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If you liked the site and have one of your own, whether it's related to Zim and/or Alias or not, your welcome to link to us with a text link or a banner link. You may use any of the below banners, or if you don't like any of them, you can create your own for us and email CryptoX with it attached, preferably in *.jpg or *.gif format, but any will do. Please download any banners you use on to your own hard drive, don't try to directly link to the image on our server. Angelfire doesn't allow direct linking, so it won't work. For all of the banners variations are available. In other words, if you want to use a banner but don't like the background color, want a character replaced with a different one, want a different font or text color, want different words, or any variation on a banner, just email me and request it. I'd be glad to make any changes, even take requests! ThanX!



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Or use a text link, if you prefer. Title it "Aliens and Spies: Invader ZIM and Alias", or you can replace the "and" with "&", if you like. Link all banners and links to "", or "". Once you do this, send us an email and we'll link you, whether it be through a text link or a banner. If you don't want us to, that's fine too. If we're already linked to you, you don't have to send us an email, either. ThanX!

Invader ZIM Links

Gir's Board - An Invader ZIM message board!

Invader ZIM Ground Zero

Sacrifice Alter

Alias Links

SD-6 HQ - Full of content! Plot synopsis, message boards, character description, actors' bios, news, ect.

ABC's Alias - The official page of Alias. Includes episode guide, cast/crew, and FAQ.

Alias Online - Includes characters, actors, episodes, and more!

Alias Fan Site

Incognito! Links

Alias Junkie

Alias: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

AllAlias | Alias

Michael Vartan Etc.

Vartan Ho

Credit Dauphine - Fan Fiction

Alias: Sydney

Syd and Vaughn: Agent and Handler

Alias Revolution

Alias: TV Show

Alias Fanfiction

Joey's Pizza

Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn CIA

Double Agent: Alias Fanlisting

TVCaps - Okay, I almost spazzed when I saw this site, it is awesome if you want really REALLY good quality (and good sized) screen caps from Alias and other TV shows. Check it out!

Other Interesting Links

Cheat Code Central Platinum - Sign up and get great content, not only on video games, but editorials, funny stuff, message boards, and more!

TV Tome - tons of information on Invader ZIM, Alias, and other TV shows!

Internet Movie Database - Find out what movies are coming out this summer, check what movies your favorite stars has been in, and more!

Duct Tape Fashion - A whole website dedicated to duct tape fashion!

FreakyDreams - Type in a description of your dream, and it gives you an idea what it means!

Webmonkey - Learn HTML: The easy way!

Mullets Galore - Includes pictures from mullet hunts, and more. This deserves to be checked out! - Sign up for daily jokes in your mailbox! - Sign up for jokes by email, or browse their archives of cartoons and jokes!

The Horror is Alive - Fansite with tons of content on some of the most popular horror/survival games; Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and more!

Zoids Saga Petition - Sign the petition to bring the Zoids Saga video game to the US in English!