A/n: Hi, I realised that the coloured fonts didnít work as I had expected. Somehow, Nick seemed to be jumping from one colour to another and it was confusing. So Iíve decided that I would write their initials before every conversation. So ĎKí stands for Kevin, ĎDí for Howie, ĎBí for Brian, ĎAí for AJ, ĎNí for Nick and ĎVí for Vinhorian Alni. I hope this will solve the confusions. Iím very sorry about that.

H: Brian, I wish you could stop crying, it hurts even more to hear you like this.

B: Iím sorry Howie, I canít help it. I want to go back; I want to get away from this. What went wrong out there, how did we end up in this place? I keep hearing my sonís cries Howie, heís calling for me to come back home.

A: We all want to go back home Rok, youíre not the only one. Can we at least bear this without hearing anymore of your cries? Itís really frustrating as it is now.

K: Thatís not necessary AJ, youíre making things worse.

A: Oh yeah? How can I even make anything when thereís nothing? Where the hell are we? We donít even fucking know what the hell this is!

K: J, try to make amends while you can and stop using the ĎFí word in here, you really wanna go to hell?

A: I cursed Kevin, I killed nobody, jeez. If I go to hell just because I cursed, then I wish I had killed Lou Pearlman when I was alive!

K: Youíre not dead yet AJ.

A: How would you know? Do you even know where the hell we are?

K: I donít, but I donít think weíre dead. If we died, I doubt itíd be like this.

A: Well, what do you think itís gonna be like? Or maybe we can get Brian to answer that since heís the devoted, religious one. Maybe if we have him talking, he can finally stop crying.

D: Itís not his fault that he misses his kid and wife! I miss my family too! Are you gonna snap at me if I start crying too? Whatís wrong with you man!

A: Whatís wrong with me? Iíll tell you whatís wrong with me D! My head hurts like a mother-

K: Donít even think of the ĎFí word!

A: Shut up Kevin, Iíll say what I damn well please! My head hurts like a mother and I want to get out of wherever it is we are in right now! And if you had even the slightest faith in me Kevin, youíd realise that I didnít intend to use the ĎFí word in the first place!

D: Weíre all hurting AJ, youíre not the only one, but that doesnít give you any rights to start snapping at everyone! We have nobody else to help us J, we canít afford to go against each other too.

B: Whereís Nick? Why does he keep disappearing on us?

D: Ah, you know him Rok, he can never stand still for a second even when his life depends on it. I bet heís out there exploring or what not.

A: D, did you even hear what you said? Thereís nothing here man, NOTHING! How can he be out there exploring when thereís nothing! And what do you mean by out there? Are we IN somewhere? Thereís no IN and OUT damn it! Thereís NOTHING!

K: Youíre gonna burst your head if you donít stop J.

A: FYI Kev, it feels like someone put my head back together just to blow it all up and then put it back together and blow it all up over and over again. Calming down will not make a difference.

B: It will. Iíll stop crying and youíll calm down and we will figure things out. I wish Nick was here with us.

D: Hey, maybe itís a good thing that heís not here. Maybe not being here means that heís safe!

A: Or maybe him not being here means that heís in trouble.

D: J, I donít need your negative in put.

A: And you need to start realising that hoping for good things doesnít mean itíll happen Howard!

D: It makes me feel better.

A: Well Iím glad itís making you feel better, but we need more than that D, we need to get out of this hell.

B: Maybe this is it. This is hell.

A: Psh! Brian come on, if this is hell, you wouldnít be here.

D: So weíre in heaven?

B: So Nickís in hell?

A: If this is heaven then it definitely ainít worth it Rok. And I bet Nickís not even in this shit. I bet heís all fine and dandy!

K: Could you guys stop with this death thing? I said weíre not dead!

H: Back your own words up Kevin, maybe weíll believe you then.

K: Howie, please donít do this. Iím having problems as it is with these two.

A: Kevin, I donít know where we are but this sure isnít our world, you can stop worrying about us now.

