Broughton, and many
others, by clicking on the web link directly below:

The Hyde Park Free Concert of 7 June 1969
Third Ear Band ~ Edgar Broughton ~ Donovan ~ Richie Havens ~ Blind Faith


Archived News ~ 25 February 2008
Clapton & Winwood gigging at Madison Square Garden, February 25 thru 27, 2008

Former Blind Faith bandmates, Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton will perform
together on 25, 26 and 28 February at Madison Square Garden. These two rock legends have put together
a stellar lineup of musicians for what will certainly be amongst the "must see" shows of the decade.
Winwood and Clapton will be joined on stage in New York City by Chris Stainton (keyboards), Willie Weeks
(bass) and Ian Thomas (drums). All three were part of the band which played behind Winwood and Clapton at
the Crossroads Guitar Festival in July 2007. New York's Madison Square Garden is an appropriate venue for
the first full-scale Winwood / Clapton concerts in almost 40 years. The Garden played host to opening
night of Blind Faith's only tour on 12 July 1969. The tour ended in Hawaii on 24 August 1969. Blind Faith
was formed by Clapton and Winwood, along with Ginger Baker and Ric Grech. The band lasted less than a year
and released one self-titled album.

Here's a newsie review to peruse....

They didn't actually bill themselves as Blind Faith. But the band that played the Garden Monday night
boasted the two most esteemed players from that sanctified '60s act, and they featured its signature material.

While the classic-rock pair in question - Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - teased the world with a quickie
warm-up set at the Crossroads guitar festival in Chicago last July, they had not shared a stage
for an entire evening since the dying days of Blind Faith in 1969. The two appear again tonight and
Thursday with their unnamed band at the Garden. No other dates are scheduled. As such, the Garden
shows have as much importance by definition as Cream's reunion concerts from two years ago, if not quite
the earth-shattering resonance of the Led Zeppelin reunion from December. So did the night live up to
the epic expectations? In places, definitely.

Especially the Blind Faith songs. The rub is, there aren't many of them. The band produced only six in all
(one a jam). Last night, the band offered four, adding a fifth piece left off the original LP
(the rote "Sleeping in the Ground," instead of the far more revelatory "Sea of Joy.")

They opened the nearly 2-1/2-hour show with "Had to Cry Today" with both stars taking fierce leads.

Throughout the night, Winwood offered the more trenchant guitar work, hewing closer to the tune, while
Clapton spun fancifully around it. Winwood's voice showed no loss of its choirboy purity. The range of his
vocals - the wind he can whip up - still dazzles. On the Faith material, the players - which also
included bassist Willie Weeks, keyboardist Chris Stainton and drummer Ian Thomas - cohered as an organic
band. But in much of the rest, it seemed more like stars sitting in on each other's songs.

That quibble didn't hinder a rash of highlights. Winwood's highflying vocals added soul to Clapton's
"Tell the Truth." The latter's solos brought Traffic's "Pearly Queen" to fuller fruition.
And for Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing," they both fell utterly into sync. Peaks that stellar allowed the
show's more workmanlike moments to be forgiven, and made one hope we don't have to wait another 40 years
to see these two hook up again.

There is no opening act. The concerts begin promptly at 8PM.

Here's a glimpse of the Feb 25th playlist (just a portion), something to behold....

Had To Cry Today
Low Down
Forever Man
Them Changes
Sleeping In The Ground
Presence Of The Lord
Well Alright
Double Trouble
Pearly Queen
Tell The Truth
No Face, No Name, and No Number
After Midnight
Split Decision
Ramblin On My Mind
Georgia On My Mind
Little Wing
Voodoo Chile
Can't Find My Way Home
Dear Mr Fantasy

KJ Bleus Comment - These gigs will be remembered as unique, historic, as close as Blind Faith will ever come back together after all these years. DVD vids likely will crop up... Can't get much better, in my opinion.....

