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Zdrojewski Family
Christmas Quiz

Yes, you've known the Zdrojewski family for quite a while. If you're very clever you may even be able to name them all or pronounce Zdrojewski, but do you really know the Zdrojewskis? Take this quiz to find out.

Click on the link to what you think is the right answer. You have to keep track of your own score, but we'll know if you cheat. (Trust me, we have ways.) Good luck!

1. The Zdrojewski Christmas tree is:

a. Real
b. Artificial
c. Invisible
d. We don't believe in trees; instead, we decorate a silk poinsettia

2. Tom's favorite Christmas song is:

a. I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas
b. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
c. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, the Punk Rock version
d. Oi to the World

3. Arnie's favorite scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Movie is:

a. Sledding scene
b. Aunt Bethany's grace
c. The squirel

4. What do the Zdrojewskis and the Grinch have in common?

a. They all have hearts two sizes too small.
b. They both have a dog named Max.
c. Dad tried to steal Christmas.
d. They live in a city designed by Dr. Suess.

5. How did the Zdrojewskis come to spend Christmas Eve at home each year instead of traveling?

a. All the highways were closed due to snow.
b. Santa had trouble finding them.
c. Arnie dropped a turkey on his foot.
d. Arnie almost dropped a turkey on his foot.

6. Which Christmas Mass did the Zdrojewski's attend last year?

a. 4:00 Children's Mass
b. 6:00 Youth/Spanish Mass
c. Midnight Mass
d. All of the above

7. What is the favorite Zdrojewski family Christmas outing?

a. Performing Marx Brothers routines in crowded stores.
b. Roughing it on the annual x-country ski trip.
c. Riding a school bus around town on Friday night caroling.
d. Shoppin' till we drop.

8. What musical instrument might be heard at the Zdrojewski house on Christmas Eve?

a. All of the below.
b. Electric Guitar
c. Tin Whistle
d. Accordian
e. Keyboard
f. Harmonica
g. Ukulele

9. What is the Zdrojewski's favorite part of Christmas morning?

a. Mary waking everyone up at 5 am with her tin whistles.
b. Hot coffee with special Christmas seasonings.
c. Once-a-year ham and egg "Puff".
d. Presents, of course!

10. The Zdrojewski family wishes you a...

a. Merry Christmas
b. Blessed New Year
c. Safe and Happy Holiday Season
d. All of the Above

Check your score:

0-4 You really don't know us too well, do you. You probably should have cheated. You know, we really didn't have any way to see if you were cheating, so we wouldn't have caught you. Oh well, you still get a prize.

5-7 Either you know us pretty well or you didn't really keep score and just chose a moderate number when you got to the bottom here. Either way, good work and enjoy your prize.

8-10 Wow! You know us better than we know ourselves. (Or you're a really good cheater.) Congratulations and here is your prize.