Welcome to the Anton page! The wonderful world of... errr... Lanton!!

I would first like to tell everyone who's reading this that Anton is offering sexual pleasures to you... just for being here! Enjoy!

Let the shameless promotion of anton begin...
this is my baby anton at grad, drinking at grad... but dont worry, hes not drunk... i dont think

*does the hypnotist thingy with a pocket watch* You want anton. You know anton's sexy. You want him realllll bad. You need Anton. Now. And when I snap my fingers, you'll go to anton's house. and be his shameless love slave till someone sexier comes along... *snaps fingers*

this is lanton again... his head is so square!
hmmm what are some of my memories with anton... oh yeah! Me and Tory fought over him in Quebec. And she thinks she won him, cuz she *stole* his shirt for a few days. But I know the truth, and I have the penguin stuffed animal to prove it! So hah tory take that!

And then there was that night when we were staying for band band, when we were staying all the way to the concert... and anton was setting up the drums in the music room, and i wanted to help, but didn't know what to do
me- hi anton! how can i help?
him- just sit there and look pretty
tory- *grins* so anton...how can *I* help?
anton-...uhhh you cant

And then there's all those times I've seen you on the bus... where are you always going anyways?

anton and simon on the walkway in quebec...isn't he cute?

Ya know, I used to have a picture of anton in my wallet. I stole it from tory.. it's old though, and I think she stole it back.

anyways, here ends the shameless promotion of anton. you know you want him. i shall end of with a picture of cough syrup, and i hope he knows what im talking about. to the rest of you, its just cough syrup.

...cough syrup damnit. thats all.