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Welcome to My Crazy World....

Hi! My name is Patricia, and this is my home page.

I'll update it when I can (but not too much, 'cuz I'm a busy person.)

I have found some nifty sites on the web, and if you like, please try them out.

If you know of any cool sites that you think I should visit, let me know.

Also, If you have any ideas on how I can better update this page, let me know as well.

As soon as I am able (and am able to figure out the basics of writing
and editing my home page...) I will be adding

The newest addition to my family has already arrived.
I have a nephew!
Click here to see the page I made for him!

Another thing to note...I don't like to make mistakes, but I do. Please excuse them. Also, if there so happens to be another site similar in name to this one, it is purely coincidental.

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I am also a member at... Praying Hands
and ...these Web Rings

Please do sign my guestbook, I like to know who visited my homepage and what you thought of it. I am currently learning more HTML from a book I bought at OfficeMax in my hometown. It is called "Learn HTML 4 in 24 Hours" Pretty cool book. Check it out sometime... =).

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Guess what? I have now given you another way to contact me. But I am not sure yet which is better...maybe I will keep both... who knows...

Using the panels below, you can send me a message via ICQ. Download it if you like. It really is a great program. It is an easy way to let others know when you are on-line and to find out when your friends are on-line.

You can visit my Personal ICQ Page, if it is activated. You can also search the Web using this panel, and contact me from this Web site directly to my ICQ client.
If you have ICQ you can Chat Me or Message Me.
If you do not have ICQ you can either Page Me or contact me through My Personal Communication Center.
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My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web
DigitSmith, Inc. - Embroidery Digitizing & Custom Embroidery Services
Matt's Script Archive - Awesome Web Server Scripts
Hotmail -- Free E-mail!
Yahoo -- Best place to chat on-line!
Lycos -- an even better place to chat on-line!!! =)
My Points -- get points just for looking at your e-mail!!
Blue -- Send greeting cards over the web (via e-mail)
USA Greetings -- Another great place to send cards from...
My Bro's Web page - Has a unofficial Smiley-face Dictionary!! =)