B: Okay, okay, fine. Weíre not dead but weíre not exactly alive either. I mean, I donít think so. First of all, Iíve been talking to invisible Kevin, AJ and Howie and my ex-bestfriend Nick, is missing. We got that covered. Now the question is how am I able to hear and feel you guys but not see you guys? And why nothing on Nick? I donít know why, but I fear for him.

A: I think weíre in limbo or something guys.

K: Good one AJ.

A: What? You think thatís impossible? Come on, what else can this be! Or do you have a better suggestion Kevin? You are after all the Mr. Know-It-All, letís not forget that even though we might be in hell right now.

K: No, I mean, thatís really a good one. Like, that could be IT.

A: Oh.

B: Feels weird huh when Kevin agrees with you suddenly?

A: Right back at ya Rok.

D: So youíre saying weíre in limbo of some sort?

K: Thatís what I think D.

D: Kevin, what exactly happened before we ended up here? We need to find a way out, my eyes feel like theyíre going to pop out of the sockets anytime soon.

B: Yeah, my body aches all over. This sure ainít heaven.

A: And my-

K: Yes, your head feels like itís been blown up for the hundredth time, we know that. My legs feel the same way too.

A: Millionth.

K: What?

A: My head feels like itís been blown up for the millionth time, not hundredth. Your legs are luckier than my head.

K: Sure J, if you say so, itís your head.

B: Now we have that solved, I ask again, what are we going to do if we really are in a limbo?

A: How the heck should we know? Youíre the church boy; you should know what happesn to people when theyíre in limbo.

B: I donít know okay, stop calling me that bone head.

D: You canít call him that anymore, not after all that pounds he gained. I didnít think weíd see the day when that happened.

A: Yeah well, Brian gained too, so shut the hell up Howard.

B: Nick seems to have lost a few pounds donít you think?

K: Guys, can we stop comparing body mass and start thinking seriously? We need to get out of this place.

A: I can help you out there Kev, if I could at least see a tunnel for a start. Didnít they always say about a tunnel of light when youíre in the middle of, you know, life and death?

D: You watch too many documentaries Bone.

B: Maybe we should think back about what happened. If weíre really in between life and death, what made us end up here in the first place? Maybe that might help.

K: Good idea Rok. Okay, so, we were in a meeting right?

B: Yeah, and then we had a fight or something. I remember Nick walking off.

A: I think he did that for payback.

K: AJ come on, is that really necessary now?

A: Yes! I mean, we walked out on him the last time we had a meeting and this one, he was the one who walked away. I say thatís a payback right there.

K: Okay fine, it was a payback, ya happy?

A: No! Iím not happy that he did that!

K: Well J, thereís nothing you can do about that now, can you?

D: We went for a drive!

K: Thanks D.

A: Right! We went for a drive. All five of us!

A nowhere drive that we didnít even want to take in the first place!

B: So Nick, AJ and myself rode in the back while you drove and Howie sat shotgun.

D: Right. And I slept.

A: Yeah, I think I slept too.

B: You did. You were snoring.

A: Hey, AJ does not snore.

B: Do too.

A: Do not!

B: Do too, I heard it.

D: So you didnít sleep?

B: I CANíT sleep.

D: So you know what happened! You and Kevin know.

B: So did Nick, he was on the cell phone the whole time.

D: And you said nothing Kev? I thought weíre not supposed to have cell phones when we drive anywhere.

K: It was his doctor, something about an appointment.

B: At least thatís what he said.

D: Brian, heís your best friend.

B: Used to, not anymore.

D: Come on, you know youíre in denial. You canít stay mad at him forever dawg. I thought you had stuff settled with him.

B: Well, you and AJ arenít buddies either.

K: Guys, not now. If we canít get out of here, all of that wouldnít matter anymore. Do you really want it to end that way? You really want to die and have Nick thinking that you really hated him Rok?

B: If we were to die from here on Kevin, then this is out of our hands. We canít decide if we live or die.

K: Yeah, but why are we even here? There has got to be a purpose.

D: Then we shall work this out. So the Kentucky cousins were awake the entire time, what happened?

B: I was stuck in the middle of someone snoring and another whispering in his cell phone like itís the worldís best kept secret, it is therefore safe to say that I was rather busy to notice anything.

