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This is a guide for all of the episodes of Invader ZIM. All of the information was collected from TV Tome. This guide includes all of the episodes that were to be aired.

Season I

1. The Nightmare Begins
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer / Brian / Oldkid) Mo Collins (Robomom) Michael McDonald (Robodad) Mo Collins (Zita) Phil LaMarr (The Letter M) Kevin McDonald (Tae) Wally Wingert (Invader Larb's SIR Unit) Andy Berman (Invader Larb)

ZIM has been banished from the Irken Empire after foiling Operation Impending Doom I, which was set in place in order to take control of the most of the universe. Operation Impending Doom II is now in place, with new Invaders set on planets to destroy any resistance, and ZIM comes crawling back, begging for a second chance. The Almighty Tallest sends him to a tiny galaxy on the edge of the universe, hoping he'll die on the way. They give him a malfunctioning SIR unit made from scrap metal, which has dubbed itself GIR. What ZIM finds is Earth, and he sets up a house with all his alien stuff underground beneath it. He creates pitiful "disquises" for himself and GIR, and enrolls himself in SKOOL, hoping to find weaknesses in the human race. As soon as Dib sees him he sees right through the disquise and tries to stop ZIM.

2. Parent Teacher Night
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Mo Collins (Robomom) Michael McDonald (Robodad) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Mongo Slunchy / Random Parent) Melissa Fahn (Billy Slunchy / Random Parent) S. Scott Bullock (Mr. Elliot) Diane Michelle (Avon Lady / Mrs. Slunchy / "Proper Earth Parenting" Mother) Dwight Schultz (Ted Slunchy / "Proper Earth Parenting" Father)

After a long day of SKOOL, ZIM starts to leave the classroom when Mrs. Bitters reminds them that it's parent teacher night and every student must bring his or her parents. ZIM argues saying that he never agreed to it, but Mrs. Bitters has it on tape. ZIM proceeds home, only to find Robomom assaulting an Avon lady. ZIM decides that the Roboparents aren't ready for human interaction yet, and takes them down to the lab. He straps them to chairs, and inserts a disc into the computer on good parenting. GIR gets bored and starts changing the channels on the monitors around the room to things like a kung fu movie, "Poke of Doom". Finally, they are done and head off to Parent Teacher Night. Dib and Gaz are there with Prof. Membrane transmitting from his lab with his floating screen. Dib is curious about ZIM's parents and watches them closely for any mistakes. Everything is fine in the beginning, until Robomom goes on a poking rampage, and Robodad starts running into walls. ZIM begs to go home, but Roboparents say that they want to stay a little longer. Finally, ZIM fakes a broken back and the Roboparents decide that it's about time they head home. ZIM's relieved until their legs turn into jet packs and they fly off, and Dib figures no one saw that, and everyone's gathered around someone who fainted. Dib throws his punch down in defeat, and everyone turns around, angry.

3. Walk of Doom
Guest Stars: Rosearik Rikki Simons (Cab Driver) S. Scott Bullock (Pedestrian / Policeman) Kerri Kenney (Bus Driver / Clown / Bank Teller)

ZIM has just installed a new computer chip into GIR's head so he can locate any place in the universe. They then proceed to get desperately lost in the city in order to test out the chip, only to find that GIR removed the chip to make room for a cupcake. Now ZIM must find his way back the base.

4. Bestest Friend
Guest Stars: Antoinette Spolar (Jessica / Gretchen / Reporter) Richard Steven Horvitz (Purple-Goggled Scientist) Danny Cooksey (Keef / Melvin / Dirge) Antoinette Spolar (Reporter) Antoinette Spolar (Gretchen)

ZIM hears someone comment how it's not right that he doesn't have any friends, and enrolls the help of an Earth boy, Keef, to be his "bestest friend." Once ZIM has everyone convinced that he does have friends, he tells Keef that there is no need for them to be friends anymore, but Keef doesn't buy it. ZIM has to try and find a way to get Keef to stop liking him.

5. NanoZIM
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) John Garry (Mysterious Mysteries Anchor)

Dib gets a picture of ZIM out of disquise and ZIM shrinks himself in order to enter Dib's body to reach his brain and destroy his memory of where he hid the picture. Dib sends one of his fathers nanoships into his body to defeat ZIM, but does a poor job of it and is almost destroyed. Gaz, thinking it's a video game, grabs the controls and takes over, defeating ZIM and saving Dib.

