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Welcome to my nest. This page contains a collection of fanfic I've written over the past few years from a variety of shows that I really love. I'm a dedicated romantic, so a lot of these stories contain elements of romance between two characters. Any stories labelled Adult require reader discretion, and are advised for mature readers. That said, enjoy!

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If you have any comments, feedback, anything, please email me!

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Insatiable Need ~Adult~
Part One
Part Two
An alternate storyline where Angel is restored
in much the same manner as he was changed.

Forever One
My version of how Angel and Buffy say good-bye.

Earth 2

The Story of Julia and Alonzo's Romance

Part One This story traces the development of Julia Heller and Alonzo Solace's relationship from their first meeting to the end of the series. It deals a lot with the between-the-episodes interactions we never got to see. ~Incomplete~
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

All New Rules                                            

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Devon and John realize that the
old rules no longer apply when
they reach New Pacifica.

All Thanks To Bess
Bess does a little of what
she's famous for ... interfering!

Nighttime Confessions
Devon and Danziger have a romantic
midnight meeting and admit a few truths....

Danziger goes for a walk, Devon
follows and they do a little talking.

Part One
Part Two
True falls mysteriously ill and only
the Terrians can save her.

La Femme Nikita

Michael's Hope
Michael taps into the surveillance gear
Section have on Nikita's home.

Space: Above and Beyond

Crisis of Faith
Colonel McQueen suffers a crisis of faith,
and Vansen is there to help him through it.

After the Dance
After a social function onboard the
Saratoga, McQueen walks Vansen
back to the Wildcards' barracks.

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