A: I donít snore, liar!

B: Do too!

A: Do not!

B: Do-

D: Shut the hell up. J you snore; it was that loud that I forced myself to sleep so I wouldnít be able to hear it.

A: But you slept all the way through a bomb explosion D, my snoring is like a lullaby to you.

B: Why all those extra pounds got you thick skinned too.

A: Same to you Brian.

K: Okay, okay, so two of you are thick skinned. One of you snores, the other sleeps like a log while another seems to be having pms. I, on the other hand, am still sane and about ready to solve our problem. So unless you have anything smart to say, shut your hole and listen.

A: Well, since you put it so crudely, Iíll listen.

K: Thanks J, I guess. So anyway, before we got side tracked again, I was about to tell you that there were shots and yelling before I finally lost control of the car and we went down hill from there.

B: We went down hill!

K: Figuratively speaking Brian.

A: So we didnít like, fall off a cliff?

K: No AJ, we didnít.

D: There were shots? Like, guns and all?

K: Yeah D.

D: On the road?

K: Yes, on the road, now are you guys still good enough to talk about something less obvious?

A: Youíre still anal.

B: Thatís obvious too J.

K: Brian, shut up.

A: Oh damn! What if whoever were shooting were after us? Like an assassination?

B: Big word, that swelling did you good after all.

A: Get off my case Rok. You know, maybe itís not a bad thing that you cry; at least I donít have to listen to your crap.

D: Guys, guys, come on! Arenít you even worried that weíre practically in somewhere dark and canít see each other yet weíre talking to each other? And Nickís gone, arenít you guys even worried where he is? If heís okay?

B: I hope heís okay, maybe he can help us get out of here D.

D: Ah see, I know you still love that boy Brian.

B: Donít push it Howie.

K: Okay then, so is it safe to say that weíre involved in a shooting car accident and are now trapped in some kind of a limbo?

D: Yup, that pretty much sums it all up Kevin.

K: So Nickís not in limbo.

A: Which means he might still be in the car? Maybe heís lucky and didnít hurt much. He could call for help; you said he was on the cell right?

B: Or maybe he has passed on.

A: Whatís that supposed to mean Brian?

B: Well, Iím just thinking, he could either be unhurt, which is unlikely since all four of us are here, or he has passed on, to the other side.

A: You mean, heís dead?

B: He could be J; Iím just giving you all the possibilities.

A: But we canít go like this. God, I was practically biting his head off back there. I didnít want him to think that I hate him.

D: We all did AJ, not just you. Iím sure Nick didnít want to leave us like this too.

N: Howie, is that you?

D: Oh my God.

B: Nick?

N: Brian? Where are you?

B: Right here. We all are.

N: Here? How did, we were, what?

K: We donít know either Nick, we think weíre in a limbo or something.

N: A what? No Kevin, we were in the car and there were shots and we got caught in it. We crashed into another car, remember? I thought you guys were dead, I kept calling but no one answered. God Brian, you were bleeding so much, I tried to wake you up but you never did. You, and AJ, and Kevin, Howie, I yelled out at the people outside but they didnít come to help, they

B: Nick, calm down, itís okay buddy.

N: Itís not okay Brian! Nothing is! And why, why am I hurting like this? What is this place? Hell?

A: Close enough.

D: AJ!

A: What? This sure ainít heaven.

K: No, itís not hell Nick and weíre all in some kind of pain too. Is it that bad?

N: My head hurts and I canít breath, yeah, itís bad.

K: Iím not sure what you should do Nick, but try calming down and take deep breaths, relax.

A: Wow, you sound like someone from 911 Kev.

K: Not now Bone.

N: I see a tunnel, are you guys over there?

D: Tunnel?

B: No Nick, thereís no tunnel.

N: I see a tunnel Brian. Iím going; maybe I can find someone who can help us.

B: No Nick, donít go.

N: But itís our only hope Bri. I canít stand this place any longer, I canít breath here.

B: Nick please, stay with us, donít follow that tunnel.