6. Germs
Guest Stars: ???

ZIM watches a video on how germs have destroyed many aliens, and labels it propaganda, but then runs down to his lab to run an analysis, and finds a commercial on germ-seeing goggles. He uses a five second demo and finds that germs are everywhere. He orders his own pair of goggles and proceeds to disenfect the base with Germ Away, but is constant foiled by GIR. When ZIM is running low, he takes GIR to the store to get more, but GIR is sidetracked and drags ZIM into MacMeaties, which is obviously full of germs. But ZIM finds that MacMeaties' burgers are completely clean. He inquires about this at the counter, and gets a long explanation of "space meat", and finds that the burgers are made from napkins. ZIM finds that the "answer is in the meat", and goes to SKOOL the next day covered in meat.

7. Dark Harvest Guest Stars: ???

When ZIM's "squeedily spooch" is hit by Chunk in a game of dodge ball, Dib realizes that ZIM's anatomy is different than any human's, and that any trained medical personel would imediately notice the absence of human organs. In class, ZIM is diagnosed with head pigeons (a pigeon landing on his head) and is sent to the nurses office. Dib says to him that the nurse will notice that he doesn't have human organs, but this doesn't daunt ZIM. On the way to the office, ZIM is stopped by a hall monitor, and comes up with a plan to get human organs, replacing the hall monitor's liver with the hall pass. Back in the classroom, Dib is getting impatient, and fakes a pencil in his brain to get excused from class. He finds students all over the place with odd items replacing organs. Dib finds ZIM, now a misshapen blob, and learns that he has more than one of every organ, except lungs, which he sets off to find. Dib ensues chase, and enlists the aid of another student, Torgue Smacky. ZIM outsmarts them, and gets Dib's lungs. Back at the nurses office, the nurse finds ZIM perfectly healthy, but is horrified to find that Dib's lungs have been replaced with a noisemaker.

8. Attack of the Saucer Morons
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer / Cop) Fred Tatasciore (Desmond Flapp) Frank Conniff (Himself / Boll) Mary Scheer (Trudy / Yoa / Club Girl)

While out his his Voot runner one night testing human defenses, which he decides are totally pathetic as the explode on impact with hotdogs, his computer tells him that something is approaching. ZIM sees that it is only a bee, and claims that the computer has gone crazy. The bee hits the Runner and cause it to become a spinning fireball in the sky. ZIM calls GIR, but GIR is busy, so ZIM heads home. The next day he arrives at the crash site only to find that he's been discovered for what he really is. He's worshipped for a while, and then GIR comes disquised as a "Government man, from the government" and tries to get ZIM out, but GIR is also discovered. Eventually, they escape by "riding the pig", and the bee shows up again, causing them to crash in the middle of another alien discussion.

9. The Wettening
Guest Stars: ???

Dib finds out that water irritates ZIM's skin, and humiliates ZIM in front of everyone. ZIM proceeds to start an all out water war with Dib.

10. Career Day
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (Brian) Danny Cooksey (Melvin / Greg / Customer) Janice Kawaye (Sara / Kid / Autograph Kid) Adam Paul (Bill / Spoo) Jhonen Vasquez (Brian / Simon) André Sogliuzzo (Shift Captain / Count Cocofang / Clerk)

All the children at SKOOL take a test to see what their future careers will be. After they get the results they are to meet up with someone who is in that field and spend the day with them. Dib gets to be a paranormal researcher, and ZIM is only fit for a fry cook at MacMeaties. Dib goes paranormal hunting with an investigator with his priorities screwed up; he believes that a "vampire" for some cereal is really a vampire, and after foiling a "crop circle" (created by a cow rolling around) agrees to take Dib MacMeaties to see ZIM during the alien molt caused by the equanox that day. Dib thinks this will reveal that ZIM really is an alien. Meanwhile, ZIM believs that MacMeaties is the key to control the Earth and tries his hardest to get promoted so he can rule MacMeaties. When ZIM finds out that the equanox is tonight, he attempts to leave early, only to find that he won't get promoted if he does, so he stays there. When the equanox does occur, ZIM expands into a huge green blob, and gets fired as soon as he's back to normal.

