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Why did I create this site? I'm not sure. I had a site before, Puppylove Kennels and Cattery, but I decided to shut it down. Are you curious, and wondering why? Click here to find out.

I think I created this site because I love the computer and the internet, but I get bored doing nothing. One day I was surfing a site and realized something. I bet I can do this! I got a book about HTML from the library, and read it cover to cover. I also studied several tutorial sites. My favorite is Lissa Explains it All.

The name Abercrombie Petz is a very odd, very random name, I know. I really don't know why I chose it, other than the fact that Abercrombie & Fitch is my favorite brand. I couldn't think of anything better (Puppylove Kennels & Cattery? Yeah, right!). If you have a problem with it, leave! (Just kidding. My bark is much worse than my bite! *grin*) Since this is a new site, there haven't been any remodels yet, but I already have several in mind...