Once upon a fairy tale,
When Earth was good as gold.
There was no hate; only love,
Or so I was once told.

But now love is no longer true,
Our hearts cannot be free.
When we first met, I knew deep down,
This was not our destiny.

Love at first sight cannot be real,
My mother told me so.
But if this is true, how can it be,
Going against what my heart seems to know.

Winds blow and seasons change,
And so is the same with love.
With time, I suppose'd wed move apart,
As a feather falls gently from a dove.

Tis time for me to say my final goodbye,
Although it hurts me so.
Ill never forget our time spent together,
And remember, it was you who had to go.

I was so naive in grade 6 when I wrote this... can you believe that this poem is published? ugh

crappy poem with a pretty picture