11. Battle-Dib
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Brad Abrell (Membrane Announcer) Matt Ballard (Gate Guard / Fan) David Herman (Smirky Guard) Jhonen Vasquez (Shunk Wugga)

Dib finally gets a chance to prove to the Swollen Eyeball members that Zim is indeed an alien, but before they let him he must have a permission slip sign by his father. He goes to the set of "Probing the Membrane of Science", in which his father stars, only to find that he must now audition to get in the audience. First he must take a test, which consists of question about Prof. Membrane's childhood, among others. Dib passes, and he moves on to the next test in which he must battle someone else for a spot in the audience. After the battle (and Gaz's "help"), Dib loses and is kicked out by security. He drops the permission slip, and Membrane signs it thinking it was for an autograph. Dib goes to the meeting, only to remember that he forgot all his evidence. . .

12. A Room with a Moose
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz (Bus Driver) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Mongo Slunchy) Janice Kawaye (Sara) Danielle Koenig (Morla) Adam Paul (Rob / Chunk / Flan) Antoinette Spolar (Jessica / Aki)

Zim tricks the kids at SKOOL into getting a school bus that is actually a rocket. The rocket is set to go to a distant dimension where there is only a room with a moose, and only Dib realizes this. Now he must save all the kids in his class.

13. Hamstergeddon
Guest Stars: Mo Collins (Zita / Woman) Danny Cooksey (Melvin / Small Child / Screaming Guy) John DiCrosta (Reporter #1 / Colonel / Man) Jeffrey Jones (Reporter #2 / General / Missile Guy) Adam Paul (Chunk)

Ms. Bitters' class gets hamster a pet and Zim is amazed at how being cute has distracted the humans. He comes up with a plan to use "cuteness" to distract the humans while he takes over. He creates a giant hamster full of "cuteness", but finds he has no control over it.

14. Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain
Guest Stars: Lauri Fraser (Mother / Child) Philip Tanzini (Krazy Taco Employee / Fat Cop) Wally Wingert (Krazy Taco Man / Dispatcher)

While Zim is installing a new computer chip into the houses computer, GIR accidently gets control of the house and goes on a rampage across town for tacos.

15. Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Brad Abrell (Membrane Announcer / Paramedic #1 / Bloaty) Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer)

While Zim is experimenting with a type of time machine, he accidently sends a rubber pig into the past, and in turn it hurts Dib in the past, causing the present Dib to be different. Zim hurtles pig after pig into Dib's past, injuring him more each time. Finally, after Dib is on the verge of death, Membrane creates a titanium exoskeleton to revive him a make him 10,000 times stronger. Dib then goes on to get revenge on Zim for ruining his childhood.

16. Planet Jackers
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer) Sherman Howard (Oog-Ah) Rob Izenberg (Nik)

Planet Jackers (a race that captures planets and throws them into burning suns) have taken Earth by surrounding it with a dome that looks like the sky so no one finds out, but Zim does find out. He finds the Jackers and gives them a piece of his mind. A battles breaks out, ending with Zim saving Earth

17. Rise of the Zitboy
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (Pizza Man / Snarl / Lizard Boy) Antoinette Spolar (Mary / Peyoopi / Olivia) David Fouquette (Acne Blast Man) Jason Marsden (Torque Smacky / Acne Blast Kid)

Zim comes home from SKOOL after finding out from Dib that his security system has a flaw. GIR tries to cheer him up by rubbing bacon oil all over his face, but this only gives him a pimple. Zim tries to get rid of it by use AcneBlaster, but it just makes it bigger. To make matters worse, GIR has drawn a face on it. To Zim's surprise, however, the pimple appears to have hypnotic powers (it was able to control GIR), so he takes it to SKOOL the next day and hynotizes the class and Dib, and forces Dib to tell him what the security flaw is. Then the pimple explodes with puss everywhere, but Zim has already found out the security flaw, so esstentially, victory is his for once.

18. Plague of Babies
Guest Stars: ???

A baby sees Zim and GIR out of disquise, and Zim is worried, not knowing how harmless human babies really are. He later finds out that it was indeed a threat, being an adult alien that was stranded on Earth. It proceeds to try and take Zim's Voot Cruiser in order to go back to his home planet, and battle breaks out. Zim eventually wins, and the babies no longer trouble him.

19. Bloaty's Pizza Hog
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Mo Collins (Robomom) John Garry (Mysterious Mysteries Anchor)

It's the one time of year when Professor Membrane has any time to be a dad at all, and it's Gaz's turn to pick where they go out for dinner. She picks Bloaty's Pizza Hog, but Prof. Membrane insists that they must wait for Dib to get back from infiltrating Zim's lair. Dib gets in, but is caught and now Gaz must save him. She does, and settles down to eat supper with her father and annoying brother.