A: Brian whatís wrong with you? Heís seeing something we donít, he could help us!

B: Heís dying you asshole! If he goes through that tunnel, heís moving on!

K: Maybe thatís what he needs to do Brian.

B: How can you even say that Kevin! Weíre not going to die!

N: Guys, Iím going. This might be my last chance.

B: Nick donít! You canít die! We canít end this way!

K: Brian for the love of God, let him go, heís hurting.

N: Iím sorry guys, but I canít stay. Maybe Iíll see you guys there later okay?

D: Nick, donít do this, maybe itís not even a tunnel to the other side. Maybe itís something else!

K: Howie, I think itís time we stop being selfish and let him go.

D: Well Iím sorry for being selfish; I love him too much to let him go!

K: I love him too D. We all do.

D: Well, he needs to know that because heís leaving us thinking that we hate him!

B: Itís too late isnít it?

K: Perhaps it is Brian.

A: Guys, I think I see the tunnel too!

K: AJ stop fooling around, this isnít funny!

A: Iím not lying! I think I see what Nick meant, damn itís so bright!

B: J, does the tunnel happen to be a really bright light at first?

A: Yeah, it gets bigger Brian.

B: Well, I think I see it too.

K: Oh no, not you too Brian.

B: Kevin, I see it. Does this means Iím gonna die?

K: I donít know about you Brian, but whatever it is I hope itís a good thing, cause Iím seeing it too.

D: Hey, me too! Me too! I see the tunnel!

B: Okay Howie, stop with the sugar rush.

A: Does this means weíre all gonna die?

K: Will you stop with the dying stuff AJ?

B: Um guys, I think I see someone coming from that tunnel.

D: Yeah, I see it too. Who is he?

B: An Angel maybe?

A: Angel for AJ Mc Lean? Does that mean Iím going to heaven?

K: I see him too so I hope heís an angel.

N: Okay so apparently, that tunnel is not a link to the other side.

B: Nick! What happened? Who is this guy?

N: I donít know but he told me Iím not supposed to go there, yet.

V: Gentlemen, my nameís Vinhorian Alni.

A: Are you an angel?

V: No AJ, Iím not an angel.

A: How did you know, ah, never mind.

B: So what are you?

V: Enough for you to know that Iím a friend Brian. I canít help hearing your prayers asking for a second chance. All of you wanted Nick back.

K: So youíre here to send him back to us?

V: No Kevin, but I know enough to understand that it isnít his time to move on yet.

D: Well, can you at least help us get out of this place? We donít belong here.

V: Iím afraid I canít do that Howie. I donít have that power. But if itís a second chance that you ask for, I can give you that.

D: Really?

V: Yes. If you feel that all of you deserve a second chance, I can help you to make that happen, all you have to do is agree to it and itís done.

N: I donít like it here; Iím willing to go anywhere else.

A: Well, Iím with Nick.

N: Good choice J.

K: Wait. When you said second chance, what does it mean exactly?

V: Iím taking you to my world, where you can help yourselves work things out. Believe me Kevin, Iím not here to mislead you.

K: You seem like someone I can trust Vinhorian, I hope Iím doing the right thing. Iím going.

D: Count me in too.

A: So Brian, weíre all in, how about you?

B: We always say, no matter what, we stay together right? I know we donít seem to get along lately but,

N: Is that a yes?

B: Yeah, itís a yes Nick.

V: Great. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and will yourselves back in the car. When you find yourselves there, youíll not have any memory of this at all. All you will know is that you have to get out and wait for my man Jack. He will pick you up and we will meet again. You will not remember me but youíll know Iím a friend. Trust your instincts and itíll lead you back to me.

A: This is too surreal for me.

V: It is AJ.

A: Itís like twilight zone.

V: You have no idea how right you are.

- ďWhoa, what was that?Ē AJ exclaimed as soon as he was out of the trance. He was feeling dizzy yet at the same time thrilled by what he had just seen. As Vinhorian had said, he didnít have any memories of being trapped in a limbo or being approached by Vinhorian himself.

ďI think the hug transported usÖsomewhere.Ē Nick guessed.

