As soon as I am feeling un-lazy, I will find and scan more. For now, tough luck

Skank Wars: Me and Tory

Erin an Me

Wayne!! All dressed up!! wo0t wo0t!

It's me and Annie in front of some waterfalls in Quebec...

She threatened to kill me if I took the picture... HAHA NATALIE I'M STILL ALIVE!!! *runs and hides*

That's Tory, Sarah, Annie, and Sarah's ex Jay Ho all dressed up and posing for grad pictures... awww aren't they cute?

I'm watching you....

isn't he soooo cute? mwa ariel mwa!

Obviously, me and ariel at torys house. Whatever the hell im saying, i look fucked up.

..for some reason, ariel decided he wanted a picture of his foot... so here it is!

Ariel, Kyle and Andrew picking up to throw me into the pool... ughh... my shirt is up cuz i was in the middle of suntanning... stupid guys

This is me being thrown INTO the pool... goddamit!!

This is me... looking kinda dominatrix-ish... i like it!! i think its pretty!!

This is me again looking all... dominatrix-ish... blah blah

Here's a surprise picture of andrew coming to the door... oh yeah, that kid is kyles brother

And this is kyle coming to the door

This is the bunch of guyd, Kyle, Andrew and Wayne in Tory's living room... they're really good at guitar

This is Ariel and Debby in their natural habitats. Ariels playing video games, and debbys on the phone

Debby's first Koolaid experience!!

Kyle on the guitar... sooo cute!

This is Wayne, Debby, Pontus Madson and Chinko Bob having their little orgy... o0o0o0o

More of this orgy...

Kyle and Wayne in the pool! wo0t wo0t arent they sexy?

Ariel and Andrew tickling me to death... those bums!

The outfit tory is wearing is what i made her try on when she made me try on something else, and andrew had to visibly drag her down the stairs outta her room for everyone to see her sexy sexy outfit

Dunno who took the picture, but its messed up. Torys doing her little... whatever, and im just sitting there looking like im on crack... so screwed up!

Surprise picture of wayne at the door. Although his shirt looks like it says gap, it really says crap, but we made fun of him for it anyways.

This is wayne at the pool trying to hide from the camera, but we still got a picture of his sexy pasty white stomach

Picture of wayne putting his shirt back on. Too bad he's turned around... gotta love that stomach

yet another one of wayne. in this one, he's ringing out his shirt after andrew kyle and ariel threw him in the water!

This is wayne actually being thrown into the pool... hahah they got him too! too bad we didnt get a picture of tory being thrown in!

surprise picture of tory opening the door when wayne first arrived