20. Bolognius Maximus
Guest Stars: Mo Collins (Zita) Andy Berman (Willy)

Dib figures it out that Zim doesn't eat human food and throws a piece of bologna at Zim. Zim is disgusted and introduces bologna into Dib's DNA, turning him into a walking bologna. Soon, Zim has also turned into bologna, and now the two arch enemies must work together to find a cure.

21. Game Slave 2
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane / Rat Person Leader) Gary Falcone (Singing Voice) Kathryn Fiore (Iggins' Mom / Battery Girl / Rat Woman) Paul Greenberg (Poonchy / Iggins / Commercial / Rat Man) Eric Trueheart (Clerk)

When Gaz sees an ad for the GameSlave Two, she must have it, but Membrane insists that she must take Dib with her to the mall, but Dib wants to watch TV. Finally, Dib agrees to go to the mall, and when they get there a huge line awaits them. The last GameSlave Two is taken from Gaz by Iggins, an even bigger videogame fan. Gaz is now willing to do anything to get it back. Meanwhile, Dib gets lost in the mall parking lot while looking for a chupacabra.

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane / Nightmare Membrane / Nightmare Bitters) Mo Collins (Zita) Phil LaMarr (The Letter M / Whitecoat #1) Jhonen Vasquez (Brian / Monster #2) Antoinette Spolar (Mary / Horrified Child) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Monster #3 / Whitecoat #2) Andy Berman (Nightmare Dib) Kevin Michael Richardson (Monster #1 / Purple-Goggled Scientist)

While experimenting with alternate dimensions, Dib accidentally creates a world full of monsters in his imagination. The monsters want out, and the only way is through Dib's head. Dib recruits the help of Zim to get back to the real world.

23. Mysterious Mysteries
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) John Garry (Mysterious Mysteries Anchor)

Mysterious Mysteries's ratings are dropping because they are running out of stories. After another employee at Mysterious Mysteries suggests using something from the Dib Archives, the anchor decides that he must take drastic measures in order to keep his job. Inside is a movie disc, which the anchor watches, and a decides to air it as it is most likely better than the other story option. Dib has finally made it onto his favorite show, Mysterious Mysteries. The show runs the tape-- a very short clip of ZIM and GIR, out of disguise in a forest. But the tape doesn't prove much, and ZIM comes on the show, in disquise, to deny the accusations. In a "dramatic" re-enactment, featuring terrible actors and costumes, ZIM accusses Dib of being a bully and faking the video. ZIM also goes on to prove that Dib is crazy, and his classmates agree. The Mysterious Mysteries anchor interviews Gaz next, and she gives a re-enactment of how Dib and ZIM are both amazingly stupid, and dragged her into the whole thing. A "surprise guest" comes on next, a blurred-out face, which has a hard time following it's subject, who identifies itself as Stacy, "a chubby lady hiding in the bushes", and saw the whole thing--but we can easily see it's just GIR. His re-enactment tells of a giant crime-fighting space squirrel who was there at the scene.

The anchor's final word: Dib is crazy. GIR: definitely crazy. He feels bad for ZIM, but he's probably crazy, too. But not an alien.

24. Future Dib
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Monkey)

Professor Membrane has unveiled his greatest invention since last week: PEG, the Perpetual Energy Generator. If PEG works, she will eliminate the need for fuel. If she malfunctions, she will send out a giant "wave of doom" that will destroy all life on Earth. Of course, ZIM jumps on this opportunity to destroy earth. Later, Dib finds a kid that looks just like him in his room. The kid claims to be Dib from the future. In the future, ZIM had sabotaged PEG, and it opened up a quick time rip that sent Dib back in time. He tells Dib about ZIM's plan, and Dib goes off to stop ZIM. When Dib reaches the warehouse where ZIM is keeping his sabotage drill, four gnomes appear around him and transform into giant insects that capture him. Turns out that Future Dib is actually DIB2, a robot sent by ZIM to trick Dib. ZIM throws him into a cage, and when Dib uses his computer to take control of DIB2's speech, a rabid monkey is released into the cage to stop him. Dib succeeds in gaining control, but promptly gets attacked by the monkey. Gaz can hear all this, and gets angry at DIB2, thinking that Dib's just acting weird, and starts beating him up, and soon notices that he's a robot. Membrane, meanwhile, is waiting for Dib and Gaz to show up so that he can introduce them to the audience that is impatiently waiting for PEG to be activated. The audience grows reckless, and one kid throws his ice cream at Membrane. Membrane is angry and seals PEG up forever, saying that they don't deserve it. In the end, the world still needs fuel for energy, Membrane is still a neglective parent, DIB2 is Gaz's robot slave, ZIM's irritated that his plan failed, but is happy that Dib never managed to get out of the cage, and is trapped with the rabid monkey for the rest of his life.