ďWe should really watch what we do here guys,Ē Howie said. ďwhat if we transported ourselves again accidentally and see something that weíre not meant to see.Ē

ďYou were meant to see that,Ē Vinhorian explained. ďyou just transported yourselves without my help, thatís all.Ē

ďDid that really happen?Ē Brian asked.

ďIt did.Ē Vinhorian replied. ďWe met even before you stepped into my world.Ē

ďSo we really were in aÖlimboÖwhen we met you?Ē Kevin asked.

ďYes. Like Iíve said before, we met in the land of the in between, limbo is it.Ē

ďHow come Nick wasnít there earlier?Ē AJ asked.

ďBecause I was still conscious when the car crashed.Ē Nick explained. ďI tried to wake you guys up but we were really in a bad condition, thereís blood everywhereÖI remember it now. It was raining and thereíre two other cars involved. I cried for help but no one came, something about itís not safeÖthey told me to calm down. But I canít calm downÖhow can I calm down when I wasnít even sure if you guys were breathing. I tried to get out and get help but-Ē

ďBut you were in as much pain as they were. It was only a matter of time before you lost consciousness yourself.Ē Vinhorian cut in.

ďAnd got yourself in limbo with us.Ē Kevin finished.

ďOkay so, I still donít understand why you still asked us if we wanna take this journey when we woke up in that Littrell workshop when you already asked us that at the, um, limbo thingy?Ē Howie asked.

ďIt was a test, to see if you really wanted it.Ē

ďAnd if we had said no?Ē

ďThen we would have sent you back to earth AJ.Ē

Kevin smiled, now that he had been in this twilight zone for quite sometime, he knew heíd miss it when they headed back home.Ē Well Vin, I canít even begin to say how much I appreciate this second chance youíve given us.Ē

ďAll in the will of God my friend, Iím just here to help.Ē

ďSo you really have no idea if we die huh?Ē Brian asked, biting his lower lips.

ďNone of you are dead Brian; you will not be here if you are. And there was never a risk of you dying if you went further into our world that was made up so that you knew your limits.Ē Vinhorian replied.

ďOur limits?Ē

ďYou see Howie, when you entered our world, youíd see things that made you want to see more or made you donít want to leave even, thatís not what we bring you here in the first place. We need you to be reminded that this isnít a luxury but a ride for you to right what went wrong. Being reminded of death if you pursue more than you should, made you think of home. Itís the key to actually transporting you out of here, to think of home.Ē

ďSo weíre not in any threat of death?Ē Kevin asked.

ďNot in my world. You canít die in my world. You only suffer the consequences of the accident when youíre on earth.Ē

ďSo, this is it then? Weíre going back now?Ē Nick asked, feeling sorry that he had to leave a friend behind.

ďYes, but before I leave you, there are things you need to know. First of all, youíll leave this place with the knowledge of what had happened in the past that you had kept away from each other. You will also remember the journey to the alternate universe of your earth because the people you saw or became in that world exist in your world. It is up to you to make something good out of that experience. You will however, not remember any of the events that supposedly took place in your future because from now on, your future is untold. It is up to you, from this day forward, to mold that future, nothing is impossible. You will remember me as a friend and for the sake of your own sanity, you will remember my world just the way you see your world. You have to however, promise me one thing though.Ē

ďJust name it Vin.Ē Howie urged. ďItís the least we could do to repay you for all of this.Ē

ďEverything about Vinhorian Alni and the twilight zone will be a secret guarded by the five of you. Not to another soul about this.Ē

ďThat wouldnít be a problem Vin, theyíd think weíre insane anyway.Ē Nick replied.

ďYou have our word Vin, not a soul.Ē Brian added.

Vinhorian nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. ďWell, itís been great to know all of you. Now remember, if you need a helping hand, you know you have me for a friend.Ē

ďYou mean, we can call you?Ē Howie asked.

ďIím afraid not Howie,Ē Vinhorian replied. ďBut Iím a part of each of you. Our time is running short, perhaps one of these days it will all come clear. For now, our paths end here. So, for the last time my friends take my hand.Ē

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