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You may be wondering why I shut down Puppylove Kennels and Cattery. It was a brand new site when I shut it down, and it hadn't even really had a chance or a start. However, I have my reasons for shutting it down. First of all, the name was very amauterish. I didn't like it at all once I really thought about it, and every single day it was open it seemed even more dumb. Also, the whole layout was messed up. I had frames, and they worked, but there was nothing special about them. The graphics were horrible -- I made them with Microsoft Paint! Also, the color scheme was too simple. I decided that the damage to that poor site was beyond repair, and decided to shut it down. But, oh, happy days are here again! I was working on Abercrombie for quite a long time before I shut down Puppylove K&C, and I opened it to the public the day I shut down Puppylove! So, I'm now presenting you a much better site: Abercrombie Petz!