25. Door to Door
Guest Stars: Phil LaMarr (Poop Dawg) Mary Scheer (Mom Grout / Old Lady) Richard Steven Horvitz (Movie Actor / Off-Screen Voice / Video Kids / Business Man) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Flaming Mutant) Andy Berman (Video Kids) Jocelyn Blue (Hologram Little Girl / Video Kids)

Skool is running a candy drive to raise money, a video is shown to introduce the candy: Poop Candy Bars. Poop Dog shows the prizes, but leaves the last one a mystery, and "mystery prize". ZIM becomes obsessed with this mystery prize, thinking that it is the key to the destruction of earth. He tries going door to door like the humans, but has little luck. After Poop Dog, Gansta Specta of Defeat, shows himself to ZIM, telling him he'll never win the mystery prize, ZIM decides to do things his own way. Finally, the final day of the sale comes, and ZIM comes in first, with more than enough for the mystery prize, only to find out that the mystery is that there is no prize and gets box of band-aids.

26. FBI Warning of Doom
Guest Stars: Hope Levy (Little Girl / Sullen Teen) Robert Cait (Sergeant Slab Rankle / Sergeant Shriver) Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer / Video Store Geek)

GIR is totally engrossed in a movie rented from Video Outhouse, and ZIM catches the beginning FBI Warning. His computers does not know what the FBI is, but its educated guess is that it's an alien hunting organization. ZIM panics when Video Outhouse calls and requests that they return the video, think it's some sort of conspiracy. ZIM breaks into the mall, where he is spotted by the security guard, and eventually caught. When he escapes, he continues his quest to find Video Outhouse, only to have the security guard send out zombies. Zim just tips them over and finally gets to Video Outhouse, returns the video, and hasthe security guard offers him a job in security, but turns it down.

27. Battle of the Planets
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) John de Lancie (Agent Darkbootie (disguised)) Ted Raimi (Invader Skoodge / Marzoid Hologram) Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer / NASAPLACE Screaming Guy) Fred Tatasciore (Agent Darkbootie / NASA Director / Hobo)

While observing Mars, ZIM sees that there was once life, and whatever it was that wiped them out may be useful in his destruction of earth. ZIM and GIR travel to the red planet, and soon discover that can be moved around like a spacecraft. ZIM decides to roll the planet over the Earth to wipe out all the life. While all this is happening, Dib is watching on a monitor, and is determined to stop ZIM. With the help of a Swollen Eye member, Dib is able to travel to Mercury, which can also be moved around. Dib and ZIM battle it out, with ZIM escaping to a metroid field and wrecking the planet. Dib has once again saved day, but still gets no recognition.

28. Abducted
Guest Stars: Brian George ("Blue") Jim Wise ("Green") Wally Wingert (The Blob)

ZIM is transmitting to the Tallest Purple and Tallest Red, trying to explain to them how the humans are both tall and dumb, but they don't understand. When the doorbell rings, ZIM sends GIR to answer it. Soon, the transmission is interrupted, and ZIM goes upstairs to see what's wrong. He finds two aliens with horrible human costumes in his living room. They say they're humans, but ZIM sees right through them and tells them that their ship is interfering with an important transmission, and they move to plan 2: stuff him in a sack. They preceed to their ship, and ZIM attempts to explain to them that he is an alien also, but they insist that he's human. They then do "experiments" on ZIM, using a gopher and a role of duct tape. ZIM easily evades them, and escapes with a higher respect for humans. The aliens then move onto their next victim, the "earth weasel", at which they target Dib. . .

