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"They are going to kill us both if we don't help each other get out of here."
"Hurts, doesn't it?"
"How did you know my name?"
"If I hadn't, thank you for breaking it to me so gently."
"It's going to take forever to take them down."
"How do I look?"
"To you my job may seem pointless and stupid, but it is far from pointless and stupid, and if you knew what I do each day, you might even thank me for doing my job so well."
"That's right. God bless America."
"Don't shoot, don't shoot! The room is full of gasoline!"
"I am not amazing."
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"No, I do not. But I can see not wanting to kiss you."
"I think you're right: taking a punch is something I've got to learn how to do."
"I just wanted to right is finger right off again. Does that make me a bad person?"
"You think?"
"What am I going to tell her?"
"There are people."
"Very funny."
"You move out of my way or I will make you move out of my way. Thank you."


"Worse case is they're not alone in there."
"Let's look there anyway."
"I don't give a damn what you do."
"Those cyrillic codes you found in those books, yes, they were orders for the KGB and yes, they were orders to kill. An agent received those orders and carried them out, murdered officers of the CIA, including you father, Mr. Vaughn. All this is true. But Sydney, I was not that agent. Your mother was."
"I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask."
"I understand that this "prophecy" is special access only, but those who have it may be misreading the text."
"I need your help on this."
"Her education is important to her."


"We have a problem."
"What were you doing checking up on me checking up on you?"
"I was worried about you."
"Listen Mr. Hassan, the extent I am willing to service you is when I get you a soda. There is no room for negotiation."
"Give me the code, you son of bitch, or I'll pull the trigger!"
"You're amazing."
"Look, if I'm not back in a couple hours, I'm probably dead."
"We have to do something!"
"Why would Dixon be emailing me? He doesn't even know me!"
"Screw protocol!"
"Just do it!"
"This is a charge of C-4. I can tell because it has "C-4" written everywhere."
"No, but it might have blown your cover."
"Hi, it's Francie."
"Cancel my meeting."
"Yeah, I'll break into the Vatican with you."
"It's only good if you like food."
"Why don't you go home and relax. This insanity is almost over."


"I think we have a mole."
"Sydney's a smart kid. We've seen her through worse than this."
"I've always thought of you as my daughter."
"I want Hassan dead before the weekend is over."
"There are some truths that Sydney must never learn."
"I've decided to take care of our problem myself."
"Her educationis a liability, Jack."
"Tell Sydney she and I need to talk!"
"I will repay the favor!"


"Who the hell are you?"
"Being a reporter sucks, let me just establish that."
"I mean, who the hell lives a double life like that, I mean, seriously?"
"Let me make a suggestion. Make sure she's sitting down, and make sure she's really drunk. Yeah, you gotta get her sauced, because this is gonna hurt."


"I'm proud of you, Syd."
"For the record, that's something you never have to ask anyone."
"Jack, under normal conditions you can hold rank. These are not normal conditions."
"How's it hanging, Syd?"


"You want to stretch out, I can inflate the couch!"
"This thing sucks. Literally."
"You want to take a seat in the inflatable chair?"
"You want some candy?"
"I didn't just get someone in trouble, did I?"
"While Sydney was in the bank vault there was definately a second transmission going out of Geneva."
". . .they're supa-swank!"
"Did anyone see that documentary on monkeys last night?"
"You guys really should see the monkey documentary, I've got a copy at home. . ."
"Hey, Sloane gave me the finger!"
"Sorry, stupid question, but since FTL is, sorry, was an enemy for, like, ever, shouldn't we be drinking champagne?"
"Oh, yeah, that does suck."
"Casino security is like an onion: layer after layer, and the more you peel back the more you want to cry."
"But the one thing that no one else has that you have is me, and I have this."


"And what have we been drinking?"
"Will, if I were you and I thought I could help someone, I would."
"See, what was I just saying? Where should we go?"
"Yeah, this is Joey's Pizza. You want to hear our specials?"
"He's the perfect guy for me: plays ball and is named after food."


Slovack: "Will, are you on dope?"
Dryer: "She's guilty, she's the one."
Dryer: "Sydney Bristow is the mole."
Guy w/gun: "Who the hell are you?"
Hassan: "This is not the deal I agreed to!"
Cole: "Dear person, beating up my men, I assume you're an employee here. I am staing in Sloane's peacefully, minimalistic office, and if you are ot here standing in fromt of me within the next 20 seconds I will start executing your friends, starting witht the man I'm assuming to be your partner. Mr. Jack Bristow."
Cole: "You're the badass that's been killing my men? Sorry, I just thought you'd be an ugly guy."
Cole: "You don't remember, do you? I didn't right away, either. We've met before, here at SD-6. Which was really rare for me, since I was a freelancer, but I was here. And I saw you in the coffee room. You were wearing pigtails. And I asked you out. Now, I know I'm not the subtlest guy when it comes to women, and I probably said something insanely inappropriate, because you said if I ever talked to you again you'd break my knee caps. Which just made me love you. I've thought about, I have these last five years. Just every once in while, "I wonder what ever happened to Pigtails." And you know, what I got out of that encouter in the coffee room was the fact that you didn't want to go see some mediocure romantic comedy with me and sit in my Pontiac in the parking lot and talk for an hour before I made my move. You didn't want to kiss me. You remember?"
Cole: "Well, you make bad choices. Yeah, you didn't want to kiss me, but working for a scumbag like Sloane, that's alright by you? Let me tell you something about that weasel boss of yours: he will disappoint you. And one day, and I hope to god I'm there when that day happens, you will hate him. It's good to see you in the office again, Pigtails. I know you didn't want to kiss me, but when I was taking a hit off that bottle before, I back washed. I mean, really big time. See ya."
Cole: "You know, for a lotta guys, it's their socks, or thier piece, their gun, their bullets, their custom hollow tips. For me, I've always set my luck from a bottle of champagne. Take one with me to every job. Would you care for some?"
Charlie: "After that brunch, Vegas isn't far enough."

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