Archived News ~ 16 November 2007
New Release ~ BLIND FAITH Album (Limited Edition 200g Japanese Import Vinyl LP)

Blind Faith on Japanese 200g (that's total disc weight) Virgin Vinyl!
We just received word form Universal Japan of their latest LP production run! The Japanese are meticulous in the pressing of their records and each album will be pressed on dead-quiet, 200g Japanese Virgin Vinyl, obliteraterating pressings done elsewhere. Only the highest-quality titles are being released from the original analog tapes. This is a strictly one-time pressing run and quanities will be extremely limited. You definitely do not want to miss out on this extremely collectable run of AAA titles, so we strongly urge you to order now. Let�s support Universal Japan and maybe they�ll press more titles!
The short-lived classic progressive rock group Blind Faith's sole album has aged remarkably well. In 1969, Blind Faith fused the psychedelic blues of Eric Clapton and the soulful vocals and keyboards of Steve Winwood with the polyrhythmic, Afrocentric leanings of drummer Ginger Baker. Can't Find My Way Home is one of the hippie era's most lyrically poignant, sonically subtle tunes. The record has a lot of surprises; Presence of the Lord is rousing and melancholy at the same time, while the way the bass and guitar double-team on the introductory melodic line to Had to Cry Today makes a hard-rock clich� fresh again. The 10-minute drum solo on Do What You Like is pretty good as 10-minute drum solos go. This Japanese edition will only be pressed once in very limited quantities. Don't miss out on this one, its a limited edition release.

1. Had To Cry Today
2. Can't Find My Way Home
3. Well All Right
4. Presence Of The Lord
5. Sea Of Joy
6. Do What You Like

KJ Bleus Comment - This one will be a collectible classic, can't get much better in my opinion.....

Blind Faith Album ~ Ltd Edition Vinyl (available from MusicDirect, Chicago, IL USA)

Breaking News ~ 31 May 2007
A meeting of Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton to perform several oldie Blind Faith and other tunes of that era occurred on 19 May 2007, at the Highclere Castle Countryside Rocks music festival, located in Berkshire County, the midlands of England UK. This gig has been presumed to be a live performance as rehearsal for the upcoming major concert performance gathering of SW and EC with many other world-class guitarists, who will congregate at Clapton's Crossroads Festival, that will be happening in Chicago Illinois during July 2007. Perhaps an opportunity for a long awaited Blind Faith musicians reunion? Perhaps Ginger will make an appearance, or Ric will float in as an angel gifted with bass guitar in hands???
More info to be added here as known and compiled. Meanwhile, refer to the Clapton and Winwood websites for mini-reviews and other info regarding the recent performance, and the upcoming super session during July.....

Where's Eric Website & Country Rocks music review
Steve Winwood Website & Country Rocks music review

31 December 2006
A Blind Faith compendium disc set, titled , "Compensation for Betrayal", on the well-regarded Paddington label based somewhere in the Pacific Ocean Rim, is now available through the international collectors trading scene. View the excellent graphics provided with this compendium at the Geetarz website:

Geetarz/Blind Faith "Compensation For Betrayal" artwork (courtesy Geetarz)

Kind of wondering where all of those excellent BF photos in this artwork collage originated? Peruse the BF website pages and ponder the possibilities :-}}

Something special will be presented on the website celebrating the 38th anniversary of Blind Faith's time in our memories. Yes, its been 38 years time since Blind Faith's brief splash during 1969. In the works is something special, as hinted by Clapton and Winwood during the winter months of 2006 and into 2007.

Magic Hat Brewing Company's 'Blind Faith IPA' is highly recommended, while watching the BF DVD.....

DVD Release Date: 10 April 2006

Archived News - In Retrospect: 21 March 2006
Blind Faith's debut gig was in front of a cool 100,000 people on a warm day in Hyde Park, London UK. Since 7th June, 1969 when this concert took place, it has never been seen in its entirety. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear the world's first Supergroup perform for the very first time. Sanctuary Visual Entertainment UK will release "London, Hyde Park 1969" the DVD package during early April 2006.

The DVD "Blind Faith, London, Hyde Park 1969" also boasts archive footage of the various members of Blind Faith performing within their earlier musical guises. Clips of the Spencer Davis Group performing 'I'm A Man', Traffic's 'Hole In My Shoe', Family performing 'Dim Sum' and Cream with 'Sunshine of Your Love', act as a gentle introduction to the main concert event.

There is also a discography for all the members of Blind Faith pre 1969, plus a collection of rare photos set to the sounds of Well All Right.

Well.... All Right!!! Click on the link below to view the full press release:

Blind Faith, London, Hyde Park 1969 - A Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, UK Release Coming Soon


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