29. The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot
Guest Stars: Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) David Herman (Chuy Rodriguez) John Garry (Mysterious Mysteries Anchor) Kathryn Fiore (Maria / Doctor) Fred Tatasciore (Turkeyneck / Hobo) Dwight Schultz (Eric / Japanese Leader) Adam Paul (Bill / Reporter #1 / Krazy Taco Man)

Mysterious Mysteries is getting desperate again, now showing a story on the mysterious Chickenfoot, a grotesque half-man, half-chicken monster. Dib, however, sees right through this; it's only a man in a Chickylicky suit (the zipper is clearly visible). In order to protect the name of parascience, Dib sets out to prove Chickenfoot a fake. After going to Chickylicky and an apartment building he finds Chickenfoot, and hears his sad story about how he became what he is after an incident with a defective microwave oven. Dib insists that the zipper is stuck, but Chickenfoot thinks he's just mocking him. Dib takes him to the hospital, where, using a Chickylicky toy, reveals him as just a man in a Chickylicky suit. But now everyone is questioning the validity of parascience in general.

30. Megadoomer
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz (Random SIR Units) Andy Berman (Random SIR Units) Kevin McDonald (Random SIR Units) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Old Man) Kerri Kenney (Invader Tenn) Jhonen Vasquez (Cyborg on TV / Chuck) Fred Tatasciore (Neighbor / Irken Comm. Officer) Wally Wingert (Megadoomer Computer) Kevin Michael Richardson (Smikka Smikka Smoodoo / Buck)

During a revolt on a shipping planet, a Megadoomer, a stealth mech to be sent to Invader Tenn to aid her conquest of Meekrob, is accidently sent to Zim instead of SIR units. Zim is very greatful of the Megadoomer, and proceeds to rampage the city in "stealth". What Zim doesn't realize is that only the mech is invisible, not him or the power cord. Eventually the cord pulls taught and they must plug it in somewhere nearby. They continue the rampage, replugging the cord every once in a while. Finally they reach Dib's house, where he points out the stealth flaw. Zim, confused, attempts to fire everything at Dib, but causes the city to go into a blackout and the mech to become visible again. Dib starts taking pictures with the aid of GIR. Zim and Dib then struggle for possesion of the camera, when finally a bird takes the camera, with the lens cap on the whole time.

31. Lice
Guest Stars: Mo Collins (Zita) Danny Cooksey (Melvin / Random Kid) David Herman (Delouser's Assistants) Antoinette Spolar (Gretchen) Mindy Sterling (Countess von Verminstrasser)

While Dib is giving a presentation during class, Melvin walks in late because his head itches. Ms. Bitters recognizes it as lice, but it's too late; everyone except Zim and Ms. Bitters are infected. Ms. Bitters calls the Delouser, and Dib sees that she's insane, quarentining the whole SKOOL, allowing no escape. Bitters and Zim are taken to be tested for why they aren't infected. Dib and Melvin begin to investigate what the Delouser's true purpose is, and soon overhear her explaining that her theory about a queen louse can finally be proven true. The Delouser catches Dib and Melvin, and Dib tries to explain to her that she's crazy. Suddenly, the SKOOL collapses into an underground cavern where a giant louse is planting lice on 15 captured students' head. One of Delouser's assistants comes in with Zim saying his skin contains a chemical that kills the lice. Delouser sticks him in a cannon-like gun the tears his skin off and liquifies it, then shoots it. The giant louse is dead, as is all the other lice, and the SKOOL is back to normal, except Zim, who's in an enormous amount of pain.

32. TAK: The Hideous New Girl
Guest Stars: Olivia d'Abo (TAK) Jason Marsden (Acne Blast Kid) Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane) Janice Kawaye (Sara / Bad Actress) Eric Trueheart (Deelishus Weenie Clerk) Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM's Computer / Brian)

A new girl at school who seems to have a crush on ZIM turns out to be another Invader who wants to take Earth for herself to impress the Almighty Tallests. Zim enlists the help of Dib and Gaz, and eventually defeat her.

33. GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (Nick) Rosearik Rikki Simons (Dancing Weenies) John DiCrosta (Police Dispatcher / Retinal Scanner) André Sogliuzzo (TV Voice #1 / Officer Squidman) Mo Collins (TV Voice #2 / Librarian) Eric Trueheart (TV Voice #3) Richard Steven Horvitz (TV Voice #4)

When Zim tries to fix GIR so he actually behaves, things go wrong and GIR realizes that Zim is not actually boss.

34. Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom
Guest Stars: Greg Ellis (Meekrob Shoes / Alan) Richard Steven Horvitz (Boy) Andy Berman (Ghost) Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane / Ghost) Paul Greenberg (Poonchy / Soldier) Candi Milo (Girl / Voice) Wally Wingert (Reporter)

After an "I'M NORMAL!" outburst by Zim, Dib is irritated that no one notices that it's strange, and throws a muffin at Zim's head. Zim is disgusted, and demands to know who threw it. No one admits, and Zim storms off. That night Dib is visited by some Meekrob who give him powers to defeat Zim. Dib defeats, and throughout the rest of his life proves many aspects of parascience real. Finally, he's reminiscing on a talk show when the question comes up if he was the one who threw the muffin at Zim. He answers yes, and finds out that it was all a hologram on Zim's ship. Zim tells him to get off, but before he leaves Zim points a cannon at Dib's head and launches a muffin at him.

35. Walk for Your Lives
Guest Stars: ???

Today's the day when the Tallest inspect how well Invaders are doing with there assignments. Zim blows up part of his base while playing with Dib in a time stasis, and causes a small explosion in slow motion. While letting the explosion run it's course, Zim and GIR wreak havoc on the base and the city.

36. Hobo 13
Guest Stars: R. Lee Ermey (Sergeant Hobo 678)

When Zim's requests for weapons becomes ridiculous, the Almighty Tallests trick him into going to a military training planet, where he defies the odds by sacrificing his teamates so he can win.

Season 2

37. Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars

A resistance is started against the Tallest, who are nearer to Earth than ever. Dib has gained control over their ship, and is trying to bring them down. Zim must stop Dib, and save the Tallest, among a number of other things.

38. Mortos Der Soul Stealer
Guest Stars: Wally Wingert (Mortos)

(No Sypnosis Available)

39. ZIM Eats Waffles
Guest Stars: ???

Basically, this entire episode is mostly about ZIM eating waffles that GIR makes. Exactly why he's eating waffles like crazy isn't known at this point. This episode takes place almost entirely in one room.

40. Frycook From Space
Guest Stars: ???

This episode is, as most fans guessed, about Foodcourtia-- to where ZIM was banished after the original Operation I.D. No information beyond that yet.

41. Girl Who Cried Gnome
Guest Stars: ???

A girl mistakenly wanders into ZIM's gnome field and gets trapped there.

42. Vindicated
Guest Stars: ??? (No Sypnosis Available)

43. Voting of the Doomed
Guest Stars: ???

It's class elections at SKOOL and it's ZIM versus Willy. ZIM thinks that be ruling the class he'll be closer to ruling the world, so Dib must make sure Willy wins. But Willy is a smelly moron and has almost no chance of winning unless Dib takes drastic measures.

44. Dib Ship
Guest Stars: ???

TAK's ship contains her personality, so Dib overrides it and reprograms his in. The ship now believes that it is the real Dib and begins to act like it. It goes to SKOOL, catching ZIM's attenttion. He notices that it's Irken, and knows that it must obey Irken commands. He uses it in attempt to destroy Dib, and the ship must choose between obeying ZIM or Dib.

45. Gaz: Taster of Pork
Guest Stars: ???

(No Sypnosis Available)

The Most Horrible Christmas Ever
Guest Stars: Jhonen Vasquez (Minimoose)

(No Sypnosis available)

47. Roboparents Gone Wild
Guest Stars: ???

When the Roboparents become aggresive parental figures, they deem Zim "naughty" and cast him out of the house and take in an escaped zoo monster as their new son. Zim then teams up with a hobo to reclaim his base.

NOTE: This episode, and all episodes after it, were scrapped by Nickelodeon mid-production. There is virtually no chance they will ever air.

48. Simon Says Doom
Guest Stars: ???

Zim learns of the earth game "Simon Says" and starts to use it for evil. He commands kids to destroy everything, and Dib now must stop the raging kids. Zim's real plan, however, is to find a giant diaper machine and blow it up. So now Dib must either stop the kids or stop Zim, and in his confusion gets detention for not watching the diaper machine. In the end, Zim's real plan was to get Dib a detention for not watching the diaper machine.

49. Invader Poonchy
Guest Stars: ???

Zim tries to play with Dib's mind by saying that another SKOOL-mate, Poonchy, is another Irken Invader. Dib believes him, and goes off to stop him, and Zim also begins to believe himself. Zim goes off to kill Poonchy for trying to take over his territory.

50. Nubs of Doom
Guest Stars: ???

ZIM creates Minimoose, and brand-new, mass DOOM weapon. Minimoose has a vast arsenal hidden in his nubs, but all he wants to do is float around and squeak. Zim cannot figure out how to control Minimoose's weaponry, and eventually ends up blowing up his base.

51. Top of the Line
Guest Stars: ??? There's a SIR competition among the Irken Invaders, and everyone's there. There are numerous games, but no one is a match for the might GIR, and he blows up everyone's except Invader Skoodge's and Invader Tenn's.

52. Return of Keef
Guest Stars: ???

Keef is back, and this time Dib's his "Bestest Friend". Keef decides to make a friendly trio out of Dib, Zim, and himself, and Dib and Zim work together to get rid of him. They use Happy Explodey Juice, which explodes anyone it touches. Keef is ecstatic that they are working together, and he explodes and reforms in a rather graphic scene.

53. GIR's Big Day
Guest Stars: ???

GIR gets hit by a truck, and some scientists looking to created an ultimate dog marvel at how he survived the crash and capture him. They try to extract his DNA, but end up with dounut crumbs from his disquise. What they get is a monstrous dounut-doggy. A scientist helps GIR escape, and eveything is back to normal, except of course, for the dounut-doggy.

54. Mopiness of Doom
Guest Stars: ???

Dib gets sick of always failing at parascience, and decides to give in to his father and try real science. He finds that his mission is now boring without an enemy, and starts slacking off.

55. Those!
Guest Stars: ???

ZIM commands an army of GIANT ALIEN ANTS! Well, slightly-larger-than-normal ants, about the size of your shoe.

56. The Trial
Guest Stars: ???

ZIM is put on trial by two or three Irken Control Brains, to determine if he is worthy enough to exist. His past accomplishments and failures, but mostly failures, are brought to attention through a series of flashbacks filled with explosions and doom. The Control Brains get overwhelmed and go insane, and Zim is allowed to live.

57. Day of da Spookies
Guest Stars: ???

Invaders ZIM and Skoodge, along with GIR, use cloaking devices to appear as ghosts and spook out Dib.

58. 10 Minutes 'Til Doom
Guest Stars: ???

This episode begins with a small intro: If Zim does not wear his backpack, he will slowly grow more and more stupid. He can only live ten minutes without his backpack. Half an episode of Zim is eleven minutes. While at SKOOL one, Zim gets hit with a dodge ball and looses his backpack. A clock appears at the bottom corner of the screen showing ten minutes and counts down from there. Dib, not knowing how important the backpack is to Zim, runs off with it. Zim follows, growing more and more stupid. Finally, when the ten minutes is almost up, Zim catches up with Dib and falls onto the backpack, and it attaches to him and he regains his health.

59. It Feeds on Noodles
Guest Stars: ???

ZIM becomes a strange vampire that must feed on Chinese food, with chopsticks as his fangs. No, this is not a joke.

60. Pants!
Guest Stars: ???

A species of alien pants invades Earth. Whoever wears the pants are controlled and become alien weapons.

61. Squishy: Hugger of Worlds
Guest Stars: ???

A gigantic being called Squishy has the power to destroy planets, but he just wants to hug them (he's so full of love). ZIM and Dib must team up once AGAIN to save the Earth from being hugged to death, for their own separate reasons.

62. [ untitled ] (1)
Guest Stars: ???

Part one of a planned hour-long season 2 finale, which was cancelled by Nickelodeon.
Invader Tenn is discovered by the inhabitants of planet Meekrob, and is captured and held prisoner. An Irken Armada fleet, along with the other Invaders, fight to free her. On the opposing side is an army of the alien resistance fighters (from Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars), the Resisty, with Dib among their ranks. It's the Irkens versus everyone else in a fantastic episode.

63. [ untitled ] (2)
Guest Stars: ???

Part two of a planned hour-long season 2 finale, which was cancelled by Nickelodeon.
Invader Tenn is discovered by the inhabitants of planet Meekrob, and is captured and held prisoner. An Irken Armada fleet, along with the other Invaders, fight to free her. On the opposing side is an army of the alien resistance fighters (from Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars), the Resisty, with Dib among their ranks. It's the Irkens versus everyone else in a fantastic episode.